Last Day Before Self-Quarantine in L.A.

Publicēšanas datums 18 mar 2020
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Niko, Wren and Nick explore Downtown LA to see what it's really like during the early days of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Is it really as bad as everyone is saying?
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  • dude they look like a biker gang lmao

  • All this feels like it was just yesterday, I hope we can end this soon

  • Looking back at this now is crazy. Seeing how people were making these huge lines and panic buying without any precautions like masks is otherworldly

  • The people on the street. So innocent. Not knowing what was to come.

  • 7:44 Florida be like

  • its interesting how mundane all of this is now

  • Me watching it in November wondering why he isn’t wearing a mask...

  • So, anybody still being cautious about the Coronavirus? I’m still am. I’m amaze how this is still going. I’m mean look at the cases and the deaths. Is still rising. After the market open up, some people believe is over and thus no reason to be precautions about it.

  • I was just getting home from 3 months in Malaysia at this time. Malaysians where so relaxed. Get back home and the shops where empty. so many panic buys.

  • Not to be rude but the guy at the table saying that he doesn’t care about it and he probably isn’t Wearing a mask right now is a very non smart idea

  • It’s funny how the got the fight clip from 9 news Aussie rep XD

  • Watching this 6 months later and we're all still in this mess! 🤬

  • This video feels like yesterday man

  • I feel bad for the dude complaining about big corporations getting everything. He had no idea how right he was.

  • "my immune system is fine" people like him are what spread the virus

  • 5 months later... no sign of stop

  • I wonder what that immune system guy thinks of it now

  • Oof. Watching videos like this, from like 47 years ago when all this started back in March, are so crazy. Everyone joked about this pandemic because none of us knew what to expect. Now, those with brains are trying to stay safe while the rest of the country is actively trying to doom us all...

  • I appreciate what you guys are trying to do here.

  • Ah... the good old days...

  • "That is something they say right? Six feet?" its so weird to think that only 4 months ago this stuff was not drilled in to your brain and now its like second nature

  • wouldnt have doubted for a second rando would have named a horror flick and christian some old 90s bit. wren i thought might have named something obscure.

  • What´s the point of this video if you dont respect the social isolation distance nor use masks?

    • This was made 4 months ago when it started

  • Strong immune system guy must have learnt his lesson

  • What a douche @ the I dont care guy

  • Is there an update on the current status of the guy with the super human immune system?

  • Does anyone know the I dont care guy and his current status?

  • I hope that dude at 7:45 is feeling it now

    • Especially Today the cases are rising a lot

  • Instead of using hand sanitizer you can just use Vodka

  • We need an update on immune system good enough guy where is he now let’s see

  • 7:56 i felt that

  • Looking at this video now 2 months into quarantine, it's so weird looking at how people were reacting then and how people are acting now

  • Will his immune system save him from my fists?

  • Besides the dude everyone is talking about in the comments this was a great video. Living in LA I've definitely seen these effects continue to play out over the last 2 months. Weird times we live in. Im glad you guys documented it in real time. Really adds to the seriousness of the situation

  • A little late to the party, but whatever... 11:06 "Please stay safe out there. Stay level-headed, mature, respectful, cautious. Together we can get through this without having a pandemic that causes a lot of issues for our health system, as well as our senior citizens. It's not about whether or not you get sick, it's whether or not the people who are vulnerable get sick, and we all wanna do our part and keep everyone safe." This is why I love Niko. That level-headedness he has is an awesome thing I wish everyone has during this crisis. And he calls out the "Immune Guy" with a non-condescending, matter-of-fact voice that calmly and effectively gets the message across. You guys are awesome. And thank you for the movie and series recommendations! (I love that Wren's was Knives Out, like dude, same, that movie was SOOOOOO GOOD!!! LOL)

  • that guy's reasoning is literally the problem. What an absolute idiot

  • Knives Out! its one of my favourite films

  • What are you guys riding!?

  • "That'll get you through the entire two weeks" That hurts...

    • it really does lmao

  • my tribute to the end of the video when naming movies: i have been watching ALL of the corridor crew channel videos starting from season 1 episode 1

  • The "I don't care" guy is actually stupid. not gonna lie, I just don't understand how people are so oblivious and know nothing about infectious diseases.

  • "my immune system is good enough" well body it's not just about you little life it's about everyone and it's not because you "might not" (when you get it you get sick 100%) get sick that you cant give it to others. i know that i kinda poorly phrased that but in short dont think about yourself think about others

  • Mi immune system is good enough no it is a dude you’re gonna die 😵😵😵

  • lol that guy has ZERO people who are susceptible in his immediate and extended family??? BS. What a jerk. he just doesn't care if they are

  • Wow this hits way harder only a month later...

  • Everyone is quoting the "My immune system is good enough. I don’t care." phrase but my big concern was he was "absolutely not" taking aNY precautions, like you wanna be a jerk and pretend that there's 0 chance of you or the ones you love getting it? fine, fuck you but you're not obviously not listening to reason so there's no point in trying to, bUT you're saying you are taking no precautions so that you don't spread it??? even if you were immune from getting the virus you can still easily spread by touching shit, touching others, getting to close to people, like hOW are you not taking ANY precautions, how can you be tHAT ignorant

  • I'm just getting around to watching this. A month later. I feel bad for ignoring all the serious and fascinating social elements BUT I must say that I'm glad Nick is also watching Kingdom and Kingdom is incredible. Go watch Kingdom.

