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Publicēšanas datums 28 aug 2020
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Sam and Niko have some very important news for you: our new website, is live! We think you're going to like it there.
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  • For those asking: Nothing is changing about what we do on the Corridor Crew Channel (regular weekly episodes with the crew, regular weekly react episodes, et cetera). The "vlog" on is a new show entirely, inspired by what we used to do 4+ years ago but is no longer sustainable on LVcd. People wanted that back, so we found a way to make it happen. That said, in no way is anything we do ON THIS CHANNEL changing!!

    • @Job So you contribute nothing to society but expect the product of other people's labour to be given to you for free?

    • Random Ashe i dont have a job

    • @Job Do you work for free? Does your boss not pay you for the work you do?

    • As a viewer the only thing I wish of you guys is to not stress yourselves out the entertain us cause I’ve seen channel be really good then lose quality cause they burnt themselves out and I hope you guys take care of yourselves cause I find your guys mental and physical health more important than my entertainment.

    • You could upload the vlogs to LVcd a few weeks after it gets available on the site. Other channels do that with some videos. New shows definitely make sense to be exclusive to the site, but it's really disappointing to see the vlogs go away years ago only for it to return behind a pay wall. Specially considering how old school fans have been asking for the vlogs to return. You say the Corridor Crew channel wont change, but putting the vlogs as a subscriber exclusive is already a change to the channel. If you really care about the fans who have been supporting you for so long and can't really afford a subscription during a global pandemic, you could at least consider a solution for the vlogs.

  • Very curious about your market research on this proj. It's a great idea but how are people gonna know that the content hidden by the paywall (and before it is even made) is better than what they get on LVcd for free? Hope it works out either way

  • this too is great animation 🔥🔥🔥 have a look , these guys are 🤯🤯

  • Why not floatplane?

  • I have been watching you guys for a little while but now after watching this video I unfortunately will no longer be watching you guys I got excited when you said you were bringing the vlogs back but then you and I to say they were only for the website and I get LVcd doesn't pay you that much but it doesn't undergrade the viewers it doesn't charge us a cent for watching you guys and now you guys are wanting us to pay you to watch you which we have been doing for free for years now I mean this is the most respectful way possible I hope you guys have a great future without website but you lost the hopeful subscriber

  • I suscribed to my guis. Fuck yea

  • can't spare the pennies at the moment, but I hope it works out!

  • They lied it’s not 10 years it’s 9

  • Even though I don't have a lot of money, $3,99 is not that bad. I might just get it and support you guys.

  • How did you get your videos to appear on your website like this. I want to do it that way too, but when I copy the LVcd link, the link appears on my website. How did you do that?

  • Got a membership!

  • This is an only fans for nerds like us lol

  • I think you forgot to say "Sponsored by WIX"

  • I've finally been able to subscribe to Corridor's new website and I have to say, worth every penny so far! I'm excited to see the new content that it'll have in the future with so many shows all ready greenlit! -Love a long time fan, LinkBeta5 :D

  • I’d honestly love to see this become a rival platform to LVcd with other creators as well

  • So you make the site because "Hollywood system doesn't work" and you want to make your own TV shows / movies (mentioned in another video). Then people put their points into vlogs. Yes, they can be interesting but still.

  • This is actually the first "youtuber thing" I really want to spend my money into. Love you guys :)

  • I know im a whole week late, but this actually looks like something i can put my money into. $4 aint all that much for me, and i genuinely love the content you guys put out.

  • youtube's system is really reflected on this video's view count talking about the youtube system

  • Next your own app

  • Signed up. Tried to watch videos and was told videos unavailable. Super fun

  • Watch movie '2.0' ( indian movie) The same director of 'I' and Robot He used tons of CG scene in all his moives like shivaji and mudhalvan

  • Watch 'Saaho' movie

  • React on Van Helsing CGI please 🥺

  • React on Van Helsing CGI please 🥺

  • React on Van Helsing CGI please 🥺

  • React on Van Helsing CGI please 🥺

  • I'd still like a one-off payment option instead of a subscription based thing or maybe separate the content (like the film making Masterclass style videos) that are helpful vs just for entertainment. I'm a long time subscriber since the Frozen Crossing days and have supported the channel through getting merch every once in a while. There should be access bonus for buying merch imo, but that's only speaking from my end. If a subscription based model works the best for you then more power to it; it's just a little steep. Nebula/Curiosity Stream is an example of a great bang-for-your-buck annual thing

  • New websites are a bit difficult to get enough people using it. Maybe Patreon or sth we’re all used to would be moré readily accepted. However, best of lucks.

