VFX Artists React to HARRY POTTER Bad & Great CGi

Publicēšanas datums 20 feb 2021
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Niko, Wren and Clint sit down to breakdown some of the best (and worst) VFX from the Magical world of Harry Potter!
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  • Hey could you react to a few scenes in 4 kids and IT cuase there's some really bad animation in that!

  • You guy’s should look at Underdog. Some of the best dog talking in the buis in my opinion.

  • the transformers movies next please huhu

  • I noticed Clint's great Anima shirt - 3D people yo!

  • Please react to Shin Godzilla.

  • review some of 'The Knick' - all of the surgical scenes, the syphilitic nose, etc


  • Will you react to The Gifted (X-Men)

  • Can you react to the scene in wandavision episode 8 that agatha flys in the street . (I think they made it look bad in prourpuse so this will look like a tv show effect).

  • could you do a vfx artists react to Constantine That has keanu reeves

  • Requesting reaction to Kong - Skull Island, especially the scene where Kong drinks water and eats the giant squid. The water effects, the fur, the compositing, it's SO good.

  • guys you need to react to blizzard animated cutscenes and trailers they are truly amazing


  • React to the lastest CGI trailer of rainbow six siege (the invitational one)!

  • Platform 9 3/4 sporting CCTV @4:12 Arthur Weasley would be absolutely delighted

  • Man. It really should be taking away from the magic to see how it's really done, but it only makes the scenes more incredible and awe-inspiring to me.

  • Can you do when Neville kills nagani

  • 8:23 Slytherin unite!

  • 17:46 who‘s ass is that?

  • “Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole” directed by Zack Snyder, 2010, day 63.

  • I feel like this episode was shot in 4k or atleast a new camera

  • React To suggestions: 1. Venom 2.Geostorm 3. First Man 4. Ready Player One 5. Godzilla: King Of the Monsters

  • They have the set for the great hall in Harry Potter Studios London. I've been there and the sets they built are incredible. The animatronics are just as impressive. The Great Hall had real stone flooring. Also, originally they wanted the werewolf in Prisoner of Azkaban to be a practical effect and so they built a working werewolf animatronics suit that a stunt performer could wear and act in. The problem they had was that the suit was too difficult to use for the performers. So they took a scan of the suit and used that as the reference for the CGI werewolf.

  • Please react to the new Superman and Lois as a follow up to your reaction to Supergirl! It looks great to me so I want to know what you guys think!

  • Greetings from Canada! Just discovered your channel last week and I love it! You guys have such good energy and Ideas! Love all the hard work you do! I especially like the reaction videos. I am sure you get tons of ideas thrown your way, but I wanted to share mine with you in hopes you like it and consider a re occurring "reacting to subscribers submitted VFX ". The good the bad the simply crazy created effects. Weekly you could have submissions and choose a few to guess how it was done, critique give advice or just have a good laugh with enjoying your subscribers home grown VFX. Make it only for subscribers , so people are "encouraged to subscribe:...seems to be a re occurring theme in your vids, encouraging people to hit that subscribe. Stay safe!

  • Guys you have to do the Stargate portal effect!

  • check warcraft please

  • Please do the wizards smoke, like how they travel and apparate, from the later movies

  • Space sweepers

  • in first movie could see how noticeable CGI is in some parts

  • "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" all of them could be nice

  • You have to do HP and the deathly weapons! It‘s people who used vfx to replace the wands with guns in a short video you might enjoy!

  • Please react to Cinematic Captures: Shadow of the Republic.

  • The final fight vs Akan from Hardcore Henry

  • VFX breakdown for Zack Snyder movies

  • I'd love to see you guys react to Shin Godzilla after you already did the 1998 one. The VFX on Gojira itself are a little wonky as its motion capture and they didn't seem to have proper lighting samples, but the practical effects mixed in are excellent

  • in the middle of this react...i realized that the 1st harry potter movie came out in vhs....makes me realize how amazing the cgi people on that movie really are

  • Please do the Dungeons and Dragons movie from 2000

  • Who reckons they should fix the abysmal graphics from The Langoliers?

  • Look at the special practical effects of the Czech film: A Journey into the Primeval Times (1955)

  • Voldemort’s rebirthing.

  • Try wrong turn 2003 cgi

  • should judge the simple yet well done effects for lvcd.info/watch/vM19la2bitqOqp8/video.html

  • Corridor crew I would really really wanted you guys to react to this movie (Shock Wave 2 (拆弹专家2)) yes its a Chinese movie. The reason why I wanted you guys to react this is because of the EXPLOSION, MASSIVE EXPLOSION. So I want to know is this explosion crazy enough to impress niko...?

  • Please release the episodes of the website on Nebula!!!!! Even if they are later

  • react to indian harry potter video

  • The first one felt like someone’s fetish lol

  • React to Pirates of the Caribbean with Lightsabers

  • Review buck beak

  • The most stunning part of the video was that in another country it’s called The sorcerers stone. Can’t believe I never knew that!

