Restoring My Late Father's Vintage Chainsaw

Publicēšanas datums 22 mai 2019
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Jake brings in his late father's vintage chainsaw and tries to fix it.
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  • It’s a homelite chainsaw

  • There really isn't much that is as exciting and rewarding as fixing something yourself.

  • This video made me so happy. This is literally what I’ll be doing with my dads tools later in life. I swear he has every tool you could ever need

  • Wren will eat anything but eggs

  • “i made two humans. I mean i should be able to take apart an engine right?” -jake- the family man

  • "Restoring" no just no

  • This one got me. 😓+🎉+😀 like I cheered WITH you man, I loved this and what it made me feel. Fantastic badassery.

  • this video made me call my dad.

  • Are they blurring out the Carhartt logo on Jake's shirt? Weird

  • You gotta pump that button to oil the chain on those I have an orange one same saw though

  • I know no one's gonna see this, but I really hope Jake's still planning on making those spirit animal statues

  • Remember doing all this with my brand new chainsaw (never use one before) that can't start, change the plug and all, at the end... I just use the wrong type/brand of gas....

  • city people are so much fun to watch

  • Jake is literally the spitting image of his dad the picture and him looked almost exactly identical.

  • WREn WHY 2:34

  • 2:39 My dog sneezing like...

  • wren would lick the cheek of someone with syphilis-

  • Rocking off to chainsaw Broll with tears in my eyes. Something you can only ever get on corridor. ❤️

  • holy shit, its deans debut

  • Is that the chainsaw Evil Dead

  • What is that piano song!!!!!

  • RIP Wren

  • i love the jake makes stuff vlogs (maybe because im a carpenter)

  • I can see his father smiling down from heaven.

  • My god Jake looks just like his dad.

  • Groovy

  • I love these videos with Jake, they make him seam less like that guy that does the sponsor segments, and more like this awsome, wholesome and nice dude. I’ve grown to really like him, and he is probably one of my favorite you tubers

  • Ight imma cry

  • Make this into a VR game.

  • Groovy...

  • Four my father

  • I've watched hundreds of Corridor Crew videos. This one is my favorite. I wasn't very close with my dad, but he's the best man I've known. Jake, your dad would be so proud. Cheers.

  • Sucks not to have a father like you.

  • Vfx artist Construction worker Comedian Stunt man Electrician Lawyer Cook Scientist Hmmm did I miss something?

  • This is one of my favourite videos from Corridor. Good job Jake

  • Wren will eventually die from all the stuff he puts in his mouth

  • This is one of my favourite videos. Seeing Jake’s devotion to remember his father is something you should see in everyone

  • His dad low-key looks like Seth Rollins from wwe

  • Wren:wont drink tap water Also Wren:Eats 40 year old sawdust

  • I've never been this excited to see a chainsaw rev

  • 11:48 "move away people,certified dad coming"

  • Whenever Jake is the main character of a video It's going to be inspiring

  • My brother thinks you guys are staging this

  • the brand on the shirt ahahahah so bad done

  • That was grease not “pine grime” Don’t eat eat grease kids, you can die.

  • This was like watching a jedi ignite a lightsaber...

  • “Hmmmm, Might be more of a southern chainsaw, try facing that way”

  • Why does wren always taste things?

  • Dude Jake looks so much like his dad it’s crazy

  • This made me happy

  • I know your old man is smiling down on you with pride, Jake. Much love!

  • I'm pretty sure it's an old homelite. They also have bar oiling issues. But they do make upgrade kits.

  • Jake, This video really connected with me. I lost my father back in 2001 when I was 23. I was serving in the US Navy and was in the Persian Gulf when I found out. I saw the pride and the joy of you rebuilding the chain saw and it worked. The sense of accomplishment and pride of fixing something that was his that he used constantly is warming to the heart. Thank you for that video. I am glad you were able to complete the rebuild. Thank all of you at Corridor Digital for the enjoyment you bring to us all.

  • Jake is a true man

  • The chain on this thing is a fuck g joke😂

  • Really happy for you dude, so glad you got it working yourself! My dad passed last year when I was 27 and I miss him every day

  • "I made 2 Humans" no you didn't, your wife did. You just gave her the ressources to do so !

