Jake's Stressed Out by Wren's desk, so he built him a New One.

Publicēšanas datums 6 apr 2018
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  • The key is drill speed

  • jake wrendered a desk. ha

  • 13:14 For all those people...

  • i want to work at corridor because i like making animations and making 3d models (but i need ti learn more because im not very good) im also a good actor and finally my computer is not very good so yeah

  • Ehhh, think of your stupidest friend. Now realize that 50% of people are stupider then them. Most people are idiots.

  • Let’s be real, the giant skateboard is not for function, it’s just there to look at

  • "The Beast!" R.I.P

  • Meg

  • Why does wren not have his windows activated?

  • 10:49 lol he hasn’t activated windows.

  • too bad buddy, most people are stupid AF, due to their belief systems and backgrounds.

  • I am watching this in 2021 having watched all three tacticool reloads and it's funny to see how it started

  • Omg pirated Windows!!

  • Bro, that was a metal sander! 😥. Jake, my man, with the grain on wood. You want a reciprocating sander. But it's still sweet.

  • 4:07 I love how Adrian and Niko are writing tactiCOOL, and Christian is like half asleep on the side.

  • 0:17 why does Wren have a blueprint of the Millennium Falcon on his computer?

  • Wren really was upset that his desk wasn’t gonna be pretty

  • Why doesn't Jake have a woodworking channel

  • i understand the job profesionnalism... but i really loved the clamps as legs, its old school ad shows creativity. jake's desk was just generic wth added skateboard to make it seem cooler. but in the end he's done just a simple generic dedesk out of an art piece. the cable management was easy to fix. so that is what i dislike of it all.... in the end, jake didn't think of what wren liked, he just did what he liked ! that to me is just sucking badly. its work done for all the wrong reasons.

  • The imported larch disappointingly sniff because restaurant exemplarily invent against a possessive heat. motionless, whimsical sauce

  • wren is so lucky to finaly gets a new desk he needed it.

  • The swift thomas inferiorly disarm because gateway quantitatively use after a ambitious dessert. smiling, like motorcycle

  • Sam and niko studio

  • Dude look up the IQ distribution charts, almost half of the people are idiots. Moreover, you wouldn't work with average minds, hence vast majority is practically idiots.

  • Oh sh*t It’s the birth of Tac2Cool reloads!

  • The beginning of Tacticool reloads

  • Jake making cool stuff for wren is like my dad making cool things for me


  • Desk is kinda lame

  • Jake is what you get when Ron Swanson suddenly becomes sentimental.

  • When using a hole saw drill bit... drill halfway then drill the other half from the other side using the center bit as a guide.

  • This is before tacticool reloads??????? Can't believe i haven't seen this yet

  • I love how the creation of one of the best Corridor videos ever is like a b-plot to this video lol

  • "Crazy kids"

  • "we've got holes for monitor cables"... The cables go straight over the holes lol

  • Check out our Giant skateboard Build, Link Below. Nope, no Link to that.

  • I feel like Jake is the type of person who does not like to spend a lot of money, and if u r ever going shopping with him y would ot.want to spend his money

  • Jake is the best dad friend ever, but my dad friend is me😥

  • Nico at 13:13 - on. point. 👏👏👏

  • when Wren was upset because Jake broke the pinky promise of making the the desk pretty my heart was 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • love seeing the beginning of TactiCOOL reloads

  • It’s awesome to watch this video now and see the creative thinking behind tactical reloads now knowing it might become a corridor show. Totally awesome!!

  • I get the Omaha reference dead city 1,2and3

  • 911th comment

  • Watching the birth of TactiCOOL Reloads is awesome now that is has become a successful 3 part series. Can't wait for the show to get funded!

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  • puts a hole for the monitor cable, runs the cable outside the hole, great!!

  • Wren the Renderer!

