VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 23

Publicēšanas datums 18 apr 2020
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Clint, Niko, and Wren maintain social distancing while breaking down some of the best (and worst) visual effects from your favorite Hollywood films.
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  • I’m just saying event horizon has some really wack cgi 😂

  • Interesting detail: for the big "heroes standing together" shot at 11:53, they couldn't get everyone on the same day. They ended up shooting the blocking and timing separately, then splicing it together in post. Rodriguez was delightfully transparent about the creative process he went through making Spy Kids 3!

  • Spot on with the Indian Jones film, it was the moment that they thought it looks good enough to do everything in 3d but it really doesn't. The comparison to how tall the stunts were in previous films was so much better. The car going of the cliff too was terrible. It ruined a great franchise.

  • Anyone else not know what Astartes is?

  • Would love to see an episode where they animate themselves individually and see what its like.

  • Do be onest, i always found 3D that comes at you cooler than 3D that is just in the background. For me 3D movies are tireing to watch. If its just for some background gimmicks, meh. Give me 2D its so much more enjoyable.

  • 12:28 OMG look at the un-green screened circles in the background!! lol

  • Check out "The Order" on Netflix

  • You shall NEVER EVER, NEVER EVER, EVER TALK SHIIT ABOUT SPY KIDS. ...Don't ever, for any reason, do talk shiit about spy kids for any reason ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who, or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you've been... ever, for any reason whatsoever...

  • 80 dollars for a headphones. i got a great one for 25

  • Can we talk bout how fun and joyful Wren always is!! He’s a strong asset to his team and his educational video projects are amazing.

  • Ik my eyes are untrained, but to me the CGI in Star Wars prequels looked waaaaay better than Indiana Jones 4 or literally any Hollywood movies nowadays.

  • 7:03 totally don't know what the heck that's from cough cough star wars episode 3

  • 7.5 min of the last astartes video and u use only 30 sec??

  • can you do vfx breakdown for pacific rim

  • How about Diablo cinematics for good. And for bad do blade 3

  • i don't think you understand how our eyes works if you say this about 3D and them pushing things forwards into the camera. reality being... depth of field actually only works if there is something to compare with. something in the front, something in the middle and something in the back. otherwise your eyes won't see the differences. best exemples of your 3D movies even on todays standards. if you make a close up of the ators face. you just wont see any 3D depth at all. becuase there is no ppoint of references for your eyes. its not just two eyes makng it 3D its also the brain making references. compare any scenes to the one in avatar where the guy just talks ont he phone. that scene is uber 3D and it feels 3D. why ? he's alone in an environment and a camera close up. why is it so much 3D and having depth. because the phone is actually in front of him, we see a whole desk int he foreground before the actualy actor. then behind the actor we see the rest of the room. this is why it feels 3D there is actual depth.. now put a 3D camera with a guy in front, nothing in the middle and a lot of background int he far back. you'll see something is off even though its filmed in 3D. why ? because your brain will tell you its fake, there is noting in front of the man, thus e can't see depth. its the same about people hitting a bump in the road they hadn't seen coming even though it was clearly there. the problem is that your brain do not pick it up until there is actualy reference to it. the one thing our science has explained about human physiology is that our brain cannot create. it only takes what it knows and compare that to it. this is why the brain works this way on clouds and ink splashes. it takes what is unknown and then compare it to what it does know. this is also why in movies, we can't really create real monsters, this is why they always looks like something we know. the same logic applies to 3D and depth. without references, even the true human eye will be missing out on details. so references are always a must. that's why those people throw things at the camera. they dont want a 2D plane showing depth... they want a real 3D feel that goes beyond the camera. it has to go to you. exemple... in avengers the original 2012 movie... when ironman throws that laser through the camera in the helicarrier... i legimately turned my head away. my brain somehow truly thought that was coming at me. why so, because we had something in front of ironman and the beam literally has gone into the camera, thus with 3D, my brain thought this was much closer then what it originally was. and my body reacted to something it thought was coming at me. all that wouldn't have hapenned if there was not something in front of ironman.

  • why do you keep bringing dude with glasses back? he rarely gives any input and he hasn't watch any movie ever apparently

  • Would you react to the helicopter scene from 28 Weeks Later? I rewatched the movie recently and noticed how janky some of the shots are lvcd.info/watch/zaWriaNhgaOkrYk/video.html

  • Hey there guys. Loved the vid. Can yall check out steamboy? The katsuhiro otomo's steamboy? I'd love to see you guys react to it :)

  • You guys r the 1st channel to not use that ass as clickbait....hats off👍

  • I wouldn't mind watching ads if youtube actually paid content creators with the money they receive but they fucking don't they just keep it to themselves and find any stupid fucking reason to not pay them

  • Not sure if this matters but Antonio Banderes prefers if people just say the whole name quickly. "Antoniobanderes"...say it....it actually works

  • *B r o t h e r* *The Codex Astartes condemns this action*

  • you guys need to do a warhammer 40k vid

  • That blue light in the background making hairs outline blue do something about it thats irritating

  • Twitter: DISNEY COVERED HER BUTT WITH DIGITAL FUR TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!! Corridor: Simple tech. Clone tool. NEXT!!!!!

