We Remade TRON in One Day

Publicēšanas datums 6 okt 2020
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Inspired by the recent "VFX Artists React to TRON," Niko and Peter set out to recreate the Light Cycle Scene from the original TRON film. Using modern tools, and old workflows, can they faithfully reproduce one of the earliest and grandest examples of CGi ever made?
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  • ❤ by cordor crew

  • I think of this project as a modern tribute to ancient accomplishments. You'd get the same effect from a team of Caterpillar-wielding builders producing a replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

  • Oh, man!!! Great recreation!!! Love TRON! I''m 45 now, and watched it "vintage" in '82... also I'm from Tabasco, México, so, all the best wishes to you all guys from the land of the Olmecs & Mayans!!!

  • If I download blender, would you guys give me the sequence file? 😁

  • Nice work. You have now set yourselves up to recreate the light cycles from Tron Legacy ^^. On a slightly different note if you like light cycles go search for a free game called Armagetron Advanced :)

  • woah what the heck was that at 14:40 .

  • what i see is the old version that the motor cycle is a little more visible but in the new version it wasn't at 12:14 . wait i just saw something i think they animated the grid or the floor as well to make it look faster? or you guys just didn't animate it fast enough like the original? woah what the heck was that 14:40

  • Go Blender!

  • I finished my first ever 14 minute Tron inspired movie last year, and created pretty much everything, including all the music myself as part of a promo.. Search the web for ' The Intrancersonic-Design Source '. It's an awesome new creative website that you simply need to investigate as a digital music producer or CGI artist. And yes, I created it... :-) It's on my youtube channel as well under the THE INTRANCER in addition to the website I've created.

  • The original looked better. However if you got ahold of the exact numbers they typed in to the computer you could more closely copy the original. Really really close.

  • casual Glock 23 2:00

  • Awesome job. Love that movie, it’s amazing how computers have made something so intensive Inyo something more easily managed.

  • The updated graphics version in the end was really cool!

  • There were no 3D Graphics rendering tools back then as we have today... I attended a lecture once hosted by someone that worked on the film... They had to hand code the X,Y,Z camera movements in then go do something for 24 hours waiting for the rendered results on film before they knew if they "worked".... Kids Today... PFffffft. Back in the day, it was ground breaking work... NOTHING moved like the objects in TRON... NOTHING... it was a amazing to watch it for the first time.

  • The grid... Wasn't moving... Am I imagining that?

  • Wish I knew the new guy's name who is sat with you on this vid, but he's a great additiona to the team and his videos are awesome!

    • Just heard he's called Peter, but his glitched redo video was super entertaining.

  • I like original one😅✌️❤️

  • The reverse parallax of the fast moving floor was hardest part to achieve and you didn't do it that was the obvious part, the original still pulled that off amazingly. And also it was possible to tell the difference between the two shoots because in the scene when the bikes split they are much closer together in the original and in the remake they are farther apart and you tried to sneak that in when you "redid it" with special effects in what was supposed to be the original footage for the last part.

  • I think a more interesting video would be for you to recreate the scene with the same limitations the original creators had. Maybe the same hardware and software, etc. I think you would learn a lot and gain a greater respect and appreciation of what they did.

  • I’m thankful for y’all cats. Trim changed my life. Thank you for this. 👊🏽💯♥️ End of line.

  • Sorry ahead of time. Remember that I wrote that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This fails a trained eye test in a myriad of ways. ..trail highlight lengths wrong, corner turn trails (geo) are animated wrong, bike coloring wrong, geometrical shading types and geo group shading; both wrong(obvious on the bikes), a few distance travels wrong, various camera angles wrong, chromatic aberration is missing, other things too.. consider that list free. ;) .. It is odd how "ok" the crash wall moment was done->as if that was camera mapped to some degree. ---- But I get it, you have fun making youtube viewers drool which is a rush. ..but dang guys, less ego-puffer'ing with less self Freudian id satiation and more solid work. thx.

  • VERY COOL. Loved the end part where you upped the render for modern highlights, DoF, etc. Looked exponentially better. Great job

  • I use blender

  • It took me years to learn Cinema 4d and a few days to learn Blender. I so wish we had youtube back when 4d cane out. Love Tron!

  • The fact that blender is free is incredible. And it's progressed so far in such a short time. Personally the reason I've been getting into 3d modeling as there's much less of a price barrier and a great community behind it as well

  • Pretty cool Blender renders. I have to say, however, that I think the team from the original Tron got screwed since they were excluded from the Oscars for visual effects because the use of computers was viewed as cheating. They should get a retroactive Oscar!

  • Weird to me how different "boolean" is in the context of cgi vs. programming. In programming a boolean input is basically a true/false condition, or more simply 1 and 0 respectively

    • They are, essentially, the same. You have referenced the Boolean variable type but this is Boolean algebra/Boolean Logic.

