Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Driving

Publicēšanas datums 19 sep 2020
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Niko and Clint are joined by LVcdr, Stunt Driver, and Car Enthusiast David Patterson (@thatdudeinblue) to break down some of the best (and worst) stunt driving sequences in Hollywood!
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  • I'm german and i've never heard about flashing lights on the highway and some people are freaking sleeping on the left lane abd this fücks up because then they are driving on the left lane for probably for 100km and in germany you can't overtake on the right cause that's illegal.

  • This is my least favorite video you guys have made. While I do respect that you guys got a car guy, he is not an actual stunt driver. He is just a youtuber. Please get a real stunt driver and try again.

  • This guy is a buzzkill never have him on again.

  • Please do 'Saw'

  • How can you have driving, but not bring up the mall chase and police car crashes from Blues Brothers and its sequel?

  • well guess what niko, my name is aaron and you could totally get me a car!

  • Please do the car chase from The Bourne Identity. Still my favorite car chase in any movie.

  • Craig Lieberman can answer all the Fast and Furious facts..

  • You guys should react to that scene from Pixels where adam sandler enters the oval office with a fake moonwalk stunt men

  • So many other car chases I would like to see discussed. 1974 gone in 60 seconds for a start.

  • One thing you would had been funny is the( 5th wave )that's the move name at the ending of the movie the driving is one of the most dumbest driving that my sis that don't drive said that she knows that is fake.

  • As the video starts he said he knows the IN and OUT of vehicles and driven I've 120 hundred cars and he does not know the meaning of manifold the question was what they mean by the manifold dude your trying to come up by blasting that's the only thing that I saw that you guys did not seem to know

  • So, a fun Super Hero movie with various visual effects and a car chase to look at. Condorman from 1981. A comic book artist wants to make sure all his hero's gadgets are realistic, so is playing with making them in real life first. And then gets drawn into a super spy scenario. Despite being an artist smuck.

  • Do a reaction of Mawli raja.

  • that guy isn't an actual stunt driver fucken click bait

  • Have you guys never heard off an inlet manifold ? Yes no maybe 🤔

  • After 9:47 you See the car driving behind the Explosionen it never crasched in the barrels

  • Fast Five? Really? The original Italian Job had the Minis driving through a pipe it’s where the crappy remake got the idea. The Charger in Bullitt hit that white Ford deliberately but the jump cut came because the impact shut off the camera. Can’t believe you didn’t discuss how the Charger misses the gas station - you can see it carry on in the background. Ronin was done with the actors behind fake LHD steering wheels while stunt drivers sat on the right behind the actual wheel, their looks of terror were real. It’s one of few car chase movies done properly. Try driving a manual Peugeot 406 and you’ll understand it needs a second in neutral before you change down. Go watch Driver, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry or It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World and do some research, then you can talk about stunts and stunt driving.

  • 5:02 however it's nearly impossible to produce a smoke while doing wheelies. In addition, it doesn't even have a wheelie bar.

  • 8:52 to 8:55 the skid marks disappeared also lol

  • Would love to see a breakdown on the car chase at the start of Kingsman 2

  • Fun Fact: Ja Rules name use to be Ja Rue until Eminem gave him that *_L_*

  • Fast & Furious where he was able to hit about 160mph in a parking lot but took 15 miles of road and a ton of nitrous to make it to 140mph during the first race and it falls apart lol

  • Well the flashing lights thing in Germany... well it depends. He's not wrong though.

  • "Stuntmen"...

  • At 8:40 the charger did hit the camera and destroyed it but the film survived and they used it

  • I don't believe ANY was back projection on Bullitt

  • You should’ve reacted to the quantum of solace opening scene chase

  • He also didn't mention that you can't do a burnout while doing a wheele in the first f&f

  • Bruh there are Supras that make more than 1000 horsepower

  • Fun fact, the actor’s faces in Ronin’s chase is not acting. They were actually scared, there is a behind the scenes where Jonathan Pryce mentions it

    • I know these guys don't seem to know what there are talking about in some of the parts

  • 5:17 thats a smooth as a cut

  • I thought drive was shot in Macon, Ga? Where are you guys located? I live in middle Ga.

  • Drive is a masterpiece.

  • The gearshifting and Fast and Furious thing kinda annoys me. Yes it might look like they change gear all the time, but it’s usually filmed in several cars, so it’s not ONE car having like 12 gears

  • BILL HICKMAN! It’s Bill Hickman! Hickman is the “other driver” with Steve McQueen for the BULLITT car chase. Hickman was a legend at his prime and needs to be credited more...

  • Is nobody gonna talk about the burnout while wheeling?

  • It's a shame you didn't cover the original Gone In 60 Seconds, that has to be the best chase of all time.

  • Woh that dude in blue a stunt driver?

  • Computer geeks meet wannabe stunt driver and thinks common knowledge is behind the scenes secrets.

  • i don’t wanna be tooooo nitpicky, but saying they were typically i4s seems a little odd, there was the SR20DET and F20C which were i4, but the RB26DETT and 1/2JZ-GTE (skyline and supra motors, respectively) were i6, and the RX7 obviously had a rotary

  • A bit of a shame that in the Steve McQueen chase, you didnt mention how often you see that green VW Beetle

  • Is that dude serious when he says about the "danger manifold" or the falling screws scenes? Cause to me he looks like an idiot.

