Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 12

Publicēšanas datums 21 mar 2020
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Niko and Clint sit down with Amy Johnston to break down some of the craziest action sequences in your favorite films!
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  • Yooo, Princess Bride!!! You guys need to react to that movie!

  • What about that Australian girl who did all the crazy stunts in Death Proof. Wow.

  • Amy is great! One stunt scene to discuss would be Back to the Future 2 where they crash into the courthouse mall. The stunt went wrong and the female stunt artist was badly injured smacking into a column. They used that footage so you can see it in the movie.

  • Amy, Guy and Aaron have played as stuntmen in the winter soldier

  • She's now my crush

  • Fucking lame.... You've never seen Winter Soldier..??

  • Wire-fu

  • Hahaha! I remember the "next few weeks" phase. Those were the good ol' days.

  • The winter soilder is a good movie though

  • A lot of gushing blood there, he let me really cut him.


  • @Corridor Crew can you breakdown the opening scene from Ong Bak? They race up a tree to get a flag and fight each other. People go falling off the tree like crazy

  • Not to be a creep, but daym girl your gorgeous.

  • To be honest when she was like "Yeah he let me really hit him" then the next scene was a guy on the bed gushing blood from his throat I was expecting her to say "Oh and he really let me kill him" XD

  • I would absolutely watch a "set designers react"!

  • Major props to stunt women!

  • Michael Jai White's Blood And Bone- The initial jail Fight Scene, And the scene where he kicks 4 people in one jump, This movie is action packed!!!

  • Plz watch Bollywood 1 Rocky Handsome last fight 2 Party by Fazilpuria 3 kind of 1st green screen movie 4 Shaktimaan 1st Indian superhero 5 Dangal Aamir khan transformation 6 Love Story 2050... it failed miserably

  • That movie is accually filmed in Malaysia

  • Michelle yoh is one of Malaysia legend in acting

  • Shoalin Soccer! Fights and buddha palm! Blows my mind

  • “That dude really let me hit him he was like “harder” harder””

  • "I know a lot of us are going to be working from home the next few weeks" We had no idea.

  • How about a breakdown on Netflix The Punisher, last episode Frank v Russo such a good fight I love it and love your breakdowns 🤙🏻

  • Watch the damn Avengers 😒

  • I would like you to break down the corridor fight scene from the original Old Boy. One of my favourite shots ever!

  • That fight scene in the gate was so so Awsome!! Hands down the best fight scene ive seen ever! You can really feel the kicks and punches and she's such a badass!

  • please review this fight scene

  • What a beast woman 💪 I'm a fan

  • CTHD sword fight scene, I feel is at whole different level.. Once you see that, so many other sword fights like star wars, look so silly.. Still blows my mind how well the CTHD scene is done.

  • "I know some of you are gonna be working from home for the next few weeks" ...

  • Do the on bak and Tony jai fight scenes

  • That free way.........cleveland 🤣🤣🤣

  • Working at home for the next few weeks...

  • That jump onto the train 9:00 looks like 2 shots. A stunt double that does a jump over the train and then the shot of the actress jumping a small ramp from 1 car to another. In the jumping onto the train shots they also (somewhat) covered the gap between the train carts.

  • Try film Hero with Jet Li.. There is a lot of fight scenes..

  • murder them all

  • Smoking hot stunt femme ..result

  • I known Supercop as Police Story for a long time, I was really confuse that part lmao

  • catching up....clint is my new favorite person.... hasnt watched many movies...i dig it

  • like jackie chan says ''hollywood has no idea, how to make good action, camera is always too close, and cut cut cut cut cut''

  • Do KGF

  • Please react to fight scenes of an indian movie commando

  • The only things clint has seen is anime and martial arts films 😂

  • Came back to watch this, heard Clint say "working from home for the next few weeks" and it's now six months later and I'm in a zoom lecture, darn

  • should bring on a veteran and break don some war movies like enemies at the gate.

  • Old school. Buster Keaton.

  • ”That dude was really letting me hit him - it was awesome.” I love this woman.

  • Michelle Yeoh was the best Bond Girl, love her!

