EP#19 | Richard Ryan of Full Mag & Black Rifle Coffee

Publicēšanas datums 7 mar 2019
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Richard Ryan is a modern-day renaissance man, having expertise in media, marketing, skydiving, firearms, coffee, and much more. He sits down with Sam and Jake to talk about life's adventures and what goes into being an awesome human being.
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  • Gets a lovely mug... drinks from a can.... Jaaaaaaaaakeeeeeeeeeeee!! .... Maybe merch some corridor drinking glasses then...

  • I've always wondered if this guy is ex military. Been watching his vids for years

  • Never got my coffee, customer service was a full on joke and it all played out over the course of about a year. Not cool

  • I'm really sad that these podcasts are not doing as well as they deserve to be!!

    • It's going to grow organically methinks... Only recently have interesting suggestions from various podcasts been pushed into my feed that's led me to subscribe today after seeing that they're injecting this channel with pure unadulterated corridor crew in a long video form rather than short takes. 😁

  • Who the fuck is this guy???? We want Captain Disillusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Get Matt Carriker "demolition ranch" on here.

  • Interesting podcast. I really enjoyed the section where you guys discussed skydiving :D

  • damn those view counts are shit. Kind of disappointing seeing as this is decent content.

  • I think it’d be cool to see you get Steven Crowder or Owen Benjamin on here

  • Did anyone get a count of how many times he said “things along those lines”?

  • 😯 So much business insight here 😎 Thank you!

  • The should make a podcast episode with them interviewing D

  • Boring podcast, but I guess I'm just not a coffee person.

    • But almost a solid half was discussing other topics...?

  • Black Rifle Coffee ran away from their Reddit AMA. They talked shit about Starbucks not supporting vets when Starbucks have been employing thousands of veterens for a long time. They hated on Starbucks just because Starbucks wanted to employ refugees.

  • I'm just here for the good discussion, and THINGS ALONG THOSE LINES. Love you Richard. Thanks for the new drinking game.

    • i too was looking for a comment or something along those lines

    • I came down here looking for this.

  • Interview Sam and / or Niko!

    • they did, episode 4

  • Through the art of podcasting Jake is gonna save the rest of the corridor crew from the chilling grip of berniebrodem

    • No doubt everyone has tempered each-other's views on life and more due to having such an intelligent and open group of guys. I can't wait to learn more about everyone on the Corridor crew as they host on the podcast!

  • The adventure begins today, my copy of Sam's book has arrived! Awesome podcast as usual guys, keep em coming

  • I never would have thought that RatedRR would go on to make my favorite coffee!

  • and things along those lines

    • damnit he said that way too many times, i like this guy and black rifle coffee, but this podcast was boring as hell

  • Richard seems to be a very analytical person!

  • I thought the Jumpmaster was the guy that picks where your squad drops to in Apex. :P

  • When I first heard you guys were making podcasts I was skeptical, but I have to say this is quickly becoming my favorite series

  • Perfect timing, needed a new episode for my drive today.

  • If someone in this comment field see this comment, please sub to me, amsI will sub back!

    • nobody cares, put in the work and earn it

    • These guys did the grind. These guys made content that got them to where they are. You're just leeching off other people's work. Grow up

    • shame, shame, shame.