Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Official Video)

Publicēšanas datums 7 jan 2021
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Music video by Olivia Rodrigo performing drivers license. © 2021 Olivia Rodrigo, under exclusive license to Geffen Records


  • To all the teenagers going through this kind of drama. We've all been there. It will pass :)

  • Why are u sad

  • Im a kid and i love this song

  • this is best written song in past few years

  • I’m an old married lady but this song perfectly captures heartbreak. Hang in there young ones.

  • Sorry

  • Um your 17, relationships usually don't last for that long during that age. Eventually one of you were going to lose feelings for the other, that's how love works when you are young. It's not like you and him were dating for 10 years and broke of an engagement. One day you will feel nothing for him and not really understand why you wrote this. You are really overreacting. And you shading Sabrina like that, why drag her into this and being problematic? He has feelings for her, and she has for him, they haven't done anything wrong. No need to start shading people for no reason. Are you gonna do this with all of your exes new girlfriends? Write a song that makes it seems like you just lost your soulmate? He has moved on, and you are trying to make him feel guilty for doing what most people do. Fall in love, loosing feelings and fall in love again. That is humanly, and you're just trying to feel sorry for yourself. Focus on healing instead and accept the fact that he doesn't have feeling for you anymore. Same thing will happen to you, you will fall in love, lose feelings and move on.

  • 🥚🥚🥚

  • Wow

  • This hits different when you are not in a relationship or have a drivers license..

  • what did my friend send me- I want to pass my actual drivers license

  • Red, light

  • Después de buscar como 2 horas la encontré 😂😂😔👌🏻

  • How many times we have been ignored or tricked by our couples, maybe yes or maybe not, but I identify myself with this song.

  • this is the sort of song that I just can't stop listening to but somehow I can't get bored from it

  • I literally listen to this song ever day and i love the song to even tho it has a bad word in it🤩😍

  • Ok.

  • I feel so sad I am going through the same thing with my parents and all night I cry that my dad isn't with me but I know that u will be okay because you are so strong

  • Hits hard....

  • 😖😟🤧💔💬💎🦍

  • Why are the lyrics late like this ??😭 So frustrating 🤣

  • So touching.

  • I'm listening to this song with a boyfriend? I'm crazy!

  • Just came here to say this song gives off vibes... stalker vibes. Great tune tho

  • no hablo taka taka

  • SOTY

  • Me: Plays this song Battery: %1 Me: ._. Battery: OmG tHiS sOnG sO gOoD. Ima wait till this song is done :D

  • I’m sorry to the people who love this song but am I the only one who doesn’t like this song POV:I think I am

  • this is so overrated bruh

  • After watching hsmtmth, this hits hard knowing this is allegedly about Joshua

  • Miranda says: iPhone implanted in Olivia's back 1:06

  • It is a sad song but why it can calm me

  • It’s been one month since this, and I’m still listening every day

  • 145 Milll!!!

  • Escutem " NOW UNITED " Olivia é perfeita

  • Hi olivia, a few days ago I just realized that you played nini in high school musical

  • Overrated

  • Has encontrado el comentario en español

  • “Cant drive past the places we use to go .. cause I still fucking love you babe”

  • can we all relate that we have this song save myself by Ashe, right? so in this song we had a car seen, well.... in driver's license we have the exact same car seen 👁️👄👁️

  • I still fucking love you” I scream at this part

  • Pierwsze pozdrawiam polskę Dwa teraz dopiero skojarzyła że ona grała paige w bizardvark (nie wiem jak się pisze)

  • Depressed song low key

  • Anyone else post on Snapchat story “@directed” but there’s no one to direct this song to? 😂

  • Love it it touch my heart ❤

  • This is toxic. You shouldn't idolize anyone, it's just a picture in your mind. Nobody "completes you". You're an entire person.

    • @Catra Luz Yep. No shit, I know it's a song... What's your point?..

    • It's called "a song"

  • Little piano, big song.

  • " Cause you said forever now i drive alone past your street "😞

    • 😭😔😢🥺😞😣😖😟😩😓😥😫 i am so sorry

  • _The Weeknd didn’t create ‘Call Out My Name’ for people to be crying over drivers license._

  • Love ... its so fuck up , but so real and beauty....

