Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 9

Publicēšanas datums 18 jan 2020
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The Crew is joined by Stuntman and Fight Coordinator Ilram Choi to react and break down some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!
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  • Seems like with Donnie yen if you're a stunt man you just accept you're going to get hit and beaten and hurt

  • ...that Spiderman scene...that a parody of the halloween episide of southpark...?

  • Cynthia Rothrock in Yes, Madame. I know she has great ability, but it looked liked they made her and Michelle Yeoh use stunt doubles in a couple shots. Just curious if I'm wrong about that, or if there is a reason why they swapped actors.

  • 0:24. Amazing.

  • Please do jet li, and this guy is awesome. Kiss of the dragon, fearless, unleashed

  • Liked for that snake burger king clip hahaha

  • the raid

  • Altered carbon season 2 episode 1

  • Bring Jackie Chan

  • Holy fuck ads before ads after ads from the fucking stuntmen during the video. I couldn't finish

  • Most of your videos are pushing 100K on the likes - that's crazy - keep it up!

  • Spider-Man in fact does not wear underwear.

  • This fight from Maximilian & Marie De Bourgogne

  • Haha yeees this guys great!!

  • 3:06 but you are the real spider-man! what are you saying!

  • "Dude im not a real spider man" im dead.

  • Eat like snake > bk king ads, honestly that was hilarious

  • Amazing Spider-Man had the best swinging. Practical swinging, that felt completely real. Loved the tugs and drawing the legs up into an iconic Spidey pose. The movies weren't perfect, but the web-slinging was damn near.

  • Just now watching this. Wasn’t Ilram like on the 2nd season of MTV’s Final Fu?

  • Wow, the salt and pepper hair is hot!

  • Do KGF

  • Jackie chan is an amazing martial artist but a terrible human being he is a dog of the communist party

  • Love you guys!!! Especially love that ginger lad :) hubba hubba

  • Stunts to react to. The lancing stunts from the Knights Tale (2001) with Heath Ledger. The behind the scenes has a little bit on it, looks like they really just took the fall in the really heavy armour. But it'd be great to know how they did it to film it and to keep people from not getting really dead.

  • this video makes me realise how important audio control is lol

  • The real Spider-Man is an Asian dude!

    • Burger King snake Guy!

  • Imagine having a boner in the suit

  • [7:34 to 9:11 ] In regards to Chocolate(2008), I thought of it as 'surprisingly brutal'. I have seen videos of DOOM ETERNAL and yet those fight scenes allows caught me off-guard. I think it's cause of visual dissonance: as in, the action heroine looks like a soft-spoken 16-17 year old that lives across the street. Thus, the power of every thug takedown is more apparent due to the contrast in appearance in both Zen and them.

  • 👍👍

  • Ilram kinda looks like an Asian Littlefinger

  • I think i know why people don't subscribe. It's maybe because of the ads that pop up which can't be skipped and also the skillshare ads you do in between that never ends. Maybe that might be a reason. It is for me. Other than that i love your work

  • The behind the scenes of Chocolate everyone hurted haha insane

  • View more Jackie chan stunts

  • This guy is cool.

  • Good times...

  • This guy is great

  • 5:04 I subscribed!

  • Try to bring Jackie chan..plsssss❤️❤️❤️

  • *9:36* I dunno what Burger Kings are like in the USA, but up here in Vancouver Canada, he'd be slithering along a sticky floor, running into trash and the occasional hypodermic needle...

  • Review Commando 1, 2 and 3 it has best stunts of Bollywood performed actually by the lead actor with no stunt doubles.

  • Bro react to Indian fight scenes 1. *ENTHIRAN* (ROBOT) train fight 2. *SYEE RA* interval fight 3. *IDDARAMAYILATHO* interval fight 4. *NAAN MAHAAN ALLA* climax fight 5. *MAGADHEERA* horse race

  • Plz do the cliff scene from Rambo first blood

  • 10:24 is when i knew he is korean

  • Is Jackie Chans clock tower fall in Project A a stunt? Or just Jackie cheating death? No wires. No safety equipment whatsoever.

