1 Hour to Teach Him the Trick that took me YEARS to Learn

Publicēšanas datums 1 mai 2020
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Wren attempts to teach the Onewheel crew how to pull off one of the hardest tricks possible - the Curb Hop. Can they learn this extremely complicated trick in just one hour?
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  • For the people who have a curb named after them, I wanna see that exact curb, but with your patreon name on them 😂

  • Did Wren get a new one wheel?

  • This guy talks like the guy from "Free Refills"

  • Well, for jake

  • who wants to see more one wheel videos of wren and the others?

  • I dont know if you fixed your kidney stones issues but just a tip you can dissolve them yourself by drinking a bit of lemon juice in your drinks a couple times a day. Alternatively you can also put a bit of citric acid in your drinks. Do this for 6 months or so. The citric acid passes through to your kidneys and they destroy the bonds between calcium and oxalates. You got kidney stones in the first place because you consume too much oxalates and those are usually found in leafy greens and other vegetables. Tiny amounts in coffee and tea too but those arent the big culprits. Best wishes to you bud.

  • This be easy for skaters

  • finally got curb nudge today, this video was the one that helped me get it

  • comment

  • Niko has the coolest one wheel

  • It’s the same foot motion of an Ollie

  • Wren: "it's not that hard to do it's just extremely tricky" That's basically the same thing

  • At least he is ok and has a job idk what I do with out wren making vida

  • Me not realising that one wheels cost $1,000+

  • I love it when Wren mispronounces things on purpose. Need more of that

  • Damn Cyberpunk 2077 looks lit.

  • That dude on the yellow onewheel didn't get it. He hit the fender with his foot, which helped him up the curb. Completely different from what he was shown.

  • That took me YEARS to learn 4:55 "Would suprise me If they make it what i Had to practise a whole day"

  • I swear one wheels are so fucking cringe

  • Also helps Jake is a former two time d1 athlete natural stud

  • Yea some people are a little too strict. Which is funny because I feel most people aren't strict enough on social distancing. Outside mask and trying to be 6ft apart is gucci

  • This video was the straw that broke the camels back and got me to order an XR😂

  • what if you have a pint

  • It literally a ollie

  • this is basically the same as going up a curb on a skate-board. Didnt Jake skate in the past?

  • You guys need some electric unicycles. They're unstoppable!

  • 2:31 skateing be like

  • one wheelers are just skate bros in their thirties

  • it’s basically just doing an ollie except there’s a wheel in the way

  • I am a simple man. I see Wren, I hit like

  • I rather stick with the regular skateboard 🛹

  • What was the blur in the corner at the end

  • You know it’s a hoax right? #scamdemic

    • Leave your conspiracy theories out of this

  • Its kinda like a Ollie

  • W

  • Why are one wheels sooooooo!!! Expensive??

  • The pint is way too costly I really want a one wheel just because I want to learn this cool trick

  • I want a one wheel, but you can literally buy a car for the same price. Idk if that’s worth it

  • I don't understand why get float plates ($60) instead of just replacing your bumpers ($45)?

  • you guys should make a video about the cybertruck

  • From engineer to vfx artist to one wheel curb nudge instructor. You gotta give it to wren!

  • Get flight fins

  • How did I miss this video???!

  • I’ve had my onewheel for about two months now and they are so awesome! Also Sooooo cool that you got in race for the rail wren!!

  • Wren the Onewheel god

  • Thanks so much :) Onewheel in Portugal : lvcd.info/one/I0GAC5oCIVe3FPSdVstkbg Big hugs

  • How many curb nudges did he have to do for this video?

  • One wheels just look so cool, But there too much money :(

  • I want to get a onewheel know 😆

  • What size one wheels do you all have?

