VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 31

Publicēšanas datums 11 jūl 2020
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Sam, Wren, and Niko are back to break down some of the most insane Hollywood VFX!
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  • Shoutout to @cinecom

  • 6:49 I think I see a nipple. Ooooohh YEAAAH!

  • Watch power ranger any fight scene - they literately look like toys

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • "I've never seen this movie" cue the character that sounds like Wren

  • Do king Arthur

  • Hey i'm french, we are not wierd like that.

  • Suggestion: Battleship - Bridge collapse scene.

  • My dad loves action movies and I mean there has to be lots of action and little talking or he'll fall asleep but he loves the movie Babe for some reason lol

  • Bridge four! I love your Stormlight shirts, Wren.

  • React to Percy Jackson's Uma Thurman Medusa scene! I'd love to see y'all break that one down

  • What happened to covering animorphs?

  • Good ol "Santa Clause" with Tim Allen. The practical effect good but boy are the special effect are questionable!

  • Mortal Engines is an excellent movie to look at

  • I remember the gladiator scene looking much better when I watched it😂

  • Can you react to Indiana Jones and the lost crusade especially the scene with the airplane in the tunnel as Indy is being chased and the scene of the Hindenburg as they are god awful

  • React to Day of Reckoning (2016) because the it’s really cringe and it’s kinda the same situation as Birdemic also I’d like to see how you guys will fix it.

  • The tranquil hamburger sadly perform because column psychologically love beside a picayune turkey. pretty, acoustic fireplace

  • Is it just me or are there a craaaazy amount of adds in this video?

  • Love the show. Entertaining, educating, and enlightening, which was the original motto for Warner Bros. back in the day. I haven't watched all the episodes because I haven't seen a lot of the movies featured, so I wasn't sure if you guys had covered Superman: The Movie (1978). You could do a whole episode on that one. Keep up the good work.

  • The dnd concept could be the next step in virtual tabletops. Imagine a tabletop like Foundry but you can load in 3D models and the tokens players control will be the camera view they see. In a sense it would be like running a video game with people connecting to your servers as the DM is the host. But who knows maybe that takes away too much of the imagination aspect. Hope someone takes this idea and attempt to see if its possible.

  • Prince Valarian would be fun along with 5th Element.

  • any respect I had for Sam is gone seeing that greaseball ponytail. oof 🤦‍♂️

  • You should really effects in 13 ghost or house on haunted hill

  • love that they had actual costumes in where the wild things are

  • can you guys actually react to friends, I mean like how they trained the monkey and stuff, it would be really cool

  • Please react to Astartes! It was made by one guy (or a small group of people) and it is FANTASTIC!!!

  • Corridor, react to this: lvcd.info/watch/w9CmemaTa7l8g58/video.html

  • Corridor, react to this: lvcd.info/watch/w9CmemaTa7l8g58/video.html

  • Me: “Gets deed” Also me: *Sells it*

  • Hii do another Bollywood series guys With this movies Robot 2.0,24

  • Huh, you guys watched Blood Machines? I didn't expect that

  • The maelstrom scene from the pirates of the Caribbean: at the world’s end

  • BRIDGE 4🙅‍♂️

  • Final fantasy the spirit within?

  • I love Jaquin Penix. He was great in The Jester.

  • I know that you briefly touched on Turbo Killer, but would you go back and do the music video by itself?

  • they said thy were gonna do friends!

  • Ready player one or Godzilla throughout history

  • At 2:30 are those guys meant to be pulling a chain attached to the tiger?

  • 6:20 “Mommy, how are spaceships made?” “Well when a mommy and a spaceship love each other-“

  • George Miller has such an interesting track record. He needed to make those Mad Max movies just to get the movies he made about talking animals out of system. Or did he make the movies with the talking animals to get Mad Max out of his system? You showed me all of those franchises and you told me that they were all directed by the same guy, I wouldn’t believe you. 13:40 Damn, bro. That’s deep.

  • Event horizon, the whole movie.

  • Reaction to The Dark Knight Trilogy

  • Just ranted to say you guys make my day, often. Had me laughing 10 seconds in. More, more, more.

  • Have you guys done the Dark Crystal tv series? Talk about incredible practical visuals

  • Gladiator is good but I have a lot of issues with it. Basically I feel like a lot of very talented people worked on it, but unfortunately Ridley Scott was not one of those people

  • 10:28 i would watch that

  • Hey, Wren, give this one a look if you haven't already: lvcd.info/watch/nKmjaWCGg9imm58/video.html

  • holy shit, wren's repping bridge 4, fuck yeah

  • look into SPARTACUS Series fights

  • Mate, George Miller has two speeds and they are both terrifyingly fast

    • You brit like me mate?

