VFX Artists React to BOLLYWOOD Bad & Great CGi 2

Publicēšanas datums 25 jan 2020
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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Bollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • Bollywood is better than Tollywood Bollywood is from the upper part of India And Tollywood is from the low part called South India...... Tollywood is mostly Physics breaker.... But some like International Khiladi and KGF are great.....

  • Ramcharan MAGADHEERA Best movie Great SUPERSTAR

  • Find VFX in BHAGI 3

  • Dumb movies for dumb people...

  • You can take arundhati ek anokhi kahani this indian film should you take

  • You fool Ambala is not a Bollywood movie it's a kollywood movie

  • Dude...I prefer you a enthiran 2.0 movie....

  • My son ran out from the theater during this scene vishals jeep jump. He said i would have better hit by a truck then seeing his movie😆😆😆😂

  • Aambalaa aambala

  • Wow

  • 9:58 “yo fire bbs”

  • Watch Corazón de León, an argentinian moviw that now I believe it's a ripoff Zero

  • See tollywoood movies you will be pissed off

  • Wath movie named I

  • Magadheera and bahubali are tollywood. Not bollywood 🙄

  • I too am colorblind and thought that bar was black.

  • Its not bollywood , it is indian tollywood

  • You should react to sura vijay tamil movie(tollywood)

  • 8:58 its because they never interact with the one cg part, his face

  • 6:31 thats what makes the vfx studio satisfied with themselves

  • Gotta love the intro 😄

  • Dhoom 3 Krishh 3 KGF

  • pls make a vedio about kgf

  • krish 3

  • dhoom 3

  • tanhaji movie plz

  • 0:35 is that sound from tf2

  • I love the traditional indo music at starting

  • have you guys done shivaji the boss movie?

  • they have a green screen on the floor everystep had a green screen vijion

  • lvcd.info/watch/rdWcgYGql7GDfoE/video.html

    • please do react on this movie

  • Yo....dragon ball who??...saitama get out of here...bollywood in the hood

  • Do you know that bahubali, eega, magadheera. Are tollywood not bollywood

  • Watch some rajni kanth movies

  • The intros of these series 🤣🤣

  • Checkout "Baagi 3" movie last fight scene .., 😂😂😂😂😂

  • my favorite movie is ''TUMBBAD.WE should support those like hollywood challenging movies other than Zero.'

  • Try Kuruvi bollywood movie👍 one of the coolest train jumb scene😂😂

  • Should watch sampoornesh babu's filims Cooooooooooooooooooler than this one

  • One word : aaaa


  • only red chillies is the only company in bollywood who make best vfx than any of the bollywood studious

  • Bollywood Movie Ra.One

  • I love the intro music sound🤣

  • hero number zero

  • My dad headed the first project in EFX. PROUD moments 😂


  • I fucking hate that thabala music used every time to represent Indian things

  • If it's according to the tumbnail it's not Bollywood it's tollywood

  • He threw the sword sideways but it's not sideways

  • i think "Zero" have the same vfx with a movie called "Habibie Ainun 3" from indonesia

  • Sounds like these monsters from *I dont know which game*...Halo? Call of Duty? I forgot.

  • lmao ,man i can't stop laughing at intro

  • Bollywood industrial is best

  • Rocky handsome final fight..mind blowing..chk it out ..

  • Kurivi movie long jump scene

  • 'Bollywood is like Hollywood which is high on steroids'... Yeah, expected someone to say that!!!

  • I am sorry but I don't like to heart my eyes and brain watching bollywood PS.

  • 1:22 This "Hero Honda" I happened to own. It is a Honda CBF 125 and a true stunt monster, having those 11hp

  • You have to admire Sharukh Khan. He has pushed for innovation in Indian cinema. You need to realise how generic most Indian movies are, and how the Indian audience have a limited taste. We need powerful people like Sharukh Khan to change this and he is trying...

  • Respect

  • Zero...👍👍👍👍 SRK movies

  • The starting scenes were not of Bollywood , they were of tollywood , please don't make Bollywood's name bad

  • That sponsorship shoot looks so fun

  • some of the movies are not actually bollywood, some of them are sandalwood, tollywood

  • Watch hrudhaya kalayam

  • The left guy is the milkman ?

  • Omg so cool

  • Hey bro luv from India

  • So Now i can make zero film again in minecraft

  • Came on that's tollwoood poor industry 🤣

  • "little person" It's like a child talking lol

  • Why are people so surprised? This is bollywood and tollywood ...... Physics and gravity doesn't exist here

  • do tumbadd

  • 2.0 (einthran part 2 ) is a great movie with vfx

  • They said bollywood five times in a minute

  • These video

  • Power Ranger 🤣🤣

  • Let broke the vfx of KGF kanada 🍿🎥

  • Amabala movie is not bollywood its kollywood. For your information bollywood is hindi film industry and kollywood is tamil film industry there are many others in india like tollywood, etc.

  • Sahoo

  • I am an Indian, and I approve this intro

  • Theres a fake man inside the heli

  • First video is not a Pepsi commercial....its a movie ,title is MAGADHEERA!!!

  • Not sure "Bollywood" is anything more than an american thing we made up but it's also the same reason we call all of american cinema "Hollywood"...we're simple, its just a thing

  • That's where the game begins guys, cause Shah Rukh Khan has India's best and one of the world's finest VFX studio, known as "Red Chillies entertainment" . Almost all the bollywood movies which need ample amount of good CGI and VFX, Red Chillies is the one they reach out to.. You guys definitely need to research more about Red Chillies.❤️🇮🇳🙏

    • Ok he is my favourite actor


  • 8:53 introverts be like:

  • I worked in zero not as a cgi person but just as a person who helps on set

  • Hi @Corridercrew I request u to watch these tollywood movies of indian actor Sampoornesh Babu and make a review Movie Name Hrudaya Kaleyam ,Link :-www.hotstar.com/in/movies/hrudaya-kaleyam/1000055951/watch Singam 123 ,Link :-lvcd.info/watch/sLuklotmpMaVp30/video.html Watch these ,especially the climax scenes these are beyond science

  • Chech the last scene of the ghayal once again movie bollywood

  • Guys, some of em are Tollywood movies. Give the credit to the industry that worked hard for the movie rather than stuffing the names of All movies into the Bollywood category.

  • please review this fight scene lvcd.info/watch/z5hwko1mj66KbYE/video.html

  • I was caught up on the fact that the actor looks like Jackie Chan 🤐

  • Good. You're learning from us..😅😅😂😂

  • Please make particular videos on Kollywood movie!

  • Can you please make video for Mersal movie?

  • 1\2 of them is Kollywood not bollywood

  • Robot 2.0

  • The clip at the beginning of the crotch gun (which I see posted everywhere) isn't from a Bollywood movie, but from a swedish movie called Kopps about small-town police. It's really funny and well worth a watch!