VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 15

Publicēšanas datums 23 nov 2019
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Niko, Wren, and Clint break down the VFX from some of your favorite films.
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  • Guys there's a spaceship like thr one in oblivion in gta5

  • lvcd.info/watch/0MludH6encOKkJc/video.html My students work. Can you give some comments too. Pls

  • Check indian movie.. dashaavataaram. Hero done 10 avatars at a time. Kindly decode the vfx in it

  • Can you guys do for 2012 film

  • What about Rambo? The 50. Cal scene at the end of the 4th movie

  • Fun fact: the director nad his brother encounter one of those chopper when they were young.They make the heli like squahing the building is because their childhood. They have to stay behind the chopper so they wont get shot. For more info, check out this youtuber : lvcd.info/watch/tLatmYl9a9xsrXk/video.html I swear that is not me

  • I love how all the productions shown have some of the best practical/digital vfx of their kind, but the movies themselves are pretty underrated.

  • That Uganda one is funny 😂😂😂😂the way they edited there vfx lol

  • The slow motion shooting scenes in Dredd 2012

  • i watched swordfish for halle berry not for the eplotions lol

  • edge of tomorrow is the best halo film ever made

  • 3:37 The Matrix Revolutions: The rain was elongated on purpose to emulate the matrix code. I thought everyone knew that.

  • Swordfish, when they said the next big thing from the producer of The Matrix, they were referring to Halle Berry. :D

  • I love seeing people with true passion and love for something. The Ugandan group might not have the best VFX skills, but they tried their hardest. Personally, I'm an aspiring actor who has no where near the amount of passion those guys had

  • Hey Corridor crew. I just subscribed after watching several videos. I'd love to great a breakdown of the Transformers movies. The car chase & fight sequences with the Autobots & humans in the shots. Dark of the moon, Age of extinction for examples.

  • Not that it explains away everything about the helicopter scene, but it was modeled after a type of attack chopper that only fired its weapons behind itself. Judging by the direction it leaves the scene , maybe they tried to model it to look as if it went in for an aft bombing run?

  • Never seen Edge of Tomorrow, but this clip reminds me of Starship Troopers. You should review Starship Troopers if you haven’t yet.

  • If you haven't already, id love for you guys to react to the slow mo scenes from dredd!

  • I love janky vfx. It’s super Video game-ish,

  • Unreal Engine fucking rules

  • Love the Thom Yorke shirt

  • How did that car just start flying

  • Sausage party 🤣👏👏👏

  • You should look at the VFX from any Final Destination movie

  • tamil movie "24"

  • I thought the rain droplets were long to look like the matrix code

  • try lab rats and mighty med (Disney XD) I just want to know what you think of it.

  • de mon slayer plss

  • Remember when we laughed at Bollywood for being so bad and how it's its own huge and respected thing now? I SO hope this happens to African movies, I just love them.

  • Try Ghanaian action movies like 1330

  • What was going on with the chopper was that the director was a child during a ugandan civil war and he and his brother were chased by a helicopter amd the had to stay infront of it because the helicopter could only shoot backwards do some research first like you do with the other movies

  • You guys should talk about birdemic

  • Someone send this to the Ugandan guys

  • Take a look at Black Panther CGI.

  • Oblivion and day after came out very close to one another and are 2 amazing totally under rated movies. Tom cruise kills everything he does.

  • Hi

  • I am sorry that I just got here but I do have a question about a scene. At the end of Forest Gump when Lt. Dan is showing Forest his new prosthetic legs, the camera starts at his shoe, goes directly up his leg and stops at his face. How did they do that?

  • Do the edge of tomorrow great movie lots of cgi

  • NOT A MARVEL GUY ?? WHAT!!!!!??????

  • Welcome to vfx artists peddle 8 sponsors lol


  • Serenity by Joss Wheedon! Had a small budget. I thought CGI was pretty good.

  • Pleeeeeeease do Kung Pow, Fists of Fury for shits and giggles 😃for your and our entertainment

  • I worked on Oblivion! I day-played on the prop department. We shot it in New Orleans and I’m glad y’all were happy with it. It was a blast to work on and Tom is a savage.

  • You should break down the fight scene in transformers 1

  • hey Clint what are you trying to prove man by not watching marvel "not a marvel guy " you are saying this from episode 1

  • I honestly love how you guys put effort into your sponsor and merch cuts, instead off just reading off a script

  • Who killed captain Alex kinda reminds me of those cheap stories on LVcd

  • This reaction vids help me in some of my videos. You rock guys!

