Using VFX to Explain Why COVID-19 Surprised Everyone

Publicēšanas datums 10 apr 2020
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Wren uses VFX to explain Exponential Scale and how it relates to the spread of a virus like COVID-19.
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  • Image the scientists in 100 years from now-

  • T H I C C

  • 0:02 *i would LOVE to be in that kind of state! Its just PERFECT for parkour!*

    • Lol, #dyinglight2

  • Is no one gonna talk about the half life alyx reference?

  • Update guys we're still "in the canyon, watching the water level rise" If you're not in New Zealand

  • Did Vsauce write this?

  • 4:56 THE EAGLE SOUND im dead

  • ok now i'm subscribed

  • End of October and quarantine is still going really strong in Brazil...

  • #covid19

  • 1k idiots that dont believe in the rona so far

  • This vid is 6 months old and its still pretty relevant....

    • Shit's gonna be relevant in a couple of years, as it was 1918 with the spanish flu. Viruses and Bacteria adapt quickly, Humans don't.

  • Wren should do a show like bill nye! He would be perfect!

  • Understand America?

  • the grand canyon is NOT the worlds biggest canyon

  • Me: wow, how Inspirational, I should have watched this that time. this comments: *Teleports to a safer dimension* me: *FUK*

  • This vid was epic

  • This is amazing. I mean the Video not the Situation. but even some big companys dont care. At my work they put out a sign if we feel sick we should stay home but if we stay home we get fired......

  • I was kinda sad it was over. Why did I only find this just now? This should be a mandatory thing to watch.

  • When the cure is deadlier than the virus 😂

  • he left right after he said we will get though this together

  • Great analogies. Unfortunately, people take this epidemic even less seriously than 6 months ago - thanks to a wave of militant ignorance that is taking over the USA and pulling us back into the new dark age.

  • wren is the gman

  • 6 months later. Ah shit here we go again !

  • Here we are six months later and America’s lack of leadership from our government has left us with 200 thousands deaths and still not back to normal life.....

  • the grand canyon is not the largest canyon

  • History has taught how fast an epidemic can spread..... and yet people are still surprised at the rate corona has spread.

  • We aren't gonna die btw

  • Bill gates up there only cuz Jeff bazos beat him in cash

  • Wow

  • Also the stack of paper idea is how you explain climate change. If you have 1 particle, then add more, you'll have more!

  • I love how medical experts around the world explained this thing very early but instead grown ass adults went "no! You cant make me! I look so uncool with a mask mom! Goooooodddd it's so basic mom! Why won't you let me be cool" not children but grown ass adults did this

  • The stack of papers were surprisingly amazed me.

  • Outro song?

  • 6 months later and this is still extremely relevant. Thanks fellows!!

  • 4:56 what about your FREEDOM? XD

  • and now we had it its been 4days and i had a little headaches i lost almost all my taste and smell and now im great this is bullcrap the flue is a fucking Planet compared to this covid 19 blah blah stuff (this is like a little rock on the planet)

  • That Grand Canyon example scared me so much

  • Well its oct. 2020 and assholes are bitching about wearing their masks so much for working together. And fuck you if you dont ware a mask

  • i noticed the thicc, you cant get away from me

  • If only this went mainstream. well done. :)

  • Soo i know this is a big threat but lets but it to the side for a minute and talk how will trump assasinate Hillary and al of those 25million children in the tunels.

  • Even with this video, some of the people wont understand how big this pandemic is. This is just sad.

    • its big but the flu is 1000x times worse this is just a lil headache here and you cant smell for a few hours (20-22) but than your good lol dont be a lil scared bitch

  • I remember watching this when it launched :/

  • The simple answer is that people are ignorant at best and stupid at worst. This was fantastic. And the fact that people are starting to finally (lol, it's October 2020 now) starting to actually wear masks and stay home, it's only increasing slowly now...*sigh* at this point it should be dropping slowly, not increasing. 😔

  • Half-life alyx

  • Wren should have a master class. I would watch it

  • "Even though we are all apart, we will make it through this together" Wren- 2020

  • 3:39 The Grand canyon of US is NOT the largest on planet. greenland grand canyon-the longest-460 miles. Zhemchuk canyon-the most voluminous aka the largest-1400 cubic miles. The grand canyon is more like the largest canyon on earth that normal tourist can actually visit.

