Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 11

Publicēšanas datums 7 mar 2020
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The Crew is joined by Stuntman and Parkour master Jesse LaFlair to react and break down some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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  • Hard Core Parkour on Tosh.O lol

  • Do a stuntmen react on kgf

  • Have you guys done 6 underground in terms of parkour? I know all the storror guys worked on that movie. They even shot some of the chase sequences themselves.

  • "Life's been great, man," he says, sitting on the same couch as two other people shortly before March 2020. Oof.

  • Assassin's creed parkour in real life... just saying

  • talk something other than wires

  • The telephone scene in police story!!!

  • 🤩That's we are running from 2020

  • Educate yourself - these kids are the original parcours OGs in movies. Not this hack...

  • "Tony Hawk" parkour in movies is so cringe and disrespectful. Look up Yamakasi, French movie from 01. Years before District 13...which stemmed from the hype generated from the street vids in the 90's...the US was late that's all

  • At 9.13 was the dove cg or just timed perfectly?

  • hmm great content and all, but you guys keep talking about being taken out of the moment(or breaking the suspension of disbelief) because of bad stunts, bad cgi, bad vfx, etc..., but you guys do it too every time you interrupt in the middle to tell people to subscribe, it's just freaking annoying, and it's probably even more annoying to people who hasn't. Just do it at the beginning or at the end.

  • Can u plz send me a link to those shoes

  • jUST THOUGHT i should mention with the elevator the small platform ontop didn't disappear there's just only holes on one side so it looked like a different piece as well as it was from a lower angle.

  • 10:24 gave me cancer

  • loved this series


  • Covering the Casino Royale scene, they had the actor on wires in case he fell, but guess what yall??? He didn’t fall in any shots. He did the stunts without wire assist, but there were obviously legal reasons they couldn’t just let him do it without safety precautions like having wires on him, and like that one shot where the padding is on top of the elevator and then gone. But he really made those jumps, it’s real impact, but if he fell he’d be caught. It’s some truly amazing stunt work.

  • God these commercials are the best hahaha

  • So that Office scene is to Parkour as Shrek is to Smash Mouth. Got it.

  • Jackie chan is the cooler version of tom cruise

  • 11:36 when that part came in i remembered Jackie's stunt even though i dont know if he did that

  • Oh man, I remember watching Jesse La Flair back in 8th grade when I was really interested in parkour, so good to see him again.

  • Do the three of them have gray eyes or am i seeing wrong ?

  • Next,a ghost react about ghost potrayal in movies😌

  • please please please react to 6 underground!!!!!

  • The problem with parkour in movies is that it never makes much of a difference. The people chasing the person doing parkour are never that far behind, and it seems like if they ran normally they'd be the same distance apart.

  • To answer your Jackie Chan clips, why not examine the Rush Hour trilogy?

  • I don't normally like react videos but these Corridor Crew ones are actually informative and they genuinely seem to know what's what. Love it.

  • The parkour in casino royale relaunched James Bond, the parkour athletic prowess of the baddy compared to 007 bull in a China shop

  • Seems a little salty about the The Office parkour scene haha it's okay dude

  • Castle fight scene with Benny the Jet in Wheels on Meals. The candle blowout kick

  • Is that leflair from ultimate tag

  • Thus episode made me realize how awesome Parkour is and the risk these guys are taking!

  • Fk jake

  • I don’t know if this can be done. But y’all should do a “stuntman reacts to crazy WWE moves” like when Shane McMahon jumps off hell in a cell or when undertaker choke-slammed Mankind through the Cell! Many crazy moments like that!

  • Has anyone bought these Raycon things?

  • James Bond - dostroy everything i can and cant aford

  • I thought the Tony Hawk of Parkour was Damien Walters. Of course, no disrespect to Jesse in the slightest.

    • I feel like Damian is more of a free running guy

  • Birth of the dragon ..

