Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"

Publicēšanas datums 16 okt 2020
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INSTAGRAM: hangovergang
TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Logan Fulton
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan


  • I know it's a good message, but this dudes music is trash

  • hits hard. damn. big ups to tom macdonald.


  • If this doesn’t make you angry and want to cry at the same time then you are not awake yet. 👍🏻👍🏻✌🏼❤️


  • I am so grateful to shaqnolife for turning me on to you. My mom doesn’t listen to rap but this song made her cry. She is a two time survivor. Thank you so much for this song. You have a gift of truth that no one wants to speak on. I love everything that you drop

  • Another good one Tom

  • This means a lot to me I lost my best friend to cancer 2 months ago

  • Smile people😊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

  • Gimme dat cancer I'll gladly take someone's cancer you just take my dope sickness XD

  • Today we heard of another high profile victim of cancer with the death of Robert Redford's son:

  • My grandma passed away of cancer

  • I love this because my great grandma... she is diagnosed with, with stage 4 lung cancer and she is 80 something this really meant a lot! My aunt is diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.

  • If l haven't told you enough you and your music are amazing...this video made me cry so hard...please keep up with the awesome least when l listen to your music l can actually hear the message in it...keep up the good work...l love you and your music...God bless you and your beautiful wife...

  • Wow man, this song had me tearing up and really hit home.

  • I'm doing a reach out for support and/or prayers for my best friend, he is currently dying from cancer, and I am trying to help the family raise the money needed for burial cost. His condition has gotten worse today, and they are moving him into Hospice on Friday, the cancer is causing multiple organ failure and only machines are keeping him alive at the moment. If you cannot or do not want to donate, that's cool, just a prayer for his family and for him would work. Money raised will be used for casket, plot and headstone, around $3500 is needed.

  • Sheite tommy me bhoy! Come down to irish cisco tx some day! Id love to give you a hand shake and a hug of love

  • Wow! GREAT!!!

  • Who The Fck gives a thumbs down to this. Keep it up man people need music like this

  • This song is very real my dad passed away from lung cancer thank you tom

  • Thought it would be a diss to his haters but I got something more!

  • S.o from 🇺🇸💀💯🤘🖤🤘 This shit hit home 💪💯

  • 😡 I hate this damn disease!!!!!!

  • Amazing video Tom. I have lost people to cancer and this video brought tears to my eyes. Your music is amazing please keep doing what you do.

  • Who ever disliked this is going to hell

  • My mom is 10 years uterine cancer free and my uncle i battling stage 3 pancreatic cancer and its bad and i 100% agree with everything he is saying in this video

  • If you thumbs down this song you have NO SOUL. SMH

  • Song hits home rn

  • You and your girlfriend are angels 💕

  • This hit me HARD! Can’t stop crying! My mom!

  • As someone working in the vape industry it is the sad truth.... pharmaceuticals are the issue not cancer...

  • Tom realist in the game .relevant deep songs very current thanks for ur hard work keep it rolling.

  • i like your music .... this one is yer best

  • Tom tryin hard to make me cry

  • Cancer appropriation should be a thing. The kid had a bald cap, full eye lashes and healthy face muscles. My mother went through cemo 3 times. You do not look like this. Yes the song should be uplifting. But I feel like this is a cash grab on a heavy issue. Show the horror, show the sorrow. DONT DRAMATISE CANCER. It’s not this beautiful. You cant hug your loved one because they have that much radiation in their system you can get sick too. Don’t make me angry. I will fight you on this issue. I’ve been though this.

  • To much respect for you 👌💯

  • The song really hits home as my dad died from lung cancer the day after you release this video

  • Serious talent

  • Tom, Nova BRAVO.........

  • This song is so beautiful & moving. Let's fight all types of cancer including childhood cancer!

  • I love everyone of your songs . I think my fav is whiteboy . I love how you speak the truth regardless. Keep up the great job love ya

  • Tom thank you for all the music you put out. Its seriously amazing, never change and never let them silence you

  • Absolutely beautiful.. To everyone that has fought this fight prayers sent your way.. Thank the good Lord I don't have this HORRIBLE thing called cancer.. It does hit home for me because I got home after being on life support and having to have my shin drilled into the bone for an IV to stop me from having seizures.. Have no veins left for them to give emergency medication.. I was awake then go into another one then start screaming from the drill.. Been fighting since the age 5 but I'm exhausted. Thank God I have two boy's that give me the drive to keep going.. I'm sorry I don't mean to take away from cancer and all the beautiful lives destroyed due to it, it just hit home for me and I broke down because I don't wanna have to fight anymore and hearing those words your a survivor just hits home because I shouldn't be here according to my recent visit to ICU.. I LOVE ALL YOU STRONG PEOPLE AFFECTED BY FUCKING CANCER! Tom MacDonald and beautiful Nova you guys are amazing, beautiful souls and thank you so much for the strength and very powerful and inspiring music.. Y'all have helped me in more ways than one.. From what I've been thru with seizures to PTSD.. I LOVE YOU BOTH! ALL THE LOVE TO YOU BOTH 😇❤🙏😢

  • Whats with tom with his horrible ass choruses good song still but the chorus

  • 😥

  • I am a survivor one of my childhood friends got sick a couple of years before me she wasn't as lucky if I could have traded places with her I would have she was a better person than I will ever be love you always and forever Leah

  • Its called the Rife Machine.