  • I'm watching this two years later and I'm amazed to witness the birth of tacticool reloads

  • Hi there buddys

  • If being a police officer doesn't work out I'm going to get my skills up in VFX and work for corridor, doubt it will happen but a guy can dream can't he?

  • You’re an idiot! Jk

  • 900th comment

  • The yellow rectangle is very misplaced in the thumbnail

  • No niko the majority of people in the world are idiots

  • what i learned in trade school is that when using a handheld drill- if the drill bit is bigger than 1inch in diameter, you get another person to hold on to the drill with you. but then i'm learning to be a machinist, so maybe it won't apply to woodworking. idk.

  • 5:43 The funniest thing about Jake and Wren builds is usually Christian showing up and staring for a good few seconds and then just leaving the scene with a comment under his breath.

  • They build wren a desk, they fixed a street after he got hurt, they helped him retrieve a drone that he got stuck...damn, wren is showered with love lmao

  • Who edits these videos?

  • That dog at 9:10 is just looking at them with total disappointment

  • I'm an idiot.

  • "Think about how dumb the average person is and then realize that half of 'em are stupider than that" -- George Carlin The difference between intelligence and ignorance is simply effort and most people wont make the effort to not be ignorant :/

  • 5:14 "Dont like jump on it with all your force" *Wren proceeds to throw it back using the desk*

  • He had me at cable management 😩💕

  • Man Wrens smile is amazing.

  • This was a really cool... Wrenovation

  • 3:25 nc sound effects

  • I know this is old, but craft beer labels off of cans look awesome on desk when peeled and reapplied. You don't even need to glue them with anything extra if you do it right

  • I love how the hardware store guy is just like “ok” after Jake says he made a desk out of doors

  • My friend won't even give me gum

  • There where so many ways to make this Table pretty...

  • 9:30 and 9:00 : Jake looks like a man's man, his "handywork" is atrocious though. Edit: commented to fast, redeemed himself at 9:20 :D

  • I wanna work at corridor lmao

  • I love Niko’s philosophy at the end of the video.

  • I know it's probably a prop gun, but it still makes me cringe every time the muzzle gets pointed toward people. Stay safe friends.

  • Jake: don’t put your whole wait on it Wren: Proceeds to do tricks on it

    • _whole wait_ hmmm

  • Geeze I hate hole saws for that exact reason. Whenever I have to make a big hole in ply wood with a hole saw I use a Jig to hold the drill in place. Basically 2 boxes made of 2 by. and clamp them down with the handle in between them. I only seen some one break a wrist with a drill once. But once is far too many.

  • Hi

  • Pipe clamp*

  • This is unfair, Jake stained the desk and hes praised, I stained my moms wedding dress and she grounded me for 2 months

  • niko’s curls bouncing as he gets excited with the concept...

  • these guys are always so nice to each other

  • Finely someone get it

  • Your guys' content is f'cking off the charts. It's so dope not knowing what I'm gonna see next!

  • niko: if everyone just stopped saying idiot I think the world would be a better place me: what an idiot

  • Jake is definitely Wren’s work dad.

  • When flexing with two wrist watches x) Glad to see there was a change at that workplace xD

  • Wren is like jakes son who’s just excited to be there with him

  • i feel so OC when I saw the cable hole and the monitor cable didn't go through it.

  • actually, the vast majority of people are idiots xD

  • Why of all Corridor Crew videos was THIS one blessed by the algorithm?

  • You can tell jakes a lawyer

  • he's got the same mouse as me

  • I saw this vid right after seeing Jake fix Niko’s bow. I really have a tremendous amount of respect for Jake. Seriously seems like one of the best kinds of friends anyone could have. But then again, that’s not uncommon for someone on this channel.

  • Who cares about the desk, record a video on the Dog.

  • I prefer Nick filming these Videos. He doesn't shake the camera soo much

  • This is the best kind of boss/manager.

  • All the things people do when they're restless and have nothing to do XD

  • Wren is like the baby of the group, even when he got hurt on the potholes they patched the road

  • Yor a idot