  • please review this fight scene

  • not talking smack but i do know parkour and free running are different one is getting from 1 point to the other as quickly as possible and the other is all tricks and flips ...Parkour = getting there fast Free Running = tricking

  • Hey guys I love your channel How about this for an Idea. I hate shakey camera work when its done during fight scenes (insert foul language) So many great fights have been ruined by shakey cam Why don't you take two fight scenes that were ruined by shake cam, stabilize them, then show then side by side and have a stunt person review it. The scene I recommend are; Captain America, winter soldier. The street fight between Cap and Bucky Superman v Batman> The warehouse fight between Batman and the mercenaries

  • I wanna watch what they what seen car stuns scene

  • Best stunt ever is Jackie Chan in police story sliding down the pole in the mall chase. Burning the skin of his hands in the process.

  • You forgot about "HARDCORE". The first ever full FPA movie

  • Best sub plug ever. God that sounds inappropriately sexual. :/

  • Saw Sam and Niko on an old Parkour clip.😁

  • Was 8:57 color graded? It looks raw compared to the other shots 🤔

  • My favourite episode

  • I think the final fight scene from Drunken Master would be great. There are so many goons and set pieces it would be amazing!

  • District 13 is amazing movie!

  • This is what made me subscribe. Good stuff!

  • Do KGF

  • Casino Royal really did great with the chase.

  • 6 underground

  • Kungfu yoga

  • perfect video length

  • great production value on the sponsor piece. very funny and entertaining

  • 👍👍

  • What's the song at 10:23 and throughout the sponsorship?

  • Zomg Jackie Chan ladder scene is awesome - First strike.

  • this dude is obsessed with himself huh lmao

  • Lol it didn’t say sponsor segment

  • "Theres a thing on the elevater, then theres not" the camera pan right after showed the sides looked flat where the front didnt, its still there. just different angle.

  • 7:37 can confirm

  • @1:52 the thing doesn't disappear.. probably already seen but FYI

  • Try reacting to south Indian movies

  • Please make videos on Tom Cruise stunts🙏🙏🙏

  • Best part, the @raycon add

  • Review Commando 1, 2 and 3 it has best stunts of Bollywood performed actually by the lead actor with no stunt doubles.


  • He looks like Benedict cumberbatch

  • Why don't you make a video titled, "Stuntmen react to Romantic Scenes" because love is the greatest danger there is.

  • i dont like your not at all

  • This guy was a MASSIVE douche

  • If these guys are inventors of parkover or free running then what about Jackie Chan. I wonder ?

  • This video really solidies how people's accomplishments should only be mentioned by other people. Right off the bat this guy seems kinda full of himself and makes me not want to keep watching. I did, and he seems like a cool dude, but saying "I've been called one of the forerunners of parkour" (I'm paraphrasing) is just off-putting. Let Niko say that, man.

  • This guy's acting like he invented parkour or somehow brought it into the public's eyes. This is just factually false.

    • Where?

  • this thing on top of elevator is still there! Can be seen only from side, front is solid!

  • Clint we don't want you to break down a movie if you haven't seen it

  • I have a video you can break down but it's not a Jackie Chan but it's jet li break down "THE ONE" please! AND IF I REALLY DO READ THIS HIT THE LIKE BUTTON

  • Jake is the worst

  • Weasley and weasley make me laugh and they are silly xD

  • I mean it’s sort of a good thing when Jackie jumped through real glass cause it looks better and it’s not just fake blood but also he could have got seriously injured

  • Jackie Chan in Foreigner and also The Medallion. Scott Adkins is in that one and they even have a scene together.

  • I want to see them react to the Foreigner

  • Can we get some reactions to the almost 12 minute long non-cut scene from Netflix's Extraction?

  • u guys gotta react on underground 6 storror bruh

  • I love how he mentions ppl didnt know what parkour was when the office aired. Me as a kid watching jackie chan parkour in every movie. Lol

  • Jackie Chan ALL HIS STUNTS AND THE ENDINGS. He is my hero.

  • I would love to do these but I don't want to break my hip.

  • React to cod mw

  • Bullshit it doesn’t rain that often in downtown

  • Stuntmen react to The Crowwwww plsssss🥺

  • One Jackie Chan clip I can recommend is the junkyard fight from his movie “thunderbolt”

  • Have storror

  • No Ong Bak or D13? Guys...

  • yo guys... DO extraction FROM netflix

  • please do a stuntman /CGI react to this