    • Best part begin after 2:00

  • I will miss you so much when you leave

  • “Now I drive alone past your street”

  • My name is Olivia it’s the best name right Olivia

  • lvcd.info/watch/2tZ-hWehYq6InXU/video.html

  • Hey dear you, you miss the person you see in the one you are thinking, but the real issue IS that you love an image of yourself reflected in that person.... So cry as far as you need and embrace and love yourself as much as you deserve: you are the true love of your Life be kind with you, Talk to you nicely, spoil yourself when you are down... And Accept your dark side, well used to improve is your best option❤️

  • 3.am🙂

  • Umm, sorry but I am officially sick of this song now.

  • This is a beautiful song. Definitely serving of a number 1.

  • I love this song

  • Nothing angers me more than this song

  • I love this song

  • Me: I'll have to sing this song for my ex,oops i ain't got a drivers license

  • Not me having a drivers license-

  • People really cry to this lmao

  • This song is SO overrated!!!!

  • Well see how now millions are ready to be Oggy for yuh

  • The red lights part is similar to Maniac from conan gray

  • I can’t believe tiktok took this as soon as she send this song

  • If someone writes a song about me like this I would literally pass by your street

  • que lindo tema lpm😭

  • I have heard this so many times in memes I have a reason to dislike this song

  • Vim por causa da loading ❤

  • This songs is actually so boring 🤣😂

  • Thought it was Lorde first time I heard it

  • I get shivers everytime i listen to this...

  • RODNEY xdddfffddfddddd

  • I'm gonna come back here every hour after someone likes my comment

  • liv he didn't need u u will find someone beter because he doesn't deserve a beauty and talented girl like u

  • It's just u

  • I love this song 😊😀

  • Not gonna lie she’s right its always the blonde girl

  • Wow this is a reallyyy good song!! id hear this song on the radio in my parent’s car! 😌

  • Is it only me that's watch's this song everyday I fall asleep with this song a play a game I win by the song

  • BAD.

  • This song is so werid the lyrics are the definition of immature. You can clearly tell a teen wrote this. Like I said lyrics are in every way immature. But the delivery of those immature lyrics is some of the most mature singing to hit the hot 100 in years. Hi she was able to give one of the most mature vocal delivery’s of the past couple of years with lyrics these immature is incredible.

  • Soy el comentario en español que buscas 😭

  • im just addicted to this SONG

  • Press 6 on repeat. Best bridge ever, so fucking good.

  • this hit different

  • Breaking up: Its over its done that's it the hopes and dreams washes away like they were never their and the love you use to feel for them has now turned to hate. Your heart no longer beats the happy rhythm but whispers the old tune your happiness is now sadness and your world is now darkened even on the sunniest of days. You enjoy the rain more then the sun cause when you cry the rain cries with you and the pain you feel is unimaginable because it hurts when someone who use to give you the best of memories become a memory. Your numb and feel alone heartbroken and depressed and the time it will take to heal and fix yourself will take months to even years to maybe never the pain the breakup caused was so painful you stopped it permanently. You cry and hurt everyday and every night cause when you love a person you give them your heart and now since they are gone that piece of your heart will forever be taken from you. Breaking up with someone hurts like hell but being innocent in the situation makes the pain worst you become cold as a winter breeze and numb as the dead emotionless as an animatronic while the thought of them loving someone just as deep as they loved you circles your mind. Nothing in life is free and one of the most expensive prices you could pay is to give someone your heart some people are not worthy of you and yes i know you want love and the typical happy ending all crave for but this is real life and some people don't care about their actions they could be so caught up in the moment and in their emotions they never realized how that might effect you. And yes a break up is painful and it takes time to get over but that doesn't mean you give up on love cause its out their for you and you will find it cause theirs someone for everyone and by knowing that fact just know its gonna be alright.🖤💯

  • Lets go see how much people is stil there.🤍😝🥽👍🏾

  • We can all agree-we found a blonde heather

  • I am obsessed with this song..😭💕💕 My day is not complete if I don't listen to this song atleast twice a day... ahhhhhhh saranghae OLIVIA 😭😭💕💕💕

  • I alway sing this in the shower do u guys do

  • Why Does she keep going😬😬😬 Girl we dont care about yo teath

  • 2:21 logo bts for army????? 🤔🤔

  • This song is AMAZING!!

  • never even heard of this song till the snl bit.Funny stuff.So sabrina carpenter took her boyfriend.

  • "and I just can't imagine how you could be so okay now that I'm gone".....hit different

  • Ever since I first heard this song, it has been stuck in my head. Love it Olivia ❤️