My Emotions Control My Best Friends - Inside Out in Real Life

Publicēšanas datums 13 jan 2021
Rebecca Zamolo played AMONG US in Real Life with FAMILY, but everyone is sus. Matt and Rebecca then created extreme Hide and Seek with Best Friends in our House. The Game Master network uploaded Game Master Put Us on lockDown for 24 Hours at Our House. Rebecca must go inside out and let her emotions control her best friends for 24 hours. Kingpin hypnotized Matt, Maddie, and Rick Noah by using their emotions to control them. Now with the help of RZ twin Rebecca must get her best friends back to normal. They can’t be hypnotized any more. If Rebecca uses the same technology as inside out she might be able to control their emotions. Do you think there might be a battle roayle again? Maybe this will turn into a 24 hour challenge in real life. Either way, if she doesn't help her best friends they might be trapped forever. By controlling emotions her best friends might have to do a tik tok. It might work if they are trying a mystery item. Maybe if they have the right ideas it will be easy so they won’t have to use diy tricks. Do you think Rebecca can save her best friends? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!
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