Using VFX to Explain Why COVID-19 Surprised Everyone

Publicēšanas datums 10 apr 2020
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Wren uses VFX to explain Exponential Scale and how it relates to the spread of a virus like COVID-19.
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  • That intro tho.

  • who else is watching in 2021 and thought his calculations were wrong when he said 1 trillion

  • dude vr

  • The most common mistake still to this day in the media is calculating with percentages, this is only unusable for any sort of calculation. But great vid

  • If that droplet of water were to be to taken by the SCP Foundation, What would they classify it? Keter? Thaumiel?

  • Update: its 2021. Things aren't much better if not worse. Pretty much the only good thing is that TRUMP'S GONE BABY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Great stuff. (But, at 3:40. that's not the Grand Canyon. It's Horseshoe Bend, about 2 hours by car from the North Rim.)

  • It's not that deadly but VERY infected I had it and I was fallowing the social distancing stuff 7/10 would not recommend

  • Welcome to corridor crew learning, this is the next step of education.

  • LOOK @ US NOW.

  • The thing is I was never surprised about the pandemic I knew that people should be taking it seriously I always wear a mask and stay safe unfortunately certain groups of people think that the virus is a myth and still won’t wear masks 😷 or even sanitize

  • January 19, 2021 nothing has change

  • half life alyx fffff

  • 9 months ago

  • Yeah. Thirteen billion light years is a bit higher than 500 meters.

  • And here we are in the beginning of 2021 more than 9 months later; and it has gotten even worse!

  • I think we’re in the canyon as it’s 2021

  • half life

  • Plot Twist: They just finished filming this after seeing the consequences and Wren took the footage back to nine months ago to warn us.

  • Gggahsjajajejajnqjsewtcsrhdetowwewwwwwwwiwwjfhagfagegshagxhsbwhfjshfabrgwgdhshdhshsisjsgsjdjwgdjagdjafdhwgehafsjagshafdhagdhwhejehsjqiqofhdirkskskrjwkfjekrjworpqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopadgjkhrkdkdjdjejejsjbeachekfjejnensnsdndnnemdmdsmmemememskdndjejejsnenemsdmmdmdmdndndndndjdjsnsjksksksksksksksksksksksmsmnssmsmsnsjsksjsjsjdksk Only 43% can sea the "beach" word in the gibberish

  • 5:33 Imagine this is real life. share ur emotions in replies

    • ... absolute terror?

  • COVID is fake hey you herd of a fake pill ya it’s like that

  • Wren! This is amazing!

  • The situation with the grand canyon would make a great freaking movie

  • anyone say that music name 1:05

  • Computer programmers working with 2^64 and 2^128 be like, ye i know what 2^100 is like

  • -_-

  • 6:30 adios

  • So if you were swimming inside the doubling water and you were to accidentally drink some of the doubling water would you explode?

  • That's really cool how you used half life Alex for the intro of the video

  • teach: you don't have THAT many assignments assignments: 2:11

  • March 2020: Are we nearing an inflection point and everything will go back to normal? January 2021: Ha ha, Coronavirus go BRRRRT

  • 3:14 he starts to rap⚡(trust me it's rap😂)

  • Woken in a nutshell

  • Imagine wind blew that giant stack of paper down

  • Fake information!

  • Experts: Can you please- Americans: FREEDOM NO COMMIES!!!!! NO CHAINA!!!!

  • its dec 31 956 pm 2020 and theres nearly 85 million infections lets see what 2021 brings us

  • aaaand he's watching CNN... please no corridor crew don't do it ( oh what am I saying its too late now)

  • Lmaoooo when he mentioned the “freedom” he explained the reason masks are a not being worn

  • bruh, season 2 of 2020 will start tomorrow.Stay safe.

  • And ignores the 0.5 percent death chance

    • *also ignores 3M dead people but y’know that doesn’t matter right*

  • This guy is damn good in his work

  • Bruh im 13 and totally understood that.

  • You are smart

  • One word: Blitzkrieg

  • covin 19

  • These videos remind me of captain d

  • 0:03 earth-2020 people going to Disney world

  • nice use of half life alyx though, im giving a like :D

  • The China should have taken it seriously and not spread this shit to the world!

  • Or because of the karens lol

  • Cough cough

  • Who else is here in December 2020 crying because people still don't understand the weight of this situation

  • why did you have to do a video of things of the rona

  • I got covid and Christmas is in 3 days😭😭😭

    • Stay at home and do a big zoom with your family on christmas

  • Did anyone else notice that they used "thicc" for a second at 1:33?

  • Corrider crew : this is not to do anything With maths.. Also corridor crew : *makes maths anyways*

  • 1000000000000 ft that long

  • These videos are way too underrated!!! Wren, you are doing a great job and your efforts deserve more attention. And how badass was your exit ;)

  • *Is no one gonna talk about the Half Life: Alyx reference at the beginning of the video?*

    • i was looking for a comment like this

  • You know it is bad when the dude you see for entertainment makes more sense about the national crisis than the president

  • skip to december 2020 and were still acting like covid is dangerous and not an over reaction

    • Skip to January 2021 where we’ve gotten a coronavirus mutation

    • Covid is dangerous fam.

  • Brought to you by the guy that keep bringing guests on with no masks and sit in chairs superficially spread 3 feet from the other

  • dude i really believe this series could be pitched to a network. you and vsauce3 could create something really special

  • Earned my subscribe!

  • This was really great!

  • Yes

  • man, this is legitimately effing moving. great stuff! (ಥ﹏ಥ)

  • Math wise, the examples are all correct and very graphically straightforward for everybody to understand. Luckily for us, the virus spread moves in a more organic, imperfect manner, and doesn't reach real exponential levels. That being said, social distancing is proven to reduce the R0 of virus spread, reducing its exponentially dramatically!! bottomline: Stay at home and help the health system keep up until we have a vaccine.

  • 1 trillion people in other words, America is fucked, gg bous we got em.

  • Man that really shock me

  • *Now make a video about how mail in ballots were counted AFTER in-person votes, therefore exponentially skyrocketing halfway through the counting. (Since half of the country can't except the FACT that we have a new president, and the FACT that Trump discouraged his supporters to do mail-in, while the overwhelming majority of Biden's supporters did, because of the pandemic.)*

  • Wren: "We'll make it through this together" *Enters a portal on a safe dimension*

  • This was very educational but this merica and freedom is what the people want😂 we need to cut our hair trim our nails and all the other petty shit

  • This Man Was Ahead Of His Time

  • I so freaking loved this style of video and the way he get all mathematician on you, it's so cute/adorable & sexy.

  • I would love to be able to play HL: Alyx :( :( :(

  • I love the half life alyx part at the first

  • 7 Months and 13.5 million infected later... things never became normal again

  • Wren could be the new bill nye.

  • Aaah it's so good to hear some facts. But you surely know that, some will shout "fake fake!" "they steal the votes" blah blah... Even clear numbers can't persuade the fools... And if they do believe the numbers, then they look for someone which "create" the virus. Jews or Chinese or Aliens or "the elite". Always the same story.... So sad.

  • Exponential growth "isn't differential equations."

  • It ain’t no surprise. These elites have been planning it for years

  • Half life 2 episode 1 ending 6:25











  • Dogs 🐕 🐶 🦮🐕‍🦺 are so cute

  • Nov. 22nd 2020. It's filling up fast. We failed.

  • earth 2020 is totally half life alyx

  • How do ya guys get this math done? Can Anyone tell me.. like, these are freaking large numbers..

  • 7 months later people still aren't taking it seriously. Unfortunately we have a country full of selfish dumbasses