Arnold Schwarzenegger Impersonator Olympics

Publicēšanas datums 28 jūn 2020
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Inspired by the films of Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Corridor Crew compete to see who can win the prestigious title of "Office Schwarzenegger."
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  • Next challenge: who is the best Mary Poppins impersonator. Challenges should include: - Stuffing an enormous volume of goods into a bag - Dangling from an umbrella one-handed - Fending off thirsty chimney sweepers - Dancing with cartoon characters

  • nah sam that is plants vs zombies dudes lmaooooo

  • There should be an "Office Clint" contest, that Clint loses.

  • so glad jordan is doing these too

  • I often wonder what Batman was expecting Clint to say when he said “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

  • i love nikos initial d shirt

  • Oh my god all of these people suck at this, go watch some more movies

  • joseph gordon leavett. it'd involve bike riding, spinning rooms, idk what else

  • Wheres jordan in the recent vids

  • U guys have the worst hand shakes lmao

  • It’s time to Arnold up

  • Yeaaaaaaa finally i am not the only one who is left handed and only write with his left hand and do everything else with his right hand

  • Who is the office, Sam Fisher???

  • how much people arnold are they

  • office bruce lee maybe on of the challenges is they have to kick an object as far as they can without having hip rotation and maybe they can do a challenge based off of his “be like water” quote

  • ahhhh i was watching the playlist of these and this wasn’t in it and the last one spoiled the winner for this

  • I would love to see something hilarious that is the opposite of tough. Find the office Elsa or office Jabba the Hutt or office Jim Carey! 😂

  • Clint finally won something

  • Are they terminators or zombies

  • I want to see you do the office Beyonce video.

  • Man i will love to work with you guys❤❤

  • Happy that Clint finally won! After several close wins in the previous office titles. EDIT: Wren has got to have the next one in the bag!

  • The Perfect Camera Rig (2020)

  • I love the terminator movie

  • Finally the Clintster gets it. Gongrats my maan!

  • Impersonate Liam Neeson

  • Was that the tf2 crit sound effect at 9:50 ?

  • Jordan is the smartest of all.

  • Why ... why ... why

  • 9:51 Random crits are fair and balanced

  • So glad you finally got one Clint. Some truly unfortunate turns prevented wins in the other ones. Especially Jackie Chan. I thought you had that one in the bag. Arnold is a good win too.

  • Finally, happy to see Clint get his first win

  • It's a delight seeing Jordan going through all that we had to get through. Here we can see what seems like a genuine reaction at the "Wren eats all but food" studio-meme around 8:05 . Jordan, you are brave for having joined them. This playlist will be a testament for some of your achievements and struggles.


  • I'm sad there is no Conan Arnold but I forgive you all. 🤣

  • Do a Bob Ross challenge !

  • Office Mr Bean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love Jordan

  • They sound like Disco Germans XD "Ah Yas! We are gonna party at za Club Ice!"

  • I comment to help statistics

  • Sam sounds like Schnitzel from Chowder

  • AND also I'm doing the corridor clap as I apppaud Clint for winning!

  • FINALLY!!! At last Clint gets the win to impersonate that he wanted! Kudos to you Clint! You deserve it! :-D

  • Wren blew it @ the ice pun challenge! Meanwhile I have no idea what accent wes is trying to pull @ 5:56...

  • Yo your impersonator olympics keeps getting better and better!

  • Nick Cage (pleaaase), Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Van Damme, Stallone, Bruce Lee, Chow Yun-Fat ( just love him really)... So many legends more! Great content, always hilarious!!

  • I still can’t believe we get this content for free

  • Sylvester Stallone challenge

  • sam just sounds like dave from plants vs. zombies

  • Please do a Rajnikanth marathon🔥

  • Who is the office Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson!!!!!

  • So far we have... Niko the office Tom Cruise Sam the office Indiana Jones Wes the office Jackie Chan D the office Keanu reeves Clint the Office Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Jordan adds value, stan Jordan

  • What about the office James Bond?

  • I'm like super impressed with the ice trivia holy shiet. They actually can answer some of the hard questions.

  • Do an office Macgyver impersonator olympics

  • Now do a Mark Hamill Impersenator Olympics

  • Clint will never look cooler than that reload. EVER

  • How about a sylvester Stallone office Olympics

  • Terroriser: AMATEURS!!!

  • Yooo finally clint!

  • Vin Diesel- Russel Crowe- Robert Downy Jr.- Nicolas Cage- Jeff Goldblum- Kevin Hart- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson- Olympics.

  • It's funny how Clint is always the goofball, yet in the bike scene, he killed it, looking and acting like a villain from a Mission: Impossible movie.

  • Yo! Tell me why Jordan gagged at 8:06

  • Office bruce willis 1 Diving for cover while someone shoots him with airsoft 2 Stand On LEGO for 5 seconds 3 Crawling underneath stuff without getting stuck or lost Edit: or a Mr Bean challenge

  • Icy you guys had fun in this video

  • *When you want to sound like Swarzeneger but you only get Apu from the simpsons*

  • James bond is missing

  • I wile ago I realized that me and my friend Sam has been friends since we were 3 and his name is Sam and my nick name is Niko my real name is Nikolas yes that’s how you spell it

  • more impersonator Olympics!

  • 9:35 No Wren it's Wisely Snipes

  • I was thinking Office Darth Vader. Everybody enters like Darth "Something". You can perform in pot-racing (as young Anakin). Who can do the most dramtic and longest NOOOOOOO! You can finish it with lightsaber duel, or something like dat :D

  • Anyone know the name of the ebike they used thing looks sick

  • That Jordan girl is cute & smart. Y'all need more ladies in your crew.

  • Wes really looks like tyler without a hat

  • office's Robert Downey Jr push the cool factor to its limits

  • You guys have to do an office clint eastwood!!!

  • Dammmmmn Clint's one :D

  • Damn, I was really expecting Jordan to win after the first two rounds, but then in the last round Clint turns into the actual Terminator and wipes to floor with everyone😂😂😂

  • They should do the office Frank Oz, they have to do everything with puppets or something like that

  • Office John McClane

  • You guys should do competing for office Hugh jackman

  • You guys should do Liam Nesson it'll be great to see who can do the best as him 👌

  • You did Indiana Jones, which was awesome, but I would love to see a Harrison Ford one. Give a freepass to Sam for Indiana Jones and do : Star Wars huttese or measuring time with distance (parsec I'm looking at you), Blade Runner looking in the eye, and finaly, patting a human like i was a dog.

  • Niko's hands are so tiny compared to sam's

  • I meant I can speak like the terminator

  • I can speak like the time

  • 9:51 was that...? No... it can’t be...! A random crit!

  • Jordan, it was so awesome to meet you in this video! Really looking forward to seeing you in more content.

  • Mat Damon impersonator Olympics

  • Dies corona not matter anymore..???!!

  • Office Takumi. It'd be awesome seeing crazy driving related challenges!

  • 9:34 is that Jackie Chan???? Ha ha, love the reference to the other Impersonator Olympics 😄

  • Office nick cage

  • Office Jean Claude Van Damme - Splits on two chairs - Jump down to a split - Splits between 2 electric skateboards Basically splits.

  • 1:54 did i just hear wren say that

  • fukn clint is badass 4 sho he deserves it, shotbot 4lyfe!

  • office "Jean-Claude Van Damme" would have to be craziest split challenge

  • Office Paul Rudd Office Ben Stiller Office Will Ferrell Office Chris Evans Office Bob Ross Office Ryan Reynolds Just some suggestions

  • You.... Son of a yaouooooooauuuyayayyyyyaaooo