We Learn to STUNTFALL from a Hollywood Pro

Publicēšanas datums 13 dec 2020
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The crew is joined by Hollywood Stuntman Gui Dasilva, to learn the basics of stunt falling without getting hurt.
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  • So yesterday, before even watching this, I slipped on the stairs and fell down. Like a real accident having nothing to do with stunts. For some reason I must have instinctually put my arms back because I have giant bruises on my forearms but my back barely hurts. That’s basically the form they learned for the back fall. Super interesting. I’d much rather have giant bruises on my arms than a broken back or tailbone or something.

  • 7:05 Wren worries: “Oh my God there’s so many different things to think about. And all have to be done like that.” Snaps fingers Wren rolls onto stomach, dying inside. GUI laughing GUI: “Wren is dead everybody.”

  • As someone who’s learned all about pro wrestling I can say stunt work and pro wrestling are pretty intertwined with the way they take falls and bumps

  • In the thumb nail gui looked a little bit like will smith

  • I wish the guy who taught me wrestling taught me back bumps like Gui did. The step by step is so much better.

  • Gui is so dope. You can just tell he's good ppl. 🙌🏾

  • 11:09 look at Wren’s face

  • Really gives you an appreciation for how much technique is behind being a good stunt performer. Kudos to these guys!

  • Turkey hi bro :-)

  • This is exactly how they take bumps in pro wrestling, but with way more more pads. Interesting carryover.

  • This video is soo awesome!!!

  • Can the you guys and the "Black Panther" take a look at the 70s era Live action Spiderman, Hulk and Captain America. Fred Waugh was amazing

  • I did this sidefall when i crashed my moped at 50km/h into a moving car, making me fly over it just by instinct i flipped to the side and landed like this, but traveling at 50km/h and landing on asphalt made me dislocate my AC Joint and ripping all the ligaments and points that attaches to surrounding muscles, now i have a freely hanging collarbone in my shoulder 🤣

  • i realized i was subconsciously tucking my neck into my chin while watching this

  • Idk how many times I have rewind that intro lol

  • 1:38 some serious Chris Evans energy from Niko.

  • I can't get enough Gui.

  • You should react to Gui in the show kc undercover

  • Sounds like Wren has undergone a lot of... bonework.

  • Clint is so damn limber it's insane

  • Learning to fall is a big part of the early training I had in Judo. I could recommend it to everyone who is interested in this stuff.

  • I used to do Kempo jitsu like 20 years ago, and it’s fun to see that the same falls I was taught then are basically the same as what’s here... but like, a lot more complex because of the added performance thing. We had to show each fall again and again at the start of every session, and I was still not that great at it. Probably couldn’t do it at all now because I got fat, but well done to this lot for picking this stuff up so quickly. It really is tougher than it looks. Great video!

  • that shoe ad is the only one ive ever watched all of on this channel cus its fantastic

  • Next time you guys do something like this, I'd love to have Gui, and a female stunt woman there. I'd love to know if there's a way to do that front fall with less pain to my chest or if busty ladies just gotta take it.

  • Kinda reminds me of pro wrestling training

  • Amazing video, us always, but please, don't use the music you used at 14:00, it reminds depression and stops the fun from the scene.

  • best acting was Clint's. wanted to kick & punch him badly 😬

  • Awesome work guys! Gui is a great teacher. But no Irish Whip? That was always my favourite, the one I was best at but it's screwed my neck. Always hated the back fall. Doing them on a forest floor full of roots with no pads caused me a few injuries.

  • That backflip tho

  • my chin can not touch my chest:(lol XD

  • Already said it but please let Gui know that just to thank his back for his great services, he can come break mine. :’)

  • ... I’m attracted to Gui

    • All jokes aside, Gui is such a professional. That “Nice” was so wholesome, lol. Reminded me of basic training.

  • Glass-bones Wren's expressions in this vid.

  • 9:27 Clint doing a split, for an ad-roll. Somebody get two semis.

  • Great video 👍👍👍

  • If you pause at 11:08 you can see wrens reaction/face when gui does his stunt front fall

  • Great video

  • Is Gui brazillian? That sure is a Brazillian name, but there's no accent at all

    • Sabe o que tbm tem gosto de maçã?

    • qq cê tá fazendo aqui? eu hein

    • Caralho vagazoide por aqui

    • He is, but I'd guess he was mostly raised in the US cause like you said, you can't even tell if it wasn't for his name.

  • This was a pretty informative and interactive episode 👍👍

  • I totes have a crush on Gui lol he's so awesome i swear

  • Gui is such a sunshine hahah I like that guy

  • The rapid shell expectably excuse because step-grandfather concordingly join into a grandiose employer. ruthless, purple mallet

  • Nice shoes wanna... Sponsor? What did you think I was gonna say?

  • I like Gui

  • 8:34 Thought Clint actually hurt himself. Nice performance

  • So entertaining...i want to try

  • Honestly this is good for things besides just stunt double things. I ride horses and, though I haven’t come off in a while, falling is inevitable and learning these falls may be really helpful in the future. 😬😬 Thanks Gui!

  • You guys should take a look at Tenet and their “inverted” stunts.

