I Built a Real GOD MODE Camera! (360° Drone Mod)

Publicēšanas datums 3 jūl 2020
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Wren uses an Insta360 ONE R camera to build an invisible drone that can record any angle!
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  • Love the video! Good luck with the giveaway everybody😎 If you guys want to see some One R FPV footage then go check out our latest video!

    • I have an insta360 one X and have made some super cool videos with other RCs but this is next level, with one of these new aerial additions I would first slap it on my Mavic Pro, see what happens, then get bored and design something like what the Corridor Crew has done here. I'd get a nice light aerial 3" quad and custom print a mount for this camera and make some footage like no one's ever seen before.

    • can you send me one of that cam or drone just asking if you can

    • Just some quick psychology the channel photo you have is not inviting try some greenish Colors

    • I would really like the opportunity to get that camera because before I watched this I watched the other video so please.

    • I feel like storror blog could do some amazing shots with a drone like that!!

  • White the 360 camera I would probably try it out on a stick then put it on a drone

  • nic vid

  • What would happen if you connected the goggles to the 360 camera? It would be sick if you could look around when flying.

  • so cool!

  • Dyytyyyyyyhhuggyhhhgggg

  • soo cool

  • Wren, build a UFO!

  • 12:40 Nice

  • if corona is not here, boi, we get content like these

  • Pls make 1hour long vid of dis I love deze shots

  • The Sears part is vertigo inducing. But cool footage.

  • Could not see scratches lol

  • wren: if you're a camera user that may break your heart phone users: yeah same

  • wren we're the same we can't find other things infront of ourselves oh and dora

  • I love Wren's videos. The things he gets excited about are the same things I get excited over, and I literally get shivers watching these videos. The transition is the shot at 16:42 is beautiful!! I would love to see more film makers use this.

  • Wren you should do this again but add some deployable feet so you can land it on the ground like normal.

  • 15:45 is one of the best shots, period. I love that kind of 360 aesthetic. inverting the world to make it look like a Halo rather than a globe. Man. That shit gets my mind going.

  • E

  • M

  • O

  • S

  • E

  • W

  • A


  • Wren can built anything. Seriously.

  • The scenes you have managed to capture for us were just straight breathtakingly beautiful. Thanks Wren we, love you & the rest of The Corridor Crew.

  • 15:43 best shot

  • I’ve never heard wren curse

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  • What parts did you use for your racing drone, Wren?

  • Imagine if a Karen saw the drone...

  • I LOVE the part that he flew the drone!!

  • Wrens best video to date love the 360 God mode dude good job plus only 1 AD on whole video wish the other guys would learn off Wren more plz

  • you can check out Insta360 Sticky Lens Guard from betafpv! Will save tons of your life!

  • Does anyone know the song they used for the drone footage in the end? :)

  • My head hurts just watching this

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  • Do you even game bruh? That is not God mode.... God mode is invincibility.... you are talking about "no clip"

  • this is a good video and you can't say otherwise

  • 12:51 how did he scratch both lenses? i thought it was an up-down configuration....

  • I don't think I've heard wren cuss like that lmao

  • How do i get paid to do this type of stuff??

  • Anyone know the song name?

  • minecraft players be like: nooooo it's creative mode

  • 3:31 what fell anyway?

  • wonder if some spring loaded landing legs would be feasible, launch when theyre locked up to keep them out of frame and when youre ready to land rc a small latch to drop them all into a rigid landing position, id bet with a bit of creativity you could 3d print a light weight chassis

  • Logically if you have more of the 360 cameras you could possibly make a real working invisible suit like from the invisible Man

  • i dont see why he didnt use the mavick with legs because other than in the office, he never flew around people... [video topic i guess lol]

  • he said ____craft

  • Yo wren calm down at12:42

  • What kind of music is this I really like it 15:15

  • I am so in love with the video and the music

  • just came to watch wren's 360 montage because it's so good.

  • What about collapsible legs that you can extend for landing but retract for flying

  • Hello guys I might need help from people who are drone freaks, basically we bought a sailing boat and we want to do some filming. Does anyone know what drone you could advise for something like that

  • 7:42 Someone.....a dedicated fan....needs to go through every video...and make a compilation of Wren's best -moments- *sounds*

  • Is anyone here also in November of 2020? Lol

  • The skill, passion and dedication that you all put into everything you do is honestly one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I want to know each and every one of you (and in a way I feel like I do to a point) in a way that both allows me to grow and expand my skills and also to experience that growth with other people (really the only people I know) that are just as passionate about doing this kind of stuff as I am. Overcoming challenges, finding ways to get over obstacles, and STILL producing AMAZING content along the way. The next time you all put out an editor/BTS/creator/VFX call, I'm going to put my ALL into any submission that is called for. I've lived in Texas my entire life, and I'm honestly afraid to move away from it because my family, and everybody I know is here. I'm VERY uncomfortable flying too, But you all should BEST believe, that if you were to extend an invitation to me to even come and say HI, I would DROP everything I've got going on and head STRAIGHT there, with NO hesitation. I'm in LOVE with EVERYTHING you do, the people you are, the commeradery (spelling?) that you all have, the unification for the singular cause of making inspiring, fun, funny and impactful videos, the struggle with tight deadlines, ALL of it. Working with you all would be what I consider to the PINNACLE of achievements, the HIGHLIGHT of my entire life, as dramatic as that sounds. One could say it's at the top of my bucket list, I'm serious. I've never been this invested with a cause that I'm not a part of in my whole existence, and that's what makes me sure that, as silly as it may be, you guys are IT for me, LOL. I love you all, and I hope that if nothing else, reading this and the other equally as long comment I just sent is an encouragement to keep doing what you're doing. All the luv-- Taylor (AKA, BeamtUp)

