Do Audiences Strip Creators of Their Humanity? Ft. Anthony Padilla

Publicēšanas datums 20 jūn 2020
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How much power does an audience have to influence the creators they watch?
Niko sits down with O.G. influencer and LVcd creator Anthony Padilla to discuss the themes of Corridor's newest short film: "You Monster."
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  • of course i have never gotten to the same point you guys are... i'm pretty much a nobody still... but i will say thismuch... much like anything, you have to do what "you" like, not what your audience wants, because the reality is, when it becomes just a popularity contest, there will be downfalls. the reality is, you can't please everyone, that has been true for everyone including hollywood and the youtube scene. that's the thing... you do what you want, we're just there to watch. the one thing this movie of yours do show though, is that people behind the screens, somehow do not understand what real life is... sorry but i would of been one of those saying, drop us, help her. she's more important then us ! that's what i would say, but the reality is... my best friend tryed to suicide so i know what that looks like. most of the people who would ask to see it live, do not know a thing about hard life. thats the hard truth... people do not care for others, if it hapenned to them... they definitely wouldn't act like this. i just find it ridiculous when i see poeple trying to save something for the sake of milking it. if you are not happy about it, then stop doing it !

  • Logan Paul anyone?

  • I think it can go both ways. Creators are the ones sitting there exploiting people for their shortcomings.

  • I've been in a car accident, did a 720 with the car in 120km/h and very luckily stayed on road and finally stopped in the middle of the road. First 5-10 cars just passed by me slowly, some filming or taking pictures with smart phone. One single guy rolled down the window and shouted "You ok?" Accident wasn't my fault, I started spinning due to a semi switched lanes without indicating and hit my side then just sped off... Called police and although at least 30-50 cars had passed me by in both directions, not a single one had called the police. And most annoying, insurance company didn't cover it. Since there "were no witnesses to accident we can't ." My insurance agent said, if just a single other car had called it in to the police, they would have covered all damages...

  • audiences definitely affect. it's why the paul brothers and jaystation get the views they do

  • The fact that I instantly recognized that Anthony is doing this at Mykies house.

  • they are using google meet

  • The Perfect Camera Rig (2020)

  • I've always made a point to stay *in the moment* at least a bit. Even without a camera, I rarely am "in the moment" (call that autism, anxiety, whatever). But when I'm living something wonderful, or terrible, that I'd want to capture with a camera, I either don't or I'm filming/picturing without really looking at my phone. The video/picture is often shit. But I don't need it to be good. If I lived in that moment, it's enough to trigger back my memories. And with my memories, down to the sensations, it's enough for me to share it a bit. And *as an audience* , it has helped me get better as well. I'm nearly never morbidly curious, because I know it's just a moment. Somebody living something I can easily reconstruct in my imagination if I wanted. And, when I am curious, it always factors in the creator's well-being when I am. Some examples : - Guillotine channel : I panicked massively regarding your security for a while. It got better. But financially... - SteveO : incredible channel. Only bearable to follow because I know SteveO is the safest he's been in his entiere life and he's in control more than ever. - Skyrim Pron mods reviews : MxR's channel. Creepy as fuck. But it's a good laugh he seems to have initiated. Censored for us LVcd audience (and potential kids stumbling upon it), but supported on Patreon (thus he's safe on that end). Allows the existence of a content that could easily be harmful if done in many other ways. Also, simply never shitting on creators or following creators who shit on others. Wars are useless here on the Internet where everything is fleeting. And if we were all educated to do so, many creators wouldn't be encouraged to start drama. Basically : living the moment for myself and for the other. Allows a behavior adjustment that is rarely harmful. I'm not always able to, but I try.

  • Tes

  • Do Audiences Strip Creators of Their Humanity? Umm, no.