  • Kung Fury! please, king fury!

  • So... was that Joe Exotic?

  • I’m still waiting for them to react love death and robots

  • Please stop the woman voice man from talking!

  • i'm not sure if you did it or not, but if you didn't, please review the American Gods intro.

  • The thumbnail brought back some bad memories

  • Whoa... I just noticed Wren is wearing a Stormlight Archive shirt! Glad to see he's a fan.

  • I love how VFX arrtists acknowledge the benefits of practical effects. I always think about, actors want to have fun making movies too, and films wouldn't be very fun to make it they were all actors in mocap suits on green backgrounds fighting digital monsters

  • Am I the only one who thinks the CG in the second movie was utter dogshit

  • "The guy doesn't even react to the tiger" I mean, the tiger is behind him and he's fighting Russel Crow and the tiger doesn't touch him, I don't really see a problem.

    • He'd have a little looksie if he heard a tiger's scream 1m behind him, to make sure he's not mauled to death from behind while looking into Crow's eyes

  • Loved your Videos guys, keep up the great content! Please react to the VFX in Battleship(2014). Love from the Ph!!!

  • God, Blood Machines is so cool

  • Honestly a hulk episode/mini series would be so dope.

  • Seeing Sam’s outro in this video vs the one where he yells to “unsubscribe and flag others comments” is so hilariously funny to me

  • If you want to violate your eye watch joshua and the promise land 2003

  • I watched 'Where the wild things are' back when I was 12, and I am still haunted by it today. A legit trauma.

  • Who sets the times when ads pop up in these vids. They should be fined 😂

  • If yall wanna die looking at CG. React to the SPAWN movie

  • Please react to Merlin (1998) starring Sam Neill

  • 4:52 They replicate that effect in the new Starwars movies to keep spaceship and lightsaber duels 'authentic' with the original. They simulate shutter speeds for fast moving objects in post as well. Unfortunately this only applies to fully CG elements and is very hard to simulate on real actors without just using film.

  • 7:30 Lol.

  • The tiger was actually on set during the coliseum scene in Gladiator. There's a part in that fight where the tiger jumps on Russel Crowes back and takes him to the ground then immediately lunges for his hand before the camera cuts away. That's because Russel Crowe is actually the tiger handler dressed in the Maximus costume and he had a treat for the tiger in his hand.

  • Am I alone in thinking that a lot of the stuff in Blood Machines looks really good but a lot of it also looks really terrible? Like any of the shots with people.

  • React to League of Legends Cinematics :D

  • 0:37 Niko said the words Are u a windrunner?

  • Wren always nice to see more bridge 4 alumni


  • The fact that Call of the Wild - a $150 million picture from media juggernaut Disney, released in 2020 - looks noticeably, JARRINGLY worse than a $30 million Universal picture released in 1995, is a pretty damning condemnation of modern Disney.

  • The intro beat is the same as night Lovell trees of the valley

  • Babe is my childhood, immensely wholesome, and an actually interesting story with a lot of growth. Those who haven't seen it, check it out. The music, the scene where the Farmer dances, this movie just has so much love behind it. It will raise your spirits in 2020. That'll do, pig.

  • Ъ

  • Do a reaction to the adjustment bureau doors scenes.

  • I'd love to see what you guys think of 2000's Dune!

  • 2:25 just see his shadow u khow it...

  • YOU NEED to recat to BLIZZARDS trailers, like all of them. AMAZING CGI

  • why did they have tigers in gladiator anyway? surely they should be lions?

  • A reaction to some of Key and Peele's comedy sketches would be awesome.

  • The end of "where the wild things are " made me really sad at the end where the kid just leaves his new best friends with out saying good bye to them while they're calling out to him with such sadness because he was the best friend that either one of them could've gone to when they are sad or just need a friend but he just left them in the worst way😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • SAM: Your imagination is boundless, filmmaking is not... oh boy, there is wisdom in that!

  • Minor technicality but, Carpenter Brut actually did the whole soundtrack for Blood Machines. Not just Turbo Killer

  • this channel is awesome!

  • Babe is actually legendary holy cow.


  • Could you compare the different versions of the Planet of the Apes ? I thought the practical FX done by Burton were pretty convincing. I would be interrested to see a comparison between the previous movies and the later movies

  • hey could you react to the 2011 film The Adventures Of Tin Tin? i think it would be right up your ally.

  • you guys missed the shadows under the tiger and under the guy standing facing other direction. the shadows are in different directions, so they filmed the guy in the morning or something and the tiger in the afternoon...thats also probably why the warmth of the light doesnt really match

  • Those dog animations look so much better than what we got in the lion king. Would have preferred these unrealistic yet realistic-looking animations over the lion king stuff.

  • React to BFG