VFX Artists React to TRON Bad & Great CGi

Publicēšanas datums 26 sep 2020
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Wren, Niko, and Sam compare the original Tron (1982) and the most recent installment to the franchise (Tron: Legacy).
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  • Would love too see 🙈 Have fun and create what your love manifests.

  • Hang on, hang on. At 13:40 ish The CG rocks. How do they have bloom lighting? I'm guessing they rear protected through the CG once it was on film. Each item in the scene gets in own layer, so unless they did all those rocks as a single layer that's _bananas_ They cut the most detailed shot, the girls illicit home decor, so it's less complex that that with its 25 layers

    • That's 600 frames per second when you're at 25 layers. Six _hundred_

  • late to the comments here, but my understanding was that Legacy was also influenced by Tron 2.0. Is that correct?

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • Clash of the Titans old vs new

  • The original Tron must've been breathtaking back in the day. It's still crazy looking and otherwordly today!

  • Shut up goons, Tron was awesome.

  • Review Tron Uprising next

  • Yes to recreating shots from Tron!!! 🏍💨

  • i prefer the neutron.

  • It’s a BASIC command for “trace on”

  • I gotta disagree with you on the aesthetic thing. While I can understand where you're coming from with it not feeling as much like you're in a computer and stuff, I personally don't really care about that. Especially since the design of the old Tron, to me, is pretty unpleasant. Even if they updated it with modern CG and stuff, all those different clashing colors and grid patterns would personally look kind of ugly. The Legacy Grid looks sleek, shiny, and FREAKING HUGE (I love giant futuristic structures) and continues to inspire the way I think about the future and futuristic settings for my stories. It just wouldn't work as well if it was more based on the old thing. Plus, there is still a reason behind the new look. It's more sleek and shiny and obviously more advanced, but it's always dark and cloudy, and there's so much black in the design of the buildings and citizens. There is so little color variety that it creates this sense of uniformity, and this further displays the totalitarian dictatorship that CLU has. Individuality and uniqueness is suppressed if not completely neutralized, which is exactly what CLU wants for "the perfect system."

  • So is it possible to recreate the look/style of the original TRON suits and tint of the face with our tech today? I feel like these outfits aren't even close. The environment is too dark - it was so bright in the original movie.

  • By the way, those flying things are called Recognizers.

  • Do it

  • Recreate the Tron scene!! Maybe add your own flavour to it as well so we can see tbe differences between what you three guys create.


  • Tron legacy is my all time favorite movie

  • Yes! Do the light cycles!

  • Correction: Tron was a graphic design before it was a movie

  • Amazing vid, makes me appreciate the TRON films even more, and I think I’m learning more about VFX / CGI from you guys than anyone else 🤣

  • "dood bounding boxes"

  • The math sheet is the line of the video. @7:14 top notch joke and 100% accurate!

  • Make the scene!!!

  • Gods of Egypt... anything from it

  • Dune or Flash Gordon

  • Jumanji

  • Really, Need to do Bladerunner and Bladerunner 2049 ! ! Please...

  • No reaction to Jeff Bridges de-aging?

  • Tron Legacy is one of my favorite movies. Not only is it visually beautiful, Daft Punk made my favorite soundtrack of all time. Just all together amazing. I literally have a poster and LEGO set of the light cycles, they're just so cool.

  • Amazing to me... Is that from predicted the gamer look.

  • Tron Legacy is the best film in existence and nobody can change my opinion but why the fricc does Sam bother putting his hand up to block out light if he doesn’t even have the shadow over his eyes? he’s literally doing nothing lol.

    • forgot to add the timestamp and I’m too lazy to edit. 9:12...

  • Respect for Tron crew 📈

  • please react to this awesome movie en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freejack

  • Blade runner vs BR49

  • Definitely want to see you guys remake the light cycle scene.

  • Original Tron is visionary.

  • guys please.. Hardcore henry :)

  • Tron was one of my favorite movies

  • Would love to see and hear your thoughts on Kung Fury!

  • react to Ratatoing

  • Great subject, cool making-of explanations but way way WAY to many ads! The only way I could watch the entire video is by listening to it in the background which doesn't give it any credit. Quality yes but at way to high piece!

  • Subtle correction to the origin of the name. TRON is a computer command that stands for "trace on" and is essentially a bug/issue finder, which is essentially what the character Tron is doing in the virtual world

  • Honestly Tron Legacy has now become an underrated modern classic

  • I was 17 when I saw Tron. Loved the commentary, and compare - contrast.

  • Y’all should do OG total recall vs total recall from now

  • Corridor crew:New Tron or old Tron Me :"ULTRON"

  • Seeing Tron in 1982 as a 14 year old boy, trust me, that was state of the art technologically on the big screen.

  • This is only the second video that I've watched of your channel. If y'all enjoyed putting Tron under a scope, you should check out Lawnmower Man. Both were amazing when I was a kid. Lawnmower man is more advanced because it came out a few years after Tron but both were a couple of my favorite movies because of the look of the CGI.

  • There's a lot more to TRON than just the visuals and "looking like a computer." In Legacy the Grid was designed by Flynn to be a world inhabited by programs as people, rather than the first movie where the Grid was Encom's own network and programs existed just to do their jobs. There's more to Legacy's Grid than just being the inside of a computer, it's a literal digital world Flynn created to study and learn from, hence why it looks more like a real city and the programs have no real-world functions like in the original. The original TRON was from the perspective of humans looking into a computer, whereas Legacy is much more from the perspective of programs living in it. Another thing worth noting is the comparison between Kevin and Sam entering the Grid. The original TRON blew the secret of the Grid before Kevin was ever digitized, but Legacy kept the actual Grid unseen until Sam got there. The transition being fast and simple is to keep the mystique of what just happened until that moment when Sam finally steps outside, sees the Grid for the first time, and is confronted by the Recognizer. The effects in Legacy are used far more to tell the story of the Grid, whereas in the original the effects themselves are more the focus.

