EP#1 | VSauce3 Host Jake Roper

Publicēšanas datums 3 dec 2018
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Wren and Jake sit down with Jake Roper, host and producer of LVcd's VSauce3 Channel (3.5M Subs) and co-founder of the Curiosity Box (popular science box subscription). We talk about science & movies, beme, google, and beating cancer.
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  • I thought jake had a slow form of cancer I never knew that he had such aggressive cancer. I'm glad he is okay and I hope he is cancer-free for the rest of his life.

  • i had both legos and Knex...

  • Oh men this was powerful.

  • That was a Good episode.

  • Jake 2 years ago: when I started making videos I thought they had to be short, I couldn't be engaging or interesting enough to make a 10 minute video. Jake in 2020: posts an 18 hour video

  • I love Jake Roper

  • I didn’t have Knex money... I built my own computer at 11

  • Chapie made me cry

  • Jake is the youngest put Wren looks 14 and reminds me of Reese from Malcolm in the Middle.

  • 37:45 "Don't want to spoil it" It's a mandelbrot, it's a mathematical thing, you cannot spoil math xD

  • Wren, when I first got Audible. 49:33 I got it using the Corridor Crew discount. And some of the first books I listened to was your recommendations. Also I didn't get audible the first time I heard your sponsor segment. It took hearing two or three of you talk about how much you love it and use it to convince me to fit it into my life style and I LOVE IT. So thanks for sharing your culture and lifestyles with us!

  • so since i know absolutely nothing about jake roper, i didn't realize that that joke in the beginning about him turning 20 during the time of this podcast was a joke. So when Jake said that he had known Casey Neistat for 9 years I was understandably thrown for quite the loop.

  • No one thats gonna point out that Jake thought blade runner was blade?

  • Came here for 6 mins. Stayed for the entire thing. Well done, team.

  • My father had cancer in 2016. He didn't survive. True story. *It's been pretty depressing.*

  • Dat like ratio tho

  • I subscribed to the Curiosity Box while listening to this podcast.

  • NoScript on Mozzila fire fox = no ads

  • I want a Digital Box Plz

  • Dudes, Jake talking about his last video is Heartbreaking to hear. I couldn't imagine writing and planning something INCASE I died. Jesus, it's a beautiful and heartbreaking thing all in one.

  • Jake roper... (r)ape joker

  • "I'm not an artist but I'd like to try" brilliant!

  • towards the end got super rough. oof cancer 😬 It's wonderful he made it through

  • The biggest difference between TV ads and online ads is that it is personalized advertisement. TV is just like if they shout their brand name in a crowd and expect a few customers, as YT ads are targeted to you because of your interests and all. The ROI on web ads is much higher than TV. But at this point we have all become numb to ads, unless it really is good

  • Good conversation. Bravo guys! I wish you much views and revenue on your channel.

  • I dig it, y'all! I just stumbled across your channel, and I'm liking it.

  • I know you guys are close friends and you guys have probably talked about these topics a million times but it's the first time that most of the viewers/listeners hear about it. Especially with the cancer topic, such a heavy subject and I'm so disheartened to know that jake was diagnosed with it.. But you guys were like "cancer sucks right .... So what's your ideal video like".. I love the channel and the videos but I don't think jake and wren are good podcast hosts

  • Still can't agree with how LVcd has made the LVcd premium membership solely for the fact that they have gutted out old features that were part of the platform and are selling it back. Case in point, that background audio. You used to be able to do that on the phone app but nope, cut that out and repackaged it under LVcd Music's selling point.

  • I really enjoyed this and really hope this channel will kick off

  • 16 minutes out of an hour for advertising on US TV.. wtf its like half that in the UK

  • Maybe some softer audio? I can’t describe it but there is a way to make audio less sharp and harsh on the ears that a lot of podcasts use

  • Jake and I have the EXACT same thing with the computer building thing. AMD CPU, I was 11...

  • LEGO of course. I like KNex roller coasters only though. Not crazy about how it looks though. Knex has made physics sets. I don’t watch anything on LVcd that’s behind a pay wall. I’m glad Jake took his stand. A lot of what is behind the pay wall isn’t worth the money.

