Clint's Life Lessons from a Near Death Experience

Publicēšanas datums 24 jan 2019
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Clint tells a harrowing tale of a near death experience on set, how he dealt with it, and what he's learned.
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  • No bueno

  • Sam felt the tension and heat in the conversation 😨

  • omfg

  • Guys you need to ride save come on :/

  • That's a tragic story. Thank god there was a good resolution despite everything that happened. Your friend is tough!!!

  • He still mad from losing the paper airplane contest.

  • From what I’ve heard he was trying to breathe but he was trying to swallow his tongue

  • OMG NOT a NDE or near death experience. sheesh.

  • 8:38 aftermath

  • That's sad

  • Incredible story about how one incident can change your life.

  • kodak is too fly

  • So who was the truck driver?

  • This is a really wonderful podcast. Wow!

  • wow clint is a fuckbag

  • Sounds like my sister friend idk his last name so I'll say his firt name its dalton I'm pretty sure it was also a motorcycle accident too jes ok but forgot a lot

  • Truck driver fucked up but responsibility falls on the UPM / director for coordinating the shoot. This should be a wake up call for gorilla filmmakers - which is pretty much how the corridor guys came up. If you don’t have a permit, expert supervision and choreography, police detail, professional stunt performers, signed agreements, etc. then you’re putting yourself and your cast & crew in danger, whether you feel it or not. They didn’t even have cell phone service at the location. The guy’s lucky to be alive and Clint’s lucky the guy and his family didn’t sue him for all he’s worth.

  • I was in a very similar situation this past year. I was brought to tears by this story and especially what Sam said. You guys are great youtubers, but more importantly great people. Thank you for all the content.

  • Sam's resting bitch face

  • i felt the emotion from clint. im glad the story turned out for the better

  • Damn the guy who crashed is a beast, thrown to the bottom from such heights but still having the courage to rise up. Mad Respect.🙏

  • Dude that's insane! Im happy that the rider came out ok though

  • Boy do I have a story about my life

  • You ruined that man's life

  • Volume, so low.. sooo low.

  • Audio was really quiet for me, Anyone else?

    • Thomas Gosling it’s a podcast, it’s really clean and no background noise

  • Wait, *his* harrowing near dead experience? Don't think so

    • @JimRice 18 Nope

    • @maxcoseti "harrowing near fatal expirience" i guess he could have worded it differently, but it still makes sense since he was there to expirience it

    • @JimRice 18 I know it's easy to miss since it's hidden an entire 3 seconds into the video (0:03)

    • When did it say "his" harrowing death expirience?

  • An amazing story. Thanks for sharing Clint.

  • When he said "It wasn't your fault". This gave me shivers all over. Ugh! Stay safe everyone and thanks for the great topic!

  • There’s one dislike on this video..

  • Liking this video feels kinda weird. But I appreciate you being this open and honest about this horrible experience. I also liked this so I can show this to my friends one day and hopefully it has the same impact as it had on me

  • Safety is important guys, always remember that.

  • You can hear how affected Clint still is about this in the way he is breathing and just talking about it. He's not rushing to finish the story, he's not reading from a script in his mind, it's raw emotion. Clint, hopefully you've forgiven yourself even though it wasn't your fault. Life is too short and precious to blame yourself for stuff that isn't your fault, brother. Thanks for inspiring for years, son.

  • Clint

  • Fucking heavy

  • Wow.

  • Clint is a genuine guy. What a crazy experience.

  • I thought cliff did heroin, thanks for the confirmation.

  • I'm so glad that person is doing better. Also, Clint is strong af. But what Sam said about taking little things for granted is going to stay with me for a while. That was so poignant. We should be more careful, and grateful, about a lot of things in life. Thanks guys, for this.

  • Damn

  • Thank you for sharing your story with us. Many of us watching are filmmakers and we NEED to put saftey above our artistic vision above all else. Thanks for the reminder. Be safe out there folks.

  • Has Sam lost a tooth?

    • Critters What? At what time mark

  • this podcast is amazing

  • I love how Jake introduces the topic.

  • Mega oof

  • When Clint said he felt guilty, I actually felt my stomach sink.

  • It's sad to see that Clint is still struggling with this experience. Glad to see that it all ended happily though!

    • @Bojan RONDRAS it could've been much much worse. I think he is just happy there wasn't a funeral at the end of the story

    • It didnt end happily thats why he still feels guilty about it. You heard it, the guy that got injured was top of his class and was going places.. now, not so much.

  • So why did the truck driver slammed on the brakes??

    • Clint might be exaggerating the slamming part. He said it took around 6 seconds from the braking to the impact time. Even Sam asked if they stopped completely when the brake was "slammed", but Clint said they were still moving when the biker crashed into them.

    • @Julien Schein You definitely missed it

    • @Billy Hansen Well, I didn't hear that but maybe/probably I missed it. Allthought I really don't get why you would slam on the brakes knowing that A) there someone riding the bed of your truck, probably holding a camera with both hands and B) there is a motorcycle following you potentially close. huhooooo! Thanks for the reply Billy!

    • He said later in the video that it was because he thought he needed to pull over after the shot, even though it wasn't discussed.

  • Don't know how to feel about this story, glad the guy is doing better.

  • Cant you mount a stalblizer to a drone.

    • Alan Braaa i dont really remember how good drones were three years so idk if that could happen or not

    • mount the drone to a stabilizer

    • Im not that good at camera work there is probably a lot of flaws in my idea

    • XxSparksxX it was also like three years ago too so maybe he wasn’t comfortable with flying a drone or having a camera on it idk

    • Yeah, but you can't get closeup shots with a drone.

  • Clint is so wholesome, I love it! ~♥

  • Dress for the crash, not the ride.

    • @Ryan Gallagher That being said, the helmet probably saved his life. It's scary to think what would have happened had he not worn one.

    • He was wearing a helmet. He hit an immobile vehicle. No matter what you wear while riding, you can't be totally prepared for something like that.

  • Clint is a god

  • You’re guys videos have been inspiring me to work harder for the things I want in life love the vids

  • Oh no no :(

  • nice

  • Clint is an animal. I love you guys!!! My dream is to work with you one day