  • Please, what is the clip from 6:54 from

  • Why are they judging these there cgi isnt even good

  • Disney allowed hugh jackmans butt.. why not hers

  • Написано все на русском а русских субтитров нет

  • I haven’t seen the video but why did they cut to a clip of Spy Kids 3 when they said “the bad stuff”?

  • React to the horrible cgi in the spy kids movies

  • As an Indian I am offended cuz Niko said Indian Jones

  • Can you do any scene with Azlan from thee Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

  • Sponsor... "Do u have airbud?" ... "YAAAAYYYY!!! AirBud!!!"

  • i looooooved spy kids so much as a kid, it still now brings back memories

  • You guys should do godzilla King of monsters

  • Y’all should check out life beyond parts one and two by melodysheep

  • Did somebody RING THE DINKSTER?

  • Mars attacks

  • Stop disrespecting Indiana Jones you jerks

  • I'd love for y'all to react to some episodes of Death,love and robots!

  • Astartes is fucking unreal

  • I want them to react to the astartes finale

  • sharkboy and lava girl

  • react to the children of men one take scene in the woods

  • Why does the guy in the middle yell so much lmao

  • Please react to Merlin (1998) starring Sam Neill

  • You cam tell how much they like Astartes because they all sat up when it came on

  • Do Transformers

  • I hate that guy

  • The Norwegian film Troll Hunter. The bridge scene where the troll hunter gets ragdolled by a troll.

  • I saw astartes and clicked only for astartes

  • That Indiana Jones movie was one of the only ones to blow out exposure and lighting on a lot of effects. A similar theme can be found in the DC superhero movies (namely superman's) but the problem is that actual light does not look like that or create lense flares like that so it looks garbage. Also shit green screen so yea.

  • 8:48 your fly is down

  • Emperor Protects.

  • What movie had the guy with a hairy butt who had the hairy butt children at the end. I seem to have erased it from my memory.

    • The animal staring rob schnieder.

  • Only clicked for spy kids

  • Why not battleship? Pretty good movie

  • Reel steel

  • React to Thomas the tank engine VFX are insane

  • That Indiana Jones........the glaring sin is flat grounds in a jungle, “roads” in a jungle took me out of the moment.

  • Spy kids 3 is the best

  • I really want to know what song was playing during the end 13:30. It was beautiful.

  • A good artist is alway analyzing the world around them

  • I did not wanna hear about your stupid Lego bricks


  • Would love ready player one....Rewuest from zambia

  • The social distancing is so wholesome

  • This kids show the amazing world of gumball has a lot of cg mixed into it you should check an episode out

  • Sky kids cgi was impressive, but it made no sense

  • harry potter troll scene

  • do the raycon earbuds fall out easy if you do violent exercise? like kung fu? i used to listen to fast paced music whilst practising stick fighting but always had corded headphones and was constantly annoyed having them yanked out or falling out of my ears...

  • The jump cut with the cg glasses is funny cuz they didn’t even try to keep the wind blown hair continuity

  • Please react to Balveer TV show

  • As someone who plays Destiny, I feel like Bungie based the Cabal off of Warhammer.

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  • Im just waiting for Astartes to post his next one. Been 5 months, I am waiting for the grand reveal.

  • Why this Astartest guy has only 800k subs¿¿

  • I remember seeing Spy Kids 3D in theaters, and the 3D effects only happened when the main characters were also wearing 3D glasses. Dumbest thing ever, but I loved every second of it.

  • 12:28 IS THAT Sylvester Stallone

  • Name of the song for ending Raycon ad??

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  • You could check out the CGI in that one guys movie...dang what’s his name? He owns Raycon 🤪

  • I watched Spy Kids 3D *and loved it*

  • pantera

  • 2:40 Probably why your here

  • why is Wren like way at the back?

  • I like the content as a subject very much but the excitable geek/groomer gang is just too aggravating for me

  • A better animator than a presenter perhaps

  • Who is the hyperactive child on the sofa

  • Am I the only one that has a huge problem with swinging on vines? Vines are growing from the ground up with the roots in the earth. you cant swing on them

  • I watched this entire video at .25x speed and it sounds like something id cry laugh at while baked.

  • Hey guys, absolutely in love with your videos. Please react to real steel and Prince of Persia movie.

  • 0:10 my eyes are very trained to see long range and distance in video games and various things so i can see thet you guys are far from each other

  • React to Love death and robot

  • Love the episodes. Those earbuds suck though lol.

  • Thanks youtube adds full volume earrape at it's finest

  • _Who is here?_ _I have failed, brother._ _we have all failed. The Astartes deny our touch. You must return. Break your seal._ _Impossible. We will never survive._ _You must. Take them._