  • 53:30 Yes so much yes. Advertisers spend far to little money on internet add's. They are more effective to me than TV adds where I will just change the channel. Adds on TV is like 1:20 price scale, maybe 1:50 or more in some extreme cases...its stupid. I heard say Fear Factory the show made CNBC? W/e 600 million dollars....Joe roegan must be gutted.

  • hi daddy jake

  • Love the podcast, I know its the first episode, but Im decided to binge the rest. Nice going! Perfect first guest too.

  • i got in contact with my councillor b/c of this video, thanks Jake. you described my situation so perfectly with your description of depression, that it made me question myself.

  • Wow, I wouldn't guesed that all those members of the American Society of Cinematographers listened to this podcast. I personally liked the dim look. If you could fix the noise great if not also great because is a damn podcast not a feature film. Really interesting to know Jake's story all that he went trough. Wish him the best.

  • 1:02:11 The way Wren looks at Jake is amazing. :D "Oh you silly boy..."

  • That one frame at 1:00:20 made me question reality

  • I think if you guys added timestamps of subjects to the description (or a pinned comment at the top) instead of making clips it’d save you time and you’d probably gain more subscribers who are trying to avoid the spam from clips being uploaded.

  • Jeez jake roper is such an asshole, picks on wren all the time

  • I find the repeated advertising does still bring in some results. A bit like with what Wren said, if I see something frequently enough and here about its pros, if I ever need a service like that I'm going to use it for that.

  • would love to see a v sauce corridor collaboration

  • hey, Jake! I built my first computer when I was 12. It's crazy that you built your first one when you were 11! Love the content on Vsauce and Corridor! Keep going strong!

  • I don't know what I would do if Jake passed.

  • Stop motion is amazing! I would highly suggest checking out Lee Hardcastle's claymations, as well as 'One Leg Canyon' by Nariomaru - these two channels were the ones that got me interested in animation in the first place, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did :)

  • Been passing up the Vsauce youtube original series because i thought it was one of those free first episodes. Didnt want to get hooked on a series that was locked behind a paywall

  • This was a great podcast. I like you guys a lot. Way more interesting and intelligent than the h3 podcast

  • Jake roper was a Colorado boi!?! Awesome!!!

  • I love this, good job!

  • what content creators need is a format where the price you're paid per action diminishes over time while the flat rate you're paid for space increases... in the current paradigm content creators may be getting screwed, you put your video in front of a similar audience every time, of course your performance will decrease with more saturation, and then the affiliate manager can say your campaign didn't meet expectations, pay you less, and lower their cost per action at the expense (heh) of your revenue - all while the lifetime user value is probably pretty steady considering every content creator on youtube is pimping one of three or four products, poor baby content creators :(

    • it was way longer when I tried to type it like I did a school once

    • Not going to lie with this comment, the verbose is real.

  • Itunes podcasts soon?

    • Corridor Cast awesome, thanks so much!

    • iTunes has a minimum week long approval process, so hopefully by the end of the week!

  • Not going to lie, that cancer story kinda hit me hard.

  • Wow o wow this was my first podcast...wow so sO good

  • Love you guys, but this looks like you shot it on my Canon T3 with no extra lighting. Focus seems soft too.

  • Great first episode guys! Really interesting and deep conversations about a good varity of great topics. The cancer part towards the end was really heavy for me personally (dad had cancer) but i liked that you didnt end the episode on that. Really enjoyed the format and im looking forward to more fantastic storys from your guests but also from the corridor crew!

  • "What?! what?! Corridor Cast!!!"

  • I love this already. Just started listening to this. Love that there is an audio only version too in case I wanted to listen on the go!

  • Guys, I can't find it in my Overcast. Could be because I'm using Chinese Apple ID. Please check if you have any regional restrictions, as I'd love to be a frequent listener!

  • Great interview.

  • If he ever gets his leg cut off cybernetics are becoming extremely advanced in few years he would probably love having a cyber leg.

