Millennials Try Developing Their own Film for the First Time

Publicēšanas datums 16 aug 2020
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'Member celluloid film? Clint and Nick 'member. And now they have to rescue their mems before a single mistake condemns those gems to a vat full of chems. Them's the breaks.
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  • You're developing PUSHED colour film as your first? Braver than me my guy

  • this brings me back to high school photography class i loved working in the dark room and developing film. next up boys try large format film working with a large format camera is really fun. and technically i am a millennial but probably one of the last years to use film.

  • Film photos gives me second hand nostalgia of an old 60s to 80s movie set in the middle of the desert for a western film.

  • when the content you're watching is so good but u could only add 1 like.

  • Does anyone know what the music at 2:00 is cause it sounds very familiar and it’s annoying me lol

  • You folks are one step ahead. I have a few rolls of unprocessed film of various types around, including one that's still loaded into a camera. And plenty of old negatives which I'd like to scan with best possible quality. And endless piles of paper images for many of which there are no negatives. Not easy to find the right kind of kit or companies to help, in particular not the older 8mm / super 8 films so of which are historic documents.

  • 10:50 goodtimeswithscar fans!

  • When katakana is written vertically the ー between ド and デ should also be vertical. It elongates the vowel sound in “doe”. It isn’t actually a character itself. So it is written in the direction you read the script.

  • For safety you should do it in dark room ie. Red bulb or red gel u can see results during color film without damaging film itself once passed 1st chemical process

  • You know if u had a red light room, u can do it with little visibility and also have it better since you could use a dipping pan for it and others while seeking it and having no problems

  • This episode really got me emotional in many ways. Thank you for the best content on LVcd right now! From a 10 years long fan

  • sweaty hands ? ever heard of gloves ?

  • nick almost ripping the sing apart was the best part

  • Aww man this has really made me miss doing film photography, not done it since college.

  • They did surgery on a camera

  • Go to a small room and turn off the lights so you don't need to operate in a bag.

  • I loved how beautiful and heartwarming vids like are; I could tell you were holding back the tears man.

  • How do you go from the negatives to an actual print?

  • how would you know if you forgot a memory? its forgotten, you forgot you had it, lol, but hell yeah to niko shreding that muzac bowl

  • Need a full version of Niko's handpan or hand drum performance


  • build a dark room with a light tight rotating door.

  • dark room much

  • i am just curious what was that chill guitar song at the end

  • The irony is that shooting on film is the most millenial thing ever

  • take a shot every time they say memory

  • Film > Digital

  • wow, very cool !

  • Crazy to see a Tesla on film 😄 love it

  • why did they use film cameras?

  • Mission has been completed boys. We can go home again.

  • Sorry... man-bun with those sunglasses....cannot watch...any....more...

  • 10:50 superfast build mode from goodtimeswithscar

  • I'm kind of amazed that black & white photography wasn't a requirement in college. It was a requirement for my degree and I'm a web developer - and I'm a millennial

  • What the actual fuck! I paused the video to google on Niko and Nick cuz they look so damn alike. Ended up on Niko's insta and saw a video of him playing hangdrum (super nice btw). Went back and started video again "Do you hear that sound, that chill drumsound". Mind blown

  • When I wached this I cride

  • Where at in Nevada?

  • I love this channel

  • make a video from film

  • thats why ypu use a dark red room

  • whoa i didnt expect that this video is a crossover ones! hey matpat from film theory! *minutes 9:15

  • 12:29 confidence 1000

  • Is it only me.... or they are time by time putting inception soundtrack in background.

  • I'm like .... So sure nicko smokes weed

  • Omg, you guys go to Samy's! 😮

  • When he unscrewed it without thinking I actually pissed myself laughing. Proper cracked me up. Clint is the dogs bollocks. I loved how he was smiling as he was unscrewing it, blatantly thinking “I did it, I’m a genius” and then “OH SHIT ! What am I doing!?” 😂😂😂😂 So funny I’m still crying

  • you can dump monobath out of the side of the canister. the rinse film inside canister

  • just use a dark room and a safe light

  • This has resparked my love for film photography

  • So r they both deaf? And what type of hearing aids are they wearing?

  • I've shot, developed and printed silver based photography for more than 30 years. The first time you pull a film out of the tank and see the image on the film, there as if by magic is a special thing.

  • More of corridor analog videos.

  • K but Nick? Literally the cutest. I love his face

  • Taking me back to high school photography. I always enjoyed being in the darkroom, something about the low red light and slightly warm and humid air always felt so calming. Maybe it was the chemical fumes. Or maybe it was the memories.

  • I get that they are trying to make a video here, but why would they not make some kind of dark room? I mean, they spent the first few minutes of the video talking about how precious their memories are, and then they make this video where they look like two bumbling idiots. I mean, I have to assume some of it is done for effect; that they are playing parodies of themselves. However, if I were developing film for the first time and there were real stakes you had better believe I"d be doing this we a roll of throw-away photos I don't care about first. This I had to stop watching part-way through because this made me so anxious.