  • Shut up

  • blm supports venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro

  • Niko himself is a LVcd veteran and the first video I watched on LVcd is a corridor video

  • It's a fascinating point. I feel many of us in Film school have this conversation at some point or another. The big take away I get from having this similar conversation is what Anthony was saying about people who hate watch. If you hate the copious amount of sequels and reboots there are, coming out of Hollywood, then don't pay to go see it. I remember everyone was so upset with Paramount making the Sonic The Hedgehog movie. Sure, Paramount fixed the bad Character design of Sonic, but people forgot that no one really wanted that movie made. So many Sonic fans (and I would suggest it was a good majority) hated the fact that the movie got made at all. But, people went to go see it anyway and now they're slated to make a second one. As consumers it is so important for us to remain critical, I feel, of who we give our attention and, a lot of the time, money to. If we keep paying to watch crappy movies, Hollywood will keep making them. If we keep watching bad tv shows, networks will re-new them. If we keep listening to fake news, it will continue to spread. It sounds scary but it's not a difficult thing to do. It takes time for sure, to break that habit, but if we're conscious about it, then you can fix it.

  • Where is Ian?

    • Doing smosh I guess, I don't know he wasn't in the video they made

  • Personally: I love Corridor, Peter McKinnon, Parker Walbeck, BRCC, etc.. To a point where I'll watch and like anything that is released. However; there are times where I have to take a break due to depression and fear. I have to forget that people my own age were able to push through negativity and achieve what they wanted.

  • Was wondering if you guys could do a Corridor origins video on where u guys started or even your background on how each of you got into the visual effects industry. Thanks and keep up the content

  • It's also based on someone's character because some people lose their humanity with way less of of an audience

  • this is so great and meaningfull for someone hows a youtuber them self and it makes m think different about very thing

  • Niko and Anthony just casually advocating for cancel culture pisses me off.

  • Last time I saw Anthony was on Smosh when I was a lot younger. I love that he's come so far.

  • I got legit chills

  • I'm offended

  • All the sensitive libtards get offended too easily over jokes. They are ruining shit

  • YouMonster is a great idea for a real film, a thriller with a message. Entertaining because of the horror/suspense element, but interesting because of the moral questions asked.

  • the answer if Anthony about the audience responsabilitie of the content a creator post on LVcd its very interesting in the context of the new shane dawson drama/cancellation. i mean he apologized but what about the views (that equals the people) that supported those views.... i hope that the people that clicked like in those videos are not the ones that now are cancelling him. also, it looks like in the internet your past mistakes hunts you even if you prove that you have changed.

  • Please make it a full movie even though it's not the main point

  • People should just be more responsible and aware of their influence on others, but I don't think anyone should be blamed for their influence. There are so many arguments one could make to blame others for "influencing" bad behavior. For this reason it becomes very difficult to set a clear and fair standard for blame.

  • I think that with creating for an audience there should be a right balance between things that make you a bunch of money and things that you enjoy creating. In a 'regular' job there are also things you like to do and things you are obliged to do. Ideally, you are creating stuff that you enjoy making and brings you a lot of money, but those things don't always go hand in hand. Great video, I enjoy that you talked about this ;)

  • Thanks that was interesting !

  • I cant take this Smosh guy as a serious actor.

    • @2023 He''ll always be the "Smosh" guy. He may do other thing with his life but that 10+ years of youtube is what brought him to fame and thats what people first think when they see him so yes, THE SMOSH GUY.

    • He hasn't been in Smosh for 3 damn years I don't think he's *just* the Smosh guy anymore

  • LVcd creators make a conscious choice to encourage audience participation. People like Corridor are making millions thanks to their audience. If you don't like audience comments , shut down your channel and go back to normal life.

  • No. Lots of content creators would sell their soul for an extra view. Clickbaits, fake titles, 2 minutes long intros remembering you to like, comment, subscribe, tell your friends about him and also show your grandma how to use a smartphone so she can like comment and subscribe as well.

