CGi Artist Makes a Masterpiece Everyday For 12 Years (Today We Challenge Him)

Publicēšanas datums 22 okt 2019
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The crew is visited by legendary CGi Artist Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) who has been making everyday art for 12 years! Of course, the only sensible thing to do is have a VFX Contest!
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  • Absolute legend

  • Beeple is fucking gangster as fuck.

  • This guy is going to be a billionaire thanks to NFTs.

  • Nerds in social settings are always fascinating to watch.

  • His waw literally the worst

  • These guys could make a video game better then cyberpunk

  • Wack British accent!

  • Is this Clint Jones? This is Renee Young?

  • rewatching this after Beeple just made over 3 mil with crypto art

  • what software did they use

  • And now he's rich

  • Am I the only person who thinks Beeple seems like a dick? Don’t get me wrong, I respect the guy and he makes awesome stuff, but I feel like a little bit of my idolization of him died a little bit having seen this video

  • This was a REALY good episode.

  • The editing makes it really really hard to watch this video

  • Only legends will notice that they have taken the screenshot of those 4000+ images and play those together at down left corner😂😂

  • Beeple: uses laptop The crew: uses pc built for wrendering (rendering) I wonder if the game is rigged

  • isn't he a millionaire now?

  • I brush my teeth every day

  • Sounds like his parents aren’t home

  • Just found out he made over a million last year. Auctioning his digital framed art.

  • i came back to this cuz Beeple just made BANK selling crypto art? since when is that a thing?

  • Didn’t he this just make 3.5 mil over the weekend yes he did

  • I wonder if Beeple switched back to Win7 already (he was using WX here..)

  • Wren: Spends 45 minutes drawing an image, "that was awesome".

  • Cut to one year later when Beeple turns them to NFTs, pulls in over 3.5 million in just two months, then an additional 6.6 million three months after... the most gangster nerd indeed.

    • NFTs? 6.6 million in earning?

  • Waking up

  • Who's here after beeple made 3.5 million in One freaking weekend

  • I don't like that beeple guy he uses too much of swear words, I'll never like that guy

  • The man made 3.5 Million on a weekend through cryptocurrency selling his art in original/physical form through an Ethereum auction. Well deserved, his art is insane!

  • “Wtf is that kid doing thats pretty sweet”

  • And now he's a millionaire

  • He shoud make album artworck

  • He has 23 days with no posts

    • Nop, he posted two hours ago, 16 hours ago, 2 days ago, 3 days ago, 4 days ago, 5 days ago... you get the idea...



  • 11:52 not PG btw

  • Wren : "I made a plane" That would be me.

  • That man has since made MILLIONS from his art!

  • I see his name is beeple because the have to beep every other word the man says

  • Beeple is such a good guy. Wish him the best

    • As good as his mouth is dirty, so pretty good

  • I embarked on the same journey, I made an account and started posting time lapses of my drawings in a calendar everyday. Today is Day 55. still got a long way to go good humans.

  • 11:52 missed one 😋

  • When me and beeple literally have the same computers.

  • "It's very loud during f*cking Super monkey ball matches." -Beeple

  • Beeple create beeps in yt video

  • Which is the software used in this video?

  • I have in fact eaten 3 times each day over the last month

  • Squidward??

  • If i listen to beeple talk i mostly think about that professor from the simpsons 🤔🤔

  • One thing I've done for 12.5 years straight is procrastinate

  • This guys are new Mythbusters:)

  • 5:15 what the fuck am I looking at?

  • This guy is fucking ribbing y’all LMFAO

  • He justified the Beep in beeple

  • 400 guns? I could pull more out of my ass.

  • eat, cant say for sleep

  • i slept every day for the past month

  • So much truth

  • "what the fuck is that kid doing" loll

  • i low key got epilepsy from the images constantly popping

  • The video: and humanity The subtitles: I'm not manatee

  • I'm rewatching this gem after beeple sold whopping $3.5 MILLION worth of BEEPLE ART NFTs. With his fucking Lazer focused discipline, that's been long overdue like fuuuuck.

  • His voice is fucking garbage

    • Urmmmmmm ok

  • *I have breathed everyday consistently from the day I was born jokes on you beeple*

  • Anybody knows that laptop model which Beeple works with?

  • Doing anything is better than doing nothing! - I love this!!

  • I have never heard so many censors in such a short time. It is- poetically beautiful-

  • I've ate everyday since I was born

  • I'm breathing oxygen for the last 17 years consistently

  • I’ve been consistently eating for the past 16 years. Bam.

  • I’ve eaten food for the past 12 years and I haven’t missed a day. It’s really not that hard to do something consistently

  • wow yall seem really eager to put this guy who sounds/acts like an asshole on a pedestal.

  • 13 now

  • I wasn't born when he started

  • 7 days ago on his Insta screenshot.....😅😅😅😅

  • Thats why hes name is Beeple because he always BEEBS

  • beeple sounds like a boring cartoon teacher lmao

  • 1:58 pregnant robot Mikel Jackson

  • What has a thing you have done consistently for the past month I dunno Uhhh breathing Eating

  • Aahhhhh, the good old photoreal music😂

  • I have taken a shit every day

  • Beeple: **arrives** Editors who are responsible in censorship: **cries in the corner**

  • He reminds me of bill gates if Bill Gates cursed a lot.

  • Breath

  • 11:53 Missed one.


  • "What's something you've done every day for over a month": I've been working at the same place for over a year and haven't missed a day.

  • What software are they using

  • Not just America, buddy... Czech republic likes their guns too.

  • I didnt know kripkey from the big bang theory is beeple

  • Beeple's laptop is an absolute monster. Looks like an Asus Predator. Anyone got an idea of the exact model?

  • Beeple the chad

  • I want that Akira shirt! How much for that?!?!

  • 16:25 He even swears in comments 😂

  • Hes like bill gates But an artist

  • Beep

  • Beeple is fucking amazing

  • "When was the last time you did something consistently for a month?" This month #Inktober

  • He reminds me of Barry Kripke from The Big Bang Theory

  • actually those pictures would be around 1058meters if you put them in a straight line; assuming the pictures are 1080*1080px so 28.5*28.5cm