Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Driving

Publicēšanas datums 19 sep 2020
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Niko and Clint are joined by LVcdr, Stunt Driver, and Car Enthusiast David Patterson (@thatdudeinblue) to break down some of the best (and worst) stunt driving sequences in Hollywood!
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  • At 12:42 when he did the wiggle I think he like messed up the downshift and did he go from 3rd to 1st?

  • did he just say V4?

  • Why the guy shakes the shifter like that? Some shifters are shifty and for some MF's it's a force of habbit.

  • The Pinto is not a dangerous car. I have a good friend who owns one. Every time we go somewhere in it, nothing has ever run into us. As a matter of fact, when I have checked the passenger rear view mirror I've actually seen the cars behind us parting like Moses parting the Red Sea.

  • Please dont invite him again

  • Avatar the last airbender: live action


  • The voice of the Guy wearing that blue shirt really hurts :-)

  • Blue Thunder

  • In the movie Godzilla the american sais to the frenchman trying to drive away "I'ts not in gear!"

  • one thing I don't like about Ronin is the CGI fake smoke from tires. They put it on few cuts but it looks really ugly.

  • Is that Clem Fandango?

  • Haha that's funny, I'm from germany. When he's telling about the 'german autobahn' and about flashing the high beam of your car, the other guy asks about if it's a dick move. I can tell you guys, it definitely is! Everybody hates those nervous flashers in your back window :D

  • I think you guys here may appreciate this classic (real footage)

  • On the next one you should watch blues brothers.

  • Gone in 60 second mustang jump

  • Not a single epic scene from the "Transporter" movie.. really?!?!?!?!

  • OK maybe I'm lost here but where's the stunt car driver and where's the guy who actually knows what they're talking about? From the get go having the Black Dodge Charger doing a 'wheelie' while spinning the tires......loss of traction doesn't translate to pulling a wheelie with anything and pulling a 'wheelie' while spinning the tires is impossible. I've actually seen that 'car' in person and there's not really much of a car left after all the rigging that they made on it.

  • The "Need for Speed" movie has some ridiculous stunt that need to be dissected.

  • MAKE a review on deadpool CGI pls!!

  • David's cool and all, but he's no stuntman, by any means...

  • Ok so where are the stuntmen? I see two clueless idiots

  • I had assumed based off the title that these were a couple stunt drivers reacting to impossible movie scenes, and after watching the video... it’s two people clueless about cars talking to thatdudeinblue

  • Is that Clen Fandango??

  • Blues Brothers 2000 please

  • I can do movies like Ford VS. Ferrari and talk you about the cars, actors and inaccuracies.

  • I have gotten air many times years ago in my '90 CRXsi, in the early '90's.


  • Just watch Indian movie for bad stunts. Actually 95% of there Hollywood is terrible. It's so bad that Donald Trump got elected to be the President! PRESIDENT! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Anyone else notice the thumbnail picture of that car is in Driver: Parallel Lines XD

  • that dave chapelle clip sent me 😂

  • Drive was an insanely boring and quiet oh so very quiet movie but you have to admit their chase scenes out do any fast n furious chase scene. They nailed the commentary for that it is very realistic and we'll thought out the movie itself could've been way cooler had they just out more of that in it but no most of it was just quiet boring dialogue. There's like 3 major action scenes in the entire movie and all of them are no more than 4 minutes long

  • "Directors make lots of weird decisions," all corresponding footage on Fast 7 haha Also great bad stunts can be found in Baywatch, the original series. The "Baywatch Angels (Season 6, Episode 14) stands out. There's a scene where 3 of the main characters jump from an exploding boat and they are clearly stuntmen who look nothing like the original actors.

  • drive being a story of a true hero with amazing music and subtle gestures that mean allot but the average movie goer wants action with no narrative

  • Sorry but the best ronin chase was the audi s8 in my opinion

  • Stuntmen? yeah ok

  • Why does he look like a older version of Iferg

  • Stuntman? You mean a youtube all-star lmao.

  • Makes me sad that some people have a total lack of an attention span for masterpieces like Drive. I also fail to see the "hipster" aspect in it.

  • Six underground 2019!

  • Baby driver 2017!

  • Flashing your lights actually IS a dick move in Germany. Douchebag factor 100.

  • Transporter 2. Jason Statham clipping the bomb off the bottom of his Audi S8 while launching into a twisted jump. Worst car stunt ever

  • Watched a movie (early nineties) about a man and woman escaping from people trying to kill them (that really narrows it down, huh😑) It seemed to have some legit decent chase scenes including one where the duo drive down steep hill to escape. Don't remember much about the movie (didn't get to watch all of it) and never caught the title. I do remember the chase scenes seeming legit. Anyone have an idea what movie this is. I know it's not much to go on.

  • what bout baby driver

  • What I found sad about Bullitt was that they sped up some of the footage... Wouldn't have been necessary, because the normal shots look much cooler. It's not just the movement of the cars, you gotta feel their weight as well. It's not just speed, it's feeling the physics chewing away at your suspension and drive train. That's what makes a good chase scene IMO. The most crazy over the top chase scene (that I know of), that does not quite meet all the realism criteria: Blues Brothers. Just putting that out there.

  • Baby driver

  • no baby driver?