  • Im thinking of getting a film camera myself but I'm not super knowledgeable in the ways of film cameras, does any kind soul know what's a good film camera to get?

  • Corridor Analog

  • Aw man. I remember having to develop pictures in high school. So much fun. The red room was my 2nd home 🥺

  • You should do a reaction video of your wives/girlfriends watching these LVcd videos, including this one for Valentine's Day.

  • Photos that look old make me feel sad

  • And now I’m smiling

  • Use a bottle opener instead of pliers to open the film canister. It allows you to pull the film directly out and more easily load it into the reel. I can't once remember having to cut the film, but then again it's been over twenty years. Great job though learning a new process.

  • Did you guys enlarge any prints or just scan the negatives? 🤔

  • I was so stupid for my first three rolls of film. I was mixing from powders, and I inhaled some bleach dust (whoops!). And I did C-41 color. Maintaining the perfect temperature within 0.25 degrees is not easy! But the result is so fun!

  • Idk why but memories sound a bit Harry Potter

  • I wonder how they are transferred to paper/print....

  • im an ametuer photographer and would love to shoot pictures and learn from you both one day

  • Also if you pressed the release, you could have wound it back into the canister.

  • I love that they are doing this in Los Angeles.... Where I send my film from the East coast to be developed. There are like at least 5 places that do that there.

  • This was oddly emotional

  • im learning this at school :3

  • So overly dramatic about the whole process haha. Developing both B/W and color film at home is super easy.

  • What headphones are those i always see clint using in many of the videos. I believe they are bone conduction headphones. Can you tell use what brands do u guys use. As i have seen many corridor digital guys using the same type of headphones.

  • this is awesome. just finished my first roll of film and i cant wait to see how the pictures turn out when i get them developed!

  • Thanks for teaching me about Monobath- I teach B&W darkroom photo to junior high kids and will give that a try! BTW, the head of the film is called the leader, and I got a laugh out f you both loading your film onto the reels...I teach my students to do this is under a minute. kids really struggle to open their canisters too and a good old fashioned bottle opener is the best!!!😍👍📷

  • Why does Nick look like a short person in the thumbnail....

    • Because Clint is looking at up the film to see the light going through it, and Nick is slouched down a bit, to see the film too. Also, the camera is a little high up, and facing down a bit.

  • I wouldn't have fed the chemicals straight through the sous vide circulator like that. I would have put the chemicals in a container and then partially submerged that container into a water bath at the right temp. Would have taken longer to bring them up to the right temp but it wouldn't have put toxic chemicals through your circulator.

  • What camera and lenses do these guys have?

  • Kids nowadays.

  • thanks to this video i now know why digital cameras are superior

  • This is like corridor digital breaking bad

  • I saw this video and immediately watched a bunch of other videos on film photography. I borrowed my dad's old camera and just got the scans back today for my first two rolls of memories 👌👌👌 Really wanna try developing it on my own soon!

  • What's the beautiful music at the end of the video?

  • What was that drum niko had

  • Please do more analogue photography videos

  • I took photography class and we had to learn how to do this and it was insanely stressful in that bag!

  • This just reminds me of doing this in art college just a few years ago and I loved shooting film and still shoot film, i agree with Nick i was always scared if i missed up a step when putting my film in that roll. Also after you swish the chemicals around in the tank with your film you should have waited to take the light blocker lid out with no light hitting your film and you should have taken the film row out by the sink first!

  • 16:48 wren :(

  • The Perfect Camera Rig (2020)

  • What was niko playing on

  • "we saved every memory from Cyan mountain!"

  • Why not create a dark room seems insane to try to do this in a bag blindly

  • Should have eaten avocado toast just to troll boomer memes lol 😂

  • This reminded me of my friend and I trying to bake for the first time at the age of 6 for the girls we liked in school. This was early 2000s so we did not have phones and we used a lot of books and manuals which we did not even understand!

  • i still don't know how it goes from that tape to a paper with actual colors...Little tip: Would love to see a part 2 for it this i sort of know the process(already seen someone on a dark room doing this with UV light if i'm not mistaken..)

  • Maybe you should have worn gloves while handling colourd chemicals

  • Loved watching this. Had flashbacks to photography school, lol (minus having the extra steps they cut out by using the monobath).

  • Just fyi "sous-vide " is the technique and means "under vacuum". The device you bought is just a circulator.

  • this brought me back to my photography classes in high school, dang

  • Just hearing Clint say memories and not pictures made me tear up a bit. You don’t know how long I didn’t cry until I heard memories, which made me realize that compared to everything in the universe, we’re just a speck.