VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 21

Publicēšanas datums 29 feb 2020
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Niko, Sam, and Wren sit down to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • The guy in the middle is obnoxious 🤯

  • That's probably the true creative genius of the makers of The Room: you're so focused on the....acting....that you don't pay attention to whether the effects are any good or not.

  • Never heard of Gantz:O, definitely gonna watch it now.

  • The force unleashed cgi trailers! That would be entirely insane.



  • Can you guys please fix CG Luke on Mandalorian.

  • In the eye-teleportation scene, wouldn't the beam go upwards, because your vision is actually inverted?

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • Do game cinematics for Mortal Kombat

  • Little nightmares has really cool cinematics

  • Can you react to demon's souls remake intro cinematic 😄

  • Praise Yahweh Our Alahim Of Spiritual Israel!!! Deep Fake Trump Conceded Speech. lvcd.info/watch/usOFYJqoba6GooE/video.html

  • Mandalorian tech visual effect is just old rear projection butbwithh more ste

  • React to elder scrolls cinematics trailers.

  • 16.304

  • You should react to to ready player one.

  • Why does Niko pronounce some words like Coach Z from Homestar Runner... Draygons! Booleens!

  • I hate that Wren says Baby Yoda.

  • I love the Witcher show, but those drakes are a crime... holy shit.

  • React to mandalorian s02

  • 10:42 that horse is so derpy

  • What's interesting about The Room is how competently shot this terrible script is. The DP knew how to light a scene and get a decent picture onto actual film, even in dark scenes. That's what makes the movie so enduring.

  • As a game developer, I'm really proud how game tech is influencing literally every other medium.

  • Star Wars old republic cinematic!!

  • I wish they talked more about gantz 0 and I wish they knew more about, disappointed haha

  • Gantz 0 is like mid way through the manga and I wish they didn't cut any of the fights from this part

  • Please do a reaction of KD/A more

  • god of war 2 insane cutsene graphics when he fights zeus at the begining

  • React to Harry potter one movie at a time!

  • the dragon from netflix witcher is'nt better

  • So did they ever actually end up reacting to game cinematics?

  • When you say "Boolean" it sounds like you're saying "Buruderurean." Are you pronouncing it in Japanese?

  • that monster getting his brain teleported is totallly normal in 4075. you guys from 2021 are just overreacting

  • 11:20 aren’t they called wyverns if they have two legs and wings and a dragon of the have four legs and wings ?

  • How about all of the Cinematics from Star Wars The Old Republic?

  • Game cinematics? Well do the new halo 2 or the whole of halo reach.

  • Guys Please look at "Shockwave: Countdown to Disaster" It has some of the worst visual effects i have ever seen. i would almost compare it to "Birdemic"

  • Spoiler: The Witcher *was* great. Thank you.

  • mandolorian uses the unreal engine ... never mention the engine u give us clue light saber

  • How about reacting to the visual effects in the original ghostbusters movie?? I recently rewatched it and I've always wanted to know how they made the proton beams and the ghosts look so good. Especially since they used a lot of practical effects it seems.

  • Should react to pretty much any scene from this show The Expanse. Really good

  • Stranger things u can surely try it

  • Game Cinematic: Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 trailer

  • Jake guy comes on screen Me: SKIP

  • I would love for you to react to the opening of the ff7 remake, or any of the scenes from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

  • Star wars jedi fallen order darth Vader fight full cinematic is soo satisfying

  • Is Sam talking about the avatar 2 movie?

  • Overwatch game cinematic trailers especially the newer ones but they’re all good

  • If you need game cinematics to react to, check out the scene in the new GOW game with the giant snake, that is a pretty intense realtime scene

  • Please react to Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)

  • Assassin Creed Cinematics are amazing ! Definitely should react !

  • If anyone is a fan of Gantz:O it's based off of a manga called Gantz. However the manga is not for everyone and has a lot of really disturbing moments.

