EP#34 | Why Machine Learning is the "Thought" of Civilization (Computer, Monkey, and Human Intel)

Publicēšanas datums 31 jan 2020
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Niko, Sam, Clint, and Jake discuss what makes machine learning different from computer learning in the past, and how that learning could be conceived of as the "mind" of civilization.
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  • After listening to Niko speak for several minutes, I thought that I had the playback speed set to x2! It wasn't xD

  • AI throws together things created by humans, that sound contextually correct but make no real sense. I'd like to argue that humans do the same in that, a lot of what we create comes from either real life experience or our processing of other people's creations. The difference between AI and us is that we're better at making it all make actual sense, probably because we're usually trying to say something with it. We'll have a point to make. -Tim Burton talks about being a weirdo in a world of conventions. -Douglas Adams talks about the insignificance of humans in an incomprehensibly huge universe. -Joss Whedon makes families out of misfits etc... The AI doesn't. It makes something up from all of it's personal experience but it's so limited to one thing, it can't contextualize it to anything else. And it's not trying to make sense of it either. We're born with some pre-loaded things (breathing, eating, surviving, and probably more thing that we don't really think or know about), and a bunch of sensors pointed at the world. An AI is born with nothing but a comparing program and a couple sensors like how to read a .jpeg or a .txt file. I can't wait to see someone try to give all the same senses we have to a robot and pre-load it with a couple things we have. Empathy feels like something to pre-load too. I don't know if it's pre-loaded in us but it should be in a robot. Rather than leave it to chance that it might develop spontaneously.

  • The AI paranoia is funny to me. Even if we reach a point where an AI is considered a living thing it will still have to live within the laws of it's given country. It would be as likely to "take over the world" as a real human. I feel like the scifi world has given too much power to this fear.

  • Hay guys, I need to use ur collective brain. I'm learning vfx, starting at the mesh then onward to every other thing blah blah. My question is what would be the most valuable group of skills from your collective point of view, what do u use the most? I rely respect u dudes clearing the way for avg Joe's like myself and showing ppl what is possible. Good job guys

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks about society as an organism and humans as cells. Edit: I just started noticing how Niko says “draey-gon”

  • Interesting! I am a master AI student myself. You are definitely on the right track, but there are some fundamental issues with how you explain the current state of AI. I would love to help you out with that. Don't hesitate to reach out to me! :)

  • If you guys have not seen the library of babel, you need to look it up. not the book, but the website...a guy created an algorithm such that there is literally a page with every possible combination of letters. Your name, birth date, and a description of your birth exist in there...multiple times. it's really cool how he designed it and came up with everything. Kind of unrelated, I know, but some of the conversation reminded me of it...

  • The LVcd algorithm is NOT good at showing me the videos I want to see. It is only capable of showing me videos with similar subject matter to previously watched videos. The Google search algorithm is straight broken. It is very difficult to find accurate information due to them tampering with it so much to make the results fit their worldview. LVcdr's search suffers from this even more.

  • Do more of these stuff

  • Niko needs to check out Geoffrey West's book scale. To quantify how correct and crazy that idea is

  • Can't wait for AI to develop to the point where it can analyse this episode and generate another hour or 2 of conversation. Enjoyed watching but the time format seems a bit short for you guys to discuss topics that are this interesting with a satisfying level of depth, let it go longer and I'm sure people will respond positively.

  • TEAM JAKE! haha any government needs to guarantee human free will and sovereignty - or you'll have a moral crisis... or a crisis of meaning in that society. AI should only ever be used as a tool - not as a replacement for humans.

  • Am I part of the 1%

  • Literally can't get enough of everything the Corridor Crew are putting out there. Keep up the great work guys. Much love from the UK.

  • Have y'all thought about how thinking on the podcast effects the thoughts you are about to think? Think of the thought.

  • My fear about ai, which is already a bit of a reality, is that with the vast amount of social media data we have, we use it to essentially break the human psychology. Making it extremely easy to manipulate mobs of people.

  • Jake nailed it at highlighting the issue with the click-based economy of the internet. We really need to move away from it before it collapses. Something more structured that wont just run the internet monetization to the ground when click-revenue stops working

  • Love the topic on this one. I'm working as a Software Engineer professionally while going for my Masters in Computer Science with a focus on Machine Learning right now. I've thought for a long time that you guys could benefit from a programmer on the team! (Since the phone picture battle royale esque game). Niko (or whoever) should take a look at GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), as they're a super interesting topic in the field currently, and as a follow up check out StyleGAN.

  • Now the entire crew will be talking bout reinforcement learning :D

  • 23:03 This is the setting for season 3 of Westworld. Humanity is run by a central computer system that has so much data it can predict the future, that is until Dolories changes the game.

