Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 12

Publicēšanas datums 21 mar 2020
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Niko and Clint sit down with Amy Johnston to break down some of the craziest action sequences in your favorite films!
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  • Dude, Winter Soldier is the best one of them all ! 12:05 rehearsed once for a coupe hours... Seriously...

  • Do a stuntmen react on kgf

  • She is adorable and sweet.

  • "Some of us will work from home for the next FEW WEEKS" So sad i believed in that last year :(

  • bro react KGF chapter 1

  • Guys why haven't you done the Man of Steel reaction?

  • Sometimes I really wish more Indonesian looks up to Cecep, Yayan, or Iko. They made it to Hollywood, their talents were recognized. They showed that hard works (literally bruising themselves) paid off.

  • Several very nice fight choreography in Amy's Bloodsport homage. And a suggestion of Fist of Legend. Jet Li at his best. Wicked 3/4 kick against final boss

  • The cumbersome granddaughter delightfully identify because syrup legally hum inside a wasteful point. friendly, well-made reindeer

  • Niko just casually saying, "Clint hasn't seen anything." will always had me dying 😭😂

  • Sebastian Stan doing that over-the-arm knife flip is *does an italian finger kiss*

  • I've got a couple which are probably too obvious, but i'd still like to see broken down: Police Story - Aside from the obvious fireman's pole stunt, in the opening bus scene 2 stuntmen take a wicked fall off the top of a double decker bus which looks ridiculous. There's also a bunch of falls and glass breaks in the end mall fight scene which look pretty hectic (not entirely sure how much is sugar glass). Winners and Sinners - Jackie Chan goes under a semi-trailer on roller skates (not sure on timing and speed or if the tape is sped up). Project A - Aside from the obvious clocktower fall, towards the ending Sammo Hung falls off a flight of stairs seemingly into a solid wall and takes a pretty big bump. He's only wearing a vest (no shirt underneath), so he doesn't look padded up in the slightest. Armour of God - Jackie Chan fights 4 Amazonian looking women wearing high heels, there's a couple of falls that look pretty heavy. Also, as a rare "Bad Stunt", at the ending he base jumps off a cliff and somehow ends up landing on a hot air balloon (in one cut you can see a tree in the background) and abseiling from on top into the basket. The environment scaling is a bit questionable in that one, but the end wide shot is insane. Love your work!!

  • Ha! Working at home for a few weeks!

  • Have y’all done the movie brick mansions with Paul walker and David belle?

  • Ok so we have the three jumps America- the superman jump India - the jump from the car China - jump the entire screen while fighting someone mid air and continue until someone dies.

  • I really wanna see these guys react to Ip Man

  • This girl is super kind, super sexy and super elegant. Shed probably knockout my ass off with just one look.

  • You should do Jackie Chan's 'who am i'

  • Please have more videos with women - Both with stuntwomen and highlighting actresses in action movies. I loved this one. Also, there is no need for offensive comments like mispronouncing someone's name to "ketchup". Cecep Rahman, no need for any jokes about his name. If it offends me, I am sure there are others who feel the same way.

  • She'll kick your ass then hug you after. And I would be 100% okay with it

  • Clint's headphones name?

  • I came to the comment section for fun, but the amount of bullshit posts hating on this amazing stuntwoman really pissed me off.

  • This is a niche reference but when I see Clint, all I can think of is “This is Clem Fandango. Can you hear me?”

  • Haaa... "work from home the next few weeks"... oh Clint you had NOOO idea did you! =)

  • Would it be possible to add an icon telling us what the clip is from? You opened Crouching Tiger with "you guys have seen this, right? Okay good!" And then never say what it is. That happens a lot.

  • I loved her excitement in this! I hope she comes back!

  • You should go over the “Race To Witch Mountain” car crash scene. Blew my mind when I was a kid. You should check it out! Thanks!

  • Winter Soldier was the last good MCU movie. Hoping Black Widow picks it back up.


  • Is This Endgame??? Me: EXCUSE ME!!!!

  • Uh, yea... She may be a stunt woman, buutt... nope not a realistic fight at all. Body mass still rules, even if she trains & works out 3 times as hard, that barely puts her at roughly equivalent.

  • I wonder how black and blue a stunt man or womans body must be after they have finished a shoot.

  • They were actually willing to put people behind a rolling car like that wtf lol

  • Must see from Africa.

  • The nose case on that train car was actually the scariest thing I’ve seen in these shows because I can relate to it. Nose cases suck even on soft edges but with that it must’ve hurt a lot, and the consequence there is insane.

  • Michelle > CJ. .. sorry to break it to you guys

  • “Next few weeks”

  • I took a decision Ok I will marry a stunt woman.

  • Tony Jaa!!!!!!!!

  • Ong bak 2!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • Do it again n again . U guys r nice....from India🇮🇳 We loves u

  • So nice seeing a fantastic woman on the couch with you, especially one with such a fun and bubbly personality. Definitely looking forward to more!