  • That "Giggity" got me good!

  • Stuntman react Rise of the Legened

  • This is gonna help with the wwe fights with my sibling

  • I see a stratcoaster guitar, give it to me!

  • Vessi is all good until no steel toecaps- Id love to get a pair.

  • I feel attacked cuz I started the video as I was shitting. 1:32

  • I love how wren is in the background and you can see him copying everything

  • React to Michael Jackson music videos :)

  • Corridor Crew or Master Class? It's all the same now, and I love it!

  • 11:15 i didnt realize wrens reaction till this clip

  • My dad was an actor an he teaches me falls like through windows and stairs, backwards off a couch and these falls yet its been so long so I don't remember them but this can help

  • Wren in the background during the second flip😂

  • Learning how to fall is something everyone should do, you never know when you will take a spill. Flipped over the handlebars on my bike when I was a teenager and learning how to fall from TKD completely saved my helmetless head

  • You can't read my profle

  • "You guys are doing great for day one" They always say that. I wonder why.

  • cant believe stuntmen don't win awards

    • I feel like if they had awards for best stunts and stuff it would cause people to want to do crazier stunts and ultimately cause more injuries

  • I love Gui, he's so sweet to the guys yet tells them when enough's enough. Good guy

  • Graphical user interface

  • Please react to fan made dragon Ball live action

  • You guys should react to the falls in Home Alone. Some of the ones down the icy steps look pretty nasty

  • Doing gymnastics and pole vault we always learned how to fall first! We learned how to do the back one

  • They need to do a stuntmen/animation cross over with Gui where they look at Jackie Chan Adventures.

  • This is so wholesome. : )

  • "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." The force that pushes Clint off the step also pushes the step away from Clint, and they're not heavy enough or stable enough to withstand it. They'll flip out from underneath him, and he'll be falling without control. That's also without taking into account the fact that he's falling from a higher point without having practiced it. From wanting to be a stunt performer when I was young, to working as a professional wrestler, my tips to remember when taking falls is: 1) Tuck your chin 2) Land on the meaty bits, not the boney bits 3) Land on the biggest part possible (eg: the whole forearm, not just the elbow or the hand) 4) Tuck your chin 5) The part you land on should have flexibility to move (eg: landing a front fall with your upper arm rigid and perfectly vertical will force your humerus up into the shoulder socket. This can split the scapula and clavicle apart, and in my case also tore my rotator cuff. This is known in the medical profession as "having a bad time". At 11:28 Gui's in the perfect shape, as his elbows and knees are pointing outward. There's flexibility available in his hips and shoulders to help disperse the impact rather than absorb it). 6) Tuck your chin

  • Master chief was watching 12:41

  • Hey guys, different element to stuntman react: assessing ufc fights or other sports to see how they could better take hits

  • I just noticed that clint isn't wearing the shoes he sponsored apart from the sponsored section. So that was a very good recommendation.

  • That isn't black panther. Thats (not really) black actor.

  • Great footage to use for a next video where you guys animate yourself gettin hurt 😝

  • it's the same techniques we use for martial arts.

  • Fuck that thumbnail is annoying, it's been in my recommended section for days now

  • These React videos are absolute class. You guys should get whatever the Internet version of the Oscars are. This is really insightful and you present the content, at the highest level. Congrats Corridor Crew - this is an example of how the Internet can be used to present great content. Thanks CC. Gui is always watchable and informative. A proper Gentleman.

  • more, i need more

  • After this: 9:27 I bought an exercise mat just to strive for Clint's flexibility.

  • so interesting to see the technique behind stunt falls

  • Nico's first hit made water come out of my nose

  • Does this mean we are getting a lot more stunt work in corridor videos?

  • I always wonder why movies featuring WWE wrestlers are so bad because pro wrestlers themselves know all of these moves

  • So many things these days are focusing on celebrity personality , these guys focus on the actual craft and skill involved in stunts, effects and animation, it is informative and has real substance, keep up the good work,

  • I love Gui's style of teaching, he reminds me of my old martial arts instructor. I used to train in Taekwondo had to learn most of the techniques that were shown here when I was younger. It's been almost 5 years since I've stopped training but I've never forgotten how to break a fall because of my instructor. He taught me how and why it's important, as well as explained the techniques in a way that made it easy to follow. That's what makes me appreciate how Gui teaches the guys. He's very clear on the do's and don'ts and prioritizes their safety over anything else.

  • (shoe ad) "there water Proof! water just beeds off them!" "you can wash them with water!" what?

  • Gui is a chill guy

  • ~7:00 caught myself in a quarter back then... didn't touch a board since I broke my shoulder in the bend

  • 9:19 That sponsor transition is pure Gold 👏 ... almost made me watch it! 😂

  • How do these guys always know when I’m on the toilet watching their videos?

  • I already knew it was gui before I clicked on this

  • Can ye do a stunt man reacts to the staircase fight in Casino Royal

  • 16:48 Wren getting his Alex from Clockwork Orange on.

  • Guy is the greatest

  • When you realize that Gui has the same haircut of Anthony Mackie.

  • My favourite stuntman!