  • Hey i think the guys in the mid played on son of the mask

  • Hello Gyus, I have started my new LVcd Channel for Video Editing Tutorial with Premiere Pro in Hindi... Kindly support us:-lvcd.info/watch/1s1uenaqhdt3iJs/video.html

  • Kidding? Fuck clip monetary and its disturbing during watching. Fuck 6 times break and 2 commercial per break... screw you

  • Complete Review on Krrish 3 & 2.0 #corridorcrew

  • please react to Victor Magtanggol

  • A shot I'd like for them to take a look at would be Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance, the 2nd scene of the Rider fighting the soldiers before he starts to use the crane or even with him using the crane

  • the matrix bit - you say about the rain being the wrong shape, but it look at the green and black tones used in the scene - its the 'code' from the matrix, but represented as rain.

  • U guys should look at the 18 wheeler crashing from death race

  • I think the rain was long in Matrix Revolutions to mimic the computer code they showed in the movie.

  • I respect this stuff because I'm nothing remotely on thier level but I prefer the Stunt stuff lol. The editing issues dont bother me if it's so tiny and you need super slow motion for it.

  • That's so awesome. I love peeks at how creative (or hilariously terrible) the work behind the scenes is to make amazing visuals we see in movies and really make you appreciate how much thought and effort goes into. You know it's there but seeing how it was done is always even more impressive. Great video.

  • I wish LVcd would get rid of these stupid political ads. They really ruin the vibe of a video. Show me a 4 minute progressive skit over this crap.

  • have you done a reaction to zack snyder's movies? Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen, SuckerPunch. I think Man of Steel and Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition should get their own episode treatment focusing on the visual effects.

  • what is on clints hand ?

  • I'm new to this channel. Loving is so far. Just wondering does anyone know of the guy in the middle is transgendered?

  • Are you aware of all of the political ads playing during your videos? I’ve seen 3 anti-Ossoff ads and I’ve only watched one minute. Great video but can’t finish it.

  • Why don't you guys make a short film, use CGI, VFX and everything a sci-fi movie requires and let viewers grade/review your work.

  • you could do the hive guardian scene from "priest"..they did the runnin on falling rocks shit from the hobbit ...

  • Can’t “motion blur” be longer than the camera movement is the blurred item is moving contrary to the camera? Like the spark could be?

  • Like the LOTR cgi, best of practical and visual effects

  • Also Oblivion looks so good because Daniel Simon was involved in the design of the vehicles.

  • You should react to certain scenes in the 07 transformers movie cause their are certain scenes that look a little wonky and I also want to find out how they did the bots with other buildings

  • Can I ask for help getting 100 subscribers

  • Do "small soldiers" please

  • Dude you guys have come a LONG way! So happy to see the company flourish

  • Hi Niko, somewhere around 13:45 you said you were planning to make a video about the Unreal engine camera tracking. I tried to look for it but couldn't find it. if you did make one, please share the link. Great work. Thanks.

  • Watch some filipino films

  • So, Oblivion did the surround screen thing back in 2013? But I guess no camera movement tracking or on-set element editing. Still, that’s so cool.

  • Aquaman please

  • Please react to lovecraft country it's so good

  • Have you guys done the dead pool opening scene?

  • What can you expect from a movie with a budget of 200$ I mean it's 3× cheaper than the latest Iphone

  • I have always wondered how they did the pixel-person transition from Ra-one (it's an Indian movie with rather smooth CGI transitions.)

  • Shar boy and lavagirl please just for the memes like if u agree

  • Why Clint is aways with a drawing glove?

  • The chopper was flying away when the building was being imploded or bombed.

  • jaani dushman: ek anokhi kahani

  • Please do africa a BIG favour and fix the ugandan vfx...please🥺🥺,much love from africa,kenya🇰🇪🇰🇪

  • do The Raid 1 and 2

  • Pls Give a reaction on Chitti intro scene from the movie 2.0(Indian Cinema)

  • Pls do titanic

  • look at amazon's the boys

  • If you can fix matrix reloaded 100 agent Smith fight seen please



  • i remember the marketing for swordfish was based upon halle berry being nude in the film.

  • Maybe you can as "Who killed Captain Alex" team to provide you with footage and re-build the video and guide them how to do it :-)

  • How about the Robocop vs Robocop 2 fight, last of the blockbuster stop motion sequences. Specifically Robocop jumping on Robo-Cain's back at the end.

  • Please react to Sausage Party 🤣🤣🤣

  • The lioness in the movie Rogue and the jumping off the cliff scene. Actually, the entire movie after the 10 minute mark is janky

  • Who killed captain Alex was made in a village in Uganda, what did you expect