I Will Make a Sniper Camera!

Publicēšanas datums 27 nov 2020
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In his unending search for the most tactical of camera rigs, Niko asks Wren to make him a custom shoulder mount that he can use like a rifle - a sniper camera that will never miss the shot!
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  • Make the fire select change preset zoom levels

  • Should of painted the rim of the lense orange

  • I would love just one youtube channel with just wrens shenannigans.

  • Bro 11:41 my heart stopped 😂😱

  • LCD eyepiece + underbarrel mic. Maby extra battery.

  • Lost my Breath when Wren Almost dropped Camera

  • 11:41 holy fuck had a heart attack!!

  • You could add a front grip that has a zoom in and zoom out button or something like that

  • i want one

  • A deployable stand for static shots!

  • I am making a CAMERA SYSTEM called "5Ax" in Japan. You can control the shutter with a trigger.

  • Man, this thing would be awesome at shooting a POV of a gun barrel. Like James Bond opening gun sequence, but an entire scene.

  • a bullpup frame so the weight is in the middle?

  • i did a thing did this

  • It’d be cool if the cartridge had the battery in it so when your reloading your swapping the batteries

  • My heart stopped when wren dropped the camera

  • Shifting the balance back by adding weight to the stock may help. Batteries, maybe? Also, seems like a lot of work to modify the fire control system when it would probably be easier to add fabrication to a grip and stock, shrug

  • Best suggestion I can think of is to make the whole body gun-tip-orange 🤣

  • My heart skip a second when wren almost dropped the camera

  • You guys need to use a rotating grip under the lens of the camera to pull focus

    • Just size the a kog to the diameter of the lens, then put a berring in the grip and a stationary kog that connects the two and boom

  • i have a good idea. not a camera guy, but what could be cool is with guns how there is a switch to change from like auto to semi-auto. you could have that switch change between just taking a picture and recording/end recording so when you chose one and pull the picture, it does whatever you set it to

  • This is very old technology for wartime and wildlife photography

  • Oh wow. Wren knows exactly zero about guns. EDIT: He knows one. He said "mag well."

  • Welcome back to the USSR, товарищ

  • Can’t wait to see version 2!

  • I made this same design years ago but I used composite and made them in super bright colors.

  • We need a corridor video shot only with the gun rig

  • I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm

  • try it with a gopro. or with a gimbal set into the stock. And attach a laser. Tacticool filming achieved

  • gave me a fucking heart attack when wren dropped the camera and then caught it

  • My tech teacher told me to never cut with an angle grinder.

  • Why don't you 3D print the whole body???🤔 Of the gun...

  • its time to shoot people :DD

  • Should make a zoom function near the trigger button

  • You should connect the Guntrigger to the Cameratrigger. Maybe you could also put a cable through the rig and then along the sling to a backpack with extra batteries.

    • ok I just watched the rest of the Video and noticed you already said the Trigger think...

  • This makes me think of a joke from a Russian Badger video "I'm gonna join a group photo only to find out it's not a group photo it's a firing squad"

  • Что за херня у них на лицах?

  • You can use the fire mode switch as an ISO adjuster

  • soviet russians did it like 40 years ago

  • What if it was a gun and a camera so you could film your best shots...

  • You should do like the Keanu reeves gun trading with the camera being the gun and do like a first person shooting film

  • I would love, love, love to buy a product like this.

  • Ehm Idk if it’s fake but if it’s real ehm this is not elegal :I

  • It’s genius, but maybe make it less like a gun. ALSO MAKE THE TRIGGER A SHUTTER BUTTON

  • 4:41 did anybody else hear that sound when he stopped the machine and did that thing with his fist

    • it's like a little megaman sound effect

  • ahhh i missed these types of corridor crew vids

  • I want 1

  • have you seen "i did a thing"s channel

  • Did anyone else’s heart skip a beat when wren almost dropped the camera haha

  • Love nikos mask

  • I work as a camera operator for college sports, and I love having the zoom in one hand and the focus on the other. It is really user friendly, but it's typically on a huge tripod. If you could make the grip zoom where the thumbs rest, it would make use of the space.

