VFX Artists React to BOLLYWOOD Bad & Great CGi 6

Publicēšanas datums 6 feb 2021
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After fighting off a gang of hooligans, Wren, Sam, and Clint sit down to breakdown some of the best (and worst) that the Indian film industry has to offer.
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  • Honestly there's no good CGI movie in Bollywood and I hate they never work on physics.

  • Please do the last scene from Bollywood movie "Baaghi 3" where the hero destroys 3 freaking helicopters and dumps them on TOP of ONE ANOTHER. Oh and bdw he destroys some tanks here and there too. There's also the final battle where the hero is completely impaled by a construction rod and he's still not just alive but also fights. Also as a second movie, there's a movie called Tanhaji. There's a lot of mountain sequence and Indian style sword fight. I think CGI is also used there extensively.

  • into !!

  • What an entry dude !!!

  • You should do the movie Darbar or Dangal in the next episode

  • 7:10 "why does this sound... distortion seams fammiliar..." 7:21 **faint "ROTATE" in the background** "It's all coming together"

  • Please do the movie (2.0) Hindi movie xfv react

  • Well not all the movies you showed were Bollywood . Some of this is south Indian cinema and the video is good.

  • The intro is basically Indian movies in a nutshell

  • That intro! 😂 loved it!!

  • Please react to Phir Hera Pheri Circus scene

  • Review KGF chapter 1 and if possible chapter 2 too

  • Friggin’ CG Rock bro! Also, sweet moves guys.

  • please react and explain robot 2.o superb flim on mobile radiation and birds are die super star rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar @ corridor crew #corridor crew #CORRIDORCREW @CORRODORCREW @CORRIDOR CREW #CORRIDOR CREW please 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • 3:43 You can tell I've been watching lots of VFX Artists React, because my first thought was immediately "Damn, that bike came out of the manufacturing plant about 20 seconds ago", just because there were no surface imperfections. I think that is the most jarring part about that shot.

  • Look at Bahubaali 1 & 2 next!

  • Part 7 coming soon

  • Pure indian intro

  • 2.0 and kgf chapter 1

  • Don't tell bollywood only there is Kollywood and mollywood

  • Ahhhh you re the best LVcd ch!!!


  • Love how they were indirectly trying to tell they defy every laws of physics

  • Watch ROBO 2.0 clips. it has more than VFX effects than ROBO.

  • I want to see them react on japanese anime fight scenes

  • Who watches this crap lol

  • Hi I'm a indian and check out the kabadi song of master movie

  • Now whentf are y'all gonna review 2.0???!!!! That's the real VFX done

  • There were Tollywood movies as well ! please don’t dint put it under single umbrella as Bollywood

  • You have to reach to robocops final scene where he falls through the window. His arms... lvcd.info/watch/rdFwd3qXZ8GWbI0/video.html

  • 2.0

  • Tanhaji: the unsung Warrior(2020)

  • U put so less vfx man in the intro 😂😂

  • you guys should definitely react to KGF

  • im an Indian and this is the perfect representation of bollywood

  • Ohhh bro best entry on LVcd videos award winners lol

  • FAN starring SRK. The final chase sequence.

  • it is safe to say that it's the cringiest and best staring of a video ever.

  • My new channel lvcd.info/label/PLuK5GcpLCbNbY1xxjp1K0mJyxnjKV0iBt.html

  • 5:43 நம்ம உலகநாயகனுக்கு வந்த சோதனை 😂

  • It’s Indian cinema , not bollywood. Bollywood is just Hindi cinema, there are too many woods in Indian cinema, it’s just confusing .

  • Do react to mollywood film Athishayan 😅

  • I only watch emotional bollywood movies. I can’t help but laugh when it’s an action movie or a movie with cgi 😹

  • Vishwaroopam is a phenomenal movie but it isn’t bolywood instead it is Kollywood don’t mistake me

  • Bajirao mastani has some amazing VFX shots. lvcd.info/watch/ssBrc4iUpbWZf6M/video.html&ab_channel=NYVFXWAALA

  • in VFX edit, we indian always get behind holllywood

  • Watch athadu (2005) tollywood movie climax fight scene

  • pov:your an indian

  • review CGI in the movie - 9 (2019)

  • Im a indian

  • Well some cartoons could spice it up lol

  • You guys are freaking me out. Im just suggesting some movies, that i know: Pulimurugan (Malayalam) KGF Chapter 1(telugu) 2.0(tamil) Penguin (tamil) Mohini (tamil) Irumugan(tamil) Bahubali 1(telugu) and many other movies are there. check out these movies.. WE NEED MORE CGI REACTS FOR BOLLYWOOD, COZ I LOVE THAT..