  • All I really took from that is that people are paying you for vlogs.

  • Watch this guy. Indian sci-fi short film. #GENOME_ENGINE_2

  • Anyone else get the app as soon as they said it?

  • How long do you plan to keep the website

  • The Perfect Camera Rig (2020)

  • I am niko and this is my master class

  • U got Jacked ... big time 😂! 👍😷✌

  • Please watch ASN and KGF movie for best VFX effects

  • Hi. Please react to Netflix's Lucifer. Possibly the ending of Season 5 where everything is frozen in time and only One Tom Ellis, the wings are fully CG, and most of the CG uses manual lighting. Fun Fact: The top pointy thing of Lucifer's penthouse Lux is mostly CG Here in this link, you can view the best scenes and their VFX counterparts and mostly how the CG was done. PS the link is for Vfx of Season 3 mostly.

  • Man, I would pay any amount of money for them to make a STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE short film, it’s because of wren that I found it and I would love it if they could bring it to life

  • I tried the website, you guys just dont release as much VFX artists react anymore. Thats the only thing I really like. Website needs a makeover, little clunky too.

  • Yeah. No ones going to subscribe another website

  • Wow, amazing, I've been convinced to subscribe to their onlyfans

  • I missed Jake's energy in this one Niko and Sam were good but Jake is Jake

  • Sam, I'm sending this in an Instagram DM, but: Do you have a family member that lives in Canada? One who sings in the band The Dead South?

  • I know this is a long shot, but are you guys planning on pushing an app version for consoles? I watch everything on my playstation at the moment just out of pure convenience. Anyway excited for you guys and definitely be checking out the site! 🤟😝

  • Man! I am so happy for you guys.

  • Can I am 1000 people I can’t even left on my table

  • Just returned after a week in Utah, sad I missed the debut. You still have my monthly support.

  • I had an unrelated question for Clint. Does he remember or did he play the shoulder game on set of VGHS? I cant remember if he was able to cause of ShotBot.

  • Down with the algorithms! Everywhere!

  • I wish i could sub, 4 dollars in my country is kinda alot, goddamit i wanted the vlogs back so much

  • Getting flashbacks to the days. I hope this pans out a lot better.

  • Dunno if this is the right place, but can you please fix Johnny Depp’s horribly de-aged face in Pirates 5? Thank you.

  • Have you guys considered supporting or also hosting on Floatplane by Linus Media Group?

  • Why is the android app wasnt using the play store to subscribe,because im not at us nor have a credit card...

  • Vanced User : Haha ad free?

  • Screen Junkies tried this a couple of years ago and it failed...hard. Be interested to see if you guys can do it (sports tubers have managed to do it) but i am sceptical.

  • Guys, I love your videos and I would love to learn from you. Have you thought to make video classes, like Webinar or Coursera. Let me know about it because there are many others youtubers who are doing it and I rather take your lessons than theirs.

  • Why not floatplane?

  • I appreciate everyone on your team. Thank you for being you. I look forward to your videos every week.

  • Considering the currency in my country compared to the US dollar, Im considering subscribing once a month every year's quarter. So 4 times a year. Still supporting you, but will have some nice binge-amount of episodes to catch up on.

  • This is why I fucken love these guys. They make the BEST CONTENT. NO BULLSHIT. PLUS THEY ALWAYS DELIVER!! Glad they finally decided to get more bang for their buck. Thank you for the subscription. Glad I'm a patron member lol 🙏😎👏

  • Why not floatplane?

  • But is there an APP?!?!

  • I would love it if there was a cheaper option in the range of 1-2 Dollar. I am not a diehard fan of you, but I enjoy most of your content and would support you a little bit. Maybe make a cheaper option with less features and content as I am sure there are some people who would like to support you but don't want to spend 4$. That is getting in the range of a streaming service. And you cannot compete with that (yet)

  • You guys are the best!! I really hope to see one of your movies in Hollywood one day

  • Will you guys ever allow applications for directors to apply to direct an episode or pitch shows?