  • Wren : Aren't nurses great? (Jenna

  • My favorite topic is also what makes you...you. I’ve daydreamed in class countless times thinking about whether I would think of act the same if I didn’t have my human body, or if you could put a child into a lifelike simulation from birth until maturity and if they would still think they had free will in a pre recorded world. Damn these are some random thoughts

  • Fantastic. Watched lots of Vsauce back in the day, but moved to an unreliable internet local. Thankfully, that's no longer the case, and after this, Vauce is definitely going back into the rotation! Thanks Jake & Corridor Crew! This was great while Blender'ing tonight!

  • I think something interesting to consider could be including reference images for certain topics. When Jake mentioned that the tracking dots were tattooed onto his leg, it felt like an interesting time for a reference photo (with his permission of course). It would be pretty well fit for the nature of some of these conversation topics.

  • The only thing I could ask is if it could be longer. I like long podcasts because I use them to replace music. however everything I have seen so far I love.

  • This is really something i never knew i needed.

  • Epic

  • some recommendations, don't do any cuts and do live from twitch, much better of an audience there

  • I know some people that work at laika I can probably make that tour happen for Jake. I live about 20 mins from there as well.

  • Hey Everyone! Thanks for being so on board with the new endeavor! Here are the audio only links we have so far: We're on iTunes, Google Podcast, Podcast Addict, PocketCast, & Overcast Spotify ► bit.ly/corridor_cast_on_spotify RSS ► corridorcast.libsyn.com/

    • ​@Tom Morgan it's a process with Apple, but we're on iTunes now.

    • @JDM_CRUZE its up now

    • Can't believe you guys launched without Apple podcasts available. Can't wait until it arrives though!

    • No iTunes ??

  • Finally a podcast i can listen to while working. *Hell yeah*

  • I absolutely loved this video and the insight behind what it takes to make a business function on LVcd, and some of the heavier topics around how life was with cancer.

  • Jake needs to chill out, looks very up tight

  • I like the dim lighting, it makes your podcast different. Definitely gives a "film" feel, which is well-suited for a film crew podcast!

  • Only flaw of this podcast: when I tell my Google Home to play it, it finds some other podcast with same name.

  • I can't find the podcast on the doggcatcher app.

  • Love this guy's! I really look forward to everyone and everything you guys are going to get up to on here!

  • Can you not upload like 20 videos at the same time? My sub box is tearing me apart!

  • Oh right speaking of Tom Scott (the youtuber), why don't ya get him on?

  • maybe...could be a excited frame of the table with some toys, production gear or merch of corridor no? ....to get a visual rest

  • The whole Beme CNN thing was a disaster. Glad thebtop guys got a golden ticket to fail though. It’s amazing to me the desire to win an academy award is the end goal and how far they failed to even movrnthenrocket to the platform, never mind ignite the boosters. Work Hard Casey...work hard...what a hack.

  • I see that a lot of people are disturbed by the lighting and quality, but personally I think it works and honestly I never actively "watch" podcasts... I mean... who does? The visuals are less important than the audio here and you did a good job making that sound great. Keep it up :)

  • Already 4 episodes? you guys know how to treat a fella.

  • Please put this on SoundCloud

  • Love it. This is going to quickly become my favourite podcast.

  • Why upload clips -.- is money going through your heads?? you're becoming like h3podcast.. jjust upload the full, we dont need clips.. its obvious you guys are innit for the money, doesnt care about your fans. and put steve on.


  • I'd love to listen to these episodes on my Podcasts app, not on LVcd or Spotify. Will it be available on iTunes or similar sites?

  • This was an awesome episode. Even more so given that it's the first iteration. Aside from that, thank you Jake. I've never seen your videos, but you are a truly fascinating individual, as well as being incredibly inspiring. Thanks again

  • What is the RSS feed? I can’t seem to find it.

  • The image is a bit noisy.

  • Some one should find a link to that fan edit

  • This is amazing. I don’t know how you guys are gonna top this, but good goddamn.

  • I fell asleep while listening to this, not because it was boring but b/c I was sick and lying down. Regardless, what I did hear was great, and I gave you some watch time so I guess it worked out. Can't wait to listen to more!

  • Is there a download for the podcast anywhere?

  • 1:01:21 "The funny thing about radiation therapy..."

  • Yess!!! Finally, a great podcast!

  • I don't think the topics should feel forced just let conversation happen about daily life