  • for a video game cinematic that is not a cinematic but for me it is, i would have to say Half life 2 episode 2, when gordon and alyx are in the barn with a advisor and the roof gets destroyed, amasing shot.

  • Arkham Knight- Batmobile Intro and Batsuit Upgrade. Red Dead Redemption 2- Any moments of actual gameplay. Final Fantasy 7 remake Resident Evil Remake ...... Oh yeah, and "EQUILIBRIUM" not sure if I mentioned that one yet?

  • Ahhhh the first witcher film that what i like DUDES, POLSKA GUROM

  • Mandalorian and skywalker analysis. I cant wait

  • And now that Mandalorian season 2 is over... the wait begins.


  • Speaking of Mandolorian S2.....

  • 3:18 i be like

  • Can you guys react to, HALO 3 BELIEVE TRAILER.

  • It's called the witcher in polish the Hexer was a English name

  • I can't wait to see them react to The Mandalorian (chapter 16) cgi :O

  • Can you make mandalorian s2

  • You should go watch CD projekt Red games and Cathedra by Tomasz Bagiński (witcher showrunner) and then, you will see how Poland has developed in CGI over last two decades

  • Is there any other movies like Gantz 0 ?

  • Squadrons cut scenes

  • Polish 2000's The Witcher hahaha

  • Game Cinematics: Onimusha 3 intro

  • I came here to see how they did IG-11 :( Was he completely CG?

  • React to the CG of Kamen Rider shows (most especially Heisei and Reiwa eras)!

  • The Assassin's creed cinematic trailers, would be cool to see on this channel

  • Please do KungFury

  • I watched Gantz after I saw this video, the dialogue, and action "impacts" were just terrible lol the visual effects were nice but those were dwindled down because of the lack of impact the action stuff were, and the forced relationship was so cringe and don't get me started on that edgy, brooding camping guy, ugh x|

  • That LED stage they use for Mando is so sick though holy shit. I love that Jon Favreau is on such a VFX bleeding edge with Unreal stuff between The Lion King Remake and this.

  • You guys aren't on the same couch

  • Assassin’s Creed Cinematic trailers please!!!!!!!!!!

  • @10:15 loop this for Meme .. haha

  • Game VFX the opening of Killzone or Killzone 2 when the leader is given a speech

  • reee thats a wyvern not a dragon reee

  • Red dead to dirt transition

  • They should have to watch the indonesian movies serial called "Raden Kian Santang"

  • So much nicer when Clint isn’t there to dump on all things popular... he conforms to non conformity

  • 7:27 subsribe for quite sometime now, still no video on the tech..

  • You guys should react to "Captain Harlock Space Pirate", fully CG movie and it is absolutely incredible!

  • The DC universe trailer cinematic, that's a glorious bit of animation.

  • The Witcher was a terrible series

  • Dr. Dregon

  • hey Corridor crew, i think for this particular scene, you can analyze it from a stuntman and VFX point of view. love the channel~ thanks

  • 2019 witcher was kind of all over in the place IMO. I didn't finish it because it just got kinda boring. Sexy times happen for no reason. The non-linear plot is kind of cool because you get to see some characters when they're younger but sometimes it just gets too confusing and it feels like it's trying to be Memento and Game of Thrones at the same time so eh.

  • Gantz o is so underrated

  • It’s not Gahntz it’s Gantz... just watch the original anime

  • It’s Gantz:O (the O stands for Osaka)

  • an oldie but so solid crew - 21 seconds or micheal jackson black an white o

  • React to Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess cutscenes.

  • For game effects, I would say Hellblade:Senuas Sacrifice. They used a fascinating combination of animation and live action FMV. The sound design is especially fabulous.

  • Lol

  • For people who are interested, Gantz is a manga which priors to the story of dead people were brought back to life in exchange of bounty hunting/killing aliens or other species. It also records and reviews the score of your performance as well. If you get a score of 100, you can choose to be free or more powerful weapons.

  • Back to the Future