  • I've said it before and I'm compelled to say it again (in a different way). When I first saw this footage I was BLOWN aWAY by not only the footage itself, but the music that was chosen for this sequence. I've always been a HUUGE believer in the power of music in videos, and have employed that philosophy in my own videos as well. When I pick a track that I know I can film the appropriate footage to, I ALWAYS get chills when I put it together in a way that compliments that music AND footage in the perfect way. When I saw this video, when that track started playing with the AMAZING footage that it was put to, it deeply touched and impacted me in the exact same way that those few gems of mine I've put together touched me, it evoked EMOTION, it gave me CHILLS, it made me misty-eyed as I watched the finished product on my monitor while I thought "GodDAMN this is SUCH a GOOD ONE!". In this case it was so much so that I went hunting through the comments looking for the name of that track because I KNEW that THAT song was one that I wanted to use for MY OWN epicly appropriate vids, that I haven't even created yet but I know that THIS track, is what I want to save for the SPECIAL vid, the one that is not only unique, but a BANGER in my eyes/ears. Despite (and not forgetting) all the BADASS videos that y'all have made on the Corridor channel, for the reasons stated above, THIS one has been branded into my neurons as one of the timeless ones, one of the ones that inspired me the MOST and gave me the BIGGEST sense of potential. When I find and/or film the footage/vlog/video that I KNOW is one of the "hero" vids, one of the EPIC ones, THIS track at the end is the one I will use (courtesty of Epidemic Sound, naturally XD) to REALLY bring that feeling and emotion home, and when I do, I'm DEFINITELY going to cry while making and watching whatever video that may be before I post it. THAT'S when I know that my project is one of the most meaningful ones, one of the "greats", and one that I will reserve jewel tracks like "All For Me" for; Only the BEST, and only the greatest. I love ALL of you, dammit! XD Thank you SO much for the inspiration and the teaching, and in a way, the RESOURCES that push and drive me to broaden my horizons and hone the same craft that all of you are already so prolificly BADASS at. Stay beamin', Corridor Crew ❤❤❤😂😭😄🖖

  • All right Take off! *crashes* F**king serisly

  • we all swore with wren at that point

  • It's fuckingg so satisfactying

  • 8:10 best studio tour ever

  • Why does wren swearing hurt me so much

  • This Fucken video is exactly why wren is my favorite his talent surprises me more and more

  • if you not think about this covid and bad things the world is so beautiful the world is amazing

  • wow

  • you should post the result as one video

  • Is it me or is this my first time hearing wren cuss like I always thought he was like a father who says he has never cussed in his life

  • where is that sears building located, pretty cool old building

  • My brain cannot comprehend what is happening with this footage

  • If anyone wanna know the name of the song he used in the 360 footage montage it's: Swif7 - All For Me.

  • I loved that footage it was beautiful made me happy

  • You'd think Wren would lick and put less things in his mouth with a nurse as his wife lol

  • So basically a drone

  • In minecraft its creative mod its for gaint building helping friend with unlimited recource in garry's mod its no-clip yo can fly throw blocks or sphere wall and even the map and yeah the bullets will hurt you even when you in n0-clip mode also there a god mode option!

  • estuvieron geniales muy buen piloto sentí que estaba hay volando

  • What's with the huge US flag? 😰🤢

  • Wren's racing drone sounds so cute but the propeller is very dangerous

  • 8:35 just press it....

  • were would I be able to find the thingiverse file

  • Did wren say “f***”? Lol

  • That Sears building shot is seriously unpleasantly disorienting. The rest is really cool though. I guess you just gotta have a big padded landing area.

  • Carole&Tuesday skate!

  • some adjustment maybe for the mount to avoid scratch, but onewheel hill climbing try use EUC (electric unicycle) like what i use.

  • Yes


  • Oof for the scratched lens but the video looks awesome!

  • This is a great improvement on drone cams!!!!!!!!!!

  • Who else got the virdigo effect and wanted to puke.😨🤢🤮

  • 12:00 might be the only time I've heard Wren say any variation of the word "fuck"

  • Why did he eat the cam

  • Many Zou can do landing gear that retrieves

  • Corridor looks like the best place to work at, I wish I could have a workplace like theirs :(

  • Please upload a proper 360 degree video like this.

  • Anyone know how to access his Thingiverse account with the 3D models he mentions at 17m48s ??

  • Oh god they forgot to blur out Wren saying fuck, they’re totally demonetized now Edit: don’t hate on me, I’m making fun of youtube, not them, I love these guys

  • Massive question, the last part during the drone edit, what song was it sounds great, the video was lit by the way