VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 23

Publicēšanas datums 18 apr 2020
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Clint, Niko, and Wren maintain social distancing while breaking down some of the best (and worst) visual effects from your favorite Hollywood films.
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  • Spy kids 3d does not have bad cgi he's known for bringing the imaginations of a kid into real life heck shark boy and lava girl was based of his own kids dreams Robert Rodriguez is known to bring out his inner child when creating kids movies cause he wants to see what a kid would like and see if they imagined that so it's not bad when you realize that this kinda thing is expected from Robert Rodriguez as it is his thing creating outlandish cgi to basically play it as what kids would think when they hear the title of the movie

  • Disney ok with Gay/Lesbian kissing, but no butts!

  • One thing about the Temple of Doom vs. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: if you can suspend your disbelief of people flying down mine cart tracks, on two wheels no less, and Indy STOPPING SAID MINE CART WITH HIS FEET NOT BECOMING BLOODY STUMPS, falling out of a plane 1000 feet+ in the air, landing upright in a raft slow as can be, dropping ANOTHER 1000 feet+ down a SHEER FUCKING CLIFF and landing softly as can be in a river; but somehow have a problem with the same man surviving a nuke blast in a fucking fridge, you are the problem. Not the movie.

  • Can you react to sky high

  • if spy kids 3d vfx had been ANY better the movie would have been so much worse. The established universe is extremely cartoony, ridiculous, and unreal (let's not forget that in the first movie the villains 'muscle minions' were made entirely of giant thumbs) I think a big part of my enjoyment of spy kids 3 was the awful 3d effects and frankly I wouldn't take it any other way.

  • They didn’t look remotely close.

  • They need to team up with Astates to make an unofficial half hour warhammer 40K movie. Please do this

  • At last warhammer 40k

  • Please do "sweet home", a new, korean, series on netflix!

  • They’re social distancing...9 months ago. OH F*CK!

  • Yet all of nature just evolved from nothing right?

  • Don’t get that near me 🖐🤪🖐

  • Give Sputnik 2020 a react!

  • You guys should play warhammer on Node.

  • except that to give depth, you need something in front for comparision too. exemple of any close up shot of any actors talking to each other which are boring in 3D because you don't see the 3D. in avatar from james cameron, there is always something in front of the actors. thats why the 3D was so real. honestly, 3D movies up to this point have been abyssmal to say the least. none of them ever reaches the level of realism that avatar did. the reason being that nobody wants to extend behind the scene, you need to put something in front of the scene, to extend it the other way around. exemple the beam from ironman in avengers 2012... i literally reacted to it, my brain was startled by it. now thats the kind of thing you want in a 3D movie. in order to do that you need to have stuff in front of your actors. in front of your actions. eve if its almost nothing. exemple of a car chase, phone poles in front of the car makes it more 3D. now imagine putting both phone poles in front and back of the car. now you got a lot more stuff going on and a lot more depth for us to feel into it. sure it was janky back in blue red 3D glasses... but at least it made us feel into the movie. which is more then i can say for pretty much anything that came out afterwards avatar...

  • I clicked because 40k. You probably did too.

  • Obnoxious-ass sponsors/ads, damn

  • Please React to EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

  • My favorite Warhammer 40,000 movies: Astartes, The Lord Inquisitor (Prologue) (lvcd.info/watch/x7ucZpaja6lme2g/video.html), the opening cinematic from Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War (lvcd.info/watch/y6OgiHtomtuGpWg/video.html). Too bad there's never been an official Warhammer 40,000 movie (jk, unfortunately, Games Workshop spent millions hiring actors like Terrance Stamp and John Hurt to voice characters for a cheaply animated movie in 2010 that looked like your average 1990's CGI TV ad. The real suckers were the 40k fans who bought the DVD for $80(?))

  • Crystal skull amazing

  • *Love that they noticed Cheech in spy kids. Thought I was the only one.*

  • why does Niko look fake in all of these? The light is weird.

