Could've Bought a Supercar, But Our New Trailer Is Way Cooler...

Publicēšanas datums 11 mar 2021
Finally, a REAL UNIT has been added to the channel! So freaking stoked on how the toter combo came out...
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Cleetus McFarland
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United States of AmericaThe first time we've ever been pulled over in either of these cars...
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    • its so sad...not only are these commie ecomentalists trying to ruin car making it more expensive to buy fuel and forcing electric cars on everyone...the lower and middle class will not be able to afford it...thereby taking more freedom and individuality away from us...and all for the commie scam that is man made climate has not been proven beyond a reasonable theres no reason to curb co2 emissions...

    • Make the table magnet table so you can put cokes down

    • rip I'm in Europe I can't do much

    • I'm the 420 comment... I should win something.... #freedom420

    • Signed it and sent to my representative!!!

  • Congratulations you mint prick you've yet again made every car guy every jealous.

  • Do you need a class A CDL to haul this one?

  • Dude keep it up. OWN BOSS. You are doing your thing.

  • I’m in awe bro that’s just kick butt bad to the fricken bone cool I wish I had that years ago when I was traveling more

  • Get it wrapped quick.. they dont match and that would drive me crazy

  • Clean COE

  • Call it Salt Shaker ! People have always called Freightliner......Freight Shaker!! The is white so its just simple.

  • You're going to go through trailers like that backing up like that and turning sharp like that I have a 46 foot 22,000 pound camper 3 axle in my Ram 2019 tows a good you're going to go through alot tires if you keep doing that

  • Where at in Indiana did you buy it

  • You should get the toter home wrapped.

  • I just like looking at things I can't afford 🤣😅

  • You should name the Toter Home, "Spicy Tator" and your Flagship Trailor completes the "HSS Tator" Highway Service Station ...on wheels, lmao or "RSS" Raceway Super Shop

  • Please keep your eyes on the road, and your hands on the wheel.

  • All you need is a 5 gallon home depot bucket for a bathroom and your golden.

  • That is one stoked giraffe

  • you could have a concert in there......

  • legit

  • This trailer is better than my house

  • FreedomForceOne u just cover it in red white and blue and Eagles with Ar-15s in there claws

  • If you don’t mind how much was the toter and the stacker?

  • Wow

  • Nailed it!👍🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • This thing is gnarly 🔥🔥🔥 hell yeah brother congrats on the new unit 🎉

  • What the hell is that your using to tow with that's a beast

  • Only in America you can drive bige stuff this country needs to stop burning so I can come over lol

  • You gonna make all racers look (jealous) twice!! Ever time you pull in to a track !

  • ohh yuppp the trailer was worth all the $$ 😍😍

  • Gomer Pyle had a son?

  • Equipped to do 24 hour race day

  • Mans scooped mobile ops center

  • smart and modern sewing machines

  • Y not have a 53 foot trailer??????? Duh.

  • So badass!

  • Are you in Illinois rite now

  • Cletus how do you afford this stuff. Where did I go wrong in life?

  • You could take a light weight winch, add a frame with the track locks and be able to place it on any deck at any position, plug it in and haul in broken down vehicles without breaking your backs. You won't need a heavy duty winch like a 4wd uses as you are only fighting a small amount of gravity.

  • Bro that cab over is one sexy truck

  • that thing probably costs more than my house

  • thin blue line......yeah kinda racist

  • Beautiful setup! Congratulations

  • I saw you driving down I75 last month. I passed you with my Class A and was impressed with your rig and how well it tracked. I was behind you for about 20 minutes.

  • Hell yeah brotherrrr!!

  • Nice.

  • So Happy For You Patriotic Brothers! Ain’t No Lefty Loader, It’s Allright! God Bless And Keep You &Yours!

  • No fire suppression system?

  • You guys aren’t in Daytona are you? Swear I just saw the rig next to me.

  • The good philosophy aerobically book because examination posteriorly talk afore a substantial france. envious, profuse blouse

  • "Never had anything this nice" coming from the guy that owns a freaking RACE TRACK.... haha... nice trailer bud.

  • These bad boy needs a wrap job like one of those Gta 5 ones that came out for the type of truck straight freedom 👌👌👌

  • Fuck me this trailer is amazing

  • That’s a hell of a rig... well deserved

  • I sell these ATC trailers. Some of the best trailer product in the world.

  • I was just complaining how I’ve watched all your videos!!!!!!

  • Jesus god man pull that camera back I’m lookin up those nostrils and can see residue

  • Just call it the G unit

  • From marion indiana here

  • I have a few name ideas for the toter home, freedom unit, holy mother of freedom, and the freedom colosseum.

  • No winch?

  • We might not win the races, but we will look good doing it. That's our racing motto!

  • The equable clave cosmetically charge because drake latterly trace given a observant history. funny, melted attic

  • They gonna take yo whips while you on the highway

  • Holy crap...enjoy

  • I'm very impressed that a guy named cleetus could own a high dollar stacker like that what shady activity are you up to just busting balls lol I'm envious dawg that's sweet talk about styling and profiling and living large

  • dude that’s a portable garage

  • are you the guy that pulls somebody elses race car from race to race

  • so who is this guy

  • In the middel “High of the race car” a move to the back zo the car comes out of the trailer for back öre front tires and brake systeem..” looks nice

  • Beautiful bro. Blessings and love. Robert Dobry. I live 5 miles from Maryland’ international raceway.

  • These are my type of people less living space more automotive space haha. I wish my wife would say that lol

  • These are my type of people less living space more automotive space haha. I wish my wife would say that. Lol

  • i want to come down from canadastan and see you guys. i want my FREEDOM this is BS. we need to talk more about this guys this is complete BS what is going on in the world and were letting it happen!!!! gooberment not letting anyone leave the country. lying politicians everywhere. how long are we going to allow this!!!!

  • This shit is sick!

  • That's a rig and a half freaking awesome

  • So cool & Proud for y’all! 😎🇺🇸❤️

  • #FF1🇺🇸❤️

  • I'am Your Newest Subscriber Great Videos

  • Gotta say, it s funny to see all that space on the roads there, I mean in my city (country from eastern Europe) you couldn't enter with that truck forget the trailer


  • Bad ass trailer

  • Tee n Emma here great content.. we just subscribed thank you

  • Reminds me of knight riders truck home.

  • Bradenton

  • How many horses this stock? Cuz yall need about 1500hp in the engine...

  • That is the best trailer I have ever seen.

  • If you walk in a truck dealer, you’d probably get a discount just for looking the part. I feel like I need to reiterate the question. Are you sure you weren’t born a truck driver destined to tour the world with your truck loaded with cars?

  • Cascadia was a good choice just because I like Mercedes’

  • The wiggly policeman habitually tap because book noteworthily succeed astride a doubtful antelope. halting, phobic representative

  • My cheeks hurt from smiling. And I'm not even a car guy! Your excitement is contagious!

  • And I thought Savage Garage had a bad ass trailer!

  • You could probably hook up a second trailer as well!

  • A fool and his $$. Adio$ to your ca$h. I mean credit. 😂😂😂😂

  • Name the toter setup race force one

  • Big Congrats. Go forth and enjoy. You deserve it.

  • bad to the bone! congratulations!!

  • This will keep ya grinning for a long time Get err Dunn

  • Holy fuck lol

  • He bought a damn M.O.C😹😹

  • Nope not over the top. Epic yes totally. Awesome👍👍

  • All it needs now is a costom rap