  • interesting that the best poke restaurant in LA spells poke wrong (the 'e' should also have an accent)

  • What are the electric skateboards they are riding called?

  • I bet the guy not caring probably feels kinda dumb right now

  • 7:41 that guy has the same mindset I do. I don't acre

  • 'My immune system is good enough i don't care' Well, he doesn;t get it at all, what an idiot.

  • I dont think people use the toilet paper for wiping out their asses though you are free to let your imagination flow

  • The first guys “immune system” comment didn’t age well.

  • "My immune system is strong" I hope he has realised how much of a fucking idiot he looks like now.

  • What if this videos is the reason the bleach is going to be sold out 😂

  • That's my secret Cap... I'm always immune [coughs]

  • Long ago, my immune system was fine. Then, the Fire Nation attacked

  • My immune system was fine, then I took an arrow to the knee

  • Thanks for the entertainment while I workout from home. Speaking of movies: head over to ENH Studios Facebook for a post-cataclysmic movie of the day. Https://

  • I wonder where is that strong immune guy now lol.

  • Can you react to Brad Pitts CGI in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button PLEASE

  • so you can't s-knees?😁

  • You don’t have to sneeze. Just breathing is also ways to get contaminated.

  • Came here again just to watch 7:45 and wonder if this guy still has that same ‘i dont care’ attitude

  • That guy who told about "immune system" right now must be with the coffin dancers!

  • What's ironic is the virus got started in a very similar market area

  • There was a asshole with the last name Colvin that went all around my area an bought up TP, Hand sanitizers , wipes etc ... Bought it all up .. turned around sold it on amazon for big $$$ ... I hope he gets the damn virus...

  • Immune systems can't fight diseases they don't recognize

  • "i don't care" he is extremely wrong to think like that... but I'd imagine he was just (very) ignorant, rather than selfish. Younger, probably a little insecure like many people and felt the need to "flex" when approached by a stranger. Probably an instinct, not exactly desirable, but I don't think there was anything malicious meant. If you shown him these comments, I'd be surprised if he didn't feel bad and regret what he said. Just wanna put it in another light. People say dumb naive things all the time and maybe, it is also naive to misinterpret and shame them like you just looked into their soul and saw all their deepest beliefs and values.

  • This panic the mainstream media is causing can have a way worse consequence than the virus itself; actually it's ALREADY happening. There are people losing jobs, having mental issues and committing suicide specifically because of this panic. We must take care of our elders and take precautions, but the effect this virus has, is way less aggressive than the panic media is showing. Did they think this would affect the economy so much that people wouldn't vote for Trump? Lol this is bs. In times like this, leaders have a very good chance to actually INCREASE their public acceptance and sometimes even pass legislations that the congress didn't want to, just by using the "it's for combating the virus" argument. But it's also a VERY good chance for leaders to implement a tyrannical regime, since the panic the media is causing, can make people even give up on their fundamental rights that they would die for, like liberty, in the name of "security". It's scary.

  • from a graphic designer in VietNam! been bench watched you guys for the last week and it's been very inspirational what you guys are doing both professionally and personally! so yea, keep trooping through this shit times!

  • everyone is talking about the first guy being an ass, but why is no one talking about how everyone is forced to be in a line right next to each other to get into a store?

  • 0:06 he's no longer alive :v

  • Can we find the dude in the begining and ask how is he doing?

  • That dude is gonna get hit by some insane Karma.

  • 99% of the comments: stupid immune system guy 1% of the comments: huh. with their matching Corridor Crew jackets, Niko, Wren, and Nick look like they are a biker gang.

  • Quarantine: *exist* Toilet papper: *out of stock* Me as a indonesia from filipine family pepople: hahaha i have train all my live for this

    • erlangga-fabian wiping your ass with your hand?

  • That fucking ignorant fuck needs to catch to see how dangerous it is

  • Man: My Immune system is fine People: thinking “well I’m gonna go now”

  • Them riding on skate boards and talking so eloquently is now crowned as THE best thing.

  • Do you have family that could be susceptible? No Press X to doubt.

  • It turns out you were wrong. You can in fact breath it in. It can stay airborne for up to 3 hours.

  • Stupid video

  • h p

  • Smash through all of Miyazaki's film's, rinse and repeat

  • What where those skateboards that they where using and are they easy to use?

  • Guys, I just watched Upgrade based on your recommendation. Absolutely loved it. Thanks. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

  • Here's a meme about that guy

  • I 3d printed this they use p3 filters and are really cool

  • The strong immune guy system guy kinda reminds me of Kai the hitchhiker🤣

  • Idky but I trust whatever Niko says 😂

  • The guy does not have relatives, only friends.

  • who here thinks that guy in the intro is a statistic by now?

  • These are strange times we're living in. Glad to see you guys taking precautions. Stay safe everyone.

  • Thug life 7.40 🤣🤣

  • 0:11 It’s this ignorance that’s gonna kill people

  • You could tell that when Nick asked the IDC guy, when he said 'interesting' in response to him saying he doesn't you could hear almost like a frustration and/or disappointment in Nick's voice

  • If Ur in India u will be get beaten by sticks as they say they working for u can't stay inside they literally beating u

  • Wait so, if people spread it to elders, they basically just killed them