  • I just want to say that I really love all of your videos, yes I am a subscriber, and every video you guys put out is gold! But the thing I truly love about you guys and your videos, is that when you are talking about CGI and everything that goes into it, you don't just say the technical jargon about the process of computer animation and what goes into it, you actually explain what things are, how they work, and why they are done for specific reasons. And that to me is amazing! You're not just showing us stuff, you are teaching us and I think a lot of people can learn things from you guys. Especially if they want to get into the industry of computer animation, or stunts. And I just want to thank all of you guys for that! I've always Incorporated teaching and explaining while I'm showing guys that I work with how to fix or repair something. I'm a chief engineer of a hotel and when I get new guys in the maintenance department that don't know a lot, I take the time to explain to them and show them exactly how things work and why they work that way. So if they were to ever leave they can take that knowledge with them for future jobs. Keep up the great work guys! And keep on teaching future hopeful generations of people.


  • Sin city CGI

  • You know when the cameras are off they are all huddle uped like normal I swear the virus has turned everyone into a germaphobe

  • 1:44

  • All the comments are about Astartes and I couldn't be happier

  • You guys should review Red vs. Blue fight animations from each season after season 8

  • 6:18 as a student of engineering, I can say that we do the same thing - "what is the mechanics happening here that causes this displacement" - the only difference is that we had to learn all of the equations haha!

  • I started 3D animating 1 year ago this week because of your promotion of Astartes

  • 3:37 BLENDERRR!!

  • 6:00 nerds

  • 12:36 earlier on in that scene you can see the guys wheelchair hit the green screen set and the whole thing shakes

  • Who wants a feature length animated 40k movie now? (Ultramarines doesn't count)

  • For the Emperor

  • Can you please react to Jackstone, first Lego "movie"?

  • I'm just here to watch them brown nose astartes.

  • Social Cringeasting


  • What causes CGI assets to awkwardly stretch in live scenes. CGI characters in all CGI films don't do that as much. Spiderman is the biggest offender of this.

  • Why does motion capturing look crappy

  • invite CodeMiko

  • Перевод если бы был

  • Dude i do the same thing but using rc stuff like i figure out how to make something thats in a movie

  • Amateur VFX artists reacts

  • What are you guys talking about? Spy Kids 3 is the best movie ever.

  • You guys are really amazing. It’s so cool to learn what goes on behind the scenes of all these great films and shows. Can you guys delve into the Mandalorian? I love their vfx and of course they had to de-age Luke for the finale

  • my dad was an extra in spy kids two so we thought he was the coolest person on earth when i was younger

  • Some of these were good and some of them were bed but have you heard about unitys particle system

  • 13:02 Good fucking god. Wren is supposed to irrelevant in this ad segment, and he's still making stupid faces and desperate for attention, blurred out in the background.

  • The point you made from 6:20 is very relatable, and I think it applies to a lot of people who learn how a certain thing works in a new way. I do Software Engineering at University and since learning about how to code, how to draw stuff to a screen with OpenGL, how the CPU and GPU can be used to delegate tasks, and all sorts of other stuff, I suddenly look at movies and games wondering how the creators did what they did and how I might try to tackle the same thing. My sister does Creative Technologies at Uni and after she did a subject that involved typography and logos, she would look at any logo or text and start mentally deconstructing to figure out the design choices and the like.

  • Be honest, Raycons are trash lol

  • The best thing about Machete and Spy Kids is that both are made by Robert Rodriguez and that Machete is a spin off of Spy Kids about their uncle so they are in the same universe

  • Here only to support Astartes

  • 2:45 When he said "as tar tes" that hurt

  • 9:10 the vine just appears in his hands

  • i dont care if spy kids has shit cgi its legendary!!

  • he put helmets on them because the Warhammer piece has a helmet on them

  • You guys need to react to Day of Reckoning(2016). The movie in kind of the same situation as Birdemic but its close to their level of cringe. Also I'd like to see how you guys fix it.

