We Remade TRON in One Day

Publicēšanas datums 6 okt 2020
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Inspired by the recent "VFX Artists React to TRON," Niko and Peter set out to recreate the Light Cycle Scene from the original TRON film. Using modern tools, and old workflows, can they faithfully reproduce one of the earliest and grandest examples of CGi ever made?
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  • The only thing that was off was the floor cause thier different speeds than the original.

  • Is this blend file available anywhere?

  • You should make a new segment called 1 day remake where you recreate old cgi movies.

  • Remake scenes from toy story!

  • These guys can't change a tire. God help us.

  • Bet u corridor won’t pin this comment

  • Hey guys. I hope one of you reads this comment as I have a suggestion for your next film to "remake". Have you thought about remaking the space CG scenes from 2001 A Space Odyssey? I watched the film for the first time in ages and even though it's amazing what they achieved back in the day, I just find that some of the space scenes dare I say, haven't aged well at all due to the scientific inaccuracies with things like the lighting/exposure. We need the Corridor magic on this one. We need textures, bump mapping, etc. Maybe chuck some RCS thrusters in there (and a SpaceX logo or two :D ) Cheers everyone and thanks.

  • 14:03 Light cycles in... Cycles. Juicy :)

  • Why do i feel like there will be 20.... Jokes heres one lol 2078:i dont even know xd

  • i like how they changed nothing

  • I thought the original had a better sense of debth and speed. Nice try for a day

  • Check out the run made in Uganda

  • 14:23 that moment the "remastered" version's asthetically """""better"""""" than the 2010 movie.

  • Nice work💜👍

  • What I'd love to is somebody takin this AI that remasters everything into 4k, and take "Wing Commander" Cinematics, remake gameplay visuals and release it as a movie. Also: Tron, Who Framed The Roger Rabbit?, The Forbidden Planet, 2001 Space Oddysey.....these were, in their own way groundbreaking in terms of SFX.

  • Am I the only one who saw barely any difference at all?

  • All I’m seeing is ctrl+c ctrl+v

  • When I first learned Blender, I was still trying to find out how to orbit!

  • Wren u inspired me to get a Onewheel

  • I always hope for a cool videogame based on tron .............

  • the floor was what gave it away for me. it moves weirdly in some shots

  • 2030 so guys... Why dont we make a remake of 2012 but everything that happened is real

  • 14:03 - THAT is bad-ass.

  • But still no one told me, how to get rid of the cube ;)

  • 6:26 that pc did not handle Blender

  • Learn to code and I'm sure that you'd make Cyberpunk 2077 run as advertised in one day, lol

  • I can remake that in 3 hours

  • Respect for the respect haha

  • You ever seen Star Trek?

  • Pretty amazing to see the original shot with reflections, bloom, and volumetrics with rays. Can't imagine what the creators could do today considering what we can.

  • Well, ok if you think that looked "better" LOL.

  • Excellent!

  • Misleading title. Still cool tho

  • Yes. Monke is a primitive

  • Conspiracy theory: Wren is a time-traveling Hal Sparks

  • So, technically this is awesome. The original showed a story that this one is missing. Yours was a series of shots that kind of showed the events leading up to the crash. The original put tension into the right angle turn and the tightening of the allowed space then the victory/horror of the crash. All that is missing and it is all there in the original with just the angle of camera and timing of scene changes. Excellent job otherwise.

  • sory but ur version looks slow an a lil clunky, cool tho :) (edit: 14:04 looks really good 👍)

  • 5:22 "...and the we have to render it....with a F*%&^$#)%UCKING HAMMER!!!!!"

  • Tron R-rated?

  • You guys need the power of ian hubert, and cgmatter

  • 14:09 14:40 You've missed a spot

  • Nice, but the original looks so much better side by side.

  • This is excellent! The only thing that bugged me was at 11:33 you had a 'wagon wheel' effect from bad synching of the tile size/framerate, which kills the sense of speed.

  • the fact that the background music stops every time there was hammering made me laugh so much

  • I have created RC-planes in Blender, also using the boolean modifiers in Blender 2,79B, carve and the other mode.. :) and they have been 3D-printed... Blender is just soooo goood... :)

  • It looks better than ciberpunk 2077

  • This is basically disney´s movies remakes, make the same thing with minor differences

    • Yeah the last part that’s what I was thinking it just looks like a slightly polygon all version of the soft-remake/sequel

  • Please react Harry Potter

  • In the updated rendering the light behind the cycles are too bright. You can barely see the cycles at all. In the original it was just slightly bright. Otherwise great rework. Amazing that it can be done in 1 day. Shows how far technology has come in 40 years.