  • I hear you guys keep mentioning you restocked all your notes. I really would like you to bring you back the glow-in-the-dark skeleton Corridor shirt did not get a chance to get one would really like one please and thank you

  • Brilliant podcast. Why doesn't every LVcd video have a $Tip button on it so that we can show we appreciate it? Streams have that, and they aren't even edited. By the way, Andrew Yang is going to shock the world tomorrow (February 3rd) by placing much higher in Iowa than anyone expected. In case anyone doesn't know, Andrew Yang's core platform is based on the idea that automation and AI are taking more and more jobs (e.g. agricultural and industrial automation, Amazon and robotics/self-checkout etc. displacing retail, self-driving trucks and Ubers, AI radiologists, etc. etc.) and that we will need a universal basic income to keep people afloat (paid for with a Value Added Tax on giant tech companies like Amazon and Google, or AI/robot work units, etc.). In fact, the idea is that we should be able to leverage technology to transition from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset, where the machines work for us rather than us working for the machine. Yang won the Iowa Youth Caucus and has the best betting line to beat Trump head-to-head.

  • I had a thought what if a.i became so advanced that it could change the movie industry by making there own moives. C.G.I and all making the perfect block busters every time.

  • Keep it up guys! Great podcasts

  • Hey, imma give you guys a suggestion on the merch: Mouse pad

  • I like how this podcast slowly got more interesting the deeper you got into the topic. That's why I feel like a long format works better especially for extremely complex topics like machine learning. Great podcast anyway :)

    • I agree I miss the one hour podcasts, I understand they have done this format so they can upload more podcast to achieve there goal. But longer podcasts as you said above can allow everyone to delve deeper in specific topics instead of getting cut off by a 30min timer.

  • could we have a podcast only talking about NODE and whats happening with it?

  • 30 minutes of recap from the last time you guys talked about AI. 6 minutes of actual interesting conversation quick cut off.

    • That's why they need a longer format. Podcast was just getting interesting.

  • kinda feel like putting a timer or a 30 min goal on a podcast topic makes the speaker feel rushed to get out their thoughts instead of just talking about a topic w/o the rush. anyone else agree? not asking for 1.5hr long podcasts, but maybe like 45 mins. critiques are dime a dozen....

  • Hey I know you guys are trying to keep these short so you can pump out episodes weekly, but dang that was just getting good! Please continue that conversation in a part 2!

  • Clint has a good point, you guys do need an in-house programmer.

  • I would love it if you all talked about how you came into the visual effects world. Your previous education, how you all met, what things you are learning now, plans for the future (for the channel and personally) and what you would recommend for anyone looking to do similar work.

    • They did a video like that.. I think its on the Crew channel.

  • 25:40 niko is wrong, machine learning can create things out of nowhere. Check out GANs. It’s basically 2 neutral networks fighting at each other. One is trying to create a thing and the other is trying to guess if that thing was created by the other network, or was a ground truth thing. And then the two networks start learning until the second network can’t recognize the fake from the truth

  • The channel Two Minute Papers is where I get my machine learning news.

  • I’m enjoying these shorter more bite sized podcasts. Keep it up!

  • One of my favorite podcasts, love the stuff The A.I stuff was pretty interesting 👌

  • With that AI making decisions its the human spontaneity that goes missing with it.

  • #Trewton

  • I've mentioned it before in a comment and I'll mention it again. You guys need to read or listen to 'Life 3.0'. It will truly open your mind about AI superintelligence. It's a great book. Half the stuff went over my head and I need to listen to it again, but it has some truly eye-opening theories and explanations.

  • Super interesting!

  • Someone needs to break it to Jake that there is no concrete scientific or philosophical argument in favor for the existence of free will.

    • The uncertainty principle and the limitation of how much we can physically know before effecting the particles simply by observing them as exemplified by the double slit experiment leaves a fundamental 'slot' of randomness and probability that some people (including physicists, scientists, and engineers) believe may seat free will.

  • Niko, If I wanted to be happy 24/7 I’d inject heroin or something. Giving all of humanities decision making over to computers is a terrible idea. You’d create a society of fat happy zombies, think wall-e. Also, my perfect utopia is different than yours, and it’s probably different than a computers too. How can a computer decided what I do and don’t want? Like jake said, if we hand over all these responsibilities over to a computer we hand over what it means to be human, choosing how we’re ruled, what wars to fight or back down from, etc. The journey of a human is a journey of struggle, I think eliminating this would destroy what makes our species so great.

    • I don't think AI wouldn't eliminate any freedom. It would just make things easier and more efficient for us like our own brains do. The idea Niko brought up about all the cells in a body rang pretty true in my mind because humans are just like cells of the earth organism. And for us humans, the brain allows the whole system to do complex tasks, move around, etc. But with that being said, I don't think that eliminates the 'free will' of our individual cells. Cells usually 'listen to' the brain signals they receive whether they're conscious of them or not, because it results in a working, complex organism. I'd like to think that we can still interact and do fun things, as well as obey our AI overlord :)

  • im so happy the podcast is coming weekly!!!