  • Bad stunts?any Steven Segall movie from the last 15 years

  • 3:43 , most of those cars are in line 6 (straight 6). You guys need to get your facts checked.

  • This was really cool!! And I liked how you are all talking about it and laughing about the bad stuff haha But what about the Bourne films and the need for speed movie , the Bond movies??? Maybe you had them but only had a certain amount of time. But I'd love to see another episode with these movies.....Oh!! The mission impossible Fallout!!! That was a good one!!! 😂😂😁 Cheers Guys

  • lol that thing on german autobahn to flash lights on that lane, is actually a d*ck move :D

  • Getting air in a car is fun, but if you ain’t got money, or a beat up car don’t do it 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Theres a mission in the first watchdogs game where you case a train through the city

  • Who cares wat these 3 dummies think.if u wnt a better movie go make it ur self.

  • Pretty much all of the body doubles for season 1-2 for Buffy are excellently terrible stunts

  • What was the name of the last movie?

  • That Douche in blue isnt a stunt driver lmao

  • None of y’all look like car people especially the two on the left y’all look like y’all just saw cars and think you know what car lightning McQueen is

  • What?! A laptop next to you telling you of high temps in a manifold is totally possible. This guy is definitely not a tuner. Most high-power custom cars would have something like this. It might be at a gauge, but I've definitely seen it on laptops. These movies are pretty shitty though.

  • Checkout (Dolemite compilation) for some bad stunts. But great laughs

  • I didn't know TDIB was a "Stuntman"

  • Cannonball Run 2, Sammy and Dean Martin park an 84 Vette perpendicular to the highway at speed...sweet driving...and it was real.

  • Are we not gonna talk about the fact that Dom did a burnout and a wheelie

  • If you are making another video on this do I recommend watching Børning (pun on Burning as it's pronounced the same), it's a Norwegian movie series that's more or less parody of the Fast and Furious series. I wonder how you think about the driving in it as something felt off kind of :/

  • Clearly this dude doesn't know cars. Some is accurate but he is wrong on most.

  • I always been irritated by that guy in blue buddy, but why would a drag Tyre be better than a "low profile Tyre"? Maybe they're driving on slicks? And aren't they doing corners in that race? Good luck doing corners with drag tyres.

  • I REALLY REALLY loved the Ronin chase. It was my favorite...UNTIL...The Hitman's Bodyguard. I'm sure there's some hokey stuff there but the cut scenes were SO WELL choreographed. OH! and I was so enthralled by this video I almost forgot to subscribe until you mentioned it and I was like, "Yeah. I could hang with these dudes."

  • Lol at telling people to flash other cars on the autobahn, pretty sure its actually an offence

  • man really said v4 3:40

  • Glad Ronin made the cut. Movie never gets enough love

  • You need to quantify the "bad stunts" you want. Do you want intentionally bad like in spoof movies? Epic Movie is full of them BUT those movies do it on purpose.

  • this video is like the clickbait standar vids, but acctually is a really good video

  • Tbh I'm kinda bummed not to see baby driver in this video...

  • Me in every gta: 14:17

  • You should totally react to the French "Taxi" films for one of these

  • How are the Bourne car chase scenes??

  • That guy has absolutley no fucking idea what he's talking about..I switched of after he said drag wheels were better for racing rice burners..

  • Next one, do any of Dax Shepard's driving scenes. In Chips and Hit and Run. He does his own stunt driving and it's very impressive.

  • This guy dont know wtf hes talkin bout... Dom Charger was so powerful it twisted the frame.... 2. They had to put the scene on a green screen cause the toyota couldnt even come close to keepin up with it. French Connection there was NO permit for the chase scene.. the white car he hit the driver had just bought the car n it got totalled they did buy him a new car though.. Fast 5 there was no camera man when the vault went by.. just a camera on a track operated by control...

  • Oh! The movie was Bullitt.

  • If you do car chases, you have to do The Blues Brothers!

  • I lived next door to the man, Pat Hustis. He drove the “camera car” that did all the race filming.

  • How did you not cover Blues Brothers??????????

  • You really need to do more car research 😂😂😂 , I know I know , you’re a professional 😂😂😂

  • 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 whole video is epic killed the whole genre in 5 minutes

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣lmao at Fire festival Ja rule

  • Stuntmen 🤣 yall mfs don't even know what a manifold is.

  • Right out of the gate his first point is bs lol Yea, ok I'm done with this guy, what a load of crap.

  • Iv seen bullett in real life at mecum Kissimmee in 2020

  • ThatDudeInBlue is at it again......

  • Guy in the blue shirt doesnt know shit

  • Actually safe was a legit go kart underneath it because they cant drag a 1 ton safe 🤦🏼‍♂️ not a real safe all plastic

  • Bad stunt ...... Say less Skip 2:40 watch to 3:17 😬

  • 14:23, actually that happens a lot. It is very common here in Brazil this kind of fire. Of course the car does not explode like a nuke, but the hole car gets on fire.

  • Anyone noticed that the road they are driving down at 13:26 is the same place they filmed that mirror scene in Inception?

  • Look for the jumping mustang scene in the need for speed movie. The wheels are clearly that of a stock v6 s197 mustang. Not even close to the actual movie mustang

  • how did u not bring baby driver in this vid?:o

  • What about the original gone in 60 seconds