VFX Artists React to THE BOYS Bad & Great CGi

Publicēšanas datums 5 dec 2020
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Niko and Wren sit down with Overall VFX Supervisor from "The Boys," Stephan Fleet to breakdown some bad and great Hollywood VFX, as well as their own!
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  • The boys is a great show

  • For the record... -7c in ontario's winter is a balmy tuesday. -30c is more cold :p

  • No wonder Seth Rogen hired this guy, he looks just like him

  • Kingsmen 1 head blast in climax. Pls review it.

  • me watching this while eating: 👁️👄👁️

    • ok

  • -7 degrees Celsius....is cold? You poor soul

  • David Sandberg

  • lol I live like 1 hour north of toronto and -7 is not cold

  • marvel is crying in corner.

    • why

  • Make a reaction video on the Scott Sterling goalkeeping video please! I suspect there are some cheeky VFX in there.

  • Got to do scooby doo the live action one

  • Good ad tho

  • It'd be great to see Gavin Free on the show in person rather than over the phone

  • Hey there. I’m watching Wanted and there are some amazing VFXs that I would love to see you talk about. Also, the scene where James McAvoy is scooped into the car with Angelina J. Stuntman reacts? There is so much in this to talk about. You down?

  • You should have asked him about the first season's first ep where A-Train moves through Robin.

  • Hope there are no children watching this😖

  • You guys should react to Alice in Borderland on Netflix

  • The Best show i watched in 2020.

  • I think you should have Keanu Reeves on a video to bad you guys probably have to get him

  • Those head explosions are pretty good, but honestly, I prefer the Kingsman head explosion sequence.

  • Good video Remember " Practice makes man perfect"

  • -7C is cold? Please, that's barely anything.

  • You should check out the fx of Dead and Breakfast. Has one of the greatest chainsaw to zombie scenes ever.

  • For next vfx artists react: everything sandman from spider-man 3. His transformation in the beginning is awesome!!!

  • Can you react to the CGI Luke in the Season 2 finale of the Mandalorian? I thought his face looked really weird and the lighting looked off, but would be good to get your analysis of it

  • Hi! You guys could look at the Pirates of the Caribbean movies vfx, either the first movie's skeletons or the Davie Jones vfx. Keep it up ✌️

  • Please please do a reaction to Kung Fury

  • React to Love, Death & Robots Ep. 2, (from Netflix)

  • S1 E12 of Fringe Opening scene has a really great old vfx hand coming out of a tv screen you should check out

  • Can you guys react to Wonder Woman 84. Please!

  • Please please please React to Bollywood movie krrish 3 Best vfx in Bollywood I saw

  • Don't get Raycons they are shit

  • You should check the Nick Cage movie Drive Angry!!! I love it, but the CGI is uuhh, you should watch the movie, pure gold

  • Transformers please

  • You guys should react too the f&f hobs and shaw bike scenes, stunts aswell as the cgi!!

  • U should react to "skyhigh"

  • Bad CGI: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2, the baby's face!

  • New Wonder Woman, I've seen clips...oh god.

  • How do you even remove cold air breath like that??? I just cant figure that out and for a close up, clean 4k shot too...

  • Please, please cover the movie Kung Fury in some way! They’re indie film makers like you guys and that movie was amazing!

  • LMAO -7celsius in Toronto, Canada is a warm winter for them

  • Can u react to The Green Book, when Mahershala Ali plays his piano conserts, his head is obviously attached to another body. Thanks for your great work!!

  • SHADOW OF THE REPUBLIC... Big fan you guys

  • Have you guys checked the driving sequence in Train to Busan Peninsula?

  • I don’t know if they did it yet but I really wanna them to react to the scene in “Ghost in the Shell” where they put her together or the scene where she goes invisible. That whole movie is just *chef’s kiss*

  • Should’ve reacted to the fight between butcher and translucent where butcher spits blood from his mouth on translucent to see him

  • Hi, can you please react to LVcd REWIND INDONESIA 2020. It's not affiliate with LVcd, made by Indonesian creator. I think Indonesia youtube rewind this year is totally another level, especially the editing really caught my eyes and mesmerising. So I would really love to know your personal opinion about this and of course in professional perspective about this lvcd.info/watch/sMmSlqZ8mJKTqnU/video.html Thanks 🙏🏻💝

  • You guys should really do the opening “model house” scene in Hereditary! I keep rewatching and I know it’s some green screen, but don’t know where or how much is real and how much is fake!

