VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 34

Publicēšanas datums 10 okt 2020
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Wren, Niko, and Clint are back on the couch to break down some of the best (and worst) VFX in Hollywood!
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  • When a light saber turned on in star wars episode 1

  • Can you do bloodshot with vin deisel?

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • Jesus, the Casper scene where he swaps faces in front of the mirror scared the hell outta me as a kid.

  • Casper still looks good in 2021 tbh


  • Can you guys fix the Birdemic movie or maybe some shots to make it look better?

  • Please make a reaction video of vfx on movie SAHO. IT'S from india. Alao say if the vfx is good or bad of it's budjet

  • The CGI that first really blew my mind was Love, Death, Robots on Netflix. Just to see how they those stories blew my mind big time. I've rewatched it a few times and it still amazes me.

  • You can be cool in the winter or warm in the summer. Alright I'll just go outside

  • You should make an R-rated Flubber - the climax where the flubber goes into the professors mouth and bounces out of him.

  • Yep I made a movie. At some point you just have to go do that seemingly impossible thing. Even if it sucks. BTW mine doesn't suck, much, and it has stunts and vfx :)

  • please react to this awesome movie en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freejack

  • Can you guys react to the beginning web slinging scene from the amazing Spider-Man 2? Unless you guys have already looked at it.

  • VFX that blow my mind are Corridor VFX

  • Recreate the flubber scene?

  • I don't know if it counts, but 6 year old me was blown away by the opening scene with the Lamborghini in Speed Zone.

  • 9:12 I’m just gonna put that there

  • first VFX that blew my mind was in Alrnold's Predator

  • I love when my shoes are made out of vegans! Thank you for telling me about these shoes! :D

  • react to Ratatoing

  • I dont need some shoes my present is a pair of shoes so no thanks

  • First stop motion doll movie I got hooked on is "The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix" a Norwegian movie from 1975 created by Ivo Caprino. The second movie was Star Wars episode 4, and there where two scenes. One is the hologram of Princess Leia, and the second one was when the Millennium Falcon took off, I know that's not the most advanced shot in the movie, but it was what stuck in a young head.

  • Was blown away by the wide shots of the battle of helm's deep and pelenor fields in the lord of the rings. Specifically that the animators, were able to program thousands of tiny soldiers and monsters to fight, and move, and react individually

  • You guys have to see Coma - 2019 (russian SF movie)!!! Pretty cool movie.

  • you guys should reach to killer bean by left lew ( worked on the matrix, transformers, x-men

  • I love the fact that Robin Williams was a fan of anime, including Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, and GITS.

  • You guys should react to Day of Reckoning (2016) and try to fix it.

  • Wdym, that CGI in birdemic is the best looking CGI I’ve ever seen

  • I didn't know flubber was a scary movie

  • When i was a kid i thought that casper was a real ghost

  • The cold wasp specially decide because education nally plug round a uppity plier. tart, drunk winter

  • I miss Robin Williams so much..I started to cry when I came from school to hear the news...YOU WILL BE MISSIED!!

  • the first vfx that blew my mind, was Jurassic park, and then Independance day, it was these films that got me into Caligari True Space, then later 3DS Max.

  • Flubber came out when I was a kid and it absolutely mesmerized me :-) So well done

  • Hey. Please watch the Russian film 28 Panfilovs

  • They react to Power Rangers. All versions. The original 90's version show and movie, The HollyWood Remake with Bryan Cranston, and Power/Rangers. And also do a Stuntmen react to Power Rangers!

  • I to this day do not know how the airlock shot in 2001 space odyssey was done when the dude is coming back into the ship from the pod.

  • I whached The Absent Minded Professor 1961 in Tehran Iran it was so cool and very Romantic movie

  • The first VFX shot that actually blew my mind as a kid was from the 1997 movie Contact. In the climax of the movie when Ellie gets sent through an Einstein Rosen Bridge, I remember being absolutely mesmerized. It was one of the few instances that I was truly captivated toward a movie and the scene where she gets downloaded into a fictional scene of Pensacola talking to the alien taking the form of her father really added that cherry on top of the cake for me.

  • Yes 100% vegan shoes. Time to eat, nom nom nom

  • Review Telugu movie ' Anji'

  • I sweat nightmare before Christmas came out in the early 2010s, I don't remember it existing before then

  • Please do THUNDERBOLT FANTASY it combines Puppeteering and CGI

  • Robin Williams stuck his face in the flubber. Jokingly: The vfx artists must've had a heart attack. Seriously: They did! They died! They all died!

  • "I miss Robin Williams." We all do, mate. We all do.

  • Can you maybe look at the Christmas Chronicles 2 movie

  • the domino shot in Robots always threw me for a loop when i was younger, could you look at that one?

