How I Made a Movie WITHOUT Actors, Sets, or Cameras

Publicēšanas datums 24 mai 2020
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Sam takes you on the journey of what it took to make our newest short, Gamers React, and how he made this entirely virtual production using Unreal Engine.
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  • Loved this and already watched the vid your doing and subscribed to that channel.

  • Why don’t you guys try buying a cheaper motion capture suit from like wish or something and see how it works

  • hey sam i noticed your a fan of humbuckers, is that a tele deluxe behind you?

  • I loved that video and wanna see more!!

  • More of this plz!

  • More more more

  • I love look and feel that this technique gives you

  • Great vid

  • can't wait to see what people make with this

  • Hey men I´ve benn following you from Argentina for the whole quarantine. Really want to know more about all this. Tried UE, now going for Blender. Trying to lean how to pull all this together and mix reality and animation. Thank you. Looking forward for more videos like this one.

  • So you are basically doing Animation

  • gmod users: hey i’ve seen this before

  • This. Is. Dope 🔥

  • His not with his bros 🙁

  • So it's an animated podcast.

  • "...I basically Power Rangers it," Ha nice

  • Clint repping that Colovian Fur Helmet

  • I know I shouldn't worry about it, but is the sound out of sync?

  • Couldn’t you use some thing like the Kinect for body tracking?

  • Honestly tho i fucking loved the janky ass animations. it gives it a bit of life

  • That luigi confuses me

  • Ok but how did u make the characters??? Photoscans??

  • Aquaman Venom Guardians of the galaxy vol.1 and 2

  • i saw those guitars lemme see u play them plz

  • As an environment artist in games its really cool to see Ue4 being used for this. I really enjoyed watching it come together on Instagram!

  • What is that app on the phone you're using for tracking the camera movements into Unreal? Also what app is doing the face tracking? Thanks guys, really love your work!

  • the people demands more Jake! srsly I was watching his attorney-ish videos and they were great!! also, the time he built a freaking guillotine!!

  • Hmmmmmmmmmm I mean... You had voice actors, a phone camera, a WHOLE SET (a REAL one) that got digitalized (or whatever), a MOCAP SUIT. None of us got access to that, man. So when you say we don't need a budget or this and that, I'ts kinda not true. Great video anyways!

  • Can you react to Brad Pitts CGI in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button PLEASE

  • So, you said that it only works for iPhone?

  • Love what Unreal Engine is capable of

  • dude whats the name of the facemocap app and the virtual camera app

  • Man, Sam is cool! Freaking corridor crew is one of the best things that could happen to you this quarantine.

  • Result video?

  • Just over that ten minute mark.

  • One word....Genius!

  • Here's the link to the facial tracking app:

  • Brick Mansions?

  • Anybody know what the song at 5:50 is called???

  • Too bad the end result is a worthless piece of shit. You guys could have used all this technology, talent and work to make something actually cool.

  • The Last Dragon (1985) final fight with Sho'nuff

  • Nice

  • What are the biggest differences between unreal engine and blender?

  • Excelente pipeline!

  • What is the iOS app called?

  • Does anybody know where I can get the facial capture app?

  • more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, ... PLEASE :)

  • My advice for the next one like this, you guys should do a zoom call and react but have it where you can see everyone's body so you so you can copy thier movements and voice on the mocap for a more realistic approach. If this comment doesnt get drowned with the rest I think that would be totally possible

  • i’m a subscriber just wanna say haha but next stunt men react video you should check out the fast and furious 7 near the end there a part where Paul walkers character and his opponent ride a door down couple flight of stairs, makes me wonder if stunt men did that for real or nah

  • Jake has gotten so good at selling ads that he could probably become an ad star like Terry Crews and Old Spice.

  • Battleship (2012)

  • I want more of these pls

  • Great job Sam!

  • "Without camera" iPhone is a joke guys

  • I should try to do something like this. *sees 20k motion suit* *cries*

  • Dude, this unreal tech is amazing. I'd be curious to see more done. Like a high end virtual set?. Would it be possible to 3D map a house and then add 3D assets to create a virtual redesign of a home for example? Or go more crazy and create a virtual set from a movie?