  • stop posting political shit, make it about vfx not about social drama, cant you see people are not interested, theyre trying to stay away from all that by going into your channel but here youre trying to drag them back, dont

  • This video be deep

  • I don’t like how this video is framed. Do Audiences strip creators of their humanity? No. Creators strip themselves of humanity. If a CEO is using cheap unethical Chinese labor to boost his profits, would you blame the people buying the company’s products for “stripping the CEO of his humanity”? No. A content creator can get more money by doing something ethically wrong if it is entertaining, but it’s not the audience’s fault that shitty behavior can be entertaining, it’s the content creators fault for putting money and views in front of moral values. I dislike Logan Paul for making the Suicide Forest video, but even though I never watched it I know why it blew up. You simply can’t blame the audience for the horrible things a creator does, if only because doing so will give idiots like the Paul brothers another excuse to weasel their way out of trouble the next time they chase a bag and take it too far. I can picture the apology video now. “I feel like... my audience.. you know, as much as I love you guys, you guys really strip me of my humanity...” Be accountable, be responsible. Anyways, that’s my thoughts.

  • I personally don't see a quantifiable value for responsibility between both creator and audience (i.e. the idea that 50% responsibility goes to creator and other 50% goes to audience) . audiences can certainly influence content value , in turn affecting how the creator approaches their content . another thing to consider is the nature of social media platforms (LVcd especially) and how they tweak with audience engagement and content placement to bring in ad revenue , and so thus the working relationship between creator and platform has much more weight than the relationship btwn audience and platform .

  • plzz do a video on the movie jack and daniels its in malayalam but u can just check out in youtube .

  • Hey guys, I'm a huge fan of your channel, I always tell my friends to check it out and have shared a few on Facebook. I would to make 2 requests-The first is Starship Troopers, I'm sure you probably get a lot of requests for it and would love to hear your take on how they did things and what holds up and what doesn't. Second, there is a LVcdr that makes Fake Pixie videos-like Pixies that he found in the woods. He has a few videos out that are clearly CGI but if you read the comments, so many people think that it is real. I wont post a link but the guys name is Erwin Saunders and if you search for the video Morsu Pixie Temple and skip to 9:10 you can see one clear as day. Some of his videos only offer a glimpse and I could see how some folks might question it but in that particular video it is clear as day. The CGI does seem to be done quite well though, I would love to hear what you guys have to say about the quality. Anyway keep up the good work, and congrats at almost 4 million subscibers!

  • Please keep politics of this channel.

  • Sir make a video of #Kedarnath movie

  • please react to rohit shetty you will be amazed by the car stunts

  • VFX of Stuart Little.. please break down

  • How did they do that? Fear factory - cars

  • Will you guys ever make a second (worlds longest lightsaber) video. My daughter and I loved that one so much. We want to see you do more with it please lol its such a fun idea👍 you guys do such great work.

  • Learned a lot from watching this video haha

  • sooooo..... When are we getting the Tether movie?

  • I think yes the audience has a responsibility, but not 50/50. Asking millions of people to just be better people will never work. It’s much easier for the 1 creator to realize what they are doing is damaging.

  • Can you react to CLASH OF THE TITANS KRAKEN SCENE pls

  • but the acting in the film lacked energy i

  • Did anyone else think your mouse batteries died when the cursor wouldn't move off of the screen during Anthony's interview?

  • perfect example of audiences ruining something: Star Wars

  • You should react to stargate the tv show

  • I am sharing with you a personal and retrospective insight of your film's impact and overall message. I think you need to find the time to read it, even in the toilet. Today's vloggers, streamers, social media influencers, are the same as the news reporters of the past. Reporters and news media before the social media era, where everyone can act as a reporter and share stories to the audience, many times they broke their code of ethics to follow and promote a story that involves danger and pain. Also many times they interfered to the evolution of the story just to keep it going and keep people watching. In Greece, about 20 years ago, we had a major case with a hijacked bus. An illegal immigrant, was seeking for revenge from the native boss that did not pay him and instead reported him to the police after the job was done. He hijacked a bus full of people to go and confront him and then leave the country with that bus. There was a hostage who managed to calm him down and tried to support his cause so he wouldn't be violent inside the bus. The news media was following the bus in its whole road trip, crossing many cities, taking close up interviews, sharing personal stories about the main characters of the situation, and kept pushing to get more access and keep the bus moving to its destination out of Greece. The police had no protocols back then for these kind of situations that where totally new to the greek authorities, so they let the media involve more and more. There where countless opportunities to stop the bus, to persuade the foreigner to surrender, to resolve the situation just with arrests and no violence, because the greek hostage who was talking to him, really made the difference and earned the hijacker's trust. Instead, the bus crossed the borders with the blessing of the media covering the story, and the police on the neighbour country were not that patient. They invaded the bus immediately and killed the hijacker and the greek hostage who kept things calm. Watching your film reminded me this situation 20 years ago, but in our era, everybody acts as news media, everybody broadcasts to a hungry audience. It is mandatory to build and maintain an ethical compass amongst social media influencers, to know how far to proceed or when to stop for the sake of a story. Our humanity comes always first, there is nothing wrong to spread that to your audience, even if it is hungry for blood, thinking like they are watching a film. This is real life. Thank you for sharing this, keep corridoring! love and peace.

