Popbob's FINAL Secret on 2b2t

Publicēšanas datums 28 nov 2020
A 6 month journey comes to an end as we uncover one of the last secrets of the server's most notorious griefer.
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IronException (Render)
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Hyrule Warriors - Age of Calamity (Meditative Training, Lost Woods)
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  • I can see it now: *2b2t the movie*

  • I remember there was this fake popbob except the o was 0 and he was saying he was gonna hack me and what not then the REAL ONE came and killed him XD

  • i heard popbob is still out there TO THIS DAY!

  • PopBob: returns Everyone: we're in the endgame now

  • Wait how did popbob triangulate a player's position from the thunder audio?

  • popbob = The Closest Player To Herobrine

  • PopBob ist hacker I met her like 10 times and he destroys my house 10 time

  • Plot twist: alex is actually popbob

  • Popbob is the villan of old story one day he Will come back like madara in naruto

  • this reminds me of the story behind the oak island treasure

  • Fun fact popbob is a girl

  • oh, im so sorry for your base 🥺😕

  • maybe alex is popbob?

  • This has One piece gold Roger written off.

  • This was the saddest anime back story ever :(

  • Who else got griefed by popbob? I did...

  • FitMC : Popbot you son of a b!sh Me : My goodness

  • *GASP* fit sed son of you know or i will get in trouble

  • “He triangulated my position based on lightning strikes.” We’re just gonna ignore this?


  • How is it June 1st of 2020 Today's date is 15th January

  • 5:44 noone gonna talk about his flint and steel name?

  • 2b2t server can make for an amazing anime stories


  • lol imagine if this guy is popbob and "Alex"

  • Just imagine if pop on randomly logged on and destroyed everything

  • wow

  • That story was like: He broke my toy when I was little and I will never forgive him and get revenge for that

  • Wow, that someone gets the name Alex or Steve without a number or _ or X or something just Alex or Steve is probably the Rarest name

  • Pop bob has made some legit impossible traps

  • It’s not about greifing, it’s about sending a message -joker

  • The best backstory in minecraft

  • Any one else watch bruhify along with fit

  • Popbob is french !

  • alex being the one to place the eye to activate the end portal noise is lowkey some anime plot-twist type shit

  • monitization go brrrrrr

  • Archeologist FitMc

  • Popbob is a woman bro why are you calling her a man lmfao

  • So funny knowing the real guy only played for a couple months in total

  • MMm fit you found my base mate

  • A friend and I were playing on this shitty 2b2t clone when Jared2013 and Fit joined. I was hesitant to believe it was actually them but I went to spawn and saw them. Jared eventually started shit with us but it was actually funny, anyway I eventually left the server and my friend still played. If I recall correctly I was joking around about popbob before I left and while I was gone my friend sent me a screenshot that showed that a player named popbob had joined then left as soon as he joined. Not sure if it was actually him or if it was maybe somehow using a hack client to log into his account but pretty cool anyway

  • Popbob killed dream

  • popb....popcorn

  • Fit is Popbob ;P

  • 9:35 I swear that sounds so fking dope

  • He changed his skin and seems to be trans ? XD

  • I like how my dude opens an ender chest and is like woah look at these items that totally aren’t mine

  • popbob is a real legend in 2b2t dude

  • Ngl this looks kinda staged

  • I know that block, see you soon

  • Imagine eating eight year old bread

  • I doubt it’s his last

  • Imagine just selling PopBob bread as an actual product.

  • You're story just make it personal.

  • this is my personal opinion but to hide as big of a secret as 2 end portals popbob was pretty smart probably the smartest player to date until dream came along

  • I can easily become the most notorious griever

  • Hey Fit I've heard that Popbob is a trans women so it would probably be best to refer to her as she now

    • this video was a month ago he probably doesn’t care

  • I demand "The Ballad Of PopBob" to be made in a series of albums dedicated to powerful players of the early days on 2b2t. Or at least a tribute to them. I think Warriors from imagine dragons might fit idk.

  • 9:35 best quote ever

  • Aha, popbob is a girl who joined from 4chan

  • Sir you have earned my respect! Im liking your videos and subscribing now!

  • Someone tell the the 2b2t nether update ip

  • Is a troller

  • Pobbob

  • Weird how something can just sit there for that long

  • Ever heard the legend of popbob I thought so a story only Fitmc would tell you

  • Sooo what happened to Popbob? also I have considered going to this server

  • I think PopBob is a she

  • trust me popbob has WAAAAAAY more secrets hidden

  • Inf alex is pobbob

  • Watsup man you talk like dis guy is dead or something

  • i feel like i watched this 2 times

  • 2020: Water Cube and End portal spawn 2021: Popbob comes back 2022: There is another admin 2023: The 16th incursion 2024: SOMEBODY DEVELOPED A HACK WHERE YOU BECOME AN ADMIN 2025: Rip 2b2t

  • pOpbOb'S mEloN fArM

  • every flashback ever: 3:38

  • This server has a whole story like srsly

  • fit barely swears in his vids yet plays on 2b2t which has the most questionable chat of all time

  • Alex found the portal XD wow Alex have a great ear

  • 4:56 wow very cool autocaption

  • 11:27 You have alerted the horde

  • FitMC: honey sponser Me: Tries to skip ad Im a idiot XD

  • "Something strange happened on the oldest anarchy server on Minecraft, 2b2t." *y o u d o n t s a y*

  • Popbob = Gold Roger in fuckg minecraft 2b2t

  • Age of calamity music pog

  • 4:10 Thats sad bro

  • You deserve my sub

  • From a historian to archeologist ey? 2b2t is just another "Earth" with its own history.

  • i am the only one that knows it wasnt popbobs chest it was his ender chest

  • That Yakuza music when you talks about the flashback. Sad

  • 9:36 hahaha this made me laugh hahahahha

  • June 1 is my dads b day and he liked playing minecraft ON 2B2T like bruh he played 2b2t AFTER his b day like 😂😂😂

  • Its not about griefing, its about sending a message -Joker 2008

  • "On the oldest anarchy Minecraft server" Never misses.

  • What if Alex is popbob

  • This episode is like a parody of the shitty content the history channel pumps out.

  • Anyone who fount FITMC randomly and loves him

  • Why do I feel like Fit is just considered a journalist on 2b2t and is generally left alone

  • [Achievement achieved] *Ruins of the broken god*

  • This man is the Indiana Jones of 2B2T

  • now i see that MC does not mean minecraft in his name it's main character