We Made AVATAR 2 Before James Cameron

Publicēšanas datums 16 dec 2020
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Determined to continue his journey into the experimental world of DIY Virtual Production - Sam sets out to make his own version of James Cameron's highly anticipated "AVATAR 2," If Sam succeeds - he'll finally be ready to create his first virtual mini-series: "Local Zero" on corridordigital.com.
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  • Hey hey hey, im dead🤣

  • 21:06

  • hahahhaa! lovit

  • Have you guys thought of using proxies? Back in the bad old days of desktop publishing, computers couldn't cope with large colour photographs. So computers would use low quality versions of the photographs in the DTP software so you could move things around and arrange them in 'real time' and then when you hit print, it would swap out the high res images to the printer. So you could edit high res images on your 25mhz computer. Would that work for what you are doing? Have lots of low res assets (Level of Detail models, or LODs) that would be used during capture so that the actors and crew could see where they are and what they are doing. This would have the advantage that your computer could run at a high speed to do the motion capture and not have the PC bogged down with a lot of high-res rendering. When you output to video, you have Unreal use the high detail assets and everything looks cool, but you don't have your PC bogged down during filming doing all the heavy work.

  • holy shit that heart thing xD what the

  • that third character's accent

  • look at all this tech... it's so high tech xD

  • holy shit I almost peed myself when he kicked her xD


  • ”hey girl, where are you going?” XD effin ded.

  • Hey hey hey😂😂

  • who dislikes this?

  • That script is so confusing

  • No Papyrus?


  • Hey hey hey! What what what

  • That's awesome! also, yes, Andy Serkis olympics please!

  • After watching this Avatar 2 , now I clearly need a therapy

  • :) Avetar 2 needs an award

  • Hahaahhahaha

  • Made no sence

  • 7:30 Me flirting.

  • I think we’ve all learned what not to do with this technology....

  • I am not sober enough for this...

  • funny but also disturbing

  • Look at all this *tek* It's so high *tek*

  • you guys really have a good job back there! with limited budget and crew, you managed to that just imagine if you had a multi-million budget what could go possibly wrong?

  • lmao that script actually got pretty deep toward the end

  • Can you guys make REAL STEEL? or at least something for REAL STEEL.. I would like to know its making and effects .. want you guys tear down their secrets... love you Niko

  • Wtf

  • James Cameron: "The technology isn't quite where we need it to be yet to complete avatar 2." Corridor: "Let's do it ourselves! ... ... ... ... "Okay so our technology isn't quite there yet."

  • Can you please try making a tron 3

  • Gross asf

  • What app did you use for face tracking?

  • Ka'ali is my favorite now. I don't want Avatar 2 without her.

  • That ai is going to destroy the earth

  • Can you tell me what's the site for A. I. Script, please? I've tried to Google it. But couldn't find it

  • This was like a slightly less disturbing Cool 3D World video...

  • WHAT A F***

  • i gave the kick of the gal: 101%!!

  • Y’all’s version of Jake in ave-tar sounded like that one jacked up alien from men in black that stole the farmer’s body 👽 👨‍🌾

  • The jank factor was strong...sure, but it's was actually impressive to me. This was the work of one dude trying hard but at the same time not even trying.

  • when you buy Avatar from Ebay

  • The “Hey! Hey!” at the end completely & utterly floored me! 😹😹

  • Jajajajajajaja no mames

  • Linus did the virtual tracking better lvcd.info/watch/28ZwgKykhsSDrJc/video.html

  • It's actually good except for the dialogue

  • Waiting for james cameron to react on this video❤️😚

  • watching this baked i couldn't stop laughing i was in TEARS holy shit

  • Does anyone know what AI they used for the script?

  • So what does Jake do other than ad reeds?

  • Alita the battel angel has more perfect graphics should watch that movie its very emotional and have si fi action

  • Sounding like the alien from Men in Black LUL

  • They should react to Vivarium

  • 0:50 Hahahahha

  • that script

  • Fantastic Square Spaceship Placement again, Jake...!

  • best thing I liked was this 23:01

  • I love how the Description says This is THE "Avatar".

  • do you have tutorial to grade video like on this video?

  • Good Try, you could've done more better in terms of animation, voice over and all but I'm sure you can't spend 237 million on 1 scene, but whatever, good try, 7/10 :)

  • ha ha ha ha! Male character sounds like the roach bug from Men in Black. LOL Great job guys.

  • what are you geniuses using to write that script?



  • honestly, the image quality isn't too bad Jank moves tho', are nice

  • Goes to the cinema to watch James Cameron’s Avatar 2 and this comes on

  • I think Jake's script was amazing. That would've been great to see.

  • Preacher looks weird this time

  • Avatar Hey: to the power of hey

  • Considering how small you guys are compared to the likes of hollywood, I must say...this is amazing, with the budget you had and the time this is phenomenal work and I could only imagine what you guys could create with a bigger budget, love the videos and I subscribed!

  • Hey

  • This clip sums up why you need to work on script also. 😐

  • Real talk: I Really liked it, other than everyone having a hunch back, and bad girl in impressions it was AWESOME! Also considering it took you only 1 MONTH to produce this that's another win-win for me! Sam, and anyone else who worked on this, don't be so hard on yourself. Besides all of the other work that is AWESOME covers up small mistakes. Again one more time I LOVED it. Like If you agree, so other people including the corridor crew can see this.

  • yup

  • Hey hey hey !

  • I like how through the final scene he was being consistently held at gunpoint

  • James Cameron is going to send a Terminator after you if he sees this.

  • This movie was called the hey hey strikes back

  • This still made for an amazing LVcd video. 👍

  • I think you almost killed me. I could barely breathe after... I guess after it started. "There's no way to get in this way." Such amazing acting. While I can see how you might want it to be a little better stitched together, I think you have created a work of brilliance.


  • Finally we can say Rokoko suits are a scam.

  • 25:24 best part in context here "can I... haev it now" "yeah" "ok"

  • Avatar We seen online: I See You Avatar ordered : Hey Hey Hey!!😂

  • VFX artist / expect 😂 I thought This One should be Little Good And it's Looks like Cheap 90s Video game Scene😂🤣

  • Hey hey hey hey😂

  • It's avatar -2

  • RUSSIAN CYBERPUNK FARM lvcd.info/watch/nKmTZHefi8iLj4U/video.html

  • "HEY, HEY, HEY" 23:00 XDXD

  • Avatar has actors controlling virtual Avatars?

  • Male character sound like zoidberg

  • Jake Sullivan huh wonder we’re I have seen that name before

  • The movie is basicly Oblivion npcs in a nutshell

    • Funny you mention the elder scrolls because the end scene was almost word-for-word the plot of the ending of the main Valenwood quest in ESO

  • Hey hey!

  • 23:21 XDXDXD

  • 2:52 looks so real

  • Should be Avetar 0.00002

  • Can we get this as a full feature but with Clint and Peter playing themselves?

  • Niko: spends an episode building the *perfect* camera rig Sam: duct tape and its GOOOOD