CGi Artist Makes a Masterpiece Everyday For 12 Years (Today We Challenge Him)

Publicēšanas datums 22 okt 2019
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The crew is visited by legendary CGi Artist Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) who has been making everyday art for 12 years! Of course, the only sensible thing to do is have a VFX Contest!
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  • I would totally marry beeple, he would be my one and only. Have him back on the show, I loved his cursing and his energy.

  • After watching this I went and watched a bunch of other stuff with beeple. He must really like these guys because he never swears this much unless he likes the people he is with.

  • That cute lil Babyface when for eyes said right.

  • wow wren is a lot taller than I would've thought

  • “I can render a sphere in like a foggy room in 45 minutes guaranteed.” I totally feel this lol

  • I blink everyday

  • I miss jake

  • Kripke of CGI

  • beeple is a cool man version of a karen

  • Beeple sounds like squidward

  • "I made a plain"

  • You know Beeple is a cool guy when he walks in for a hug, rather than a handshake.

  • i thought a backlog was when someone shits on you during the act

  • I've been following him for years now. Pretty sure since he started.

  • He swears so much he should be bleepble

  • Now I understand why it's Beeple, you have to beep out what he says ...clever

  • The greatest thing is the Infinite imagination he has, creating a different masterpiece every day

  • Entertaining, inspiring, but of smaller value. Why 😭? Why didn't you check his process?

  • Donuts

  • Beeple: i'm something of a legend of myself

  • If you can't make a fail piece, you will never learn how to make the right piece!

  • I love the use of sam’s music through the vid. Sam needs to make an album of all of the corridor music.

  • Why does jake look like that one guy from dude perfect

  • I have a shit every morning.. does that count as something done every day..

  • God I wanna work with them

  • "What is one thing you did consistently last month." Well i could hardly see the lines on my palms😂😂 If u know what i mean

  • This should be an annual event.

  • super monkey balls is an actual game you should play the games 10/10 would recommend

  • I sleep every day😶😑😐

  • anyone have a recommendation on where I can learn how to do art like this?

  • hold up a minute.. if jake made the squarespace art in 45 minutes after the guys started wouldn't they be done by the time the timer went off

  • Man, since Hunter S. Thompson is dead, Beeple will be my new drinking buddy

  • This ppl make it look so easy!!! What software is that? Sorry i am extrem newbie but hella impressed

  • 7:34 WHERE BEARD!?!!?!!?

  • Who swears that much?

  • So can I get context on what I saw? 5:15


    • Love this guy

  • I wish I would be there. 😢

  • Why is Austin Powers swearing so much?

  • Whenever there's a challenge to make anything abstract or surreal... Wren always inserts himself in that art. (remember the ASMR challenge?)

  • What a cool guy

  • Is no one gonna talk about this? 1:58 is a thriller.

  • Its a wrender

  • I now know why his name is beeple, because he beeps the half of the video L O L

  • through 2005 I recorded an original song a day for a year.


  • This guy is so freaking nerdy. Jeeze.

  • What have I done every single day for the last 12 years without missing a day? MASTERBATION.

  • He’s like the Gordon Ramsey of this video

  • Beeple sounds like fancy squidward😳💀

  • 15:17 POG

  • I don’t think I have even woken up everyday for the last 12 years.

  • Aw man I wish Unus Anus x Beeple was a thing

  • I’ve been eating food for the last month. *Or for the last 10 and a half years.*

  • Do you just think that his voice just makes bleeps and it's just a massive problem

  • This is not what I expected him to look like. 😅

  • Omg, what if Beeple made a song? I wonder how Kidz Bop would cover it

  • How does he make it look so painterly?

  • I can't believe at how much he swears lol


  • So i *beep* made a *beep* and *beep* *beep* *beep* *BEEEEEEEEP* thats why he's callrd beeple

  • Is he on drugs or what!?

  • No wonder why his name is "BEEPle" somany beeps were added in post. 😂

  • They missed a fucking

  • I think beeple crap is the PewDiePie of cgi arts.👍

  • .

  • 30% video: making art 70% video: censored

  • 5:16 what the holy fuck is that, i need unsee juice right now

  • 7:46 guy looks like a knockoff Jim Carrey

  • Is he the one that made that buzz light year milk stand crap

  • Once beeple commented "I love it!" under a render of mine. It was the best day of my life.

  • 1:20 i was breathing longer than that ant still am

  • Wasting time is thing i not missed

  • I’ve breathed every day sooo

  • Oddly reminds me of Jonah Ryan from Veep but better

  • 5:15 Ok I already love this guy

  • How can someone swear that much in one video...

  • The most ambiguous accent

  • When Jake is taking about how quiet it is at 7:17 and then beeple just immediately cuts him off to call them lazy 😂

  • The day he doesn’t upload 🤔

  • Beeple is my favourite account

  • Bruh why does he look like Stephen Hawking

  • That guy is amazing and somehow it inspired me a lot

  • I poop everyday and I will . Never give up😤

  • Something I do everyday consistently 🤔 poop

  • His harddisk must be full

  • 1:22 😏

  • Aluuuuu

  • Thing to start the day : BLEEP

  • vid: what did u do something every day for 12 years Me: breath air

  • He's the Gilbert Gottfried of CG art.

  • 18:47 i sleep

  • He said "here is art" and had a default work background >..>

  • That boi speaks out his mind

  • Now I get the epithet "Beeple"

  • Vfx getting some love, I am happy about that, it is absolutely as important as modelling or animating. But modelling is the one skill that stands on its own, animation and vfx both require modelling to exist. Which is why it's unfair that vfx artists get all the credit because the average person doesn't know how much work went into the assets

  • Eat I have done that for 12 years till now

  • sponsored segment is gold!!!!!

  • This guys' work is displayed in the Adobe Media Encoder Starting pic.

  • A cartoon character just walked into their office and made art.