Arnold Schwarzenegger Impersonator Olympics

Publicēšanas datums 28 jūn 2020
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Inspired by the films of Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Corridor Crew compete to see who can win the prestigious title of "Office Schwarzenegger."
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  • Office James Bond bro

  • Jackie chan Olympics!

  • Do a Tenet Olympics, so you have to challenges in reverse as realistic as possible

  • Bruce Lee olympics

  • How come Wren looks like Justin Timberlake from NSYNC I promise you music video?

  • I'm sad nobody wanted to be the best Arnold, Jingle all the way Arnold.

  • I loved this😂😂😂

  • You guys got to do office Rowan Atkinson... That will be the funniest episode in the series...

  • the office yoda

  • Jordan's got bigger guns than Wren. As a fellow person with gangle-vitis I can relate to him deeply...

  • Sam was best....😂😂😂

  • I think we should know who is the office gandalf

  • Agian, I just loved the vid and those Voice impersonations were dope as hell Especially Clint's.

  • This victory is so satisfiying. How many times i watched. Clint literally looks badass terminator

  • Are they not doing The Game of Life anymore?

  • yoo do Rambo yesssss!

  • Please do power rangers impersonating

  • 1:32 My head when people are picking teams


  • Whats with clapping behind the back.

  • crushing hard on Jordan 😍


  • corridor, I will literally venmo you $25.00 US Dollars if you send me the raw audo file of wes going super saiyan at 6:52

  • 11:25 bro thats the panda in the mindfield episodes

  • I would just like to say. Wes, I feel you man, I'm the same way. Writing with the left, nearly everything else with the right. It's weird having to explain it to people when they've only seen you either write/draw, or do literally anything but that and then see you do the other and they're like "Oh I didn't know you were left handed" or "I thought you were left handed" depending on which they saw first.

  • what if dutch won Arnold Schwarzeni-

  • I wonder, who's the best Bob Ross impersonator 😁

  • Next challenge: who is the best Mary Poppins impersonator. Challenges should include: - Stuffing an enormous volume of goods into a bag - Dangling from an umbrella one-handed - Fending off thirsty chimney sweepers - Dancing with cartoon characters

  • nah sam that is plants vs zombies dudes lmaooooo

  • There should be an "Office Clint" contest, that Clint loses.

  • so glad jordan is doing these too

  • I often wonder what Batman was expecting Clint to say when he said “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

  • i love nikos initial d shirt

  • Oh my god all of these people suck at this, go watch some more movies

  • joseph gordon leavett. it'd involve bike riding, spinning rooms, idk what else

  • Wheres jordan in the recent vids

  • U guys have the worst hand shakes lmao

  • It’s time to Arnold up

  • Yeaaaaaaa finally i am not the only one who is left handed and only write with his left hand and do everything else with his right hand

  • Who is the office, Sam Fisher???

  • how much people arnold are they

  • office bruce lee maybe on of the challenges is they have to kick an object as far as they can without having hip rotation and maybe they can do a challenge based off of his “be like water” quote

  • ahhhh i was watching the playlist of these and this wasn’t in it and the last one spoiled the winner for this

  • I would love to see something hilarious that is the opposite of tough. Find the office Elsa or office Jabba the Hutt or office Jim Carey! 😂

  • Clint finally won something

  • Are they terminators or zombies

  • I want to see you do the office Beyonce video.

  • Man i will love to work with you guys❤❤

  • Happy that Clint finally won! After several close wins in the previous office titles. EDIT: Wren has got to have the next one in the bag!

  • The Perfect Camera Rig (2020)

  • I love the terminator movie

  • Finally the Clintster gets it. Gongrats my maan!

  • Impersonate Liam Neeson

  • Was that the tf2 crit sound effect at 9:50 ?

  • Jordan is the smartest of all.

  • Why ... why ... why

  • 9:51 Random crits are fair and balanced

  • So glad you finally got one Clint. Some truly unfortunate turns prevented wins in the other ones. Especially Jackie Chan. I thought you had that one in the bag. Arnold is a good win too.

  • Finally, happy to see Clint get his first win

  • It's a delight seeing Jordan going through all that we had to get through. Here we can see what seems like a genuine reaction at the "Wren eats all but food" studio-meme around 8:05 . Jordan, you are brave for having joined them. This playlist will be a testament for some of your achievements and struggles.


  • I'm sad there is no Conan Arnold but I forgive you all. 🤣

  • Do a Bob Ross challenge !

  • Office Mr Bean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love Jordan

  • They sound like Disco Germans XD "Ah Yas! We are gonna party at za Club Ice!"

  • I comment to help statistics

  • Sam sounds like Schnitzel from Chowder

  • AND also I'm doing the corridor clap as I apppaud Clint for winning!

  • FINALLY!!! At last Clint gets the win to impersonate that he wanted! Kudos to you Clint! You deserve it! :-D

  • Wren blew it @ the ice pun challenge! Meanwhile I have no idea what accent wes is trying to pull @ 5:56...

  • Yo your impersonator olympics keeps getting better and better!

  • Nick Cage (pleaaase), Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Van Damme, Stallone, Bruce Lee, Chow Yun-Fat ( just love him really)... So many legends more! Great content, always hilarious!!

  • I still can’t believe we get this content for free

  • Sylvester Stallone challenge

  • sam just sounds like dave from plants vs. zombies

  • Please do a Rajnikanth marathon🔥

  • Who is the office Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!!!!!

  • So far we have... Niko the office Tom Cruise Sam the office Indiana Jones Wes the office Jackie Chan D the office Keanu reeves Clint the Office Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Jordan adds value, stan Jordan

  • What about the office James Bond?

  • I'm like super impressed with the ice trivia holy shiet. They actually can answer some of the hard questions.

  • Do an office Macgyver impersonator olympics

  • Now do a Mark Hamill Impersenator Olympics

  • Clint will never look cooler than that reload. EVER

  • Terroriser: AMATEURS!!!

  • Yooo finally clint!

  • Vin Diesel- Russel Crowe- Robert Downy Jr.- Nicolas Cage- Jeff Goldblum- Kevin Hart- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson- Olympics.

  • It's funny how Clint is always the goofball, yet in the bike scene, he killed it, looking and acting like a villain from a Mission: Impossible movie.

  • Yo! Tell me why Jordan gagged at 8:06

  • Office bruce willis 1 Diving for cover while someone shoots him with airsoft 2 Stand On LEGO for 5 seconds 3 Crawling underneath stuff without getting stuck or lost Edit: or a Mr Bean challenge

  • Icy you guys had fun in this video

  • *When you want to sound like Swarzeneger but you only get Apu from the simpsons*

  • James bond is missing

  • I wile ago I realized that me and my friend Sam has been friends since we were 3 and his name is Sam and my nick name is Niko my real name is Nikolas yes that’s how you spell it

  • more impersonator Olympics!

  • 9:35 No Wren it's Wisely Snipes

  • I was thinking Office Darth Vader. Everybody enters like Darth "Something". You can perform in pot-racing (as young Anakin). Who can do the most dramtic and longest NOOOOOOO! You can finish it with lightsaber duel, or something like dat :D

  • Anyone know the name of the ebike they used thing looks sick

  • That Jordan girl is cute & smart. Y'all need more ladies in your crew.