VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 21

Publicēšanas datums 29 feb 2020
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Niko, Sam, and Wren sit down to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • Please do the REMAKE of Poltergeist, with its "Other Dimension/Afterlife" szene with all those Hands and Body in the walls .

  • I’m really missing the vlogs could you guys put some out

  • Sonic unleashed opening

  • It's not so popular but like it a lot. The animated Movie 9 from 2009.

  • Pitch black

  • If there is one dragon that id recommend to see, its the one from Dragonslayer (1981) . . . . .one of the best for its time.

  • Some RWBY and league of legends stuff are cool

  • Onimusha 3 opening

  • Final Fantasy... any BUT 7, 8, 10, and x-2

  • Finally Gants gets some recognition

  • React Battlestar Galactica

  • I think you guys should do Spider-Man ps4 cutscenes. There is so much to look at in them.

  • Who the hell is Amanda Lorean and what she gotta do with star war?

  • Spider Man

  • Starcraft game cinematics please!

  • Can you guys cover some of the Love Death & Robots episodes

  • You guys should react to Detroit become human

  • so sad that they spent $45M on gantz but only get $2,3M income

  • plz do a ra-one vfx react!

  • Halo 2 anniversary

  • R please react to farcry 6 trailer

  • React to markar the king of arabian sea

  • What about LVcd videos? Kevin James has some pretty amazing videos where he inserts himself in several movie scenes, and it looks seamless, I'd really like to get your opinions on those :)

  • siapapun yang bikin subtitle indo buat channel ini... respect!!

  • What happened to the video game reaction?

  • Cyberpunk 2077 first teaser trailer

  • halo 2 aniversary pls

  • Detroit become human, it's such a well made game from a graphics standpoint, but at the same time it mildly falls into the uncanny valley

  • Shark boy and lava girl

  • Can you make a video on what it actually looks like when you get shot?

  • React to the halo 2 anniversary cutscenes. lvcd.info/watch/nKdwf5qAeNyknmg/video.html Halo Wars 2 cinematics lvcd.info/watch/kcCkcq1mZdx_gGw/video.html Halo Wars Spartans vs Eleits lvcd.info/watch/vLmMqGSmlKquiIk/video.html Halo 4 opening cinematics lvcd.info/watch/1MyjcamEf7t5iZ8/video.html halo 5 opening cinematic lvcd.info/watch/mJWoepxmrJSLoJc/video.html Halo 5 Master Chief Vs Locke lvcd.info/watch/s6dueoVhdsmommw/video.html Halo 5 Chief finds Cortana lvcd.info/watch/u6yrqal1hdF-nGw/video.html

  • Oh my God do the Star wars old republic cinematics

  • COD modern warfare

  • Don't go far, GOW is awsome! The newest game I mean.

  • Holy shit, I didn't expect the golden abomination from Polish Witcher series. This show was so bad, in every aspect, it made it a comedic gold

  • Batman arkham origins cinematic trailer!!!!!!

  • React to the Forza Horizon 4 reveal trailer. It looks amazing.

  • Speed racer the movie? Either the tractor trailer scene Or any of the race stuff. Bad scene? The kid and monkey sugar trip. :)

  • Where is the reaction to video games cinematic

  • you guys should do the Overwatch cinematics! and also Detroit: Become Human

  • I better see celery

  • Plz do check out the cinematics of GHOST OF TSUSHIMA

  • You need to straight up do "DVD commentary" on an entire movie. MST3K meets the Corridor Crew. I'm there.

  • demon slayer

  • Any Wolfenstein new colossus cinematic clip, Bethesdas work on that games animation quality in incredible

  • starcraft 2 cinematics

  • My suggestion for video game cinematic scenes: *ahem* LITERALLY ANYTHING FROM “UNTIL DAWN”

  • I use Unreal for a lot of stuff including cinematography. The software is incredible if you have the hardware to run it.