  • I do content but I don't have an audience. The photography I do is the opposite. At times I feel like it's inappropriate to take a photo only to hear on the next day why I haven't got a photo of that situation. So I am planing to be more aggressive, I still do the selection in post - but having more options.

  • U should do podcasts

  • Omg

  • Hey guys, Did you watch Transformers Dark of the moon. There is a small but funny mistake at 1:15:56. Please check it out.

  • OK, I'm looking for advice and this seems to be the best place to ask since we're all human. I have been a semi-pro still photographer for a while and I have dabbled with video on and off for a few years, I'm really interested to try our 3d rendering and animation, maybe include vfx in some videos. Unfortunately my PC needs an upgrade (i5 3750k, 16GB RAM and a GTX 1050ti). I tried running Blender to render some still images and the rendering time was ridiculous. I'm considering abandoning Intel for a Ryzen 9 3950x, I benchmarked my setup on cinebench and the score was 908, so I definitely need an upgrade. If any commentors or Corridor Crew want to give me advice, I'm all ears.

  • Next video has to feature Brandon Rogers

  • I agree that viewers have a responsibility in content creation. I for example never watch videos from shitty react channels, you know, the people who silently watch a popular video in its entirety. If the reacter doesn't contribute anything, what they are doing is no better than stealing. As a viewer I don't want to support people who make a living out of stealing from others.

  • I wonder if this is what Logan felt

  • Do love death and robots

  • My favorite aspect of LVcd is the actual give an take of creators and audiences.It adds an extra level of excitement to the growth and content of channels. Thanks Corridor Crew! You guys are da true MVP

  • i think the responsibility the audience has in the content that it “votes” for is hugely impactful, not only for a creative space like LVcd but in news platforms as well. we feed off negativity and perpetuate the old adage “if it bleeds it leads”. and like he’s saying, its not that it’s malicious or driven by evil, it’s just what we reward with our attention

  • I think the name of this channel should be movie crew

  • I think there is always a contradiction in using a camera... Arguably all things are worth capturing, but sometimes the camera is the perfect blockage to real engagement... I've been on mountains 3 days walk away from humanity and the scenery is incredible... Somehow fussing with a camera has always felt like I'm more interested in the shot than I am with the scenery. In terms of society, I think that Anthony's view is poignant. It's important to act NOW, not to be overly passive - Save a life if you can

  • well i dont have an audience so i can't speak to the effect that audiences have on me. It seems its true that audiences do have some influence on creators but i also think creators can guide that influence. I look at Davie504 for example. Constant audience feedback with him yet he seems to be mostly in control of it. He's got over 6 mil subs. I watch MatPat too (Game/Film Theory). He's sorta run into audience influence but mainly in the way of games and theories to cover. And i think just about every LVcdr has had to deal with audiences in the comments too. Lots of times, if a LVcdr does a video about the comments, i think audiences control it that way. Either way interesting subject.

  • make a video on animation movie ...

  • Why does niko look like he is gonna start crying.

  • I will be ohnest. I was feard to watch this video. But I am glad to see it. The human nature is so strange, in individual everyone on to to the right. What the person think is right, but not think about the consequences. And in hord the animal nature come in to the suface, because the individual thought lost there.

  • I feel the worst part of the main vid is when the girl fell off the bridge. It felt so green screened. But the over all story is absolutely amazing! I loved it

  • Yes

  • This reminds me of the movie Nightcrawler ->

  • Anthony talking about Aristotle's virtue ethics even if he didn't realize it. Nice.