  • @ 15:24 you said to click very button below(i clicked unsubscribe)

  • Mahesh Babu❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Watch the sahho movie sceen

  • Vishwaroopam, Spyder is not bollywood films idiots

  • Creature movie

  • That intro, I ain't seen anything that cool.

  • I'm a big fan from Brazil and I challenge you to recreate this scene link below: lvcd.info/watch/vKOckaxposmXnps/video.html lvcd.info/watch/l7edfIiZl5R3ro0/video.html

  • you guys should check out nollywood

  • You guys should look at Sinbad:Beyond the Veil of Mist. It was one of the first full-length computer-graphics-based features made in India.

  • Please just once show GUNDA movie available on youtube u will freak out, the masterpiece of all time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 u gonna remember this even after your death just watch this once u guyz will fall in love with Bollywood

  • I am indian too,but I think there are lots of thinks cringy in bollywood movies,And there is are short sci-fi films.And the most important one,which is also a reason most of the bollywood movies and acters don't get Oscar and stuff and it's the nepotism,Like seriously there are only around 5 bollywood acters who got Oscar.But I like VFX and some bollywood movies storyline is also good

  • You guys should look at Anniyan

  • On the next episode of this please do darbar introduction scene. Here it is lvcd.info/watch/0aOTqp-JhteKi6c/video.html

  • Amazing! I've been watching almost all the videos of your channel and they are really cool. There are many Indian movies having VFX. Can you react on movies like 2.0 (Tamil language movie sequel to Enthiran which you already reacted on), Krrish and Krrish 3 ( Bollywood movies)

  • Please 2.0 movie last fight scene

  • Scripted 🙄🙄 you have seen the movie and then predicted what is going to happen and then reacted as if you really didn't knew what will happen

  • Please react to the cloth catapult scene in Bahubali. There’s some great and some bad there

  • lvcd.info/watch/tdFsnY1eatibjp8/video.html

  • 9:56 look at the wall explosions

  • I am not sure if it is it visual effects or what but, when Stewart gets yoked in Letterkenny is somewhat strange looking on camera. Tucker and Dale or the Knights of Badassdom would be decent as well. I assume Sunshine has already been covered.

  • Where the hell is sahoo.... 🤧🤧 You missed the best vfx movie ever made in Bollywood....

  • React on South Indian movie SHIVA THE SUPER HERO 2 👍😀

  • 11:20 We are watching cricket bruh.

  • React to "Arjun the warrior prince" in animators react.

  • Krish 3

  • 0:25

  • React to the baghi 2 and 3 movie of Tigger Shroff

  • Guys guys guys!!!! Check out Hrudaya Kaleyam, it's got a thermocol prosthetic heart! 🤦‍♂️😆🤣. And Mayabazar is an old film that got a color makeover, you could check it out and explain the process..¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • React to Sahoo

  • Please react on uri:sergical strike

  • as an indian spyder was the worst copy of the psycho

  • Tumbad movie

  • Do one on the Telugu movie eega

  • Checkout "Saaho" for your next Bollywood video. But, be warned, you are gonna die laughing

  • Intro is pretty accurate

  • If you want to see funny Bollywood fight scenes then just search "Mithoon fight scenes". And thank me later

  • What is that song in the begining please help.

  • watch saho?

  • It’s really sad too see that when South Indian movie industry have awesome movies like the drishyam 2 but the western world only know Indian movies in the name is some Hindi Masala movies ... and in India Hindi movies are Bollywood but outside India all Indian movies are Bollywood? I don’t understand that logic tbh . By the way how come vishwaroopam be Bollywood? Indian not only have these masala movies we have movies that even remaked to Chinese and Korean 🤷‍♂️ “ Drishyam” and a whole lot from south India ... like KGF why westerners don’t talk about these ?

  • Ada bavigala ena da ithu Kamal hassan vantha sothanai 🤧

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭

  • Please react to "Krrish" and "Krrish 3". Its an Indian superhero film.

  • 5:51 the actor who is acting is the director, suckerrrr. Know the facts before you review movies, little goofs.

  • Love it man

  • Mak e your own Bollywood short film, I'm begging you >D

  • tekken *shows dc*

  • why promote ragu just why

  • Ul should react to mollywood movies.. they don't do CGI but still end up for Oscar nominations.... Best cinematography , nonlinear storylines, aestheticization of violence, extended scenes of dialogue and very long takes