  • I just watched Transformers 3 and i had never spotted the president John CGI Kennedy at the very beginning of the movie. Spoiler : he doesn't look so great 😅

  • You guys should react to The Shadow knife scene is it good or bad CGI in your opinion?

  • So, anything about the expanse? They have some great cig shots.

  • Check out The Mermaid (2016) Director: Stephen Chow

  • Also also the entire resident evil series

  • You guys should check out "ninja assassin" - 2009 currently on Netflix, first fight scene is crazy.

  • Take a look at Gods of Egypt! It’s cheesy, got some weird CGI both good and bad. Take a look. lvcd.info/watch/2bCBfYOUfMl9pH0/video.html


  • You have to react to Mark Hamill in the season finale of The Mandalorian!

  • Cover the wolves and city destruction of the 2004 Film The Day After Tomorrow. Would love to hear your opinions on it.

  • React to the train crash scene from super 8, it came out in 2011

  • Look at Wonder Woman 1984, it has HORRIBLE VFX

  • Also the aliens movie franchise like the older ones as well as galaxy quest and the child's play movies

  • You guys should react to all the crappy old leprechaun movies from the 90s.

  • They have to react to the fr3 marmot

  • There was this TV show called "Honey, we're killing the kids" where they were able to simulate what children could grow up to look like at adulthood given their current lifestyle and was wondering if you could break down how they did it. Thanks.

  • please do this awesome movie en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freejack

  • Mortal Kombat - The 1995 version, I can't even pick out a specific moment. The entire film is so bad its just great.

  • Have you reacted to the 2000 hollow man VFX?

  • You should check out Moby Dick (2010) the CGI is so weird. Especially when we first see the whale. IMDB ID: tt1694508. LVcd: sJ7ggW1szMg

  • Can you guys react to Netflix Sweet home PLZ?

  • You should react to the effects on the show Lucifer. You should also react to Little Shop of Horrors which has amazing practical effects

  • Love to see you guys react to this great live action anime cut lvcd.info/watch/3K5_hYGhd8-Bqmg/video.html

  • Please do Hollow Man (2000) the scene where they pour rubber over him

  • Please react to the war in the 3rd matrix movie. It's fucking amazing

  • Do Sweet Home

  • Have you guys seen Soul yet? The lighting and background animation on everything was the best i've seen ever

  • Uncanny valley reacts/rankings

  • just saying you should do a whole episode on Classic VFX like the works of Willis O'brian, Ray Harryhausen, and other. Especially the Original King Kong and the Dinosaur Roping scene from Valley of Gwangi.

  • watch the panther scene from Alice in the borderland

  • 👏👏

  • I just wounder just how many years ago this was filmed

  • I highly suggest taking a look at the 1975 Norwegian movie Pinchcliffe Grand Prix. It is a masterclass in stop motion animation. The movie was made in 3.5 years by a team of approximately five people. The team started in 1970, trying to make a 25-minute-long TV special, which after 1.5 years ultimately didn't work out. It was about one year after the rejection that they got the idea to make the sketches into a full-length film.

  • Just here to say, don't buy raycons..... They suck

  • Plz review Stargate. The movie and the series and the spin-offs whatever floats the boat! Thanks!

  • React to Cloverfield

  • I think it would be cool if yall did a reaction video to something like Muppet Treasure Island and A Muppet Christmas Carol ...

  • For next VFX artist react check out this video that was just released by a small youtuber. Its stop motion but is really well filmed and could use some love. lvcd.info/watch/stSfo2pkm5pmm30/video.html&ab_channel=MootroidXproductions

  • Any chance to do a reaction to Apollo 18? A ton of the way the film is done gives a realistic feal to being in space and I think it could be a great horror movie to break down

  • For the next vfx artist react yall should react to ronin 47

  • You guys should watch the Gambit short: lvcd.info/watch/ssaghXudr9CTp6c/video.html

  • React to the vfx of starship troopers!! The vfx are from the 90’s but pretty good!

  • Bollywood- React to Dhoom 3

  • Have a look at the Ukrainian movie, The Stronghold

  • React to Krull

  • Can you guys do a react on WW 84.

  • Spiderman 3 sand man

  • Could you guys check out some scenes from The Mask?

  • Please react to the mandalorian season 2 deep fake

  • please react to the CGI scenes from "The Convenant" (2006 release date). It's cringing lol

  • What about the mirror scene about 50 minutes into Wonder Woman 1984? From what I have started to learn from this channel it seems like it would be really easy to do this scene so we see Chris Pine's head in the foreground and Kristopher Polaha in the mirror. Am I wrong?

  • You guys should have done Scrooged for Christmas!🤣🤣🤣