Corridor Crew's VFX Artists Break Down 6 Fight Scenes | Good & Bad Acting

Publicēšanas datums 17 jan 2021
We linked up with Corridor Crew to review the visual effects in some of the past few decades' most iconic fight scenes. Niko, Wren, and Clint, professional visual effects artists and hosts of the popular "VFX Artists React" series, sit down to critique six memorable action sequences ranging from the casino fight in "Black Panther" to the chateau showdown in "The Matrix Reloaded."
Visual effects can make or break a fight sequence. Rushed effects work can detract from the energy and impact of action sequences, like what happened with the rushed final battle in "Justice League." On the other hand, creative digital work can allow for fantastic fight scenarios that wouldn't otherwise be possible, such as the opening helicopter sequence in "Spectre." Watch Niko, Wren, and Clint explain the ins and outs of VFX in motion. Then you can use the links below to watch their show VFX Artists React on the Corridor Crew channel, follow Corridor Digital on Instagram, and check out Corridor Digital's website for exclusive shows and bonus content.

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Corridor Crew's VFX Artists Break Down 6 Fight Scenes | Good & Bad Acting


  • Super glad to see the Bois here. Thanks insider.

  • Haha Yes! Corridor Crew made it to Insider!

  • So much treble in this video. My world is so tinny.

  • Hahaha the audio mix is so off. They sound like mortal humans comon'

  • "We linked up with Corridor Crew to review the visual effects in some of the past few decades' most iconic fight scenes" No you didn't, you just paid them to do their own content over here to get people to watch your videos/interact with your content. You are trying to use them to piggyback off their success.

  • It's basically like Insider bought one VFX Artists React episode fron the Corridor Crew.

  • Great video as always guys, you kept it real interesting!

  • I mean, you can be fine without useing ear-pro for blank fireing guns. Its no louder then a fire cracker almost. Especially for 9mm, cant say how loud it would be but for my description it was 5.56 and 7.62 cal blanks.

  • I was recently rewatching _The Matrix Reloaded_ & I had this realization... Think whatever you want about the sequels, that Highway scene° is so intricately planned & choreographed that Uwe Boll could've been the director & we still would have gotten one of the best action scenes in cinema. °[which flows seemlessly from the chateau fight]

  • 21:00 i dunno why they dont just use a model railway for mexico city and then a model helicopter in someone's hand (just cgi out the hand) and then use ants for the humans.. it would probably look 90% as good and be much cheaper

  • The audio is jarringly bad. Did they record Wren on a phone on the table or something?

  • I felt the water strips in Matrix were an intentional choice as they are fighting in a computer.

  • Okay so here’s something I noticed about the Black Panther one shot. The gun also doesn’t actually fire until the last shot when they pull forward upward toward the banister. The slide never actually kicks back on the first 2 shots

  • 10:13 Of course that's sick! This is The Matrix, the movie which thought us what "sick" actually means!! 😎

  • 8:54 "Chateau" means "Castle" in french.

  • i love clint's little monster university cap

  • Best part of this was getting to watch a VFX artists react episode without them barking "please like and subscribe" a few times. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of these guys and have been watching their videos for years but god damn does it get annoying hearing them ask for subscribers all the time. I get it, they gotta make that money but holy hell is it annoying.

  • it’s marvel, it’s all cgi

  • "this is a dragon ball z fight" *shows clip from dragon super *

  • you guys are so full of shit just enjoy the movie

  • Rain is a circle. It's not really tear drop like most people think. Gravity likes making circles... it's falling because of gravity, it turns into a circle. There might be a minuscule amount of "stretching" on the droplet but not enough to tear drop.

  • Ill take 10

  • Does it bother anyone else that this is just their videos but with worst audio and editing?

  • Hey Insider your audio quality is so poor.

  • These are guys are really talented.

  • Dudes. The center person mic is like he’s using a 1982 radio shack microphone for his audio. Painful every time he speaks.