  • This is such a perfect song for me at this moment my step father since 97 has cancer and drs gave him months to live as of appointment 2 days ago its taking a toll on his body and he's getting too weak to fight it i just wish a pray he makes its to Christmas! Thank you Tom this most definitely will help with my situation better. Love your music. Godspeed

  • This really hits hard. My mom never smoked or did drugs and was diagnosed with stage 4 Metastatic brain/lung cancer in 2017. She fought and won and just a week ago we found it moved to her lower spine so it’s time to fight again

  • Hell yes Tom thank you for this amazing work of art!! You released this with perfect timing, my mother is fighting cancer right now she was just diagnosed earlier this year with stage 4, she is now in the hospital today because she can't even walk on her own. Thanks again man this helped my mother tons! Keep up the great work!

  • Bravo ! 💕💯🔥

  • Fuck man this hits hard in my heart My mom has cancer that isn’t curable so this hits me pretty hard but still love the song ❤️😭

  • You’re the man bro. I’m not a rap fan, you’re my favorite musician. You’re the truth! Keep going bro. When you have tons of money give most of it away, start over again. Don’t lose the struggle for it’s what is so beautiful and strong. Enjoy it for a while. But not too long. Thanks for the honesty my friend✌️

  • My Brother is 54 he found out he has Liver Cancer, When you said the Radiation will kill us, that's what he's going through. Love ur Lyrics & Song 🙏

  • My great grandma has terminal cancer & is now in hospital only had a few days. We’re already planning a funeral and my hearts broken 😞🖤

  • Thank you bro this song hits home I have two relatives going through cancer both I'm very close to

  • All I can say is I don't know how there are negative comments on this .i was 31 years old when I was diagnosed with cancer. I noticed something was wrong with me When I was overseas in Afghanistan And I couldn't quite breathe very well. Even tho I made it home safe the problem was still there. So when i got it looked at I was told I had masses all over my lungs, lymph nodes and was moving to my heart. If they didn't find it when they did i would be dead. I went through 12 months of chemo and radiation. I have been cancer free for 3 years now and still service in the United States Marine Corps. I was told from the Doctors that there is a 50% chance my cancer will come back and I told her to bring it on because Marines never stop fighting. Cancer isn't a easy thing to deal with and I pray for everyone that is fighting it and know if you stay strong you will make it. God bless you all and Semper Fidelis.

  • Read some interesting articles about cancer, it seems to be curable if found early enough. Lots of people have been cured by eating organic, lots of vitamin c. I think we've been sold a lie about cyanide too, lots of benefits to it and only kills the bad cells apparently. I'm no doctor, I just looked into it after my mum died of cancer 7 years ago. Remember that most illness in any regard comes from what we put into our body. Peace.

  • think about it we spend money on rocket science and have gone to space many many time yet all of the research for cancer and yet nothing.

  • Yo this hit the heart good song

  • Its cuts deep😭😭😭

  • my grandfather died from cancer in 2017 and i thank you for this song it really opended my eyes on thing so thank keep doing what your doing your the best music artist i listen to

  • This song has me laughing 😂

  • Dude I felt this song like realy felt it I had a cancer scare about 3 yrs ago and I thank god it was binine and wasn't cancerous but if it was it would have been my fault considering i was a tobacco dipper and since that day i haven't bought a can of snuff

  • Anyone who disliked this video or didn't get emotional has no heart. This man speaks truth in every song. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Tom never fails to release great music! Naturally talented.

  • Found this song as I'm getting my treatment for breast cancer💙💜💙

  • Tom, my husband reached out to you now I am. We have a five your old son whom is loosing his battle to terminal brain cancer (DIPG) this song is amazing.... your music has made our son Raylan smile he loves your music..... it has also made our family closer MANY of your songs have hit home in many ways!!!! He will never stop fighting for him nor will he loose his battle to cancer. Cancer will never win.... God bless❤️

  • 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • I gave you shit when you were doing diss videos and I gave you slack when it looked like you were virtue signalling but I'm man enough to acknowledge when you struck a chord in me with this music video. Kudos Tom, touching video and truly in awe. Mad respect for you.

