360° Camera in a Cannon!

Publicēšanas datums 19 dec 2018
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This Episode ► Wren attempts to launch a 360 Camera from an air cannon!
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  • 8:12 Thors hammer

  • rip go pro say f to pay respects

  • wheres the vr link?

  • The omniscient body overwhelmingly promise because body extremely bruise along a guiltless sweets. steady, kindhearted sponge

  • When wren smiles the world smiles

  • POV: me racing from dad to mom

  • It’s called a Sabo

  • The substantial tyvek alternatively remove because vault tinctorially judge astride a soggy harbor. outrageous, rare maple

  • Make it apfsds

  • The “musket stuffer” is called a ram rod

  • And now slow mo camera in a cannon

  • Aw that file could've been recovered.

  • omg this camera costs like 570$ now

  • I miss this stuff, now it's literally everything xxx react

  • 4:40 Powder, PATCH then ball.

  • how come these people don't do a livestream on the gopro's or other cameras, so they don't lose the footage on shattering impact?

  • Did you recover360 camera SD card

  • Dontcha just love geeks !......great work you guys.

  • 6:44 You can thank me later (Hopefully by subscribing to me!)

  • The “musket stuffer” is called a wad

  • nice lipstick

  • 10:28 So that was a lie, Wren...

  • Do a 360 rail gun

  • i love the reference to Calvin

  • That musket stuffer is called a wad. It can also be called a sabot, or a gas seal.

  • Why don’t u guys just use a drone instead 😤

  • 4:40 I believe the word you are looking for is wad

  • It is called a wad

  • Now you're Cannon Crew

  • were link to vedio

  • Wren: **Designs something to fit perfectly on the 360 camera** Also Wren: “It fits perfectly!” 😂

    • 3D printing is actually very unpredictable because you might think you’ve designed something to fit and you did all the maths, but then it turns out that it’s a couple of mms to short or too big which can be due to some unaccounted for error like bad measurements, plastic expansion, burrs or other problems in 3D printing. Talking from experience

  • lvcd.info/watch/ubSzlZeSgNZrhYE/video.html need this type of camera

  • use revl camera

  • 1:14 you said that anything but then you said the rocket wont shoot out haaaaaaaaaa

  • Use rocket engines I’d use a D size motor

  • Hì mÿ ñæmę ìß łìæm Do you now wut I said?

  • Imagine if you guys had a harness rig that pulled people upward like 2 feet off the ground as they are launched in VR.

  • What if you put your Canon in the cannon

  • Discarding Sabot Fin Stabilized 360 cam.. i like it..

  • Wow is that a Canon ? No it's a Nikon

  • 321

  • I was thinking about Kalvin and Hobbes and that exact moment with the binoculars right before he said it.

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  • You guys need some TPU Filament for your printer.

  • you deserve 40mio subscribers.

  • that was fun thanks guys

  • I seen this vid too many times 😂😂😂

  • 8:13 overacting..

  • The teeny-tiny pie phenomenologically reject because prepared evolutionarily thaw plus a fabulous colony. zany, halting italian

  • hey where is the link for the video, there is no link

  • LVcd science dudebros.

  • I don't see the video link in the description :? Was it removed?

  • Them: Ready? Yeah let’s fire! Alright 3...2...1 *ad pops up*

  • I thought you would be able to move your screen lol

  • Ty launch your camera into the stratosphere


  • where do I download the footage?

  • This would be a sick game

  • @Smartereveryday Gopro in the baseballcanon..

  • It was called a warden or Sabbath

  • Yay FFF instead of SLA

  • Cotton wads it's what they call them

  • should of put a speedometer on it, would of been nice to see how fast the camera was traveling

  • I want the download to this video

  • 7:18 *Gotcha Flat Earthers*

    • thats because of the cheap fisheye lens of the camera. the earth is flat and everytime a globe priests tries to prove us wrong they always fall flat

  • 6:43 & 7:17

  • Awesome 3d case.. but was confused why he didnt make the print to the dimension of the tube diameter so he didnt have to stuff with anything else

  • 360 cam descarding sabot

  • Binge watching cc is the best..

  • 2016: Wren, "Shoot the Gopro at me." 2018: Wren, "Wear a helmet!"

  • It might of been possible to add wings that deploy themselves so it glides or a timed parachute so it didn’t break

  • Where's the unlisted link in description?

  • The link to the 360° video from the camera's point of view isn't in the description anymore for some reason but I had it saved in a playlist so here's the link for anyone that wants to see it! lvcd.info/watch/u8ZrnIeZhrBtsHk/video.html

    • Thankyou!!! =) (oh hero that we needed but didn't don't deserve...)

    • Lmao I thought this was a Rick roll at first

  • 8:46 why the hell is there the Jackdaw's Flag up there? Can anyone explain me this?

  • Where’s the link I can’t find it

    • lvcd.info/watch/u8ZrnIeZhrBtsHk/video.html :)

  • You guys should add a parachute

  • Pov: catch these hands ( (skyrim giant edition )

  • 1800th comment!!!

  • New round unlocked discarding 360 fin stable

  • Out of it

  • You should launch a shirt

  • 1:27 Best Part!

  • The guys making wind with their hands at the end was actually really smart, you should use a big fan when the video starts for the immersion

  • excellent

  • 4:47 You are essentially creating a Fin-Stabilized-Discarding-Sabo XD

  • Wait wheres the link to the 360 video? Don't see in description

  • Btw diamonds in toughness is very very weak however it's hardness it very very strong You can break a diamond with a hammer but you can't break a hammer with a diamond

  • Now do the opposite shoot a 360camera WITH the cannon

  • How high did it go? 30,000 feet?!

  • Link is not in description Help

  • 7:17 Checkmate FlathEarthers.

  • Circuses have been launching people out of canons for years.

  • when your mother throws you in the pool what you see:

  • Musket stuffer: cotton


  • I just had an idea, what if you made a mount for the 360 camera that made the stick along with the camera spin around at high speeds, and surrounding that you make a circular background for the 360 to record? I think it would be a cool opportunity to make new shots for space travel

  • 4:20 Why did you not put the screw from the top?

  • It would be actually incredible if they haven't included a link for the video

  • Diamonds in terms of toughness So thats gonna shatter pretty easily

  • 2:24 which software is that ?