  • Stop begging for subscribers you already have 4.12 mil

  • Should do a jackie chan video

  • that is byyyyy farrrrr the best couch entrance. lets see u who can top that loll haah xoxo

  • This was hillarious, even the advertisement

  • you guys should watch this

  • "Chocolate" is cool movie. Maybe plot isn't great, but fights are cool.

    • @TheGamingBlueberry Yes. I already watched that episode. At the moment of writing above comment I didnn't new that, but still I think they could talk about more scenes from the movie.

    • Sebastian Kloch they did it

  • I love spider-man and this ilram is definitely spider-man

  • Okay now do this one

  • Malayalam movie pulimurikan stunt

  • Everyone wondering what the best weapon Me who know whatever Jackie Chen had in hand are the best weapons

  • Whats the name.of the movie that the guy fell down those three flights of building and hit the ground? Can anyone tell me :)

  • 12:10 That's a significant improvement from the Jackie Chan impersonator video.

  • “This is a vfx shot I swear”

  • Hi

  • quick tip, toast the bun (if you have a bagel mode use that as it toasts the inside) and it won't be soggy

  • Jake's ads are just so good haha XD

  • make more videos

  • what’s wrong with the audio?

  • Chocolate such a good film

  • Break your face and your back, get paid, then use up all the pay buying an iPad pro.

  • i love Jake😅



  • 🎥😎

  • If you have that mask on you like can’t breath OOF

  • Commando 1,2,3 Bollywood movie, or any Vidyut Jamwal movie....he is great with stunts.

  • Jake in I'm out

  • Spiderman 2 Sam Raimi

  • React to Kollywood movie named kaithi

  • These are awesome guys, wish they were a bit longer! That Goes for the vfx vids as well!

  • That scene was from tasm 2 right? And it was from 2014

  • These ones end way too quick :_

  • What happened to the sound quality in this episode?

  • I can move my upper lip, because there is a muscle in it

  • Amazing vid, also it would’ve been cool if you shown Ilram Choi’s part in Undisputed 3


  • It is funny how he says “is that Tony Jaa’s sister?” Because didn’t they end up working together in the Protector 2?

  • Look, I get that it's annoying that you share videos "for free" as some people are not subscribed, I do. I am a subscriber myself as I am interested in this stuff, but it is getting really off putting hearing you talk about it. This channel alone has 3,94 million subscribers, you guys must make more than an average worker only with this channel. I mean you all have regular jobs as well I hope? Or is it because you have started families and need "extra" money? All I´m saying is, you have more than plenty subscribers, ease up on the plugs. Again I must reiterate, I am a longtime subscriber.

  • @ilramchoi lol Thong? Too much info.. 😆

  • So Ilram Choi was the Guy in the Undisputed Redemption Movie. The Taekwondo Guy fighting Raul He just beat the amazing spiderman lol

  • When Jake shows up. Me: NEXT!

  • what jackie chan movie was it

  • We need a Fight Game of all your Stuntman guests

  • "You heard it here first, Spider-Man wears a thong!" Unfortunately, Tom Holland confirmed that a couple of years ago. They gave him it to wear under the suit so there weren't any underwear lines, just like Ilram said, and Tom was like "No?? Why would I wear a thong?" lmao. "I'll never be the same."

  • jake is legit my favorite now

  • Why did the Amazing Spiderman series have better swinging and swing stunts than the new Spiderman?

  • can you imagine being the guy who cracked Jackie Chan in the face???

  • Can you guys look at the Mr. Right parking lot fight?

  • Asian Keanu Reaves lol

  • Plz do mission impossible fallout helicopter scene

  • Why not just wear a cup rather than a thong? Ass out is better than a string up the it

  • React to rocky handsome final fight scene

  • Am I the only one who loves Nico's hair?

  • All I can hear is Snake Eater from MGS anyone else?

  • I love it when they do superhero films more practically and with only minimal CGI. That's why I love the old Spider-Man movies more than the new ones.

  • Hahaha, clint with the ambulance comment. "We got the perfect shot, now we just have to edit out of the sound of the ambulance rushing the stuntman to the hospital." hahahaha