Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 19

Publicēšanas datums 1 aug 2020
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The Crew is once again joined by Eric Linden to react to some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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  • Oh damn you guys just absolutely crucified me and Big Mike!!! 😂😂 If you can’t take it then you shouldn’t dish it out I guess. You got me - that was indeed a piss poor fight scene - I blame the editor 😉. Love the channel and love to be on the show sometime to redeem myself one day 👍


    • I love the ninja movies, really wish you could do a third one... They're in my "corny" action movies with good fight scenes.

    • We love BOYKA !!!!

    • I’m a huge fan of you Scott, I lovvvvve savage dog

    • Omfg

  • Ong bak first movie

  • squarespace is shit they are TOO simplified for anyone doesnt want a cliche website that you have seen a million times. AWARD WINNING (they make their own awards and then give it too themselves just like car companies) Shopify is way better that is why it cost money, its not copy and pasted assets. Squarespace just pays more and that is why they have one of the worst website builders because they spend more money on advertising rather than making the product better

  • Stunt men react to home alone

  • Baahubali, its a bollywood film franchise, please go over these ones!!!

  • No specific stunt but for foreign films something from The Protector or The Raid: Redemption

  • I find is hilarious that in The Punisher scene he's like "I know how much ammo is in the gun, so I fired exactly that many before reloading in that scene". I sincerely appreciate that, although the gun in question looked to be a Beretta M9/92FS, which holds 15 round in a standard magazine... Unless you're in California, where it was likely filmed, which the max magazine capacity for a handgun is limited to 10. It's nice to know The Punisher is keeping up with local firearm laws.

  • The stuntman looks good for just having a baby.

  • Catch sub 👊😎. Nice work

  • GIBBY!!!!!!

  • Why can't you do "Wigging" anymore?

  • Living for the iCarly meme

  • Has the warehouse scene from BvS been done yet?

  • No one's gonna comment that at 1.58 the stuntman stood up after taking multiple hits?

  • Icarly:gibby fucking dies

  • Something that always comes up in my fight choreography classes is "sticky swords", where the fighters pause for half a second when their weapons clash, instead of reacting and going for the next move like you would in a real fight. It makes it look very choreographed, and I notice it all the time now in fight scenes, especially when they don't replace the actors with stunt doubles.

  • Stunt from shivaji the boss, tamil film

  • When they laugh so much at Gibby they don’t see the clear as day shiny loop between his pants and shirt XD

  • Stuntmen react to the daredevil oneshots

  • Tom Jane will always be my Punisher but this is a good second

  • Please review Chocolat the movie

  • You guys are movie guys and don’t know Romancing the Stone?

  • Everyone elses stuff is trash but ours is just perfect!!

  • Guys pls do Blade 1 and 2 you got sword fighting shooting, stunts, driving and hand to hand combat pls do the Snipes movies :D

  • Everybody talking about the swordfight and I'm sitting here wondering why there's a robot watching them.

  • Looks like someone with super steroids,i mean is a sweep move and the stunt just give a mk flip and the other just fly back like was a god kick effect.

  • If you were going to try examples of a good sword fight, you should have shown clips from 'The Duellist' from Ridley Scott. There is no better examples.

  • Check out rocky handsome fight scene. Also commando . Both bollywood fight scenes and one of the best out there.🔥🔥


    • It was a stunt double but yes

  • War of the arrows

  • A bittersweet life


  • React to Upgrade (2018)

  • Why can't you do wigging now? I have a guess...

  • There are honestly too many foreign movie fight scenes that I straight up love. But the first two that came to mind are as follows: The Man from Nowhere (the whole movie is amazing and I would totally recommend it) And I will add a second comment with the other link

  • This isn't hollywood but you guys need to react to this person on tiktok XD XD XD

  • You guys gotta check out the Italian job. Especially the part where he shoots a gun into the water. Hah

  • You guys should breakdown the fights and stunts in IP Man with Donny Yen

  • Hello ladies, look at your sword,now back at me, look at your sword, now back to me. Sadly I can't sword fight, but if your man switched to Old Spice he could smell like he can sword fight.

  • Fearless punch through chest to break shoulder blade

  • That is a Beretta 92 and they have 15 round mags.

  • Watch Rurouni Kenshin sword fight guys

  • Absolutely need to do the corridor scene from Old Boy

  • Didn’t finish watch so don’t know if they cover it yet...but these guys have to review the hallway stair well one take fight scene from the daredevil series.

  • One thing about the Harley Quinn thing that I liked...they didn't do the Jason Bourne thing that every Hollywood action scene does, where the shakey cam cuts 3 times during every punch. You get to decide what you look at. Problem with wide shots fighting is that while the action isn't crammed down your throat, it also don't accentuate anything. Maybe that's why y'all just felt like it lacked "oomph."

  • Okay I'll be the asshole that says it Eric said the gun holds 9 rounds in the clip. It's called a magazine not a clip!

  • Just react to the Live action of rurouni Kenshin,(samurai x) all fight scenes and sword fight are awesome. it's a anime turn into live action film.