  • 31:45 I'm sorry but the only thing going through my mind is just "thE MitOcHoNDria iS tHe POwEr hOuSE of thE Cell"

  • Haha i love this ending

  • When do I start and which closet should I start coding in? #crewton

  • Hey Niko! you'll love RUNWAYML it's a machine learning "appstore" for creators. runwayml.com/

  • if you want to see an ai communist government go watch Psycho Pass!

  • I feel like they always cut Clint short.

    • @Michael Musson I don't have the same option but regardless, they should respect Clint's space to talk

    • Clint is very inarticulate and they're trying to keep these podcasts short and absent of dead air now

  • finally another crew episode! after the last one i thought it'd be another half year break lol.

  • Oh and I'll repeat myself, but, speaking of AI and ML, if anyone's into AI or wants to get into it, check out a free 6-week course on AI, ML, Neural Networks etc. from the University of Helsinki, it's called Elements of AI. Not an ad and I'm not affiliated, just a cool free thing I've been meaning to plow through myself.

  • Sam Tesla has a bitch mode it is called Mad Max

  • It is pretty interesting how Niko sees evolution of things in general. The logic goes from camera use, legal discussions to the future of AI. I'd love to hear you guys making speculations exercises 100 years on! How humans will tell stories, how ubiquitous will technology be. Things like it.

  • A.I government might not be a bad idea. Or at least the A.I could run everything based on efficiency and then a human could weigh the options.

    • Do I hear an AI uprising? Make sure you set AI rights to Citizens or they might drain your economy

  • can anyone explain me the game of life i have been binging corridor for 2 weeks and i dont get it please explain

    • thanks I get it now 👍

    • So the Game of Life is a game you must first agree to take part, then you play for Life. The point of the Game is to catch or trick a player into saying the word 'mine' on camera. The punishment is ten push ups ON THE SPOT. However, if payment is stalled interest will quickly increase (see Jake and his 160,000(?) debt). On the flip side, one hundred push ups grants you one credit.

    • Might wanna check out r/outside

    • muralidharan amaresh basically if you say the word ‘mine’ you have to do push ups. Does that help?

    • muralidharan amaresh if you say ‘mine’ you need to do push-ups

  • Really enjoying these podcasts. Would love to hear a bit more about D/Brandon and Node... Seems like that channel has made a hard turn and I think many of us are unsure about the future of the channel

    • Would be cool to hear about the turmoils of launching the game and how it's doing in general for sure.

  • Love you guys, but I need more people to understand that the word 'niche' is pronounced 'neesh'. Seen multiple prominent youtubers mispronounce this lately and it got me googling the pronunciation to reaffirm my worldviews lmao

  • Hey Niko! To your point that machine learning can't create new things: have you seen Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs)? Paintings created by this ML have been sold for ~400k! :D A little different from the painting selling GAN but still awesome: NVIDIA's demo: GAUGAN pix2pix demo

    • Also Sam's unexpected answer to the color of the sky is a perfect example of noise in training data. Something that is very common in real world deep leaning applications.

  • It's really great to listen to all of your. great work and hope you'll stay consistent with podcasts ;d

  • Yes

  • Hey i have a few ideas. Once a week go in the podcast studio for 2 hours or 4 and shoot 4~8 30 min episodes.with different shirts. Also i would love to see you interview your top patreon peeps. I lobe this show. My son who is 6 wants to know if u have anything in kids. Like shirts.

  • Hey! Sam Hodge (creator of rotobot) is a wizard VFX artist. He has done some great work and is very open about it. I would actually like you to get in touch with him and maybe interview him on the podcast! He would be super open to talk to you guys about it. Just the way he takes the time to write me to get some feedback for rotobot (witch I use for previz) shows how open minded and willing he is for collaboration!

  • You guys should talk about the new state of node and the departure of brandon

    • Harshhaze He left node

    • Did Brandon leave Corridor (SLZ) or are you talking about Rocket Jump?

  • C O N S I S T E N C Y

  • Also patreon hangout tonight! Happy Friday y'all.


  • 3 casts in 3 weeks, Jake is winning 2020

    • Jake is doing great, but Andrew Yang is going to win 2020 actually.

  • Was literally going to find a podcast while doing a rotoscoping job and this updated in my subscriptions #crewton

    • What would crewtons go into? Dude Salad? Sa(m and Niko)lad

    • @SR3 PRODUCTIONS Niko: *Talks about rotoscoping bot* Me: *Is a rotoscoping bot*

    • Literally the exact same thing as me! They should rename it the Rotoscope Podcast haha

  • pumping out those podcasts fast

  • Whoa! new Corridor Cast!!

  • Yeet great podcast

  • Love the podcast you guys are LVcd legends I've been a huge fan for years. Please never stop making content and please do more Node videos and more airsoft videos please.