  • 9:05 well they established in the opening with the fridge that physics doesn't matter and they follow that rule

  • Yall better find some adeptus Astartes lore so you can figure out what the warhammer universe is all about

  • It's not Astartes it's called Space marine and if you wanna say the full legion name you can just say Retributors space marine

    • Yes I do Lord Captain

    • @DynaniteYT you also do know that the name astartes and space marines refer to the same thing (the superhuman warriors ) while the name adeptus astartes refers to the branch of the imperium that contains the space marines and their subsequent chapters

    • @Jurassic Rozzi well I said legion because I dont think that nobody knows warhammer chapters so I said legion

    • The retributors are not a space marine legion, they are a home brew imperial fist successor chapter

  • Check this out Guyssss 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 THIS SCENES BLEW ME AWAY lvcd.info/watch/z6uvk2CWecZ5rWw/video.html

  • Please react to the Fox saying “Chaos reigns” in Antichrist! And maybe some old school VFX in Jean Cocteau’s Orpheus?

  • 6:31 sorta the same here, but I deal in real-time so it’s a tad different. No displacement maps.

  • I don't believe they are all in the same room.

  • React to power rangers

  • Id watch more of your videos if they werent friggen PACKED WITH ADS

  • All 3 Spy Kids movies had god awful CG.

  • Iron man 3 house party protocol. The big fight with all the suits at the end of the movie!

  • Pirates of the carabian

  • Nightmare on Elm Street: the Final Nightmare. Mid90s. There are three talking snakes that were awful in their day but would love to hear your opinions.

  • Niko: This is basically pacific rim at this point. Me: this is Atlantic rim

  • Pacific Rim was bad ass. Number 2 meh

  • Hey dudes I’m 46 and love this stuff so be nice . I thought warhammer footage was a game . Somebody needs to take that guys talent and make some good PC games and toys not miniatures


  • I love Wren doing stuff with his hand in the back ground

  • Astartes is the best.

  • Astartes reminds me of the power armour from fallout 4 and 76

  • Seriously guys, it's 2020. We know how subscriptions & comments work on LVcd. You don't have to break up the flow of the video trying to tell us about this stuff.

  • You should react to Jurassic park

  • How about The final swing from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man?

  • Same

  • Will thoes dudes check out Fate series at some point, specially any of Heavens feel movies!?

  • please review those creatures from "A Quiet Place"

  • A preview for the next astartes series was leaked. Omg it looks amazing

  • transformers please

  • Jesus quit with the fake pandemic already. I had the shit tested and everything its a cold. Im sorry to those who lost someone, but not only do i not know anyone whos died or is sick, nor do i know anyone who knows anyone. Im sure someone reading this if anyone reads this knows someone and im so sorry for that it was preventable with the medication the rest of earth uses. But its done theyre lying about it. Im not a trumper fuck trump, nor do i like biden or kamala harris especially i fucking hate her because shes corrupt af, but they all are, and this pandemic isnt half as serious as ebola outbreaks in africa. Why would the government care about us all of the sudden? Theyve only helped the rich and hurt the dead middle class and lower class. Theyve never cared about us before so why when theres a supposed pandemic would they just start caring about us out of no where? They dont. Idk what the reason is, but theyre lying

  • 1:44 thank me later

  • But what about the plasma pistol scene???🤔🤷‍♂️

  • Never mind. You already reacted to Astartes xD. My bad, sorry for the spam

  • It may look like we're sitting close, but we're not. Yea we can see that.

  • Corridor, react to this: lvcd.info/watch/w9CmemaTa7l8g58/video.html

  • They should do a music video special. Best vfx from classic music videos.

  • Please do the Oldboy hallway fight scene that was made to look like 1 shot. Korean or American both were impressive.

  • Them talking about how much better the old Indiana Jones films are reminds me why I love practical effects so much. If the scene had a truck blowing up, they literally blew up a truck. Or if they needed a face melted, they made a replica and melted it. Or Star Wars with the miniature spaceship models and alien makeup. It feels lazy to me when filmmakers green screen everything. Like comparing Lord of the Rings to the Hobbit. Lord of the Rings looks far more real whilst the Hobbit films look like video game cutscenes. And Spy Kids, that's just shit all round.

  • You guys should do transformers

  • should do the melting face scene fron raiders

  • Oh come on, they skipped the punch in the face and the bang bang scene, that was super cool, definitely would have been cool to analyze