  • Stuntman, please react to The Raid 2 highway chase scene. It’s freaking insane

  • No movie has ever been made that caused anyone to say, "This movie has too much Michelle Yeoh in it"

  • Viggo Mortersten!!!!!!!!! ;-; please take him there

  • Rumour has it that the stuntman who tried to test out the motorbike stunt before Michelle Yeoh did it broke his arm

  • "Hollywood movie stunts"... shows clips from Hong Kong movies.

  • Please make a Video over Kingsman the golden Circle!

  • Working from home next few weeks ? 6 months and still going

  • No wonder why winter soldier was so great. Had all the practical effects. I also love the floating wire works in crouching tiger

  • Really cool video!!

  • old movie with a cool subplot Thunder road with robert Mitchum rolls cars and then goes the other way eluding the police

  • Hey please react the movie "Ninja Assassin"......Its actually underrated but have a awesome dedication....U guys must watch it..and you guys are not giving any replies to my comments....feels sad ur not seeing mine

  • She is android 18

  • THEY LIVE! fight scene!

  • Red redemption

  • Just disliking because you dont see the movies and expect us to believe you that you are a cgi coreographer

  • "we'll be working from home for a few weeks"... that comment aged like milk.

  • She looks like Jane the Ripper from Accident Man.

  • "working from home for the NEXT FEW WEEKS"

  • If I ever make an action film, the costumes for women will allow for more pads! Practical is tactical!

  • 12:43 a lot of ketchup

  • "I know a lot of us will be working from home for the next few weeks"... well that ages poorly

  • Remember kids; don't chew gum when you do a presentation. jk. i love the video's and stunts.

  • The warrior nun has a lot of great action scenes with special effects

  • Please do a stunt reacción to the movie "The house of the flaying daggers"

  • There's always a Jackie Chan scene why not invite him ? That'll be super cool

  • I just love Amy

  • You could make a whole series called "Clint reacts to..." with every movie he NEEDS to watch. *hint start with the MCU

  • Clint's "dumb" production question: the answer is yes. I forget how I know this, but the scene in _Casino Royale_ where the jet blast flips the cop car was a big pain in the ass for the filmmakers because they had to make the runway serviceable again, after they'd done however many takes of the car scratching up the tarmac.

  • Have James and Elyse from Filmhaus

  • "will be working from home *for the next few weeks*"... oh honey...

  • BvS Dawn of Justice... Warehouse scene.... please

  • The Puinisher fight scene with Kevin Nash

  • Anybody suggested the epic fight scene(s) in Serenity?? (For sword fight: Princess Bride.)


  • Hey guys can you please breakdown the motorcycle chase seen in the end of mission impossible 2

  • You should bring iko or cecep to the show

  • i don't know why you guys keep Clint there, he does know anything neither he saw any movie :)

  • How about cobra kai

  • Amazing reviews ❤️

  • Floating wire stunts is feel like super lame and stupid Like bollywood thing 🙄 Damn that's fucked up some times

  • Hi so iam an indian and obviously bollywood.. Is my home ground.. We have a marvellous actor and martial artist in bollywood by the name of vidut jamwant U should do a stunt man react of his clips.. Hes just awsome uses no special effects..

  • Do Bangkok knockout a lot of the actor were seriously injured and did their own stunt

  • fuck that guy clint. why is he even apart of this when he doesn't watch anything? go start a yoga channel ya bitch

  • can u please please please react to scenes from secret life of walter mitty

  • How and why would someone give a video like this a thumb down?

  • Review Commando 1, 2 and 3 it has best stunts of Bollywood performed actually by the lead actor with no stunt doubles.

  • When she explained how the martial arts in some marvel movies as more grounded compared to other super hero movies, makes me appreciate the production of marvel more.

  • Bring her back

  • *12:52* "I know a lot of us are gonna be working from home for the next few weeks" 5 months later...

  • Bangladesh Ananta Jolils Movies pls 🇧🇩

  • I'm gonna be honest, wire work like what is displayed in CTHD and films like ipman or a number of Jet Li films just looks so damn corny to me and instantly pulls me out of any fight scene its used in because it generally slows the action down and sticks out like a sore thumb. Just my opinion but that type of wire work ruins a martial arts film for me.