  • Beginning: Don't fuck with my childhood. End: DAMN! Ok, you good.

  • Bravo gentlemen!

  • Watching these dudes animating 3D objects, while I use 2D masks, expansion, fethering and key framing to make a trashy Lightsaber duel. (My fourth try) Feel free to bully me.

  • If you guys had done it right, maybe there wouldn't be cracks in the wall phasing in and out where the bike hit it. It just doesn't seem like you really tried very hard.

  • Too many blah blah . I prefer the original version.

  • The original is still better cuz you can see the grid lines zipping by more quickly.

  • I challenge the Crew to remake, or get really close to, the music video from The Pharcyde called “Drop”. P.S. The Beastie Boys have a cameo.

  • I like that bit at the end of the film, where that guy shakes his fist at Tron and says “Ooohh, I’ll get you Tron, just you wait and see if I don’t...” Classic film

  • WOOOOOW! DO the whole movie BUT the bikes look like toys with the plastic texture you gave it, keep it looking Toon-ish

  • redo the entire movie ! update !!!

  • The 1st redone render did not have the motion of speed or movement,. Look at the grid movement and focus on that, it shows. This shows up in the 1st 2 seconds and again later on. It was good for only 24 hrs of work tho. The 2nd re do did improve a lot and was a excellent image! Amazing job on that. I remember taking 3D studio make in the early to mid 90s. That woke me up on the tedious work but also how much in PC software and Hardware knowledge you needed to know. These days..that basic info is childs play to almost everyone! Crazy on how things have progressed.

  • Wow, VERY impressive guys! You proved technology is actually more advanced 40 years later. Well done!

  • "G"if not Jiff.....

  • 1982 vs 2020 versions... no disrespect .... the 1982 version still wins. The enhanced version at the end is quite beautiful though.

  • now to make Tron: Legacy the legacy one has actually good graphics

  • Yes!

  • It will be nice to "modernize" the VFX of Robocop 1987 :-)

  • Hey guys this is my favourite movie, in fact this movie pushed me to learn programming... It is so cool way you did it really nice... and you know what I'm actually recreating this on PS4 using Dreams... and seeing your video you just gave me ideas how to improve my models you guys are amazing keep going!

  • My jaw dropped when I saw the difference modern render engines made at 14:03

  • Me coming here thinking i would see a Tron bike real life:

  • Pfft, you're not doing primitive and booleans right if you aren't using Bryce :P

  • Here's a challenge for you... re-do the same scenes with the same technology they did in the 70's. You're not smiling any more, are you?

  • Lies. You COPIED Tron in one day. You didn't have to design, just copy. Glossy, CGI designed to mimic reality in videos sucks. It looks plastic, my eyes slide off the image, I lose the story. I don't care. VFX artists no longer serve the story, they think they are the story. Star Wars sucks, Marvel sucks, Disney sucks, CGI sucks. "It was worse than Cats, I'll see it never and never again" paraphrase. CGI works in games, when story is secondary, or tertiary, or better still, irrelevant.

  • I have a two-part challenge: Part One: See if you can recreate the scene using the original technology. I expect you would struggle, which would take care of Part Two of the challenge which is try to act less smug.

  • The last bit you did was cool

  • As someone who watched Tron in theatres back in the 80's, and hundreds of times on VHS thereafter, I would like to say, "job well done".

  • You're very talented guys, but the title is slightly exaggerated...

  • As an old dude who loved Tron despite it being objectively not a great movie (I was in 4th grade, sue me), I have to say that it was not dunk, except to say that you accomplished in a day something that probably looked like what they were on the way to accomplishing in god knows how many months. Given another day or two, I am certain it would have been much closer to a true replica, no doubt about it. Even with the much more modern effects added, parts of it just aren't as visually satisfying as the original.

  • I would absolutely go see a modern rendered version of the original in the theater if you were to make it, get the license approval, and have it was released. That looked sweet.

  • Someone actually took the time to recreate the movie using Planet Coaster: lvcd.info/watch/vst_nXqTp9xnmo0/video.html

  • Holy crap that guy looks like Scott Grimes.

  • Flat Earthers use Blender for rendering their models.

  • TRON is still my all time favorite move. I was 16 when it came out in the theater. It was one of the few special moments I had with my dad growing up.

  • Knew it was your remake from the start of the sequence. But then I DID just finish re-watching Tron just a couple of days ago.

  • I really thought it was going to look as good as the thumbnail clearly I was wrong.

  • Download Blender 1.0 and redo should give you a better experience of the VFX team.