  • simply amazing! The last scene run-through with the updated effects was so cool

  • Anyone gonna talk about the sound in the back

  • Claim: “We remade Tron in one day!” Intro:”We remade one scene from Tron in one day!” Actual: “...we remade just the animated scenes...from one scene of Tron...in one day!”

  • can you react to every vfx in African movies an maybe recreate one

  • I didn't know that Peter has a tattoo

  • No because they had to come up with the idea

  • Mason was right, there is a gun on his desk when he says "the stakes aren't even high enough"

  • peter is right that blender's the best

  • Wait isn't there a 2010 version of TRON?

  • Hey! Can you recreate the suits from the original using today's tech? How close can you get it?

  • Incredible job guys. Really impressive.

  • Silent keyboards > Clacking keyboards

  • use lightbike 2 to help you with models good mobile game.

  • We Remade ONE SCENE OF TRON in One Day There.... i fixed for you.

  • It's good even though it's missing a lil bit to match better (like static scenes or a missing steer) but it looks and feels like the original in 95% and that's good

  • Wow, that was awesome.

  • Do more of these. A lot of us are brand new to CG and VFX. Looking at this if a pro can make this alone in 1 day a beginner can probably do something in a month or 2. Really great time reference. Also I love how you broke down the bike that really makes this a lot more understandable

  • 9:04 - **baby voice** He's learning swo good. He's doing swo good 😂 lol

  • You guys actually made it cheesier than it already was. Some old films are better off left ALONE.

  • That was cool!!!! I wish you'd get blender guru input on this cuz he's amazing w blender.learned a lot tbh great work tbh

  • I like the scene recreation with the lighting etc. updated!

  • I will say I could tell that it was yours cause your shots were a but wider & seemed to be in the air more as well as I could see the lines in the light more & your light must have been in a different place cause it was dark sometimes when the original wasn't & vice versa but I'm just really not picking it was a fantastic recreation especially loved the new spin you put on it really cool

  • this video was legendary, cool that you managed to modernize it

  • the modern one looked awesome

  • I wish they could update "the Last Star Fighter"

  • Tron the original is one of the best movies of all time & your work on this was very good I enjoyed the video & seeing the new art work changes made it even more special

  • The interesting thing is where you lost the speed in places, suddenly your bikes look like they're standing still. Also, that's not what Boolean means.

  • Peter: two balls Me:🤣

  • Could you guys also take a look at Tron: Uprising? I think it'd be pretty cool to compare the aesthetics and art styles of the 2010 movie and the 2012 show. :D

  • Yooo is Tron but in RTX!

  • And how-bout the TRON legacy? lul

  • It's the same there's no difference

  • Please do Tron 3 with Jared Leto!

  • Awesome.

  • Need to do Bladerunner and Bladerunner 2049 ! ! Please...

  • Loved it. Saw the original in the theaters. It’s been a mini-obsession since childhood which partially inspired my early career in Post Production. You guys did a great job!

  • corridor crew in 2050: we made every scifi movie in 1 day!?(actually not all of it)

  • Futurama showed lights cycles with (extreme) tilt

  • There's just something about the early graphics that speaks more to the nature of that software environment.

  • Yall are legends. Goddamn, what a cool video. Also, still one of my favorite films and I didn't even exist yet. haha

  • The shiny version at the end is exactly how I wish the sequel looked.

  • That's a pretty accurate recreation but the MODERNIZED look is fucking AWESOME!!!

  • Omg, its actually Bad & good CGI

  • The new renders lack a sense of kinetics. Especially the shot of the three blue bikes in parallel. They look like they are being dragged across the plane instead of propelling themselves through friction.

  • Awesome!

  • So they recreated a movie from 38 years ago and the cycles look slower?

  • Am I the only one who loves the fact that the beat stops for the knocking?

  • Find the 20th Anniversary edition, it has a second disc with interviews with the magi crew and details of their process, etc.

  • Corridor on 2022 be like: we made a whole new real universe

  • Awesomeness

  • Was expecting updated version of this scene like with 2021 graphics