  • Nico was bugging out about the gun’s muzzle flash n smoke, whole time I’m bugging about the unrealistic lack of slide movement. Was hoping theyd mention that real quick ha

  • @nikodig @sirwrender @_pwnisher_

  • Corridor fam!

  • I just turned on my broadcast television and found out that there's a corridor digital TV show on the channel TBD congratulations guys it was a really exciting find this morning keep up the good work.... And it is good design

  • this audio is not up to corridor crew standards

  • Yo what’s up with wrens boice

  • I think the Matrix works because it is the Matrix. It's otherworldly

  • Wren's audio is bad

  • It was so jarring when it cut to a behind the scenes shot of mexico city showing that its not that brown in fact it's not dusty or brown at all

  • Good to see a Corridor Crew episode which wasn't ruined by a shit-ton of self promotion and sponsor breaks!

    • @pocket space -Truffles- Actually, I use SponsorBlock, but I feel for those who don't.

    • Well good thing there’s a fast forward option on this site then?

  • Good to see you sitting together again.

  • I get the feeling they were being WAY nicer to Blade 2 then a) they would be on their channel, and b) it deserved. And Wren is on crack if he thinks anything in Blade was better than in Captain America.

  • The rain in Matrix Revolutions is supposed to be the code falling apart. It's mirroring that falling code screen saver thing they do in the first movie. You see, it's like poetry, it rhymes.

  • Lol i feel like they're acting stupid just for the broad audience. "Ohhh i think thr sai dagger was real, not CG, no look the motion blur"

  • Whats wrong with audio? Please delee this and reupload. We can't watch this precious content like this. At least I am waiting for better Audio Quality. 😤😑

  • Now we need a corridor crew audio break down

  • when you pay other youtube personalities to make a bad version of their videos

  • Has Covid meant that the microphones are also socially distanced?

  • Love Niko and Clinton. Hate Wren because he talks too much.

  • i feel like INSIDER downloaded one of Corridor's videos and posted here.

  • lol nevermind the muzzle flash.... can we just point out the lack of slide recoil????

  • I got like 5 ads on this goddamn video

  • Good call insider. these dudes are pretty great

  • Buff Jesse eisenberg? Bro that's Thad Castle wtf

  • V4 😂😂 great video! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • This feels like they are just taking a video from Corridor and slapping their name on it calling it a collaboration.

  • Whats wrong with Wren's Mic???

  • What's up with the yellow "Mexico" filter? it always annoyed me and I never understood why that exist in the first place I don't know any places whose colour is so tinted in real life. it's as if there was some really bad smog or something.

  • Holy shit

  • I like how it says they break down good and bad acting but they don’t talk about acting at all lmao.

  • I prefer this slightly longer format, feels a little less rushed and a little more informative than their usual episodes, wish they would adopt it on their own channel.

  • i think wren's mic didn't work that well

  • Wow this just makes me realize how professional Corridor's reaction videos are. They actually go back through and replicate the way they made the shot just using the base movie instead of just showing an arrow where the effect would be.

  • The important question is: why does a scene in Mexico always look like it was made on Mars? Mexico is a country like any other with blue skies and colorful places. Why always the sepia tone and dust in the air?

    • @J0hnnie It's true, but my comment is not only about Bond, it's about Holliwood in general, the movie stereotype, the simple fact of seeing that there is more green crossing the border ... I remember that in X-men in a scene where Magneto ended In Argentina, I was in an area with cabins and snowy mountains called VILLA GESELL, Mountains in Villa Gesell? Villa Gesell is a tourist city with enormous beaches on the coasts of the Argentine sea, it is as if you recorded scenes in the Arctic and said that it was Dubai.

    • To be fair that color grading holds up throughout that particular Bond movie.

  • The audio of this video feels weird...