  • IF u do Ollie(on a skateboard) u need to do what u did in the 1st trick

  • I like how all there helmets have go pro stands on it 😂

  • I wish I had a OneWheel

  • Imagine how fast skaters would learn this

  • My dog got hit bye a car last night

  • You guys scratched those precious things so much lol

  • Title: This trick took me YEARS to learn *5 seconds later* Wren: “yeah it took me about a whole day to get it down”

  • I sure hope one wheel at least sponsors you guys haha

  • Does anybody know where they got the one wheels because they look super fun to use

  • Wtf is that?!?!?

  • It’s an literally Ollie

  • Wren and crew you are doing a injustice to your followers. The virus is a big fat lie. First of all virus do not spread the way we been told. Secondly there is no virus people. The virus is in your heads and the useful idiots you follow. You are being mislead by everyone and channels like this. Do some research people rather than parrot what you see on the idiot box and on this black scrying mirror. These people are lying to you about everything. If you want to keep seen your freedoms erode away keep listening to these useful idiots. Research Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. They are destroying this country from within and with the virus lie. It is all part of the New World Order. You been warned of the lies now it is up to you to do the research and spread the truth like wildfire. Wake up from your delusion and fight for the truth or loose it all. Float on for the truth -•-🏂 🤙

    • Yeah, it's almost like there are no sources for this

    • Two Wheels commenting on a video about One Wheels whilst the Wheels in their brain aren't working.

  • How many of you would want a friend as energetic as Wren

  • It seems sorta like a nollie on a skateboard

  • Title: 1 hour to teach them a trick that took me YEARS to do.... His words: took me a full day of practice before I got it.

  • You should nollie into it

  • Im confused like why isnt anyone talking

  • Woah I'm late but Wren I'm glad your ok from your kidney stone your my favorite from the Corridor crew 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Completely off topic but those music choice

  • Hey on my friend got a watch looks good on my brother has a horrible my hover board died in and I don’t think I should be friends with them because they’re just judging everything that I make or do in my whole entire life and you’re really good at one wheeling and willing sounds like so much fun but I

  • It’s funny how OneWheel advertised the Pint as “Less than a smartphone” or “Half the price of model 1” instead of telling you its 950 goddamn dollars.

  • That person wearing red: *took years to get up a curb on a one wheeler* Me: *took years to ollie 1 inch off the ground*

  • Im u went mi too late reply

  • One wheels are so cool but they are so expensive:(

  • Reminds me of landing my first Ollie. Gives off the same amazing feeling of overcoming gravity :)

  • skaters watching this 👁️👄👁️

  • Damn it looks awesome then i searched for the price for that one wheel and OMG it's expensive hahaha then they just grind it it on cement

  • I soooooo badly want a pint but the dang thing cost a whopping 950 for just the onwhell without anything

  • This is like a one-wheel ollie

  • Oh gosh the razor tails ahahaha

  • Well, Wren isn't going to got to Mars ever

  • Mans did a body varial at the end lol

  • Video was cool until 7:40.

  • Can you do it on stairs?

  • I really want a one wheel but they are too expensive 🙁

  • nikko's one wheel kinda look like the Akira bike

  • It's just like an ollie


  • Wren should do some how to ride the onewheel or turning on a onewheel

  • 3:35 Wren Is outside and he has no face mask

  • i REALLY need a onewheel.....😥

  • NotaCanadian Spy? Why is the pronunciation so etong

  • I d better get the money first

  • You can actually kill the 1 wheel

  • I don’t know how so many people can afford a one wheel, they’re awesome but I don’t just have 1k lying around if I did I would totally invest in 1 one

  • 4:54 says it took him a whole day when the video says it took years smh

  • Am I a natural because I bought a one wheel and first time I tried the curb climb I did it flawless I was thinking of this video whole time

  • if you are skater, you will think it's chinesse nollie

  • Yeah, people have gone crazy about wearing masks and staying inside. Even though going out and exercising is more healthy, the brownshirts want you executed if you go into a grocery store without a mask or even just go outside. Society has lost it. People are running around like stupid chickens.

  • Wren😍