  • Would love to see your opinion on reign of fire, some really great and really bad CG in that one

  • react to the fighting scenes from 13 Assassins (2010 Japan) and Shadow(2018 China)

  • Really? “Wigging”? What offended snowflake came up with that term while taking jobs away from stunt people of the “wrong” gender?

  • Tony Jaa

  • Stunt react on batman trilogy

  • I allways knew hitgirl was a little asian man

  • React to live-action fan made Dragon Ball

  • 2 months after this was released and watching it for the first time, at 11:29 “this gun holds 9 rounds in the clip and 1 in the chamber” that is wrong. That is an M9 Beretta with a 15 round magazine (NOT clip, if you want a clip, look at the M1 Garand)

  • i want to get a high speed camera and make a rail rig whith an super fast morot carrage system and just try to get the rail rig to be as fast as the bullet and do the bullet travel shot for real

  • I just discovered your channel. New subscriber here and still going through your videos :) Have you guys done a review on the live action Rurouni Kenshin movies yet? I'd love to know your guys' take on their fight scenes. Thank you :)

  • Have you guys seen the raid?

  • What beat is that at 9:42?

  • GIBBEH!!

  • Look at the film ong bak.

  • Ip man

  • Jackie Chan's pole jump in police story. I've been suggesting it over and over but it's so epic. Also invite Jackie Chan on.

  • When I see the guy in yellow with the glasses, one thought comes to mind. The great collapse is coming and I must stop Joseph Seed

  • The rooftop fight in Who Am I. I think it is underrated, as in my opinion, it is one of the best Jackie Chan fight scenes ever.

  • BANGKOK KNOCKOUT!!! The cage fight! The dirt bike scene! The 10 on 10 ariel clash.

  • Hi! If you want to react to foreign movies I must recommend The Secret In Their Eyes, one of the best argentintian movies (if not the best). It has a wonderful one shot chase sequence during a football match that blew my mind when I watched it.

  • Why you cant do stunt double??

  • Wigging; the fact you can’t want to make the best fight scene because you have to use a certain type of person is so stupid.

  • Please get Heidi Moneymaker on the show! (yes thats her real name) She has doubled Scarlett Johansson's Black widow for over a decade - ever since Iron man 2 I believe

  • Loving the bromance.

  • Im late to the show but Ong Bak is a great one

  • Have they done the matrix chateau fight ..... because that’s pretty mint

  • Suggestion for foreign movie scenes , the fight on poles with fire in iron monkey

  • The raid; redemption. Every fight scene

  • it doesn't really help that those swords look like they were purchased from Halloween City

  • the parkour scenes from D13 the French film they made an American version called Brick Mansions

  • The raid 2 vs 1 fight.

  • Killer foreign film. I saw the devil.

  • Ugh. The combat in birds of prey was absolutely atrocious

  • Is there a list of which videos review which movies?

  • Look at these guys, oh we're gonna judge a movie fight by a real fight. Movie fights don't need to look super authentic because movies aren't made for you 3, they're made for us, the audience who doesn't care if it's a super perfect authentic fight looking scene. Oh i would've done this, and then i would've done this. ok then.

  • Stuntman reactions to Rurouni Kenshin please(: the live action(:

  • The cocaine scene of birds of prey is actually a pretty good fight scene

  • Good content but bad faux energy from the odd dude in the middle. It doesn't agree with me

  • React Dangal hollywood

  • Okay that subscribe pitch got me. ONWARDS TO 100 MILLION!

  • Step 1) criticize unnecessary 360 during sword fight scene. Step 2) Fully ignore the guy’s own unnecessary 360 at 12:30

  • So many ads on these videos why , I wonder how much advertising revenue each one of these makes corridor???

  • Please look at G Savior.

  • I straight up disagree about birds of prey, I thought it was a fun fight scene even if it wasn’t accurate, it’s fun and goofy which is what it’s supposed to be

    • GiRayne thats fair actually

    • I didn't think it was terrible, but I don't think it was that good, either. Especially when that film has the police station sequence with Harley, which is pretty darn good. That major scene at the end just had too many moving parts, a perhaps overly ambitious staging, and the actors involved weren't quite up to the challenge. Huntress had a few good moments, though. Still really liked the film, so it didn't spoil it.

  • Just watch all my videos and support me

  • Why can't a man stunt double for a woman anymore? Why does it matter? I'm guessing it's something stupid.

  • 11:31 you call the magazine a “clip”. All your credibility is now gone.

  • Birds of prey... Well yeahhhhh...because they're women.

  • The protector- with tony jaa

  • I’d like to see you guys review the fight between Joe Aslam and Iko Uwais in the film The night comes for us. Two brilliant martial artists and the fight at the end of the film is awesome

  • Relatos salvajes (oscar winning argentinian movie)

  • GIBBY!!!!

  • Second time watching this... noticing it for the first time but, NO ONE MENTIONED THE RANDO ROBOT IN THE BACKGROUND!! (During the sward fight)