  • I only wish these were longer

  • hey you can review group of people creating animation of movie characters


  • I just watched her in Accident Man and she is badass.

  • I really love this episode because everything your guess said was very eye-opening and refreshing


  • I really don't mean to be bossy or try to sound like, "that guy", but Michelle Yeoh is a legend a living legend in world Cinema and whenever you are reviewing someone of that caliber try to make it be known how prestigious and momentous that actual review is. Js. With much humility...

  • Do the construction workers react video please!!!

  • I believe the reason why there are more practical stunts is because it was coordinated by Sam Hargrave. And just like his popular movie Extraction that movie was as practical as it can get stunts wise and the budget was low and yet it was very nicely executed film.

  • loved her work on thousand pounds

  • Do one from the hobbit

  • Michelle does her own stunts especially early on.

  • "I know some of us will be working from home the next few weeks" Oh, how little we knew back then.

  • Have you guys looked at any of the fights from "Haywire" yet?

  • You fellas are great.. so funny and entertaining.

  • she can be a very good android 18.

  • today we learn big stunt manly men like to be hit

  • 6:33 ooooooo the way she said that I-

  • Winter soldier is fking nuts, the scene with samuel l Jackson in his suv being surrounded is incredible

  • Oh yeah we were just sledging our way down the highway with a truck pushing us and a car rolling infront of us. Making ma way downtown sledging past broken cars aaannd.

  • Does anybody else watch all the hard work that EVERYBODY that's working on and in a movie does and then realize people like Robert downy Jr takes a literal MASSIVE chunk of the ENTIRE film budget and just get angry/frustrated? I mean, they are all working just as hard. I do think lead actors SHOULD get more but I think it's just way too out of hand sometimes.


  • Yooo, Princess Bride!!! You guys need to react to that movie!

  • What about that Australian girl who did all the crazy stunts in Death Proof. Wow.

  • Amy is great! One stunt scene to discuss would be Back to the Future 2 where they crash into the courthouse mall. The stunt went wrong and the female stunt artist was badly injured smacking into a column. They used that footage so you can see it in the movie.

  • Amy, Guy and Aaron have played as stuntmen in the winter soldier

  • She's now my crush

  • Wire-fu

  • Hahaha! I remember the "next few weeks" phase. Those were the good ol' days.

  • The winter soilder is a good movie though

  • A lot of gushing blood there, he let me really cut him.


  • @Corridor Crew can you breakdown the opening scene from Ong Bak? They race up a tree to get a flag and fight each other. People go falling off the tree like crazy

  • Not to be a creep, but daym girl your gorgeous.

  • To be honest when she was like "Yeah he let me really hit him" then the next scene was a guy on the bed gushing blood from his throat I was expecting her to say "Oh and he really let me kill him" XD

  • I would absolutely watch a "set designers react"!

  • Major props to stunt women!

  • Michael Jai White's Blood And Bone- The initial jail Fight Scene, And the scene where he kicks 4 people in one jump, This movie is action packed!!!

  • Plz watch Bollywood 1 Rocky Handsome last fight 2 Party by Fazilpuria 3 kind of 1st green screen movie 4 Shaktimaan 1st Indian superhero 5 Dangal Aamir khan transformation 6 Love Story 2050... it failed miserably

  • That movie is accually filmed in Malaysia

  • Michelle yoh is one of Malaysia legend in acting

  • Shoalin Soccer! Fights and buddha palm! Blows my mind

  • “That dude really let me hit him he was like “harder” harder””

  • "I know a lot of us are going to be working from home the next few weeks" We had no idea.

  • How about a breakdown on Netflix The Punisher, last episode Frank v Russo such a good fight I love it and love your breakdowns 🤙🏻

  • Watch the damn Avengers 😒

  • I would like you to break down the corridor fight scene from the original Old Boy. One of my favourite shots ever!

  • That fight scene in the gate was so so Awsome!! Hands down the best fight scene ive seen ever! You can really feel the kicks and punches and she's such a badass!

  • please review this fight scene

  • CTHD sword fight scene, I feel is at whole different level.. Once you see that, so many other sword fights like star wars, look so silly.. Still blows my mind how well the CTHD scene is done.

  • "I know some of you are gonna be working from home for the next few weeks" ...

  • Do the on bak and Tony jai fight scenes

  • That free way.........cleveland 🤣🤣🤣

  • Working at home for the next few weeks...

  • That jump onto the train 9:00 looks like 2 shots. A stunt double that does a jump over the train and then the shot of the actress jumping a small ramp from 1 car to another. In the jumping onto the train shots they also (somewhat) covered the gap between the train carts.

  • Try film Hero with Jet Li.. There is a lot of fight scenes..

  • murder them all

  • Smoking hot stunt femme ..result