  • I don't remember if you have but if you have not you should review both pirates of the Caribbean movies

  • I said this on the actual video, but I think Anthony would be great in Kung Fury 2.

  • I think Logan should have documented how his goons murdered that guy in the forest and made it look like a suicide.

  • Let me correct you: There was a FAKE PANDEMIC and it was not even a little bit about police brutality! That may have started it, but only anarchist thugs burn down homes and small businesses and destroy neighborhoods!

  • I have a real hard time with fellow fans who make demands of creators, tell them what they should do, or how the creator would be smart to do all this work for the few fans. And then there are the ones who wanna be the brainchild of a project, while the creator does 99% of the work. And then there are the ones who get into the creators' personal lives and/or tell them how their character creations should behave, what kinds of relationships they should have.

  • Да это же Ниииииколай Соболев :D


  • Herd a story about a kid who was at a lake and saw a kid out on the lake but then the kid on the water started drowning and the kid on the beach just started streaming it on Facebook

  • Nico's good cam quality, but bad audio quality Anthony's bad cam quality, but good audio quality

  • Do plant of apes

  • The audience absolutely holds some level of responsability on the content. How much they interact, what they like and dislike matters. Although, it is the creator responsability to curate all feedback. If your audience says they want to see and hear something from you that doesn't align with your values, it is your job to draw the line. They work as advisors and clients. The final word always belong to the creator. I know, this can be tricky.

  • Hey, I have an idea for a video on the Corridor main channel: Take Your Kid To Work Day. Basically its just take your kid to work day, but it shows the kids who have parents in the armed forces and first responders. So we see like a 12 year old air force pilot, a 6 year old firefighter, a 15 year old naval officer, etc. This was just an idea I had and I realized no one could pull it off better then you guys.

  • You monster feels like it was released 30 years ago


  • Anthony really grew up. I still remember when he was making poop jokes on the regular

  • You guys should make a discord

  • at this point in youtube and social media Anthony Padillas input is like asking a 45 year old how tik tok marketing works.... lol such an odd premise for such an old irrelevant name.

  • I once filmed and lead an interview with a mother during my apprenticeship as media-designer in Germany for a local TV station. She had a young daughter who was in a home for severely disabled due to a failed suicide attempt. During the interview maybe the questions I asked were a bit to much and she started to cry. Years of suppressed sorrow got out and after a while I stopped the interview. I absolutely knew my very strict boss would want to make a big story out that drama for clicks. I had the really strong feeling that this wouldn´t be right. Its a tragedy that is private and the details should not be exposed to basically the whole town she lived in I thought. So...on the way to the office I stopped the car, went to the camera and deleted the clips....To this day I´m proud of myself that I did that, although risking my career. You feel if something is the right thing to do and you will not regret it.

  • What he says about himself learning of how things are bad and good is the same reason Hartley Sawyer shouldn't be fired from the flash for tweets he made 7 or more years ago

  • You guys should make a whole episode where yall are cgi lol

  • This was really insightful. Thanks guys!

  • I deleted all social media but youtube and snapchat (don’t have phone numbers lol) a month ago because of all of the bullshit on it and how it makes me look at myself. Right now I feel better, I’m in my own world instead of somebody else’s, and I’m more creative. I’m finally able to sit down again with a piece of paper and a pen and make art. Thats my experience so far😂 had social media for just under half my life (wow....) , it became an addiction, and my way of life. My only interaction with people outside of work was through my phone. i have to take breaks and remember that my life isn’t in a phone

  • Audiences definitely have a greater responsibility in what kind of content they encourage, just like you said in the video. But they can also be encouragement for people to create content at all. Positive or negative feedback can be what makes it or breaks it for new creators who are trying it out and still learning. As a creative person, you're often your own worst critic, but positive feedback can be what makes you overcome your own doubts and keep creating in stead of giving up

  • Great insight into your video ;) I just watched it before and felt like I didn't really get the point, but you cleared that up and now I'll watch it again :D you also inspired me to commentate more on the videos I watch with this one (and I try to be a good influence of course!). Thanks for the work you do!