  • I just heard the question "Are these v4's?" from the guy on the left. Are you sure these are stuntmen?

  • The cgi tire smoke in Ronan…

  • Drive is an amazing movie. I actually didn't even know it existed but a youtuber talked about how much they love the movie and i just gave it a shot and I was pleasantly surprised.

  • It still bugs me when they say "v4" lol. But I also wouldn't speak on thier awesome VFX work

  • I was so excited to watch this based on the title. Then it started. ThatDudeInBlue is the polar opposite of a stunt driver. He's a bad driver. Instantly deplatforming the entire premise of the video.

  • No mans land with Charlie sheen in his younger days there is one scene in the chase where you can clearly see the dash board in the camera car its really weird and the driving is pretty good for its time i guess

  • I don’t like Clints vibe. A bit gooberish

  • Thatdudeinblue isn't a stuntman lmao

  • In T2 you can clearly see during the river canal Chase scene when the terminator is lifting John onto his motorcycle that it’s a stunt double.

  • I didn't think one can be spinning tires and a wheelie at the same time.

  • Awesome!

  • Worst stunt ever is the mustang jump at the end of gone in 60 seconds

  • Any car stunt reaction should include baby driver 😓

  • Love Drive! An engrossing blend of suspense, dreamy synthwave vibes, and sudden outbursts of extreme violence. If you're already a fan, be sure to check out the game Hotline Miami too. :)

  • What about the original gone in 60 seconds, 45 minute car chase with 1 73 mustang mach 1. The car that started is the one that finished the chase.

  • Bad stunt is in the movie Need For Speed. when he does the grasshopper jump, you can literally see it's a different car in the air (or just different wheels).

  • The guy in the blue shirt don't know s*** about car stunts and shifting gears

  • Check out the boat chase in "Puppet on a Chain"

  • F&F is a movie series by people who know nothing thing about cars , reviewed by guys who no nothing about cars or movies

  • I feel like the Taxi movies is missing. They might not be Hollywood, but still

  • 3:39 "aRe tHeSe v4 cArS?"

  • Stuntman reacts driving. Steve isnt even a stuntman, he is just a dude who drives other peoples cars pretty much

  • Dom's charger wheelied by movie magic.. If you watch the whole bullit scene, he puts his car in park! (Automatic)! 😂 Hollywood!

  • Transporter movies and bourne movies should have been in there

  • Who the fuck actually counts the number of cars they've ever driven?

  • I loved the driving stuntman react! Would love a stunt comparison between original and reboot Gone in 60 seconds

  • "Aim for the baby we'll get the shot!"

  • This was not the best chase in ronin. The Audi chase was way better

  • El Mariachi it’s Robert Rodríguez first film with a budget of $10,000.

  • First off, flashing your lights on the German Autobahn for people to move over is an offence in 90% of the cases and you will be fined. Second, apparently there was never a manual shift BMW among the 1200 cars the guy drove, otherwise he'd know that the "useless" wiggle of the gear stick in Ronin is exactly how you shift from third to second as it was done in the movie. Kinda makes me question the rest of the stuff he said...

  • How could they leave out the chase from The Fate of the Furious?

  • Would of loved this if it wasn’t for that dude is blue loser. I hate that guy.

  • really funny to see that all is real

  • You Guys should watch "Hooper" 👍

  • Man wearing a hair clip 🤦‍♂️ wtf

  • So....doesn't know what a manifold is? Far fetched for the film I agree, but don't claim to be a car enthusiast and not know what a manifold is

  • The Princess Bride: climbing the cliffs of insanity and rolling down the stupidly long hill. Worst culprit for that.

  • The first Bourne movie’s car chase was great

  • So...your NOT a stunt driver.

  • Disney xD fight scenes are so bad

  • In Bullit the charger had to constantly slow down for McQueen's mustang because the way the charger was optioned. The charger does hit that car and the damage is noticeable in the rest of the chase. It also loses 3 of 4 hubcaps and if you pay close enough attention you can seem them rolling off.

  • Would love to see them react to the original gone in 60 seconds. Crash chase scene with one car one driver who was not only the star but writer director producer. Ate shit hard on a light pole. While in the hospital had guys bang the car back into driving shape and months later picked up from the very spot they left off.

  • These guys don’t know nothing about cars and racing in dons charger how could it wheelie and lose traction it can’t do both

  • Gone in 60 Second (1974) has a 40 minute car chase that would be interesting to discuss.

  • These guys aren’t stunt drivers. Stunt drivers are the guys who crash, jump, and do the hardcore driving that average people can’t do.

  • “that little wiggle is weird” looks like he missed the gear and had to wiggle to really slam her in.

  • Didn't one stunt coordinator breakdown fast and furious scene, saying the vault had driver inside driving it ?? 🤔

  • I've gotten a small amount of air in a car...... its absolutely horrifying lol

  • Where is the Initial D live-action film?

  • Wheels on meals Jackie Chan

  • Hey! Leave GemINi Man alone, okay!

  • Bullitt is the GOAT. Everyone else are pretenders.

  • 10:08 is actually Paul Rudd

  • Guys ! Please react to the Blues Brothers car chases ! It's insane !

  • Malayalam movie "pulimurugan"

  • V4. oof

  • you missed car stunts from some movies like lucy and baby driver