  • you and your friends are so cool

  • Corridor Crew in 3030: We Remade Avengers Infinity war in 2 hours

  • Loved this! Super close to the original. As an 80s kid, who was obsessed with Tron (had all the toys) and rented the VHS so many times that the local rental store felt bad for my mom and just gave us a copy, combined with my weird photographic memory, I can tell you there are 3 discrepancies that jumped out at me that told me I wasn't watching the original. The first was mentioned, the rectangle crashing through the floor. The second was at 11:24 where the "white shape" in the wheel is seen. I have no idea how to quantify it, but somehow, it's "off". It might be the size, or the angle of the geometry is different, or maybe it's just how the light reflects off it, not sure, but I can see it. Third, at 11:34 the overall "shape" of the lightcycles is "off"; probably camera angle (I think you might be too far behind), but the objects are "too skinny", if that makes sense. The original lightcycles in that shot were visually more substantive. Other than that it's spot on. Congrats!

  • There's this videoclip that did a similar thing in 2007 ! Although it likely took them more than a day 😅 lvcd.info/watch/29pqpJSUpM93i3U/video.html&ab_channel=fakestudiomtl

  • One thing that irked me is that speed did not seem consistent

  • Teach him to make donut

  • Awesome recreation!!! Amazing how fast you were able to crack it!

  • and more blender, fantastic guys. fantastic!

  • Why is all your staff white


  • Now upgrade Tron!

  • Love your work, men, keep it going!

  • I am a giant Tron fan and not only you managed to copy the Original realy good ( The few glitches visible are ok ), i totaly LOVE the updated Version with the nice Glow effects ect. I would love to see a Tron Remastered with all shots updated like this.

  • The only mistake I could see in your take was that the grid lines didn't look like they were moving much. In the original, you could see the grid lines whipping by underneath. That's something that could be taken care of in one pass. I didn't really like the "updated" version. Too shiny, too busy. The lightcycle race in Tron Legacy suffers for this same reason: way too busy and complicated. The simplicity of the original means you can follow it, you know what's going on at all times, and it feels like an honest-to-God GAME. Overall, I think Steven Lisberger and Harrison Ellenshaw would approve of your one-day pass.

  • The audio and video edits to match the video-bombing from the construction noises in the background is just so great 😂. Props to whoever did the editing for this vid, your sense of humor is class af.

  • ...that was actually kinda terrifyingly accurate

  • When the power saw in the background first started I thought someone was just sound bombing your presentation by playing the sound of the light cycle in the movie REALLY LOUD! lol

  • I was so lost as to whether or not I was watching the original. You did this perfectly.

  • I think that the original version has a way better feeling of speed and continuity than the newer one and that's really awesome for the time it was made

  • Tron was a GWBASIC command 'Trace On', so await the non-pig related sequel 'Troff'.

  • Ayyyyyooooo when did Peter come back?

  • Another difference between these guys and the VFX workers from 1982: The original guys probably were aware of combs, razors, decent clothing and (I'm guessing here) baths.

  • yes i was waiting for this day to come x )

  • Haha fake thumbnail go brrr

  • Honestly with enough money thrown at something, with today's technology you could not only remaster old shots like this one but even much more modern cgi and 3d renders. It's just a matter of how much you want to spend.

  • Sorry i cant wait for all the talk, thx LVcd for the 2× speed

  • you should have used eevee instead of cycles

  • 15 minutes of "Tron" was done using CGI. The rest was done using traditional animation.

  • Corridor Crew, I would love to see you guys get a contract with Disney to upgrade the film content and make the CGI COMPLETELY like that. The last example looked amazing, and Tron was very dark considering how much primitive CGI they did on a Cray XMP.

  • you can use rtx voice to remove the background noise I think it would be very useful in cases like those

  • the movie one looked like the bikes were movng faster. the floor and the lines on the things coming out the back of the bikes give your eyes something to focus on so as they move super fast it gives the impression of more speed. looks amazing what you did in a day. amazing what great technology in the hands of great people can do

  • I remember what it was like in 1982 to feel like I was looking into the future via “Tron’s” CGI. That future came so gradually and took so long to become a ‘virtual reality’ I almost didn’t recognize it. Hopefully attempting to learn Blender myself now won’t take as long to build a world or two of my own. Thanks for giving me hope guys, hope things quiet down for you soon.

  • JJ Abrams mode activated

  • wish you could redo the whole movie, to both show the technology leap in 40 years but to emphasize the hard work of the original crew

  • The grid: the thing no lightcycle follow in 2020 (sorry guys, good recreation but you completely missed the concept there)

  • Solar Sailer please.

  • There is a video of the making of TRON that shows how the parts of the lightcycles flew apart and back together going around a curve when the parts didn't have the right curve radii. That sort of thing. And it took a large room full of Silicon Graphics workstations an hour to generate each frame for the film.