I Built a Real GOD MODE Camera! (360° Drone Mod)

Publicēšanas datums 3 jūl 2020
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Wren uses an Insta360 ONE R camera to build an invisible drone that can record any angle!
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  • Love the video! Good luck with the giveaway everybody😎 If you guys want to see some One R FPV footage then go check out our latest video!

    • I have an insta360 one X and have made some super cool videos with other RCs but this is next level, with one of these new aerial additions I would first slap it on my Mavic Pro, see what happens, then get bored and design something like what the Corridor Crew has done here. I'd get a nice light aerial 3" quad and custom print a mount for this camera and make some footage like no one's ever seen before.

    • can you send me one of that cam or drone just asking if you can

    • Just some quick psychology the channel photo you have is not inviting try some greenish Colors

    • I would really like the opportunity to get that camera because before I watched this I watched the other video so please.

    • I feel like storror blog could do some amazing shots with a drone like that!!

  • you should post the result as one video

  • Is it me or is this my first time hearing wren cuss like I always thought he was like a father who says he has never cussed in his life

  • where is that sears building located, pretty cool old building

  • My brain cannot comprehend what is happening with this footage

  • If anyone wanna know the name of the song he used in the 360 footage montage it's: Swif7 - All For Me.

  • I loved that footage it was beautiful made me happy

  • You'd think Wren would lick and put less things in his mouth with a nurse as his wife lol

  • So basically a drone

  • In minecraft its creative mod its for gaint building helping friend with unlimited recource in garry's mod its no-clip yo can fly throw blocks or sphere wall and even the map and yeah the bullets will hurt you even when you in n0-clip mode also there a god mode option!

  • estuvieron geniales muy buen piloto sentí que estaba hay volando

  • What's with the huge US flag? 😰🤢

  • Wren's racing drone sounds so cute but the propeller is very dangerous

  • 8:35 just press it....

  • were would I be able to find the thingiverse file

  • Did wren say “f***”? Lol

  • That Sears building shot is seriously unpleasantly disorienting. The rest is really cool though. I guess you just gotta have a big padded landing area.

  • Carole&Tuesday skate!

  • some adjustment maybe for the mount to avoid scratch, but onewheel hill climbing try use EUC (electric unicycle) like what i use.

  • Yes


  • Oof for the scratched lens but the video looks awesome!

  • This is a great improvement on drone cams!!!!!!!!!!

  • Who else got the virdigo effect and wanted to puke.😨🤢🤮

  • 12:00 might be the only time I've heard Wren say any variation of the word "fuck"

  • Why did he eat the cam

  • Many Zou can do landing gear that retrieves

  • Corridor looks like the best place to work at, I wish I could have a workplace like theirs :(

  • Please upload a proper 360 degree video like this.

  • Anyone know how to access his Thingiverse account with the 3D models he mentions at 17m48s ??

  • Oh god they forgot to blur out Wren saying fuck, they’re totally demonetized now Edit: don’t hate on me, I’m making fun of youtube, not them, I love these guys

  • Massive question, the last part during the drone edit, what song was it sounds great, the video was lit by the way

  • Watching this Me: Mr stark I don’t feel so good

  • It looks like on LSD

  • Bruuhhh watch that lil montage in 2x speed da shit trippy

  • That’s Trippy

  • You can use mashmixer supports (tree support) it's eazy to remove

  • Need A Drone, But yeah poor to pay even wifi bills...

  • Wren is the sheldon of corridor crew 😂😂😂

  • Simple example:- the eyes are the lenses and the nose is the drone

  • Honestly, I did not even notice the scratches that much. These are gorgeous shots man, well done!!

  • I thought God mode (aka invulnerability) and Ghost mode (aka noclip) always were two different things? Can't think of any game that confused these concepts tbh

  • Great to see Wren wearing the Rotor Riot shirt 👕 I remember the Star Wars episode many moons ago 😎

  • that 360 drone footage almost made me puke

  • First time i heard him say "you fucking serious"

  • What type of drone do you use

  • Hey Ren remember the nerf gun video? Why not just do something like that with the servos with landing legs that retract? One servo fishing line and some 3d parts could have easily prevented multiple lens scratches when landing.

