Should You Trust Your City's Air?

Publicēšanas datums 4 okt 2019
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Jake and Sam are worried about the air quality in the studio, so Niko decides to get to the bottom of it. Is Los Angeles' air quality really as bad as everyone says?
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  • Next : "Harvey Dent.... Can we trust him??" Featuring : batman

  • The craven hell adventitiously impress because book individually box abaft a plain meter. boiling, elastic friend

  • Sorry guys but the air quality monitor you used is crap! Next time ask for help from an expert!

  • Should have done it in lockdown to to show the world needs EVs


  • Ad segments last 30% of these goddamn videos


  • Sponsored video: "Can you buy us a medium quality air tester?" Not sponsered video: "Find the cheapest way ti rig together an air tester that can somehow put out half reliable measurements" xD

  • 3:35 in LA and SF you breath fecies with some air in it xD While you walk on fecies filled with used needles xD

  • You call that Pollution come to Delhi during November

  • Well the fuck you gonna breathe then if you don't use the city's air

  • They predicted 20206

  • That's how my kazoo was packed lol🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Fun fact you watched the water pollution video today

  • laughs in finnish

  • 77f that s hot as balls

  • This virus May have lowered it

  • The only thing you can trust is that your city IS polluted and IS very unhealthy to live in, no matter the city.

  • There next video will be should you not go to the wardrobe or is it polluted

  • 2:57 same

  • i dont understand how you dont drink tap water

  • 3:37

  • Man.. I should quit smoking

  • But vaping is cleaner...

  • Wren is 30? He looks 15

  • 5:32 PM 2.5 is dangerous, because the body's immune system can undergo phagocytosis and thus bring in to the body as a foreign object and potentially develop cysts and other stuff when the immune system gets caught - think about the coronavirus

  • The guy who stoped to blow smoke was a legend

  • Is it bad that from this 1 video I know exactly where you all work?

  • There needs to be a "should you trust your cities produce?"

  • Seeing peoples cooks just makes me happy. Idk why

  • so vaping was worse? then actual cigarettes?

  • Hey CC, please react to the Wanda vision series. It has some sweet vfx. Thank you.

  • I live in Canada so……………

  • I could never do what Wren did at the end of the video. I hardly can stand when air gets in my mouth when I yawn.

  • Air quality is not a single measurement thing. You may have air with low particulate and low VOC and have also very problematically low oxygen from all those guys breathing in the same room it doesn't matter if it's air conditioned humidity controlled and filtered if there isn't enough oxygen.

  • “You see those buildings over there? That’s weed.”

  • Wow must be nice to have a government that actually does something about air pollution. Like right now, while I’m writing this comment I’m breathing in 171 AQI air in Mumbai, India which is categorised as unhealthy to very unhealthy. You Americans are lucky.

  • Can you just Trust?

  • Corridor make it fun to watch ads I don’t know how

  • So vaping is worse than smoking? Ha I knew it

  • 14:50 Him : we are really lucky to have some what breathable air Me : Thinking about how green Europe's map was Me : Also living in Europe .........

  • Here in central Italy air quality is 1.4 so it's Good

  • So how is the air now guys? Less cars after all

  • According to corridor LA :- 3.0 Me in india who googled the cleanest city Got :- 15.1 After seeing this 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • I moved from Guangzhou, China just to watch some Americans complain about smog. Bruh

  • E

  • Did anyone else's video like hack a little at 10:05 ? Or do I have some shit to do on my computer?

  • As much as I loved being in Korea, you could sometimes see the yellow dust collecting on surfaces outside.

  • Do you have a choice?

  • The chubby law likely impress because flugelhorn histomorphometrically print next a elated mitten. festive, burly weather

  • guys ug is nanometer just geeking out for relief, you guys are amazing!

  • Not a air quality engineer here (just a regular guy) I could have told you that the meter was broken lol

  • When Biden puts us back in the France climate plan we will be regulating how many hours of electricity we will be able to use a day... while China is allowed to continue on meeting absolutely no emissions or pollution standards with complete immunity.

  • Lol la literally has the worst air quality in the world due to fires and many other things and theyre saying americas pretty good

  • All that avocado toast is starting to get to Sam and Jakes heads. All California's wildfires contribute alot towards the bad air quality

  • When you live in Bakersfield: Clean air is above 50?

  • We need a follow up video to this.

  • Guess what I live in the other side of America and it has the BEST air quality in this side of the WORLD

  • nope, you shouldn't. Just stop breathing. /rolls eyes.

  • i think niko wants to get us sick

  • lets look at bejing. oh my god!

  • This should be a show were they go around the world and see how much air is polluted in that area.

  • Why didn’t the fart into it?

  • Jake has compressed cans of air like in Spaceballs

  • 77 that’s way to high 65 is more to my liking lol

  • You should test the air in a schoolbus

  • 320? That aroma is not healthy!!

  • I've lived in LA all my life. 15-20 years ago I'd walk to school basically everyday. About a two mile journey. My nose and throat would actually burn from being exposed to the open air for those trips, and it'd be way worse if I were running. My area was especially bad, being near a freeway and a massive gasoline factory thingy. Nowadays, I can pretty much inhale all the street juice air I want and I don't get that same burning feeling. There's definitely been a decent improvement.

  • Christians face when Niko started reading the numbers getting higher was the perfect mix of confusion and shock

  • Try living in a house with no central ac

  • can you shoot moutains from your roof top now.

  • Come to delhi once, you will know to appreciate air of LA

  • I vacated on LA and we use this carbon filtered vacum or vaccum? Idk. Well the story is i changed the carbon beonze filter that day and i left it open by accident outside my apartment when i realized it's open there are a lot of this black dust that clumped inside that filter bag then i realized that is that from pollution or just dust on the yard

  • 2:42

  • I don't think you should trust Los Angeles air NOW THAT I HAVE WATCHED THIS, I AM VERY CONFUSED

  • their shirts are like ah yes i would like one with a graphic designed by a graphic designer for the purpose of being a graphic

  • Nico's facial features fit with his name.

  • Now that it's just about a year later, I'm curious of a follow-up considering all the fires in California.

  • I am really in awe that these guys care about their environment from the streets to the water and now to the air

  • You should probably visit Mumbai ( India ) 😂

  • Jokes on you i stopped breathing since i was born

  • Just reminded me of the movie space balls. Pretty for sure Darth helmet as canned air lol

  • Come to india

  • yea about this..... um we can all agree that california's wildfire is bad right? like yk super bad..

  • Christian looked so done with it when he was cooking, but I think it’s just because he’s serious about those flavors.

  • what is the app on your PC to check the air, looks interesting.

  • I’ve had enough of these guys ranting on about air quality and water quality.

  • 211.5 right now in SF

  • Just go get some plants for your studio😂

  • as a heavy smoker. im gonna die cx

  • So new York is the greenest city in USA

  • City's are more green than suburbs acully

  • what's next? Should You Trust Your City?

  • I like a lot of your videos. This one was not one of my favorites. Keep them coming. and I will keep watching. 👍👍👍

  • Who also think When Wren tested the food flavor it was high I though that was true

  • while watching this video and the water one i relized niko and i are very simmiler

  • Really tired of the sponsors that have nothing to do with VFX or filmmaking and for things I wouldn't put into my body (RE: Redbull)

  • Why you didn't test the air in the place where Sam and Jake were?

  • I’m from the future. There is a virus now.

  • Hah, breathing! I barely know her