  • game clips of rainbow six siege...the new one " THE PROGRAM "..please review that

  • The moment he'd Eyes be cut at the top, he would stop seeing stuff on the bottom, and would start seeing The shine like it was showed

  • Gantz 0 was based on the anime Gantz

  • Hitman Legacy trailer was siiik

  • I have a... different suggestion for you to check out: an Australian Domino's pizza commercial lvcd.info/watch/lqSzoZ6HjrqHnGw/video.html

  • Mass effect 3 trailer is kinda dope

  • lvcd.info/watch/ypOPnYKin7iTbYU/video.html&ab_channel=EAStarWars

  • Definitely do Love Death and Robots, specifically "sonnies edge". Sickest monster fight scene ever with pretty cool storyline.

  • The mandalorian is an amazing virtual concept

  • The LED screen, camera tracking, game engine movie set is really mind blowing. The creative freedom that kind of tech gives is astounding. You could make literally any location imaginable and it still look good when shot. Edit: well duh, that's exactly what The Mandalorian did 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Please make the stunts of Die Hard Trilogy

  • I need that puppet lol

  • You guys need to do real steel

  • After seeing Sam's butthurt rant about non-subscribers... I pass on all episodes with him.

  • Can you reviwe Fan made zelda majora's mask (Majora's Mask - Terrible Fate)

  • please checkout: animal world so many cool vfx shots please check!

  • Oh noes, polish Witcher and that dragon XD its a huge meme in Poland :D

  • Hello Gyus, I have started my new LVcd Channel for Video Editing Tutorial with Premiere Pro in Hindi... Kindly support us:-lvcd.info/watch/1s1uenaqhdt3iJs/video.html

  • My favourite video game trailer: Halo wars 2 official E3 trailer

  • Shout out Chris Stuckmann for burning The Room into my brain

  • Gantzo, top 5 anime ever.

  • Please react to Indian Tv show Shaktimaan. It is hilarious 🤣

  • The Mandalorian Unreal set up reminds me of Ray Bradbury’s short story ”The Veldt” about a simulation nursery that moves beyond realism...

  • unreal will be making holodecks for Long voyage star ships by 2100

  • when videogames look better than movies

  • Wait, so The Mandalorian is technically a game cinematic.

  • 10:10 nosefart! 🤣💨☁️ lol

  • Also check out Call of Duty series and Battlefield series in-game cinematics. From youtube pick anyone. They are all epic af 🙌🙌🙌

  • For game cinematic look at 'Section 8' Game trailer. It's probably years old now! But I was totally taken away by the trailer back in that. It's graphics. The cinema part of it. And the uber coolness to it 🙌

  • form ...india.....u people do over acting

  • Gantz:0 is mortal kombat

  • Polish Wither have some rly nice shots ;)

  • Hold up, so we're gonna talk about the gold dragon but not the Butcher of Blaviken scene?

  • Have you guys ever thought about looking at Foley artistry? I saw that you added sound to your Star Wars and Captain America R rated versions. Do you all know about the Wilhelm Scream? I know you’re all about the visuals, but I don’t doubt that you value good sound design? There’s some fun stuff to look at there? Maybe once? I’d be really interested to hear you guys talking about that ✌️👍

  • Where is the episode on unreal engine?

  • Please Do one From Civilization, I to VI, the change is massive, I've never seen Graphics more real than Civilization V and VI


  • Please react to lovecraft country

  • You guys have to react to the Blur Halo 2 anniversary cutscenes

  • Video Game CGI Suggestion: Armored Core 4 Armored Core 4: For Answer

  • Star Wars: The Old Repbublic: "Deceived" trailer ("Return" is also cool).

  • George's Garage. The world of technology finally caught up to make George Lucas's idea.

  • did they ever released the video about unreal?

  • Yep CGI is cool, but nothing can beat practical effects. Just speak about ‘The Thing’ from John Carpenter, after decades still looks so cool!

  • 7:28 "its so inspiring that literally right now..." *ad kicks in* Me: awh fuck off...

  • I would think a gold dragon would give off some light maybe that's what they were thinking ?

  • In the Witcher those are not dragons, they are Wyverns!!!!!!! i don't remember if in the show they say those were dragons, but those models are Wyverns!!!!!!

  • Game cinematic? The intro of Soul Calubur III

  • You should react to any of the World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 cinematics. They're all outstanding

  • HIGHKEY thought it was a porn version of the Witcher XD. So glad I was wrong

  • Please react to the visuals of the league of legends video "Awaken" !

  • ghost recon blood and cocaine scene