  • I LOVE the use of the game ALYX to connect your audiance.

  • Is it bad that he did 1^100 times better than my Math 1 teacher

  • Dislikes are people who think it’s all fake

  • I got that it would be about 15.9 billion light years in my calculation. I used 0.0039 inches thick as my paper thickness

  • “Treat everything you touch as if it’s raw chicken..” oh so I need to heat all surfaces to 140 degrees since it can’t get down to 40 cause of global warming. Good idea, Wren! I’ll get the flamethrower!


  • The grand Canyon example is kinda bad because i can swim and finally i got this comment done i hate autocorrect

  • Mad, mad respect. Also loved that sci-fi world in the first shot. Would love to immerse myself in that if it were a game.

    • It is its half life vr

  • In this vid Wren has gone full Vsauce three and I love it

  • half-life:alyx

  • It hasn't even been a year but corona deaths are 40k away from flue deaths each year

  • Grand canyon is not the biggest canyon on the planet

  • An accidental rap at 3:37??

  • It’s because some people dumb as fuck thinking it was a joke lol

  • dang I said 5 minutes

  • 1:33 I noticed that sneaky thicc

  • Expendnatial growths

  • 6:12 Oh were still in a canyon waiting for the water to rise

  • When he talked about the Grand Canyon he showed a picture of horse shoe bend in Glen canyon.

  • Keep in mind, this example is only doubling the amount, i.e. each infected person only infects one other person. Now imagine that every infected person infects at least two instead and you'll start to realize the scope of pandemics.

  • half life alyx

  • After this video I forgot you were visual effects artists.

  • reminded of the game dying light

  • Welp we will die a painfull death

  • I see the half life reference

  • That water looked fake so it was funny!!! And the way you ran!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Please watch Living Waters on LVcd

  • I really like the music in this

  • the first thing i saw in this isthe half life wall and city

  • i thought 6ft is about 2m?

  • Covid was man made, and released on purpose to make fear a virtue....

  • Came for covid knowledge Left with mathematics depression

  • Had he forgot the 2 other viruses that almost ended humanity?

  • It's a powergrab, nothing more. You're terrified of a virus that kills less people than a seasonal flu. Last year 60,000 people died to a seasonal flu. The year before that 80,000. Did you even notice? I grew up with German measles killing 2 million kids a year. Kids were dying, not old people two years past the average life expectancy. Over 90% of the deaths have been in people 80 and older with more than one pre existing fatal condition. You have a 99.98% of not dying from it. Does anyone at your shop know how to read stats because from your video it doesn't appear that way. Freedom isn't free and once you give government control they very rarely give it up. I could give you links the studies but I know you won't read them so here's a video that explains the scam.

  • didn't surprise me because when it hit washington state, I knew people would not take precautions because we had to have our "freedom" and now we have 200k dead and hospitals overwhelmed.

  • It’s very easy to explain if you put it with zombies if you have 1 it will infect another being and then there will be two and then those two another two and become four they will repeat this in till there is nothing left.

  • That giant stack of paper is how much homework I'm getting in nursing school.

  • 200,000 deaths later.

  • and i said 20 cm ...

  • AH the music at the end! It's a song False Swipe Gaming used! I knew I recognized it.

  • This did not age well

  • Guys, you should really repost this. I've kept sharing this video with all my friends in Ireland and not a single friend guessed the measure of the pile of paper or the minutes left to leave the Grand Canyon..

  • Wren: says we're all in this together. Two seconds later: Wren leaves this plane of reality. I THOUGHT WE WERE IN THIS TOGETHER!!

  • He sounds and look like Bill Gates at young age..

  • I learn more on LVcd than in school.

  • How much time took to make this video?😊👌

  • And I thought joshvfx was good at editing

  • That ending is smooth

  • Wren’s videos on this channel are my favourite.

  • Lol you changed the word thicc to thick 😂

  • I dream he being science maths teacher for me love you❤ wern