  • Something I learned from Legacy was that, because all of the programs were designed to be perfect, any damage they would receive would completely destroy them. Even the tiniest. But the ISO's, because they were imperfect creations that the world itself made, any damage they would receive would not be fatal. It would be like how we would receive injuries Another thing I learned was Flynn created a new Grid. That's why the whole world looks different than the original movie. And in Flynn's memories, they were analog. As in they were all scratchy like an analog recording device. But Sam's memories in the grid would be digital

  • I saw the recreation vid first, congrats on following through with your ideas!

  • Tron 2 was an abomination. They left behind all the spirit of the first one and just wanked with modern, easy CG. And they lost the whole “inside the wonderful world of the computer!”-angle to make another Matrix-wannabe. Total garbage.

  • Really don't know why Disney didn't make a proper game out of Tron: legacy, they could have made an Open world or a Multiplayer game and It would have blown up.

  • TRON is actually a computer command that was used to trace code in BASIC and DOS in the 80s-early 90s. TRace On (TRON) was used to give the line number of what was being executed to figure out where the problem in the code is. Not a shortened version of "electionic".

  • I love Tron, it’s so good! Nice 80s shit!

  • Super late here, but Italian Job 1969 vs 2003

  • TRON was a debugging tool for programs. TRacking ON.

  • Those floating U-Hauls have a name. It's called a Recognizer. Seriously, that really annoyed me. Go watch the first movie, they name it. I know this is a reaction video, but seriously, that's pretty basic.

  • Why not check out Tron:Uprising?

  • Please recreate the scene!

  • I know a lot about Tron, but I learned a lot from this! Thanks for doing this. (Also, the "pixel cubes" are voxels!) I love the effects of both of these films.

  • When Tron legacy came out I saw it in theatres and my dummy kid eyes didn’t see that Clu was cg until he was reaching into the portal at the end of the movie, mainly cause his tongue looked so plastic and the way his face didn’t stretch naturally as he strained, Niko wants the pores to stretch for a reason 😞

  • The royal heart critically cough because satin namely scrape unlike a helpful noise. aberrant, discreet television

  • Do for all spiderman movies. Especially the amazing spiderman movies 2012 and 2014

  • The Wizard of Oz

  • Scarface

  • I saw this with friends in the theater when it first came out. We were completely blown away. That first shot, when you descend down into the 3D world for the first time took my breath away. Nothing like it had ever existed before. This film is a legend.

  • Old Kamen Rider vs New Kamen Rider 👀

  • we miss the “freddiew” action story shorts 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Sorry if this was already shared here but lvcd.info/watch/2rhvgH6Jaq14Y4k/video.html

  • Jumanji and Jumanji: The Next Level

  • Hey. Please watch the Russian film 28 Panfilovs

  • Remake!

  • Hey Guys at Corrider Crew...I don't know if you guys saw this deep fake before but....WOW! I wish Disney would redo Tron with this deep fake. It improves it like 100% lvcd.info/watch/2rhvgH6Jaq14Y4k/video.html

  • Did they already analyze The Last Starfighter?

  • 5:44 where did this rumor start that Tron was based on a game? no, it's based on an ad character created by Steve Lisenberg. am i the only one who watches bonus features on DVDs/Bluray?

  • 5:44 where did this rumor start that Tron was based on a game? no, it's based on an ad character created by Steve Lisenberg. am i the only one who watches bonus features on DVDs/Bluray?

  • I've seen Tron 3 years after it's original release, as I was already a geek this movie blown me away. Still love it but Tron Legacy is one of the most beautifull movie i've seen.

  • Jumanji or mad max!

  • You should react to the CGI in Disney’s the Santa Clause

  • There was a lightcycle in Flynn's hideout that had a design like the original film but with a more sleek and modern design to it. So that was a little dab of retro

  • Liquid terminator from Judgment Day vs Dark Fate

  • How about the two Total Recall movies. Sure it must be some fun stuff between the two of them.

  • Yo guys look at how Deep Fake has modded this film. lvcd.info/watch/2rhvgH6Jaq14Y4k/video.html

  • Wouldn't it be easier to use ultra violet canons and use fluorescent colours. Black would have stayed black, white would glow and so would other colours.

  • Blade Runner OMG yes please!!!

  • Please react to this! lvcd.info/watch/2rhvgH6Jaq14Y4k/video.html Someone remade Clu from Tron: Legacy using Deepfakes and it's good.

  • Someone has probably already mentioned it, but computer spreadsheets already existed...VisiCalc came out for the Apple][ in 1979.

  • Analytics.

  • You should look at Troy Uprising

  • Loved the vid y'all.

  • The movie is supposed to have a computer game look to it so the original tron has somewhat an 80's arcade game look to it, and of course the new movie has got to have the present computer games graphics look to it.

  • Damn, I expected them to talk about CGI Jeff Bridges

  • Total Recall

  • Did they do a react for doctor strange. Cuz if not, HOW!!!

  • Terminator vs Terminator Genisys, when terminator arrives at the beginning

  • Westworld 1974 (said to be the first ever to use digital effects) vs effects in the tv show (maybe)?

  • Yes re-create tron scene s

  • I believe all the frame by frame back lighting and cutting work described up to this point 3:45 were all done by people in South Korea at the time the film was being made.