  • Says the first shot they look at is 100% practice but then carry on to say how it's partial CG... The suit is practice but it's cleaned up and enhanced with CG. That's the correct way to use visual effects. Have everything be real in front of the camera. Then remove puppeteers, wires, rods with a computer. Having full CGI characters interact with real actors will never work. See Star Wars prequels. Oh, BTW, don't click any link to buy waterproof sneakers that look terrible. Just go and buy waterproof socks. They cost like $10 and go all the up to just below your knees. Not some no name stuff either. They're made by Thinsulate. Where your normal stuff with waterproof socks. Or just wear 2 pairs of thin socks with a plastic bag in between. All I see is ads for pointless products invented by morons who do not know what common sense is.

  • Can you show how Dua Lipa's We're Good crab was done at about 2:35

  • Waiting for part 2 guys love it

  • Please do "sky captain and the world of tomorrow"

  • The marauders map

  • Prisoner of Azkaban, the knight Bus scene

  • Deathly Hallows part 1, Dobbi. Especially that close up of his face when he died.

  • Please look at like, any scene from swiss army man

  • The Half Blood Prince, the scene with the Weasly twins magic gag shop

  • Any of the Polly juice transformations

  • can you do the order of the phoenix where Dumbledore uses the phoenix to disappear.

  • Goblet of Fire, when the foreign students arrived

  • Goblet of fire, the under water taste to save the people he bottom of that lake

  • In the Goblet of Fire when they got the little mini dragons

  • How about Moaning Myrtle

  • React to the Santa on a broom stick in HP5 (Order of the Phoenix)

  • Can y'all take a look at the scene from the Aladdin remake where Jasmine sings her Speechless song? There's a cool scene where she has to go around and sing and the guards are frozen and disappear when she interacts with them. Curious to see how it's done!

  • 9:42 he shouldn’t say Gods name in vain man!

  • I feel like I had to watch 14 commercials to see this video

  • They need to react to KUNG FURY

  • Yes please make another video for that.

  • Please make VFX artist react to "Super Heroes The Movie". The film supposed to be released in 1998 but it was thought to be destroyed in a fire. 22 years later, a copy was found and now on Amazon Video. Check for the trailer on LVcd

  • Please please please review “Kung Pow: Enter the Fist” for a hoot and a holler

  • Is there a vid reacting to (6 underground)?

  • The scene when Harry fights the basilisk would be cool!

  • You guys should do Monster Hunter

  • You should react to how the Grinch stole Christmas (2000)

  • From a frame shot perspective, Harry Potter 3 is the most artistically impressive. There are some beautiful frame shots in there. A lot of them have to do with the Dementors.

  • Vfx artist react to Paul, the alien movie

  • Have the VFX or Stuntman reacts series covered the 2008 film Wanted? Particularly some of the car stunts and VFX would be interesting to see reacted to.

  • Here's a real niche one. Eragon. (2006) It's a terrible movie but some of the dragon shots in it are actually still fantastic

    • The scene in movie 6 where Dumbledore rearranges a ransacked room when he takes Harry to visit Professor Slughorn!

  • Hey Guys can I request Final Fantasy The Spirits Within, a movie that had a CGI human cast 3 years before The Incredibles. I was a big FF fan as a kid, & I was so disappointed with the direction they chose, but now after studying CGI myself, I don’t think they had any options, it had to be Sci fi. No cloth physics (so their all in space suits), hair barely moves, very basic lighting, & the Aliens look like a basic effect I could do in blender right now.

  • have you checked out the Raid short films? they are great short films made for the game Escape from Tarkov

  • YOU did the OMEn Chronicles?? no way I LOVE that film

  • Please use wizard people dear reader sounds in 2nd video. Would be dope.

  • Aaaand one movie you should look through is avatar the last air bender! 😂😂 woooooorst movie ever.... and I wanna know how they did the basilisk in the second move of Harry Potter! And all the spiders 😱

  • And you have the magical beasts to!

  • Do an 8 episode series where you walk through every movie in detail! I’m the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world 😂 I’ve seen every single movie more then 70 times and I’m not even joking 😂 I’ve read the books 15 times... I LOVE IT. And I’m a higher fan of you guys to! So it would be the best combination ever!!

  • you should take a look at "Iron Sky The Coming Race Teaser" its got some pretty nice VFX where things just look right but also some very odd looking bit...and the film itself is slightly mad but fun to watch

  • Wren: "I was totally able to do that" Ummmmm haha sorry Wren that is no where close hahah

  • please please react to the battle of the bastards from Game Of Thrones

  • The werewolf transformation!!

  • You guys should react to the original Star Trek movies VFX.

  • You guys should react to the Escape from Tarkov Raid series it's just too good (specially Episode 5, it just looks insane)

  • you should look at the vfx in pitch black (2001)

  • The scene in movie 6 where Dumbledore rearranges a ransacked room when he takes Harry to visit Professor Slughorn!

  • I just saw Galaxy Quest for the first time and I was amazed by how well it has aged, for the most part, 22 years later. Would love to see you break down why it has aged so well! In particular the character of Sarris and also when the ship lands on the planet with the little goblin bastards and the rock monster

  • Can you talk about the poly juice scene at the beginning deathly hallows p.1

  • Can you react to Dhoom Taana from Om Shanti Om if you haven't. But also the movie Devi in Tamil (or Tutak Tutak Tutiya in Hindi). There is a scene in the movie where Devi traps her husband in the room and I thought it was pretty impressive cgi. Thank you!

  • All four legs Nico 😂