  • A movie with no camera, set, or actors. Pretty sure they call those animations or cartoons...

  • 8:56 so you do it on an unreal set

  • You have to look at the Virtual Production Stuff at Cinematography Database on YT and Instagram. He is doing some really great stuff. Maybe you could talk to him and gather some knowledge or inspiration from each other.🤷🏼‍♂️👍🏻

  • It kind of reminds me of The Polar Express lol

  • Please make more! These are fucking amazing!

  • Jakes sponsors are the only ones I listen to😂

  • Very interesting to see how you did this and somewhat easy but also very complicated. One of my favorite "reacts" you guys have ever done.

  • Today morning I had hangover . Than I watch this. Now I have to go for brain surgery..

  • +

  • Ha ha ha

  • I’d love to see a reaction to the Unreal 5 video

  • Every time I see Jake I just ORA ORA left side of my phone screen

  • How many hours did you spend to this ?

  • Anyone recognise that phone holder extension for the GoPro Sam has? Any idea where I could get one?

  • How about anime character react

  • What is the Face tracking app called?

  • More please!

  • Animate Lone Wolf and Cub!

  • Check out NO LOGIC FILMS... They does Virtual Production on one computer.

  • the video this is talking about making is like an acid trip and this video is like your parents telling you the risks of lsd

  • My buddies are working on VR games using Unreal, and one of them actually broke their limits when it came to keyframing a scene in the game. After talking to one of the devs in Unreal, they actually updated the whole software just so that they could accomplish their methods. Really awesome dudes who do care about creative artists

  • Oh yall must have jumped up in subscribers ☝️

  • Tbh i kinda thought it was made in SFM instead of unreal, maybe just cos of how it felt like a SFM video to me, still great of course

  • What a fab guitar collection tho!

  • What about a "best character that you wanted more of..." (in games) I'm thinking from a STARWARS standpoint,: 1. Boba Fett 2. Din Djarin (the Mandolorian) 3. ????????????????????????? Can anyone think of a third to compete with this crew? Thought it would be fun to see three bounty hunters (maybe plus 1 other) to shoot the sh*t talking about their least favorite STARWARS games....

  • You should watch Philippine 🇵🇭 CGI specially on GMA chanel.. they have the best graphics there is. One of those is VICTOR MAGTANGOL and DAIG KAYO NG LOLA KO. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Can you react to supernatural cgi

  • Yeah, I think I noticed

  • what is the app that you used for the facial tracking

  • Hey Crew! If would do a video on VFX from a 1965 Indian movie - Mayabazaar which has insanely unbelievable VFX for the time when computers barely existed!! They had a great technical crew and a great cinematographer who shot a song depicting under moonlight but actually shot under direct sunlight! Indian people consider it the movie of the millennium, and it's probably the oldest VFX example I can think of. It's almost unreal! Please do check it out!!

  • This is the first sponsor segment that I accually watched the whole thing through!😂

  • React to Half-Life faces

  • Please please please make more. I'd love to see Clint as one of the soldiers in an RTS

  • review ambrela academy and locke and key :D P.S. I. subscribed :))))

  • It looks like it was done in SFM.

  • Could you guys react to the Increadible Hulk (2008)

  • Please react to Season 6 episode 16 of the flash, where ragdoll comes out of the pipes, starts at 28:32

  • Can you guys react to 1917 film

  • this has nothing to do with this video or this channel, but i know that most of audience of this channel are critical thinkers. I saw this ted talk and thought it was so good in looking at an issue from different angle. check it out please. It's relevant to whats happening these days.

  • Please check this video. This is a old Marathi film released in 1941. This is a dam burst seen where 2 people are standing on that dam. How do you think they have created this without any technology at that time?

  • Do you use mouses or touchpads ?

  • Can you guys do a full reaction episode to Kung Fury? It's here on LVcd. SUCH a good movie!

  • React to Beowulf

  • Hell yes Sam, more please 😊