  • I rember watching some of the behind the scenes stuff for Matrix Revolutions, and the rain was actually a stylistic choice. They wanted the rain to look like falling matrix code.

  • who's idea was it to invite the corridor crew to do *exactly* what they do on their own channel and then try to recreate their videos? I hope they got paid for this. This video idea is so dumb

  • Well fire and smoke at the same time is a big deal, but the gun not having it's sledge move from firing the shot is ok?

  • I wish Andy Serkis did more live action roles, he was my favorite character in BP

  • Take a shot every time a millennial says “literally”

  • Great work as always , guys 👍🏻👍🏻 the corridor crew channel is one of the best here

  • What do you people know???

  • No mention that justice league had very little time to finish the special effects. But Black Panther had more time to finish the special effects and you defended that.

  • what's up with the audio!? Corridor does better than this man...

  • Next time please set the microphones closer to the guys. Their voices sound awful

  • At Insider HQ "We got nothing sir!" "What do you mean?!? We're loosing views fast! Just grab what ever popular thing on LVcd involving them for content, boom views" "Brilliant sir, just brilling"

  • this is just a bad version of the vfx react. Poorly edited and bad audio quality. and please get rid of the annoying background superhero theme

  • It's so fun watching these guys gush over something that they love

  • the boyssssss

  • Your audio is about ten times worse than what they produce.

  • This is how the actual episodes should be. Longer with less ad break nonsense.

  • I'm assuming it's just been a while since Wren has seen civil war, cause there isn't a multiverse where any shot in blade 2 looked as good as that single black panther kick shot. And it's not even the fact that the Black Panther kick is that good, but that blade 2 animation is awful.

  • the hell did they shoot this with? a 2000s digicam?

  • What a hidden gem.

  • 6:56 You hate Trump. So does Disney. You work for Disney. See why now?

  • Brandon Lee killed himself by putting a blank firing gun to his head thinking that blanks can't hurt you.

  • Crazy thought here: when they were discussing the Neo vs. Smith fight, they talked in great detail about the water droplets that Neo punches through and that they wouldn't look like straight down lines but rather like water droplets. What if they did that intentionally to symbolically make it look like Neo was literally punching through the coding of the Matrix?

  • I was one of those extras in Spectre and that last flip the helicopter does was done for real in Zócalo Plaza. We just had to clear the plaza for safety and see it from somewhere else. But it was really done right there. One of the most impresive things I have seen in my life.

  • The Chateau fight is my fav fight of all time. Not just because of the choreography but the camerawork is probably the best there has been, the editing, the music all combined = art As for the rain droplets in Revolutions. That was on purpose. The Matrix was breaking down. They explained it on the special features.

  • GUYS..... The rain was PURPOSEFULLY kept slightly unrealistically ‘chuncky’ so it resembled the Matrix falling code signature scene.....a visual Leif motif.

  • Listening to the guys talk about the raindrops during the Matrix Revolution scenes. The shape of the elongated water drops is very intentional. We see condensation and rain on windows making this same shape: it is representing the "code" of the Matrix.

  • Why is your content for insider better than your content for your own channel! I subscribed for this quality, but unsubscribed for your current quality on your on channel! Please pick it up again. To get subscribers back.

  • Blade doesn’t bend for no one lol

  • "Hollywood reality is basically what you expect something to look like."

  • Gumby looking effect. Somehow my brain just knew what you meant.

  • insider need a better youtube editor, this edit is absolutely shit compared to watching the ones corridor did on their channel

  • Vfx artists react: Business Insider Edition

  • I never realized these guys had last names.

  • Ripoff. DO YOUR OWN THING!

  • The boys made it

  • what happened to Wrens audio

  • Insider: Hey I see this show is getting a lot of views. What if we just copy their show but with worse production value? Genius!

  • Review the scene in rouge one where Donnie Yen blindly smacks up a load of stormstroopers

  • The slide doesn’t even slide back on the gun in the black panther scene.