Hot Ones gave us their Hottest Sauce. Can we handle it?

Publicēšanas datums 16 mai 2018
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This Episode ► Wren brings Hot One's "The Last Dab" hot sauce for the crew top try. Jake, Sam, and Niko go pitch a video idea to google for a chromebook brand integration.
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  • its alredy been two years where is janky chan??

  • Wren's wearing a slow mo guys shirt!

  • the sauce that wren brought was much more red than the actual hot ones sauce

  • The moruga pepper from Trinidad I believe lol

  • Blahhhhhh bnuuhahhb... bahhhh.. mmmm, urrggg.. ahhh, no. I did not think of Jackie Chan when you said Janky Chan. I thought of the Asian guy behind... Clint? I think it was. I figured it was another racist asian joke being pulled by another racist asian. Never put the Jackie Chan together until you said something Jackie is also one of my biggest influences. There isn't a memory in my head that doesn't immediately correspond to a movie with him in it.

  • Sam while LITERALLY about to cry from the hot sauce: "That's like legit good sauce"

    • Yeah but that doesn't mean it hurts, I like spicy food and even if I eat something that doesn't hurt it makes me tear up anyway

  • I love how everyone who just eats a lot thinks they have a groundbreaking perspective on hot sauce

    • It's a can have whatever it wants lol

  • Any other Wilburgur fans see Clint's background at 8:27 Just me? 😂

  • 6:16 even google doesn't wanna use their own trash

  • 7:32 .... lol

  • -_- :( :) ):< :? :@ :!

  • You guys should try Da' Bomb. It's not hotter in terms of scoville units I think but I know that it was designed to just be terribly hot and it lacks the taste/flavor that normal pulls down spice.

  • Grim Reaper hot sauce from a little store called The Alps up in Leavenworth WA, Scoville rating is 7 million, you need to try it

  • Niko your awesome and when you said holy poo damn that as fun and I'm following you on instagram dude

  • well, wrens shirt is right tho

  • Oregano oil is brazy

  • Almost every time a channel is doing a hot pepper/sauce challenge, they always say a different pepper as the hottest in the world when I’ve been under the impression that the Carolina Reaper is the hands down hottest chili and has been since it was introduced a few years ago?

  • After re-watching this after years, I'm surprised Clint survived considering he fed Jake 2 nasty things in a week 🤣, also Jake has almost identical reactions to the kimchi and the oregano oil, like sound for sound word for word ( I know Clinton y'all go way back)

  • "portals macbook air"

  • What happened to the janky chan vid?

  • They should have tried “Da Bomb”

  • Plutonium hot sauce 9 mil scovil

  • 7:31 wtf was that laugh nick

  • Pls do HOT ONES

  • CLINT!!! yeees he uses Doterra hahhahah

  • When the guys at corridor use the word “dude” it makes everything 10 times funnier.

  • Sam: "Does anyone want any more? Does anyone feel like they didn't get enough!?" Wren: *Literally Dying*

  • it feels weird watching sam and niko intro while watching old videos

  • can't believe I will never be able to there name as Sam and Niko

  • Woah so much going on in 202 i forgot sam & niko channel was a thing!

  • I did 100% oregano oil one time and I put 10 drops in my mouth and could not breath for like 20-30 seconds because it was so hot

  • Niko's hair. Whhhyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

  • I've bought The Last Dab XXX and it's spicy, but it's not nearly as bad as people react it to. It was disappointing, actually.

  • "I took a big dab" lol me too

  • 1:20 Sam gives misinformation. Capsaicin or the extracted oils from a pepper are what give it the heat. You can remove the capsaicin and the pepper would be easier to eat. They use capsaicin in pepper spray and the only way to remove it is to activate the oils with water. Check yourself foo

  • Well I finally remembered after 2 years I wanted to try that Oregano oil Clint had for health. Everyone's reactions are true it's the weirdest gross taste I've ever had. Worth it for the health benefits. (Also dilute it)

  • They should do this again but with the new last dab XXX Redux which is 3 times hotter than before

  • 2 years later and the channel still named Sam and Niko

  • Wren always has the best, and cutest expressions :D

  • They probably took a bit of the sauce and burned off all their tastebuds

  • Would have never guessed Clint was an Essential Oil looney, lmao.

  • You are not supposed to take concentrated oil like that, what the hell, you can have a fucking kidney failure or something like that lol

  • You can’t compare it to the show, they cost the wings and then add even more than a little drop. That was weak “sauce” haha

  • Do Da Bomb hot sauce

  • Wren the wings on hot ones are soaked in the sauce prior to adding more so they use waaaaaay more than you think

  • Sam says sauces with capsaicin are bull *subscribe* and that the ones with peppers are legit. But the capsaicin is what makes peppers hot...