  • the chainsaw looks like a old homelite super 2

  • Lumberjack of the new gen

  • Super proud of you Jake, love everyone's ability to adapt and overcome. Very inspiring show

  • Your father would be proud

  • Jake use Surgery gloves to work on Engine 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Nick's excitement for the chainsaw starting the first time was probably the most wholesome thing i ever seen him do.

  • The best part was watching you fix it when you didn’t know you had. The plug probably wasn’t seated all the way on the boot. Well done, I’m sure your dad is proud of you 👍🏻😁

  • i was not expecting to be so emotional in a corridor video. do.... do i want more kids now?!

  • (puts anything in his mouth) Wrennnnn, why do you keep doing that?! 😂

  • I felt so sad when the light didn’t go off at first. Then it did, and Nick can running towards Jake and I was about as excited as they were. Love these guys, and love the channel. 😌❤️✌️

  • I've watched the corridor videos so many times, and the one thing that pops into my head more often then not is, why does Wren always taste and or put stuff in his mouth? I mean it's a good laugh but it can't be good for you 😂

  • Omg Wren I have to know what your spirit animal is!!! Lol. Amazing job Jake. You guys are amazing. Love Corridor!

  • Succses..

  • Why did i know this was gonna be a jake video

  • 4:02 huh.. reminds me of something.

  • Jake needs to be sponsored by Carharrt after that last shot😂😂

  • I was legitimately happy when Jake got it working. And someone who grew without a father, this gave me the feels. Gotta love the Corridor Crew.

  • Sorry for your loss man , I lost my grandfather a year ago , he was like a second father to me . My grandfather lived arrowheads so my cousins and I got matching arrowheads and buried put one in my grandfathers casket

  • Wren?!?!?!? Stop licking or eating dumb things!!!! PLEASE!

  • This video hit me in the feels a little bit. And left me with the biggest smile at the end hahaha!

  • 0:26 I'm sorry for your loss Jake. Based on his offspring, I can tell he was a kind, wise and loving father. (I feel condolences are never too late to share. As they are a form of care and respect; two qualities that don't dilute with time.)

  • That chainsaw really fits Jake's look.

  • When does wren put the worst shit in his mouth Coin juice Old pine wood

  • I hope Jake’s father was looking down on him when he was fixing it and it brings a smile to my face.

  • Listen to that baby roar

  • What liquid do you put the worn parts in?

  • I loved this take on restoring a vintage chainsaw. However it was extremely painful when you put it back together and tried to start it without any oil to Lubricate the piston.

  • Why did you blurr that box

  • This made me so Happy for some reason

  • 2:35 "Mmmmm yum. This pine grime will go great with street juice!" - Wren

  • Absolutely Nobody: Wren: lemme taste that!

    • @bean dingus true, we're all just waiting to see what!

  • Jake: My Dad would be so proud of me! His dad in heaven: What the heck are you doing with my chainsaw? Stop! You're breaking it!

  • It looks like the hand chainsaw from evil dead

  • Chain on backwards bro

  • Your dad would be proud jake. Very proud

  • Alvaro Uribe Velez would be proud of jake

  • petition for Jake to start DIY channel, or just do more DIY videos on corridor.

  • Wren, how often does Jenna tell you to not eat random things you pick up? Lmao you remind me of Will Ferrel from elf when he eats the gum from the railings hahaha. Wren would definitely be my top 3 friends though if I ever got to meet him and you guys some day lol

  • Watching again in spring 2020: They're flexing their mask stockpile

  • can nomeon give me the name of that song 7:01

  • The 215 people that disliked this video have no fathers

  • Man...!!! 😎😎 It seems so satisfying getting it started . Feeling the same excitement as you see in Jake, just he gets it started. Way to go brother 😀

  • Is that really Jake's Dad. Coz he looks a copy of him. Don't tell me you guys deepfaked his Dad's photo 😉 . RIP Jake's Dad.

    • Forgot to mention, Your Dad would be proud of you 😇