  • Reminds me of the music video work of Godley & Creme from the 80s, but it specifically reminds me of this video: lvcd.info/watch/sKNuiZ6en8Ogeps/video.html

  • I wish i have a drone

  • As a fpv pilot this HURTS MY BRAIN. wow!!!!

  • You could make some sort of retractable landing gear to activate with the controller

  • Bruhh

  • your drone actually 'Sang' 12:56

  • Thanks for a tour of your office

  • Corridor pls give me a drone

  • Or build up a Cine-Bird from StanFPV. It's not Ducted, but at least you can just use the regular insta360 one r newbeedrone.com/products/cine-bird-fpv-frame-kit-one-r-edition-w-invisible-drone-feature-for-insta360-one-r-360-camera

  • Can anyone tell me the song for 14:35? I've been trying to search for so long.


  • or sue you.

  • I think that’s one of the first times I’ve heard wren cuss

  • Good idea, great video, but montage makes me dizzy and it's horrible to watch

  • Wooooooooooow trippy

  • This video was an ASMR for my eyes. ❤

  • Why don’t you try flying the drone and riding the one wheel

  • Oh cool, wren is married. He is fun to watch. I love when he says "it printed beautifully" with all that pride.

  • Love the video but it's so trippy

  • I will do it to get 360 shots of the whole house

  • wren has a ipad pro

  • Cool

  • Does anyone know what remote Wren uses in this video?

  • no god mode is indestructibility noclip is the thing your talking a bout

  • whats the song at 15:29?

  • This BLEW my fuckin mind. Even while trying to tell when the drone changed directions or when the perspective of the 360 footage was changed in post, it was hard to tell. The PIPELINE shot along the ridge gives me chills even after the third time watching, man. The MUSIC, my GOD it's so fitting and badass. I LOVED this, thank you SO much for putting this up. One of my favorites, Wren. 😁😁💥💥

  • Wrens hair 😂

  • This is just a comment to support the channel

  • Yay! Swear words are back!

  • Ooh he might be mad... ..they're playing smash... ...LETS SEE IF I CAN MAKE EM LOSE HEHEHE

  • Look the left wall at 12:09

  • Wearing a VR and flying a drone at the same time on the rooftop! RESPECT

  • ive never heard wren say the F word so bold lol

  • What’s the drone name

  • Can't find link to Wren's thingiverse account. Where is it?

  • The Perfect Camera Rig (2020)

  • I don't think you understand what "God mode" means. It means you are indestructible, not being able to see everywhere. Being able to see and fly everywhere is called "No Clipping" _NOT_ God Mode!!!

  • We don't want to mess up the camera, (puts it in his mouth)

  • Very cool video. I loved it.

  • if I on the giveaway I would use the camera to better help the quality of my videos for my yt channel

  • I learnd one thing from this video is that is That there is a drone in this video

  • Niko:Wren...you're fired. Wren: Sure enough I was fired... but that's why I 3D printed some extra parts.

  • I will put it on a drone and fly through bridges

  • is the Insta360 still in the run? I would give my houses interior and exterior an epic boost in VR

  • Anyone know the name of the song?

  • Awesome video ! thanks 🙏🏻 for the heads up an awesome opportunity God bless take care stay safe .

  • Hey wren do you have a onewheel xr now or do you still have your v1?

  • 17:04

  • Toy: has small plastic elements Toddlers: 4:11

  • Hey you guys should do an vfx review of Blood Shot

  • I want the stl file for the v2 lol

  • If I had one of these I would 1000% take it with me when I go to Japan so my family can get great views of everything with minimal effort on my part lol

  • Anyone know what drone wren uses? It's awesome. (The first one.)