  • Ok two things about the app: The comments are really tiny on my OnePlus 5t. And what about the ability to vote comments. I love that feature on reddit and LVcd. Other than that the app feels good.

  • What about other channels doing the same thing with the app you built. A well built app outside of LVcd where I can watch my favourite LVcdrs would be a dream come true. Like patreon for videos. But made well.

  • I was expecting Jake: "for the same price as a premium cup of coffee"... maybe some Sarah McLaughlin in the background. 😝

  • It's awesome to see how excited you guys are with this new platform you have created yourself.

  • Super excited for you guys to begin owning you own destiny in this way. Can't wait to see what happens and how it impacts other creators getting their content out there.

  • Why don't you guys make game base on corridor digital?

  • LVcd Content Creators today are the Commercial Jingle Writers of the 80's and 90's.

  • Congratulations

  • Please do Fight/Stunt Reaction of Vidyut Jamwal, this actor himself doed all the fights and stunts without even the WIRES.

  • Im in the UK and comes to £3 here still very affordable u guys will soon hopsfully take over video viewing platforms and even youtube any chance u guys want a challange is to make a platform just like youtube but safe and done to spec

  • Can u please react to 2001: A Space Odyssey?

  • I love these guys

  • I've never subscribed to anything like this. I've never even Patreoned anything before. But you lguys have convinced me. Your content is the kind of content I'm looking for. Hopefully others will follow! Good luck.

  • I thought we were finally going to find out what was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction... this was better though!

  • you've only made almost 23 dollars off of this so far. Thats some good to know math that I probably could have Googled...but guys are my Google. Just so you know...i watch all your videos and always give a like.

  • Dang, $3.99 a month? That's awesome!!! Congrats to you guys for launching the site! Time to reevaluate my monthly payments so I can join the site!

  • Are you using something like uscreen or

  • wow i actually went to unclick that ad and then it exploded...that felt really good

  • Just one or two questions before I subscribe, what will happen to the producer points that were spent on one project, but then it never reaches the point goal and the idea gets canceled? Do we get our points back? And aren't 30 points per year a little to less if a project needs over 30.000 points to start production? Do 1 or 2 points spent on several projects even matter?

  • First I need to get back a job. Then I'll consider subscribing to you guys!

  • 3.99 got damn thank y’all for not breaking my wallet ima support y’all You’ve changed my life in ways that I can’t describe thank you all

  • I used annual payment with PayPal, but it says I don't have a member ship on the app?

  • Tried to check out the website but was forced to get the app which killed the mood for me

  • A $1 dollar subscription option would be a no-brainer. another monthly subscription for $4 is a bit to much for me.

  • This is so smart... I envy you guys... (Not that I didn't do it before because you are awesome with filmmaking and behind the scenes)

  • Will the Guillotine Channel be on this website, or was that a one-off thing? Really looking to seeing more chopping

    • @Beerdude26 if that's the case, sign me up

    • @Brent Lobegeier I think they said on Reddit that when the remodel is done, there will be more space to do the guillotine stuff again, currently they have to move a lot of stuff and tape off half the studio to do a few shots with it so it's not being done

    • @Gamer X with no new videos for a year.... really seemed like a one 'n' done thing

    • There is a separate channel for the Guillotine.

  • Here's another bit of perspective for ya'll - if 1000 views is only a buck , that means that YOU as an individual viewer have to watch 1000 corridor videos on youtube to make them a buck. That's around 3 videos a day which maybe isn't THAT much for the average viewer for ALL(as in every creator you watch) of youtube (30 minutes a day really) but flip it around to the creator side of things and that's almost 11,000 minutes of content to create. To earn a single dollar. 11,000 minutes is 183 hours which is just under 8 days. Use another metric, if the average marvel movie is 2.5 hours that means 3 entire MCU's worth of content to earn 1$. Suddenly spending 4 bucks a month seems pretty dang cheap huh ? It's less money than you give to a twitch channel for a 30 day sub. I hope this all works out quite well for the Corridor Crew :D

  • Screw it why not

  • React Indian filime pulimurugan climax fight scene🐯

  • Id really like to do it but im outta money


  • Glad about this really excited! Just hope LVcd doesn't do what apple did to epic games to y'all

  • What RoosterTeeth failed to do was post Trailers or first episodes on YT for videos that would be exclusively on the website.