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

  • You should definitely do the never ending story!

  • "If you wanna make movies your first one's not gonna be good, it's gonna suck. So get it done, get it out and make the second one" The fact that this doesn't transition into them reacting to Birdemic 2 makes me feel really disappointed

  • So weird how few movies these production guys have seen.

  • The scene in Bicentenial man where Robin Williams is having a human face sculpted onto his robot face amazed me beyond belief

  • May Robin Williams rest in ✌

  • I haven't seen Casper in at least 20 years and I forgot how good that movie was.

  • first vfx shot that blew my mind was indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark - melting skull

  • Yas talk about the never ending story I've been recommending it for a while :D

  • A VFX shot that blew my mind was Stuart little. Please I've been asking a while

  • Birth of the Sandman from Spider-Man 3.

  • The first vfx shot that blew my mind was the fight between the spino and the rex in Jurassic Park 3.

  • I love Niko, he seems to be the only one that has watched anything, hahaha.

  • Shaolin Soccer!!!

  • Rango (2011). Also, Steven Spielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

  • Now i feel bad for hating the dance scene from Flubber. I found it long a boring and unnecessary since childhood.

  • It would be Back to the Future and Star Wars for me. VFX from that movie was mindblowing.

  • Avatar movie has best VFX

  • Mayabazar kalyana samyal sadham song tamil(1957) Indian flim

  • Do Unvisible Monsters (2020)!!

  • 1.9m views and 6 commercials a pop. Think you guys could spring for some gourmet, organic, soy, vegan, and gluten free cookies. Oh yeah, the paid promotion in said video..nice.

  • I'm old... Jason And The Argonauts

  • The first FX shot that blew my mind (and terrorized me) was the melting face scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. I accidentally saw it when I was 3 years old, probably because my parents didn't expect that whole Ark sequence to happen. It probably affected me in more ways than I know!

  • Did anyone else hear 8Bitryan's outro during the sponsor?

  • Do back to the future.

  • Im not too sure but did they do vfx react on a movie called “Battery not included”?

  • Could you do a react to the tire burning smoke scene in the movie Ronin with Robert De Niro?

  • Please react to CGi in Enthiran 2.0 its just wow

  • Corridor, react to this: lvcd.info/watch/w9CmemaTa7l8g58/video.html

  • You guys should remake a scene from flubber

  • First memorable cgi I can remember is the hydra from hercules the tv series

  • You guys should react to the flying through the maelstrom and the forest fire scenes from Legend Of The Guardians next. Those two scenes were so well animated that they didn't even look like animation at all. Not to mention that the movie was directed by Zack Snyder. Yeah, that Zack Snyder.

  • could you guys do The Mask with Jim Carrey

  • Funny you ask that because it was Casper. I was born a year later after the movie came out and watched the vhs of it a million times, it was my favorite movie as toddler and first experience with vfx

  • the first movie with vfx I watched is probably lego movie because of the day I was born

  • Nice video! Idea: For this "Reaction" series, you could do BBC's Sherlock's "The Lying Detective" episode, there's a cool scene of imagining a kitchen in the middle of the street.

  • Always surprises me when you guys review a 90's film (that I grew up on) that I would think you are going to trash and you like it and point out all the great things and hard work (like Flubber) and I have a new appreciation for it. So thank you. Have you ever done Event Horizon or Con Air? From my recollection of those the special effects were rough even in 97 when they came out but I thought you guys would like to review.

  • Do the Sorcerer's Apprentice!

  • Tim Burton had nothing to do with Nightmare Before Christmas beyond writing the poem it is based on, the director is Henry Selick. Burton was doing Batman Returns.

  • You guys should try some stop motion 👍👍

  • The first VFX shot I saw was (Ammoru.1995 ) Water Lifting shot

  • can you guys react to any of KDA's newest music videos?

  • React to game of thrones!!

  • Lol did anyone else get a Casper Mattress ad on this video?

  • Actually, the first vfx shot that blew me away was the scene where clubber comes out of the pot. I was so confused how they did that.

  • I don't have an scene but the movie that blew my mind back then when I was youger was TRON (2010) I still love that movie

  • I died inside when he said he hadn't seen nightmare before Christmas

  • War of the worlds, the one with Tom cruise, was the first time I saw a movie and was just in awe of the VFX

  • Can you please react on SWAMP THING DC series?

  • Please react to sandstorm CGI scene of Mad Max Fury Road

  • watched the episode with the thing remakes, had to come here to cleanse my mental pallete before bed.

  • I had Casper on vhs. Seen it dozens of times, never even thought of the fact that’s CG. Wow, thanks.