  • I did a thing made something like this, you should check out his video


  • Hehe there “shooting” a video hehe

  • You guys need to add a trigger mechanism that clicks the record button

  • now you can shoot people with a gun without killing them

  • The only camera mount thats not California legal

  • maybe quick release at the part where you hold the camera isn't the best idea, i can see that accidentally getting pulled. would like to see a a version with a forward grip aswell.

  • 10:36 if this becomes a meme can someone link it

  • tell wren to think about his plan of attack under a calm environment it helps u lot

  • In the next vfx artists react video you should do a new Dutch series called vliegende Hollanders. (Flying dutchman) they have some amazing CG planes! Dutch link: www.npostart.nl/vliegende-hollanders/AT_2092376

  • you guys should reach to killer bean by left lew ( worked on the matrix, transformers, x-men

  • Awesome video. Great design. Love it

  • Just paint it bright green, then they’ll get that it’s a cinema thing

  • Look at the captions at 7:25 "and it twerked out of my hand" 😂😂

  • 11:40 Almost shit my pants

  • The trigger should be able to pull focus! Love this idea! 🙌🏾

  • Take the concept, use aluminum rods, or 80/20 aluminum and 3d printed parts for the shoulder, mounting, and grabbing points and your golden. With T-Slot 80/20 you would have a lot of adjustability with sliding your mount, etc.) forward and backward.

  • Wren should have used smaller bits and stepped up slower to the larger one to avoid it breaking the way it did.

  • Has nice bandsaw, goes for angle grinder. lol thats an engineer for ya

  • You need to pre drill wren

  • lvcd.info/watch/zdiAf4iHbdd5j58/video.html ^ “gun mount” review I found on LVcd, might help with the design ?

  • Maybe you could make the button for switching firing modes into a dial for focus-pulling

  • I literally jumped from my seat when I saw that camera drop. My heart dropped out my ass

  • I know in the 1920s a few country's had cameras rigs on old gun stocks, mainly for aerial combat training if I recall

  • I think the whole rig needs to be painted orange to make 1000% sure nobody ever mistakes it for a gun. Also a bullpup style rifle might work better as the forward position of the handle and trigger mechanism would solve the weight distribution issue.

  • make sure "trigger" has a lock, so you don't have to depress 100% of the time... and put the focus control wheel/toggle where the thumb can control...

  • dangle some weights below for stabilization? Put on an angle to the rear, behind the handle, to help move center of gravity back, to help balance the heavy lens...

  • Just sand the 3d model

  • Wren is really good at explaining all the ideas.Not that great at executing them with the same level of expertise tho. But still love the team❤️

  • notifs were off :(

  • My dad made a gun stock with a camera trigger for bird photography, I’ll have to see if he still has it

  • LykasomeboOOOOoooOooOoody needs to stop being lazy and pre drill smaller holes first aye

  • Use L-brackets for moving the weight farther back

  • Get an analog thumbstick (loose part or from a console controller) and use it as a camera control input (maybe add some push buttons next to it). Maybe for light control. Also, fold-out legs up front (think prone sniper/machine gunner).

    • The thumbstick would go into a hole in the grip, where the (duh) thumb is.

  • Looks like you even used one, so please do a review of the BMPCC{4,6}K

  • He WILL!

  • If these guys weren’t white this rig would be a great way to get killed by cops

  • MLOK free float when

  • Wren goes near a lower with a dill. Is this gonna end in 20 years federal?

  • harder wood, and a drill press.

  • 11:28 sorry, my gun ran out of camera.

  • They sure are Americans

  • 6:49 It's okay my dude we all have these sorts of days

  • Hey Wren! I had an idea what kind of build project you could do next! How about upgrading your bb weapons, so they actually have knock-back. Arduino + Solenoid = realistic (enough) knock-back! Niko might be interested too. It could even be a detachable add-on that fits for all of your weapons. Maybe it actually improves your future shoots even further! Love your great work! Keep on doing it!

  • 11:41 mini heart attack

  • 11:39 my heart skipped a beat

  • DUUUUUUDE @10:44 I yelled "FUCK YEAH DUDE!" LOL the music HIT, this is SOO BADASS!

  • hes trying

  • Is it just me or does wrens evil laugh sound like joe peshies laugh