  • I keep sharing your stuff and nobody seems to get it like me. Keep strong Tom you’re a badass!

  • Whoa.....deep but so very needed, thank you Tom McDonald for understanding 💗

  • Straight 💯.. you and your wife are amazing and wonderful people and the voice people need to listen to. Love ya stuff... Keep them coming. SKÅL

  • Wow

  • and the pain for years. And now, it's in remission, and I have two sons ages 13 and 2.

  • My sister died in 13' from cervical cancer. Left 2 young kids behind😔

  • respect fucking massive respect! We all know these hypocrisy's going on and behind it all is greed. This track is to the bone man love it! Hope it provides comfort to those suffering and hopefully a better understanding of the truth.

  • Great message and video Tom! I have lost many loved ones to Cancer. I know where I am going when I die not only because my Bible tells me so but because the Lord has shown me He is alive and His Word is for our freedom and survival. God bless Tom! God loves each and every one of us so much that He provided everything we need to live the lives He gave us, to answer each question we have and a promising future of what we have to look forward to when our bodies fall asleep. His word, tells us that all we have to do is put our full and complete trust in Him and He will provide. Putting our complete trust in Him, is to know that no matter what happens bad or good it is for His will. We may not understand it or think that He doesn't answer our prayers but His will does not work for our time but His. He tells us that being absent in the body is to be present with the Lord.

    • My dad died from cancer in 2012 I definitely needed this thanks Tom 💪💪💪 #HOG

  • So many people need this🥰 Thank you

  • My mom died of cancer when I was 27 days old. Her mom, father, step father and my step mothers father died of it and various other people I knew had it. We all know at least 1 person that is effected by cancer and it is such a sad and difficult thing to watch or go through. I wish nobody had to go through it. For those who have i hope your heart can heal and you can be strong.

  • ❤️❤️

  • Rest In Peace mom I miss you so much I love you mom so much ♥️ #fuckcancer .

  • Also the gov does have cures for all different kinds of illnesses. Cancer. HIV. And more. The reason why they haven’t made any public is because there is no profit in cures. The money is in the repeated treatments that patients have to endure. Greed is what’s stopping these cures from seeing the light of day. It’s sad but true.

  • First I wanna start with saying I am a big fan of yours. HangoverGang4Life. Earlier this year (April 23rd, 1 day before her grand daughter’s birthday) I lost my favorite aunt to cancer. It’s a death that I’m still struggling to cope with. And I know people will poke fun but no fucks given. This song actually had me crying. Kept reminding me of my aunt. But at the same time, I see this song as being very helpful to cancer patients. I can see how it gives them hope and strength to keep fighting. This is why I’m such a big fan of yours. You’re not afraid to tackle sensitive topics that most others won’t touch on. But you do it so articulately and complete fairness. I cried because of my aunt. Despite it, I love this song. Keep up the great work. It’s only a matter of time before you’re at the Grammys. They can only ignore greatness for so long before they are forced to acknowledge it. Keep doing what you do and you will be there sooner than later. HangoverGang4Life

  • Songs with this kind of beats and voice always has deep and true lyrics.

  • As someone who battled and beat cancer this is exactly how I felt the whole time I was going through chemo

  • Found out this morning that my uncle passed away from cancer. So so sad to see him gone. Thank you for this song

  • Thank you so much my grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 months ago and it’s been hard for me and my family this song raised my hope we need more people like you in this world

  • I love your music

  • Its so good it gave me chills and it hits right in the feelings share the hell out if this. My grandfather who was my best friend and someone I could talk to passed from cancer its been years since he's been with us and still to this day I tear up when I think of him

  • Thank youbruh this song hurt like hell I lost my dad last year to cancer still having a rough go of it 😞

  • Great song....but is anyone else wondering what is up with the doctor's painted on eyebrows? LOL

  • My dad died from cancer in 2012 I definitely needed this thanks Tom 💪💪💪 #HOG

  • How could anyone dislike this? Smh. My aunt died of cancer 3 years ago. She fought as hard as she could, I still miss her everyday. Thank you, Tom! I hope this song gives strength to those suffering, and I pray your illness to be taken away 🙏

  • I watched the whole thing and didn’t cry probably cause I’m to numb to feel any emotion unless I’m with my girlfriend

  • Dude you the Man..... Thank you 👍

  • This has me in tears man. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do.

  • My father died in 2014 from lung cancer and i took care of him before he passed on to his enternal resting place. Cancer is a nasty demon

  • Thought this new drop would be an "if I was black" remix with another controversial black artist that would rap about if he was white... The nation needs to come together. Politicians wont do it, they just make shit worse. Still a dope ass song dude, love your music!