  • oh no

  • I wish I saw them taking other kinds of dabs

  • That "SUBSCRIBE" censorship tho goshhh 😂😂😂

  • Wait google employees all using MacBooks!?

  • Gentlemen, you dudes are gonna make it. I feel it, I was going through your channel trying to figure out where THIS version of the channel began, I seem to have found it. I would very much love to go on an effusive rant about how much I love you dudes and your unbridled appreciation for your craft. Instead I shall shoot my shot, at a pitch in the comment sections of a two year old video: Beloved Movies done in the style of a totally incongruous auteur. Shutter Island but with mind bending Inception physics. The Prestige but played by various characters from Michael Bay movies. So essentially what I just word vomited but shined through the prism of your collective creativity.Y'all could CGI that right? Y'all know magic! (Why did I reference TWO Nolan flicks?) I adore you dudes and will watch your destined climb to the top of the youtube heap with a stoner's awe and vigor... Unfortunately.

  • da bomb seems to be the hottest one on the show

  • I think it is overrated because on the show they go through a whole line of hot sauces before reaching the last dab

  • Guys, essential oils are not safe to ingest, it is not the same thing as eating the thing its extracted from. people have had serious injuries with these things when not used or diluted properly even putting them on their skin

  • bsd.u damn

  • 2:14 Wren’s face! 🤣

  • do the same with Da bomb if you want sting

  • Its also prob important to note, even if a year late, Hot Ones coats the entire wing in the sauce then adds additional sauce on top of it. The little dab they put is additional to a coat on the wing.

  • ...Still says Sam and Niko tho

  • You really need to do "Da Bomb" even tho it's not technically the hottest sauce.

    • But it is sneaky AF

  • 7:37 when i get toothache's i have this oil that does kinda that it kinda hurts but it completely numbs the pain but your only supposed to put it on the tooth so for you to just like drink it is like crazy lol

  • Did they shake the bottle? xD

  • 'This sauce isn't spicy... what a letdown!' Next scene everyone is starting to melt and die. XD

  • What happened to janky chan? I can’t find the video

  • Smokin' Ed needs to work on his consistency. I'm sure that shit's hot as fuck when you make it right, but it's often pretty underwhelming.

  • Early days of Corridor :)

  • Sorry to say essential oils are snake oils they have no scientific proof of being useful

  • "it's not hot!" as their lips turn blood red and they are sweating profusely.

    • lorzon it’s technically not. That’s a physiological response to a chemical in the sauce.

  • The "Who Am I" clip, good pull

  • I mean if you doused a chicken wing in it would probably be a lot worse

  • Sams repping the Periphery Merch

  • pure Bourgeoisie

  • Love when people are “promoting” something yet don’t even use the product. Literally everyone is on a MacBook!

  • Did anybody notice Sam uptalked the sauce and didn't have any sauce on his knife?

  • Yo Sam in the PERIPHERY shirt. Love that band.

  • I never knew it was called Sam and Nick Crew.

  • 8:31 It's LE... it's PE...

  • If y'all tbing oregeno is bad do on guard oil and gargle that shit

  • yo hes wearing a periphery shirt good music selection

  • yo. Where's Janky Chan?

  • You're not suppose to consume essential oils. Anyone who swears its healthy and safe is an idiot.

  • I think i finally understand toxic masculinity

  • you're not supposed to taste the last dab before tasting da bomb.

  • What happened to Janky Chan? Is it still being worked on?

  • Guys, you need to hire some women.

  • I was sweating just watching this.

  • They screwed the sauce up in my opinion. It's mustardy and not near as hot as it's supposed to be.

  • Sean Evans has left the chat

  • "Hot ones gave us their hottest sauce, but then changed it to Clint's weird oil"

  • periphery shirt!

  • Why are you wasting your money on snake oil?

  • Were is the Janky Chan Vid??????????????????

  • Why are all of the chrome book people using apple computers?

  • Anyone else hear the random "subscribe" being yelled out at certain intervals like at 7:33. Is it supposed to be some sort of subliminal coercion?? (although, it's not very subliminal)

    • @RV 26 Ah I see, thanks, makes sense

    • Bee Emm it does that every time they cuss

  • Life after kids

  • I felt like everyone was going insane from the spice

  • 5:31 nice try corridor, with your advertisement schemes for your merch edit: i just bought merch, goddamnit. your powerful and attracting merch has fooled me again

  • Clint has such big energy I don’t realize he’s only joined for about a year

  • Why were there Macs at the Chromebook HQ 💀